Teenage girl makes a new Daddy out of her teacher

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Teenage girl makes a new Daddy out of her teacher

Damn, the word ‘Eviction’ looks even scarier when it’s in all caps, Jordan thought, nudging the white page which was decorated from top to bottom with various numbers; none of them were in his favor.

Jordan’s wooden chair creaked as he turned to the kitchen window behind him, above the sink. The curtains danced in the spring breeze, while heavy rain outside speckled along the windowsill. When one couldn’t afford air conditioning, they accepted any form of cool air they could get.

Well, there’s no rain in hell. I’ll take it while I can, he thought.

If humor could pay the bills, Jordan’s pathetic teacher’s salary wouldn’t be that much of a problem. But, alas, it was microwave dinner again for the thirty-year-old man. At least the microwave was being positive, it even let out a happy ‘ding’ when it was done making up for Jordan’s lack of money. He walked over and pried the Microwave door open hungrily.

“A daily dose of cholesterol,” Jordan sighed as he was about to pull his less than gourmet feast out of a less than functioning machine. A funny statement considering he was pretty well built for someone his age, especially someone who spent most of his time grading papers; empty papers, mostly.

A gust of wind rushed into the house as the front door swung open, and along with it was a soaking wet figure. She panted, gripping her knees with her hands as she bent over. “I’m — here,” she sighed, yet tried to maintain that sweet ‘Honey, I’m home!’ voice.

“I can see that,” Jordan sighed, slamming the microwave door shut and rushing to her side. The door hinge hissed as he fought with the wind for a good three seconds before being able to close it shut. He looked at the not-so-mysterious figure before him and pulled back the veil of its small, black hoodie. It revealed the golden-brown face of a teenage girl, drenched with water that curled over her upper eyelids – a soft film of protection for her hazel-brown eyes — and dripped down to her small, rounded nose and firm cheeks.

While her face was usually a smiling portrait, one thing, in particular, broke the symmetry of her expression; and that was the cut on the bottom right side of her chin. It seemed like the rain washed away what would have been a heavy bath of crimson running down her neck, but the wound still needed to be tended to. “Don’t– worry about it, okay?” she said, rolling her petite upper body up straight from her leaning position. She grabbed a handful of her long, silky, jet-black hair and wrung out enough water to fill a cup, maybe two.

“You keep bringing home a couple more of those and we’ll have enough scars for the whole neighborhood,” Jordan tried to say without chuckling.

Jordan dabbed a cloth, which he grabbed from the nearby basket on top of the washing machine, on the girl’s face. When one lived in a house that small, everything seemed to be nearby.

“I stayed for track practice, but then I had to deal with a couple of guys who wanted more than my money this time. And of-fucking-course it decides to rain when I miss my last bus and…” she moved her soft lips vigorously as she ranted about probably the worst thirty minutes of her week. “Sorry. I know. ‘Language’.”

Jordan laughed, pulling away from her.

“What’s so funny?” she asked, with her hands on her small, curved hips.

“Those guys– did you deal with them?” he asked, in an almost concerned voice.

“Psh, what do you think?” she said with a confident smile. Despite being small, Mia was a five-foot-two ball of energy that wouldn’t go down without a fight.

“Mia the perv-slayer. The neighborhood is forever in your debt,” Jordan laughed, wiping her face dry.

“Yeah, right. They’ll probably be back tomorrow,” Mia replied, gently clasping around Jordan’s fingers before removing his hands from her face. “I’m fine, thanks, Mr. Rivers.”

“At home, it’s Jordan, alright? The last thing I want to think about is school, especially on a Friday.”

“Said the teacher,” she laughed; a sound that brightened the barely lit living room and momentarily drowned out the sound of rain. “Sounds like they don’t pay you enough.”

Good guess, Jordan thought.

“Absolutely not,” Jordan sighed, taking his sweet time getting back to the hazelnut brown chair in the kitchen. He sat down and nudged the blue frame of his slim glasses over his nose as he took a second look at the pile of papers and paperclips. It would have been easier for him if those paperclips were actually on the papers, but what would life be if it were easy and organized?

Jordan glanced over at Mia, who was taking off her shoes; nothing unusual. She then quickly removed the drenched hoodie and tossed it into the laundry basket. The rain had soaked her to the very bone; her light teal tank top clung to each curve and crevice of her upper body. The bulging outline of the upper rim of her bra showed just how well her hand-full sized breasts were cradled. Now that was unusual, and Jordan’s pants agreed with him. Well, not exactly his pants, but something he never thought about using again, especially after what happened a month ago.

