Step-dad, mother, daughter, cousin sex.

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My sister and I had been sexually involved for as long as I could remember. I enjoyed her and my female partners but not as much as my husband. It was different. And at times what I needed. Our lives changed that one fateful weekend and I have never been happier.

I never told my husband about my appetite for women. We watched porn that was lesbian and threesomes but he never knew how much I enjoyed eating pussy. He never knew how much I loved fucking with my strap on. Since he traveled so much he always thought the dildo was for those times when I need a cock when he wasn’t around. We had a couple of dildos custom made that were the exact replica of my husbands magnificent 10″ cock.

So my husband was due home Saturday afternoon from his business trip so I decided to have my sister and niece over for a girls night. We would have a few cocktails and play some games. My sister Cynthia’s 38DD tits are just shy of my 40EE but still a tasty treat. We both have plump asses.

The girls showed up and were ready for the festivities to begin. After a few cocktails we started to play truth or dare. My niece Alyssa and daughter Brandi both were eager to ask questions of my sister and I.

Alyssa asked her mom “truth or dare.”

Cyn says “truth.”

Alyssa asks “have you ever been with a woman?”

My sister says yes with a big smile on her face.

The girls start to giggle. My nipples start to get hard. And I look at my sisters chest and see she is affected the same way.

Brandi’s turn. She asks me the same thing.

I say “yes.” More giggling.

Cyn’s turn. She asks “Alyssa truth or dare.”

Alyssa says “dare.”

“I dare you to French Kiss Brandi.” I feel a little jolt in my pussy at that dare. Alyssa leans in to Brandi as their lips meet and kiss very passionately. Very erotic and I think she even squeezed one of Brandi’s DD tits at the end.

My turn to end round 1. “Brandi truth or dare.”

Brandi “truth.”

“Have you ever seen your step-dads naked cock and where?”

A long pause and Brandi can barely whisper “Yes.” and even longer pause.

“I walked in on you guys having sex and I saw him pull it out from you before he flipped you over. I stood there in awe.” Everyone was quiet as I squeezed my sisters thigh under the table.

I quipped “end of round 1.”

Alyssa started round 2 asking Brandi “truth or dare?”

Brandi said “truth.”

Alyssa asked “We want details.”

Brandi gulps down her drink and blurts out, “VERY THICK AND LONG! It was glistening with moms pussy juice.”

Alyssa “Come on tell them what you told me.”


Alyssa “Bran just share. We are all sharing.”

Brandi pauses for a moment, “After he slid it back into mom and hearing her moan made my own pussy get very wet. I rubbed my pussy as I stood there and made myself cum. I wanted to know what his big cock felt like inside my pussy. There I said it. You happy Alyssa?”

Alyssa, “Yes and very wet myself now hearing that again.”

I gasped.

Cyn snickered. “I am sure we would all want to see and feel that glistening monster.”

Round 2 was only 1 question in and it was pretty steamy already.

Brandi asks her aunt Cyn, “Truth or dare.”

Cyn “Dare, I don’t want to be asked about your step-dads cock”. The girls look at each other than me quizzically. I just smiled.

Brandi, “Ok Aunt Cyn I dare you to take out one of my mom’s tits and suck on her nipple.”

Cyn, “My pleasure and just so you girls know this wouldn’t be the first time.”

Looks of disbelief were on both girls.

My sister didn’t hesitate and quickly reached inside my tank top and pulled out one of my 40EE breasts. The nipple was already hard as my sister slowly licked the outer edge of my aerola before sucking on my throbbing nipple. At that moment I let out a gasp as I had an orgasm. “Oh god.” Slipped from my mouth. The girls didn’t realize that I had my first orgasm of the evening. I was soaking wet.

Cyn’s turn. “Brandi truth or dare”.

Brandi is not sure what to say. She looks puzzled. “Dare.”

Cyn smiles seductively. “Brandi strip off your clothes and rub your pussy.”

“I can’t” says Brandi.

“You have to or you are out of the game” my sister shoots back.

Brandi strips her clothes and sits back in the chair and starts to rub her pussy with one hand and squeezes one of her DD tits with the other. Wow my daughter is a very hot piece of ass. We are all staring at her as she starts to moan and rub her wet pussy faster. She slides a couple of fingers inside her dripping cunt and starts to fuck herself. She lets out a final moan before we hear “I’m cummming. I’m cumming.” Wow that was amazing. I was unsure of what to do. I breath deep and let the game continue.

It’s my turn so I ask “Alyssa truth or dare”.

“Dare” Alyssa whispers.

“I dare you to come over and lick my pussy and ass while I bend over the table.” Before she moves I stop everyone. “House rules. Cyn truth or dare.”

I didn’t even let her respond. “Dare. Cyn I dare you to eat Brandi’s pussy while she lays on the table.”

I standup and strip my clothes very quickly and bend over the table as my niece comes up behind me. I feel a shiver go down my spine as her lips start to kiss down my back. At the same time Brandi lays back on the table to let my sister have her pussy…

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