The neighbour I never knew existed (True story)

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Dear Readers, I have been a reader for the erotic stories for sometime but never had the courage to share my experience. Today I am building up the guts to share with you a true story about my neighbour Nita. This is a true story that happened 2 months back. I hope you like the story, if you like the story I will share some more incidents that have happened with me.

I am 30years old and have just shifted to Gurgaon after marriage. I was not aware of this city and did not know many people here. I live with my parents and my wife. I am a very shy person so do interact much within my society. It had been a year since we shifted and about 4 months back our neighbours came to our doorstep with some sweets and to get to know us. I was very happy that we finally have some friends with whom we can spend some time. I got to know Advait (Nita’s husband) and we used to exchange pleasantries whenever we bumped into each other outside the house. Few weeks back Nita was watering her plants along with her gardener in her backyard in a white suit with red chunni. This was the first time I had properly seen Nita, as the time she visited our house I was too occupied.

Nita her age must not have been more than 35, fair white skin, height 5’6 and a slightly chubby body, but the chubbiness in the right places. I saw her watering her plants and we exchanged a hi-hello. From over the fence Nita said:

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Nita: We should meet more often, I have never really interacted with your wife. Why don’t you come over to our house for a game of cards and tea today evening?

Sunny: I don’t know how to play cards but sure why not.

Evening around 7pm my wife and me arrived at their place. Advait and myself enjoyed a few drinks and we played cards for sometime. During our meeting and greeting at their place we exchanged numbers so we could keep in touch. Nita usually used to message my wife and keep in touch with her. One day I got a call from Nita asking me help her with the car as it was not starting. I walked down to her house and saw her trying to start her car. I helped her and requested her if she can drop me to the nearby grocery store to which she gladly agreed, till now I had no intentions of fantasying Nita but a 5min car ride changed the entire situation as I saw her up close and every bump my eyes went to her bouncing boobs. I imagined they would be lush white boobs with pink erect nipples whenever she is horny. All this got me rolling in the pants and before I could fantacize anything else the grocery store came.

All sort of thoughts started to run in my mind, I wanted to feel those perky boobs of Nita badly. Same evening I sent Nita a forward about getting stoned. She told me she used to do it during her college days and sometimes after marriage with her friends but its been long now. I asked her if she wanted to get stoned she can visit me in the parking lot behind our houses in the abandoned area. Initially she was scared as her husband was home but I convinced her to say you are going to a friends house in the society.

She met me there and she was wearing a blue casual suit and I was in my shorts and t-shirt. As soon as she came we lit the joint and got to talking. As the high was going higher I was getting more and more frank. We started talking about our spouses. We both were very happy in our married life, but now I was high and wanted to make my move without offending her as she is right next to my house. Suddenly out of the blue

Nita: You know I have a good sex life with my husband but it’s the cheating that gives me the kick

I knew this was my moment and I had to grab the moment. I held her hand and gently kissed her on her lips. Our eyes were red, we were high and we both liked it. My heart was beating fast because all the blood had rushed to my dick and it was rock hard.

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Sunny: Cheating gives me a kick as well, do you have the time now?

Nita: Yeh, but where?

We both came to the back seat and I was not worried because it was an isolated place inside a private society so there wont be much public or cops. I was waiting for the moment when I could just feel those perky boobs. We got behind and I kissed her so hard that our tongues were sore. Meanwhile she was holding my cock in her hand and feeling it up and down and my hands were all over boobs. I could not believe this was actually happening.

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