Mia’s toned arms swayed forward as she walked toward the table and pulled out a chair. She was just close enough for Jordan to admire the fine lines of her defined, feminine abs; firm, yet curved hills than dipped into a valley where her bellybutton rested. She gave him a quick, but tired smile as she sat down, fanning herself.

“How am I soaking wet and still hot? They didn’t teach me this in physics class,” Mia sighed.

“With your grades, you probably didn’t listen anyway,” Jordan laughed, trying to distract himself from the unbelievably fit girl before him.

“Shut up,” Mia laughed, stopping when she glanced at the papers on the table.

“Oh, it’s…” Jordan mumbled, pulling the papers away from her.

“My grades are shit, but I can still read,” she said, leaning forward to snatch the bill at the top of the stack. Jordan grunted but knew it was futile to hide the truth from her any longer. She gripped the bill tightly and squinted at it. “Damn. Big letters.”

“Tell me about it.”

“I might not be good at math, but even I know that this minus sign next to this large number is never a good thing,” she said, dragging the ‘never’ on for a good two seconds.

“I figured I could cover it this month, but that school is as reliable as trying to get T.V reception in this part of town.”

“Right? God knows where I’d be without that track scholarship,” she sighed. Jordan knew exactly where she’d be, and that’s exactly why he tried to help. “Dad would have been able to help. You guys were best friends.”

“Best is an understatement. Who do you think I shoplifted my first bit of candy with?” he chuckled, reminiscing about the dreadful years before he decided to get his shit together. “We picked up girls together. He even dressed up like me and took my ID when I was too hungover to take an exam.” He paused to take a deep, sad breath. “Yeah, he would have been able to help.”

Yeah, I probably shouldn’t have brought that up. Especially when the wound is still so fresh for both of us, Jordan thought.

Mia went silent, biting her lip lightly. She shook her head and smiled.

“Yeah, he would,” she whispered. “I really wish I could help, too.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll just…”

“No, I’m serious,” she raised her voice, yet it remained sincere. “I can’t stand ungrateful people. My mom took and took from my dad and left. He raised me to never be like that bit–. Woman. You’re either really kind or a special kind of stupid for letting me live here, but I honestly can’t thank you enough,” she explained; the passion in her voice contrasted her tomboyish appearance and personality.

“Mia. Really. It’s fine. Let’s just say I’m doing a friend a favor.”

“Yeah, and he’s not even alive to pay you back,” Mia sighed with pouty lips.

Jordan looked at Mia’s glistening brown eyes as they strayed down in sadness.

“Fuck death,” Jordan chuckled. “Sorry. Language.”

“No, you’re right,” Mia replied, reviving her award-winning smile once more. “Fuck death.”

The two laughed over the saddening stack of bills. Let’s just hope the grim reaper wasn’t around to hear them. Jordan stopped to admire Mia’s voice of joy; it was a nice change of pace from the dreary, creaking sounds he’d hear around his home. He was a good teacher in a mediocre school and an even worse neighborhood. His days contrasted from the clean marble floors of the school to the unkempt front garden of his house.

“But for real. I’m gonna help okay? I’ll figure something out,” she said, rising from her seat. “I’m going to take a shower and study. You sure you’re okay with doing my laundry? You really don’t have to.”

“Yeah, it’s fine. You’ve been through enough to last the year. Just take it easy, alright?”

“Alright,” she said, feeling helpless about the situation. “Just don’t do anything weird with my teenage panties, okay?”

“You probably wear boxers anyways. I’ll just throw them in with the rest of the pillowcases,” Jordan said with a playful grin.

Mia snatched a handful of paperclips and tossed them at Jordan. “Shut up!” she shouted playfully.

She turned and walked down the hall toward the bathroom, leaving a wet imprint of her back on the chair. Jordan gritted his teeth, but just for a moment.

It was just a surge of emotion, it must’ve been, right? What man wouldn’t react to a sight like that? On the bright side I shouldn’t need Viagra for another decade, he thought.

As Jordan walked over to the washing machine, he felt a ball of cloth hit the back of his head.

“Sorry! I was aiming for the basket!” Mia said, covering the intimate bits of her dazzling tanned body behind the corner wall of the hallway. She displayed a small preview of the smooth curves around her hips and the soft, round semi-circle of her left tit pressed against the wall. “I also don’t have a towel, so just dry one for me really quick?”

“Sure,” Jordan said, swallowing a small knot of saliva that built in his mouth from looking at her longer than he should have.

