Sex Encounter with my Cousin’s wife Part-1

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Hi all Readers. My name is deep presently staying at Hyderabad.

Coming to the story. This was my first experience at my home town with my cousin’s wife. Our houses were nearby and she used to stay alone after my cousin went to work. I used to go to her house regularly as we both families are very close. We used to talk a lot. Even though i am a sex lover i didn’t have any intentions to fuck her.

But as she gave birth to a baby boy she used to feed him milk barely even when i am around. So i got a chance to sneak her boobs and nipples for which she never regretted. This made me more crazy and i tried to touch them by acting like caressing the baby for which she never opposed and used to give a naughty smiles.

One day we both sat side by side in bed room on floor and all the doors were closed. She was kissing her kid and i asked to kiss me( Mari nako) with a naughty smile and she too smiled and gave a kiss on my cheek.

I started kissing her neck and cheeks for around 15 sec and after that we gained consciousness and were aparted. After that for a few days we didn’t had a proper discussion or communication. I wanted to break that and asked her what happened for which she said to come tomorrow we will discuss.

We both met the next day and both thought that the other person didn’t like what happened. So we opened up with our thoughts and started kissing each other like there is no tomorrow.

I slowly rolled my hands back and grabbed her big assest butts. Wow a soft balloons with perfect size that fit into my palms. She wore a nytie so i tried to lift it from back to have a direct touch of her butts. Grabbed them and squeezing them for which she is moaning Uhh ahh..! Now one of my hands came to carress her boobs which are big in size and as soft as cotton. She opened her nytie Zip and pulled her boobs outside and Wow man what a big melons they are ! I started kissing them and squeezing them a bit hard by rolling my tongue over her nipples which are already erected and nipples are stiff and dark in color.

Now gave to bite on her nipples and she is moaning with pleasure and lust by rolling her hands over my hair. I made her sleep on bed and started from the toe by kissing and licking all over and slowly raising her nytie. I spread her legs apart and kissing her thighs and rolling my hands all over for which she got a shiver in her body and also had a precum. She didn’t wore any inner so i can see the clits with precum at the center flowing or falling like a water at waterfalls. The pussy is well shaved and cleaned. That’s the spot for which i am waiting for a long time. Now it’s in front of me asking to have it with full lust.

Sorry for the Interval Bang. Will discuss what happened next in my part-2. Thanks for all the readers who read it with patience and lust and love.

All the beautiful married and unmarried women whoever interested can message me in hangouts at [email protected] or hike me at 8096388774. 200% Secrecy maintained. Fulfilling your desires is my responsibility. Thank you and Love u All

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