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My wife pinky and i have been married for twenty years now and are in our forties. We are pUnjabis and you can guess the rest. We are quite open about sex and enjoy fucking like youngsters, Pinky is really sexy with perfect body. Boobs of 36, most fuckable ass and sexy curves. She is every man’s idea of a babe.

We went to Goa for a holiday by ourselves and left or children behind. We went to Calangute beach which is the best place to try out anything. You can kiss on the beach and fuck behind rocks and it is quite okay as long as the cops don’t catch you. there can be some adolescent kids watching and clicking you u fuck, but who cares a fuck. a fuck is a fuck.

now we tried all the drinks and cigars out there and on friday night was told by a dealer that if we wanted to see some real hot stuff he would take us. Sure we said. i am well built and muscular and can teach people a lesson if they get nasty. Pinky was dressed in those short pink shorts which showed her panty line. it had zips on the side and was flat in front so that her crotch showed. she tucked her tiny black top inside and as she swirled her ass, all the guys must have gotten an orgasm. Sam, the dealer met us outside the hotel and took us on his bike along the beach and then into corner lanes and finally to the rather sleazy road which housed an old house. we got off and he said that for five hundred we could watch a XXX movie and it would be great as it had all kinds of fucking. Pinky said it would be exciting and we agreed. with some bargaining he told us there were stalls and a special balcon6 with four seats where we could sit and enjoy privacy. he said we could quietly fuck if we wanted to and no one would disturb.

we went in and the room was sleazy. there were twenty seats below and the room was airocnditioned. we were asked to go up where there were two tiny balconies. we sat in one where no one was there. the other one had a couple of drunks who were not paying attention.

we sat down and were quite excited. The lights were turned off and the movie began. Two men in the movie get down from a car and go and ring the bell of a house in a lonely place. as the chick opens the door, the two barge in and then start trying to catch her. she is dressed in jeans and a tank top and in no time they take off her top. one lifts her while the other pulls her jeans down and they start saying, bitch, and start fucking her. i looked down in the room and could see there were around ten people around who had their cocks in their hand and were yelling away, and playing iwth their cocks. i put my hand in pinky’s top and kneaded her breast. on screen one man kept pushing and in the pussy and my other hand started running on pinky’s crotch and then near her pussy. her shorts were wet as she opened up and was in an orgasmic state. i kept fingering her cunt from outside as she squirmed. In the movie the other cock was in the chicks mouth as the two ravaged her.

as i was in a delirium seeing this happen, i noticed someone enter our box. iT was a bearded man, or unshaven man who came quietly inside and took off his shirt. as i pulled out Pinky’s too and she sat there with her legs open, he came and sat beside her and started kissing her boob. i took one and he took the other . he opened his fly and his long thick cock came out and pinky saw it and took it in her hand. i took out my cock and she took it in her other hand as we sucked on her boobs. as i fiddled with her cunt, the bearded man lowered the zip of her shorts and i followed as we slid it out. with one finger he removed her thong and she was naked in the room. he suddenly took her head and made her lick his cock. i moved her sideways and as we both saw the fucking on screen, i pushed my cock in her cunt and rummaged her. as she sucked his cock, and groaned, he made her get up and hold the railing. her boobs were now over the railing as he entered her cunt from behind and held her hair back and hammered her cunt. she kept yelling and a couple of boys from below who looked up leered and stroked their cocks hard. i kept slapping her ass as the bearded man ejaculated in her cunt. he sat down and i took pinky in my arms and kissed her. as we kissed hard , the door opened and Sam came in naked. he was dark and had a huge monster cock and he pushed me aside and said, i’ll give the slut a slug load and so saying he made her sick his cock as she took it. i think the fag we had made us ecstatic as she willingly sucked his cock and after five minutes, he took it out and then lifted her in his arms and pushed his meat in her pussy and went on banging her as she was delirious. finally he burst his sperm in her cunt and we all sat down and pinky sucked my cock which was dripping dry and we sat back in the nude. The two got up and said, thanks bro. hope you had a nice time and dressed and went. we also dressed and left and could see more fucking on the screen, but we had our fill.
blizzard, right. but true.

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