Mia smiled, unknowingly, and disappeared around the wall. Jordan sighed, kneeling to pick up the wet clothes that were tossed at him. They were so soaked that if Mia was walking back home covered in detergent, they’d be ready to try. In the pile, he noticed a lacy blue string of cloth folded tightly between the jeans and tank top. The moment he pulled it out of the pile, the object itself pulled a small gasp from his mouth. A delicate set of small, lacy blue panties sat in his palm; a stark contrast from the boy-like underwear he teased her about wearing. He tucked them away into the pile and smiled, shaking his head.

You never really know someone until you see their underwear. Or something like that, he thought.

His hands sank into the machine after lifting the cover. Doing chores like that was a familiar feeling for him, but what made him feel so awkward was the fact he was doing them himself. Looking at the machine reminded him of the times he and his wife would turn it to the highest setting and commence to make even stronger vibrations on top. While they would wait for the load to finish, he would have her pinned on top of the machine with her legs spread, pounding into that familiar little hole while he delivered her another particular load; several. She had a high sex drive, and Jordan had an even higher one to match, but it still didn’t justify what she did to him.

It was the beginning of his new life without a wife and a best friend; a life he’d have to share with a daughter that wasn’t his own.

Will I be able to fight the demon of temptation while also fighting the battle of debt? Find out on the next episode on ‘My Fucked-up Life’, he thought. Little did Jordan know that Mia was indeed going to deliver on her promise and eventually get them both exactly what they wanted.


The next Monday, Mia burst through the front door and slammed her fists excitedly on the kitchen table. The force almost toppled the cup of coffee Jordan had in his hands.

“You’re not going to believe this!” an excited Mia shouted.

Jordan didn’t make much of a reaction; he simply stared and smiled at her as she entered.

“You going to get me another coffee?” he asked, gesturing to the breakfast on the table he made for her.

“What? No. That’s your problem,” she laughed. “Remember what I told you before?”

Jordan sighed with a smile, facing his cup, but with his eyes pointed at Mia. “Yeah, and I also remember telling you not to worry.”

“Just shut up and look!” she said, shoving her hands into the pockets of her navy-blue, butt gripping, short shorts.

Thankfully, Jordan wasn’t drinking his coffee at the time. If he was, he would’ve spit it out all over the bright green and white bills Mia had in her hand. The bold numbers written with a ‘one’ followed by two ‘zeros’ were enough to make anyone’s heart race, and they were written on every bill.

“H-huh?” Jordan said. He was speechless; It was a surprise he managed to even say anything at all while Mia waved the stack of money closer to his hands.

That’s the reaction I was looking for, Mia thought.

“See? What did I tell you?” she said with a gleaming smile. However, that smile started to weaken with each moment Jordan didn’t return one. “Aren’t you happy?” she asked with her newly formed frown.

“Yeah, but,” Jordan said, finally able to choke a few words out. “You got all that on your own? In just a week?”

“Yep, four big ol’ figures,” she said, flicking her tongue playfully. “Come on! Take it! This’ll cover the eviction warning cost! And you can even buy yourself something! I don’t know. Fix the car or something! Then we can finally get you out of the house when you’re not in school,” she said, practically shoving the money toward Jordan.

“You do know what I’m about to ask you, right?”

“Well, don’t.”

“Well, no,” Jordan sighed. “Where the hell did you get this?”

“Can’t tell you. Not yet at least.”

“Well, that isn’t ominous at all,” Jordan said, finally accepting the money in his hands.

“Just a little more and maybe we can finally fix the hole in the bathroom window. How did that even get there?”

“What do you mean a ‘little’ more?” Jordan asked. “You don’t plan on doing what it is you did again do you? It isn’t anything like drugs or treason, right?”

“No drugs, no one was hurt, and no government was disbanded,” she laughed. “Trust me. We both keep doing what we’re doing and it’s gonna be okay, right?”

Jordan didn’t want to rain on Mia’s parade, especially after it was rained on only a week ago. She seemed so happy to be able to help keep their household together, but he would have had to tell her sooner or later. He shoved an opened envelope toward her; a folded letter bulged from the opening. She furrowed her brows in confusion as she slowly sat down on what seemed to be her personal kitchen chair. She flipped her hair over her shoulder and began to read the letter. Mia’s pupils slowly glided from left to right, then snapped back to their neutral position and she read line after line. Her eyes went cold and still, and she hadn’t even finished reading the letter.

“Fuck…” she squealed.

Jordan could hear the tears welling up in voice before they did in her eyes.

