Mom with a stranger (True story)

Narrating a true incidence is not easy as it always needs energy as well as memory ,so myself Dipaali is going to mention about my mom’s sexual activities ,which have been seen from my nude eyes a week mom Isha is a matured lady of 34 years as she have given birth to me 17 years ago and her gorgeous looks as well as sexy figure is attractive as her lovers have always paid attention to I have heard neighours talking about my mom’s illicit relationship with some guys ,I have never expected it from a happily married dad is a smart men as he is fit with his wider chest as well as strong arms,I know him being a romantic person as I have seen too many times,her hand moving on my mom’s body in dinning space when they both were it’s true that mom’s illicit relationship is just not a cause of my dad’s sexual inability to satisfy her but she is a hungry lady needs cocks to satisfy her mom’s modern thoughts as well as outfits have always inspired me as she is regular in drinking wine but my dad have never resisted as both have enjoyed drinking together.what happened inside my home is shocking for me as I have seen my mom Isha with a stranger.

It’s a nice day as I am back in my home after a day long classes as I can see my mom completely drunk ,while sitting in terrace ,she is talking to someone on her mobile as I moved in my room and than took my I removed my clothes as I frisked inside washroom nudely,after having refreshment ,I came back in my room with my gawn on my feeling too tired,I slept on bed and after a while,mom came to me with a cup of coffee,looking at him,I woke up and have cup in my mom sits on bed’s corner as I am drinking coffee,looking at me ,she said……….

“Dipaali your dad is out of town as he left for some official work
(Dipaali)oh I see we are alone here
(Mom)yes so I have my drink and will order for lunch to a local food plaza
(Dipaali)ok mom and than
(Mom)sleep alone on bed.”as she walked away and I have my coffee,so thinking about mom’s addiction for guys as well as I am sitting alone in balcony as I am curious to know my mom’s late night sexual activities ,so I am following her.lastly,I walked towards her bedroom as my legs are on hold near room’s door ,listening my mom’s talks with someone on mobile………..”oh dear be cool,Dipali will be in her room after her meals as I will open the door


(Mom)ok it’s 10:45 pm ,when you will be outside of my home,see you Sam.”as this name is familiar to me as well as our family I walked back and sits on sofa and mom came out as she have hold a glass full of wine,looking at me she smiled and sits near me……….”Dipaali may be after 30 minutes ,foods will be delivered ,so you have it as I will take it later
(Dipaali)sure mom ,I think you have to drink wine and than have to wait for someone
(Mom bit surprised)oh I see !you have listened my talks on mobile
(Dipaali)no but I can expect this as it’s your addiction.”and it’s 09:20 pm as door bell started ringing,I walked to doors as I opened it,a young smart guy put packed foods on my hand and than I paid him I put foods on table as mom walked away,I took out foods in plate as I sits on sofa and have it,thinking to see my mom’s sexual affairs tonight as I have disclosed about it to my mom.she is a bold and shameless lady as she came out of her room ,looking at me ,she smiled……….

“Dipali do you want to see your mom’s sexual affairs live ?
(Dipali)as you wish mom ,but you are so shameless as well as
(Mom)yes ,I am a whore ,if you think so,it’s a life to enjoy and I have illicit relationship with some guys but your dad
(Dipali)what’s about my dad?
(Mom)if I will give him full liberty,he will not be afraid of fucking you .”

And my mom’s statement made me feel like my dad a dirty I frisked inside my bedroom as I pushed my room’s door and started looking a porn video on my mobile.while feeling bit shy of my mom’s invitation to see her live sex show,I am thinking about it and there mom walked inside,as I put my mobile under my pillow and wake up,mom said……..”you can watch us through windows as I will leave it open but be cautious ,if Sam caught you watching ,he will than fuck you ,so be careful.”and mom left me alone as I am waiting for their sexual affairs to I will watch them through window as it’s opens in dinning space.

It’s 10:28 pm as I am waiting for Sam’s arrival in my home,it’s a moderate weather in the month of I know mom will not switch on the A/C as I will see my mom’s physical love session after a while.after a while,I lost my patience as I came out of my room to dinning space,green night bulb is making dim light inside dinning space and I put my ears on mom’s door as I can hear some voices of a I walked towards mom’s room backside as I can see windows partially opened and I took a chair as I sit there,looking inside her room .Her bedroom have a king sized bed as my mom ISHA is sitting there with Sam.He is looking smart,young and charming as my mom’s hand is on his undies,I can see Sam holding my mom’s big boobs as he is pressing it hard,my mom is still in gawn but her front portion have been opened as it’s still on her looking at my mom’s breast,I can see Sam pinching her browenish aerola as he is kissing her face to lips,now it’s my mom’s tongue moved inside Sam’s mouth and he is sucking it hardly as he hold my mom’s gawn and removed it.Sam is in his undies only as I am waiting to see his long cock,a young guy of 27-28 years have a cock which is long and thick, so my mom’s nude back are visible as her buttocks is still covered in Sam left her tongue as he pushed my mom on bed and leaned on her sexy body,put his mouth on my mom’s breast as he opened his mouth and my mom Isha put her breast in Sam’s mouth,He is sucking her boobs as his other hand is massaging her boobs hard and feeling bit horny,I put my hand inside gawn as I started moving my finger on nude lower parts are nude as I put my long finger inside hole and started fingering it while watching my mom’s physical love session.

Sam took out her left breast as he took right one to suck hard,now my mom is screaming in pleasure”uuhh aahh Sam suck my boobs hard aahh”and he is sucking it hard as I can see mom’s hand on Sam’s back ,just holding his undies and pulling it mom is looking like a hot blonde on bed and Sam left her breast as he left her top,now I can see a long thick cock in semi erection as Sam sits near my mom’s face.Isha hold his penis as she swallowed it and started sucking it,he is sitting on my mom’s face as he put his hand on her back of head,hold her hairs and started fucking my mom’s mouth with his long cock.its a nice hot live sex show as her mouth is getting the hard penetration of Sam’s cock and she is sounding sexy “uuhh yumm “,my vagina have become hot as I am feeling pressure inside it,so I left as I walked to washroom and urinated,than came back to see my mom holding his penis in her hand ,licking it with her long tongue.she is still lying on bed like a porn queen as her tongue is rolling on his wet penis ,now wake up as she walked inside washroom,Sam is lying on bed as his cock is straight and looking fully erected.I put my finger again in my vagina as I started fingering it fastly, Sam’s cock have made me horny as I am thinking of his penis to love but it’s my mom’s property ,so my mom walked back as she sits on Sam’s mouth with her legs wide.she have put her buttocks above Sam’s face and I can see mom’s vaginal inch away from his mouth,so he hold my mom’s waist and put his lips on my mom’s labias and started kissing is screaming in joy”oohh yes aahh lick my cunt soon”and she put her finger to widend its hole,now Sam is rolling his tongue inside my mom’s deep vagina as she is feeling hot.she is pushing her ass downwards to let him fuck her cunt with his whole tongue,looking at them ,I am fingering my cunt as I felt it’s cumming ,I started fingering it fastly and as my cunt cummed ,I took out my finger and tastes it’s cum.

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