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Hi and hello to all the readers of my story , this story is based on my real life , exactly as happened with me i have given in this story , except i added some very small amount of crazy stuff here and there to increase the intensity of story . But the main theme and intention of the story is as it has happened in my life. So this story is about the sexual relationship between me and my sexy hot mom . How the desires, determinations, enthusiasm and eagerness has brought us together , you will get to know as you read my story further.

Basically I’m very much interested in MILF’s , as the word MILF we see or just a thought came to mind , we all will start to picture our mom’s. We all should got to admit that our Mom’s are the one who initiate one’s sex mood during our adolescence , by tempting us showing there mature body , exposing her beautiful body assets. So that our mom’s can play with our dicks and make sure that our dick will cum . In general our sexy mature mom’s has a nice spongy fatty ass, which are huge and bareback display to kick-off our sex mood and will drive us instantly making horny. The sexual arousal mood in which we will rise high as we think of her naked body . Guys, we can’t take our eyes off her sexy boobs for sure , playing with those soft melons, fucking her fat pussy, and crushing her huge ass while laying with her in bed . That fantasy will damn definitely make us horny mood hornier than ever! . Apart from this , mom’s are the only ones we will never ever get bored of as what i have experienced, no matter how many times i fucked her, every time while fucking her gives me a taught as it is the first time I’m fucking her and never getting bored of her boobs and pussy . I was one of the very fortunate guys to have fantasties come true. Intially this story begins with lustful relationship between me and my mom later there will be some horny threesome sex . I hope each and every one who is reading my story will enjoy and don’t get bored, i hope one day you will also get a chance to bang your mom .

PLEASE DO COMMENT ABOUT YOUR THOUGHTS ON MY STORY AND MY SEXY HOT MOM.(as you guys know and some might have experienced that commenting on our mom’s will give us a different kind of pleasure and satisfaction, so please put all your sexy and naughy thoughts on my mom) AND DON’T FORGET TO GIVE A 5 STAR RATING.


Going along with the story, i will not reveal any information regarding me and my family, since this happened in real there might be chances that any one of the relatives or friends might across this story , it will be a problem. Suppose if any relative or friend get to know there are possibilities that they might ask me a chance to fuck my mom, as they have seen she is so hot and sexy , no one can resist on her . I don’t want others to fuck my mom , I’m a bit of selfish i alone want to enjoy each and every bit of mom , but I’m very happy if anyone is fantasizing my mom. For some guys this looks crazy but it is the reality of most of the guys . so i thought to write this story and upload so that it is safe and sound. So I’m very happy as much as you guys want fanzatize my mom and make pleasure urself. Further as you have not seen my mom i will help you guys in fantasizing about my mom, I will reveal each and every inch details about my sexy mom so that you guys can get rockhard on fantasizing my mom and enjoy urself’s by releasing a load of cum. I could have changed my name and used some others in the story , but i didn’t want to do that because it changes the intensity of my mind and I’m not interested in using some other names .

My cute hot sexy mom’s name is VISHALAKSHI (real name, sometimes in home i will call her Vishali)Currently she is a 48 year old sexy house wife , she still have enough desire and urgness to take into her pussy and aashole, her boobs are still very fresh and juicy enough as when she was young irrespective of her current age . Coming to her body description i will give you guys in-depth details about it so that you can imagine how sexy my mom . I should say that my mother VISHALAKSHI is a SEX GODDESS to me, Without her involvement with me in sex I’m wouldn’t have learnt anything in my sexual life .

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