“I’m so sorry. Things have been a mess and you haven’t been able to keep your grades up and…”

“Fuck! No! Do you understand what losing the scholarship means?” she shouted, the trembling of her lips foretold the story of a face covered in a river of tears. She flung her right fist to the side, launching the cup of coffee Jordan had set out for her, smashing it into a set of sharp stones bathed in a sea of dark brown. Jordan tried to get a word in, but closed his eyes and turned away when Mia continued. “This is all I fucking have. This is what my dad and I trained months to get. And you’re telling me that’s all gone?”

“I don’t like this any more than you do, Mia. I pleaded with the school every time they came to me with a warning about your grades. I held them back as long as I could. We can talk about this, but I’ll need you to calm down first,” Jordan said in a hushed tone, reaching a hand out to stabilize a trembling hand of Mia’s. “We’ll work something out, alright? I’ll get a word in with the teachers; something. We’ll take care of it.”

Mia made an exaggerated sigh and breathed deeply before delicately placing the letter on the table. She wiped the corner of her eyes. The upper rim of her graphic, teal colored t-shirt was smothered in tears. She put on a smile, wiggling her fingers playfully in Jordan’s grasp.

“Yeah. We’ll have to pay out of pocket, but I guess we’ll just keep doing what we’re doing?” Mia said.

“Yeah. Just be careful, alright?” Jordan said, still having no idea how a nineteen-year-old girl made one-thousand dollars in less time than it took for him to even finish grading exams.

“Of course,” she said with a smile, relaxed at the fact Jordan finally agreed to let her take care of herself. “Dad never let me do things on my own. I finally feel like a woman now.”

Mia snatched the cup of coffee from Jordan right after he took a sip, and took a long couple of gulps. She winked while the bridge of her small throat bounced as she drank, leaving a small trail of sweat down her neck.

“I’m guessing ‘women’ take what they want?” Jordan sighed.

Mia took a double slurp which sounded like confirmation.


After sweeping up the remnants of Mia’s breakdown, which was well called for, Jordan tugged a large bag of trash along the ground in the backyard. It was night time, but luckily, he knew the broken stone path well enough not to trip. As he neared the trashcan, he lifted the bottom of the bag and leaned it into the trashcan over the rim. As he did, the broken pieces of ceramic from earlier tore through the bag and allowed half of its foul-smelling contents to spill out and onto the lawn. Jordan jumped back to avoid the storm of garbage.

“Shit!” he whispered.

He shook his head, knowing there was no one else to clean that up but him. He was about to kneel and get to work when he heard music playing. Either he had some very talented trash or the sound was coming from somewhere else. He stood up and looked around, knowing the neighbors were way too old to play any sort of infectious pop music. It was upbeat, yet had a soothing baseline that blended both a mellow and happy vibe.

It almost sounds; seductive? Jordan thought.

He walked within the small space behind the house. It was near midnight and the only light on was coming from Mia’s room.

“Leave it to her to exercise at this hour,” he mumbled.

Jordan playfully crept up to the window, hoping to look through and startle Mia when she noticed him there. The shadow of her curtains and the small gap between them was glazed on the backyard and up the nearby wooden fence. Jordan rose from beneath the sill slowly and looked through the gap of the curtains with a playful smile. What he saw loosened that crescent-shaped smile into an ‘O’ of surprise.

Mia was sitting on the edge of her bed with the same blue shorts as earlier and her hair in a ponytail, but that was all. There were no clothes covering the round, softness she had cupped in her hands. The flesh seeped through her fingers as she grabbed her tits tightly as if kneading balls of golden-brown dough. The only other thing she wore was a smile that was tightened by her upper row of teeth biting down onto her soft, pink lower lip. She then let out a teeth-baring laugh, as if reacting to someone’s joke. Jordan adjusted his angle, expecting to see someone enjoying the view of Mia’s waist and tight athletic stomach, but only saw her laptop opened and reflecting a mirror image of her on the screen next to a wall of scrolling text.

It all happened too fast for Jordan to even blink. He was seeing more of Mia than he ever had before, and it made his entire body react accordingly. His knees nearly buckled, his heart revved hard enough to make a sportscar blush, and of course, his semi-hard cock sprang to life. His pants were trying to contain the cock which was practically begging to be let loose. It bulged and throbbed at the zipper like the FBI trying to break down someone’s door. What happened next didn’t make it any easier.

“You guys are way too sweet. No one in my school likes the way I look,” Mia said with a giggle. She twisted her breasts slowly and teasingly, faking a motion to uncover them, but grabbing onto them once more with a giggle. Jordan wasn’t sure what was sexier, the innocent look in her eyes as she laughed or the toned curves of her athletic, yet feminine body. She had both curves and muscle definition women would sell their souls for, despite being so petite. “Just a little more and you know what happens next,” she said with a wink.

It might have been years since Jordan was a horny teenager, but he recognized the layout of that website displayed on the laptop anywhere. It was one of the most famous camgirl sites in the country, which had been running for the past twelve years. One would think the site would have failed because of their recent policies which forced all members to be premium members to get any good action.

“GrayMark, you’re the absolute best. I’ve had such a shitty morning. That was just what I needed,” Mia said after a series of ‘coin clinking’ sounds were heard from the laptop.

She teased her audience, but not in a way an experienced stripper would tease; she blushed genuinely, slowly lifting her hands away from the magnificence she was holding all to herself. One would wonder why anyone would pay that much to see a set of nipples, but Mia’s were sweet, caramel brown, and excited. They bounced appetizingly as she let go, revealing a set of plump and round C cups. Her nipples were bare to both Jordan and whatever lucky bastards were watching and probably jerking off to her in the comfort of their home.

“Don’t laugh okay?” she said with a giggle. Most girls would put on the shy and innocent act as a persona, but Mia was clearly new to this.

“Okay, that’s enough…” Jordan whispered to himself. What an odd thing to say to himself, considering he didn’t even try to stop. “I need to stop. I need to stop right now. I’m a grown-ass man and that’s my best friend’s…”

Like Mia usually did, she cut off Jordan’s words, but this time with a sound of pleasure that rushed deep into Jordan’s ears, through his spine and down to his cock.

“Mmm!” Mia moaned, pinching her nipples, pulling them until they snapped back into place with an earthshattering jiggle. “You get what you pay for boys. You’ve been so good to me tonight. What’s that? Mmm — you wanna touch them? Sorry, saving it for them for someone. But if he were to touch them… Oh, I’d love that,” Mia squealed, falling onto her back, frantically twisting and pulling at the nipple of her right breast and squeezing a handful of her left. “I wish people would — oh, fuck — appreciate me like you guys do.”

If only you knew, Jordan thought.

Mia writhed, squirmed, tossed and turned. Jordan was done putting up with any form of resistance. He had never unzipped his pants so fast in his entire life. In his haste, he let his cock roll out and hit the wall. It wasn’t long before he had his hands wrapped around the large tool, stroking in rhythm to Mia’s moans.

“Fuck. What am I? A teenager?” he mumbled, resenting himself for feeling any form of attraction for a girl more than ten years younger than him.

Despite his bickering, he began to thoroughly enjoy the sight. It had been a while since the thick, vein textured tool in his hand was put to any use.

“I’m cumming! Guys! Boys! I’m cumming!” she squealed.

“From just your tits?” Jordan whispered.

“Ah! Fuck! Yes!” she squealed, covering her mouth so that Jordan, who she thought was inside, wouldn’t hear her cumming in front of dozens of men she had never met before.

The speckles of sweat on her stomach and chest dazzled in the ceiling light. She writhed in ecstasy and thrust her hips into the air, holding that position as vibrations ran through her body for half a minute. A dark spot of liquid began to spread along the crotch of her shorts.

“That’s right…” Jordan groaned as he watched an exhausted Mia fall flat on the bed.

Her legs spread wide but loosely as she unexpectedly showed her shorts, soaked down the middle, to the entire world. She sat up and smiled, then crawled toward the edge of the bed once more. The aftermath of her orgasm left her floral-patterned bedsheets in an uneven mess. Jordan hadn’t noticed since he was obviously much more focused on the beauty before him, but the portion of Mia’s room visible to the webcam was much cleaner than the rest. A model probably wouldn’t be as enticing in front of peeling wallpaper.

“You know how sensitive my breasts are, don’t you?” Mia laughed toward the cam. Her plump, yet firm thighs were still trembling as the bottom of her shorts pinched the flesh. “Sorry, got a bit carried away there, huh? It would be nice if someone could do that for me,” she said with a genuinely pouty face. “Well, that’s all for tonight guys. I’m sorry. I have school tomorrow. Yeah, I know right?” Mia rolled her eyes as she waved at the screen.

Mia hopped off her bed and walked to her laptop. Jordan, who was disappointed about not being able to cum, was about to tuck away his fully hard cock after seeing the show had ended but stopped when he heard another loud set of jingling coins. Mia stopped before he could reach the computer, her eyes lighting up as she covered her mouth.

“A thousand for me to m-masturbate?” she stuttered.

Jordan repeated that same line, except the ‘me’ part, in a confused whisper. He was already beginning to question his line of work if a girl was about to make a thousand bucks in the same amount of time it took for her to cum.

“I’ve never– done that for you guys yet. Yes, I know it’s about time,” she laughed but swallowed it just as quickly. “I can’t believe I’m about to do this,” Mia whispered, climbing back onto her bed and on her knees.

She took a deep breath and tugged at the edge of her shorts before nervously wiggling them down to her knees, revealing a set of light blue panties decorated in hearts on the top. The bottom hugged firmly around the meaty flesh of her outer lips; young and plump. There was a soaked spot in the middle from when she came earlier, which made the lips look like a ripe and delicious fruit.

She started to take off her panties, not seductively, but nervously. Was it because she was inexperienced, or was she genuinely terrified? Jordan wondered whether or not he should have stopped the show right there and then. Men were using Mia’s body, laughs, and smiles to get themselves off. Sure, they paid her, but did that make it any more ethical? Regardless, he stroked slowly, unable to move if even a hurricane were to rip through the air at that very moment.

The thin edges of her panties moved down her thighs, yet the bottom still cradled her lips. It wasn’t until the edges were halfway down when the bottom snapped away from her treat. A trail of clear cream in the form of a long string connected to the bottom of her panties and her inner lips before it snapped in two.

The sound of chat notifications on the screen went berserk. People were practically throwing money at her after only a simple reveal. Even through her golden-brown skin, anyone could see the hot red blush of her face. She couldn’t help but giggle from the embarrassment and leaned back on her back. She put her legs in the air and wiggled and kicked her panties and shorts off, sending them flying across the room. She sat on her knees and covered her pussy with her hands.

“How should I do it?” she asked.

“She’s really gonna do it,” Jordan whispered, stroking even faster at the sight of more curves than he could feast on at once.

“On — on my knees? You want to see my butt?” Mia laughed with gritted teeth.

She crawled onto her knees and pointed her magnificent, round ass toward the camera. But dammit, Jordan couldn’t see the best part.

Come on. Just a little to the left, he thought.

It was the only disadvantage of her having such a plump butt; the cheeks shielded him from seeing what she was slowly moving her fingers toward.

“How should — Oh. Two fingers?” she said, following their instructions obediently.

While on all fours, she pressed her chest onto the bed and began to slowly tease the edges of her outer lips through her legs. She let out a whimper so pure and sweet it could have brought a grown man to his knees, which it almost did. Jordan winced and stroked vigorously at the sight before him, moistening his hands with the precum Mia drew from his tip. Mia prodded her fingers gently before slowly sinking them in, slathering them in a warm, thin coat of honey.

“L-like that?” she whimpered.

“Just like that,” Jordan whispered.

Wait, what the fuck am I saying? And why am I saying it out loud? he thought right after.

He silenced his thoughts because even among the music he could hear something else coming from that room. It was the series of beautiful and hastening wet sounds coming from Mia’s teasingly hidden pussy. She pressed her chest harder into the bed and began hammering herself with her fingers, losing herself and momentarily forgetting that she was doing it in front of an audience.

“Ah! Ooh! Mmm, yes! I wish my fingers were bigger. Mmm!” she squealed, pounding her fingers ferociously into her tiny, wet treat.

Mia pounded, Jordan stroked, and they did so at full force for five minutes. Mia was finally ready to cry the words that sent chills down Jordan’s spine every time he heard them.

“C-cumming!” she squealed and Jordan grunted together.

They both bucked their hips forward and released every drop of their lust. Jordan shot long streams of white batter onto the ground and wall as he held onto the windowsill for support, while Mia decorated her bedsheets in patches of her sweet juices. The two panted loudly; too loud to hear the other. When Mia’s orgasm subsided, she rolled over onto her back and giggled as she covered her face.

“That was fun,” she laughed innocently.

The show was truly over; Mia started cleaning up after herself and let’s just say Jordan did as well.

Fuck. I just came to my best friend’s daughter. But that was the hottest thing I’ve seen in a while. Does that make me a shitty guardian? Jordan thought.

Minutes later, while Jordan was on his way to his room, he stopped near Mia’s room door in the hallway and gazed at the doorknob. Suddenly, the door swung open and forced him to pretend he was already walking away.

“Hey! Don’t you have work tomorrow?” Mia said, tapping him on the back.

She smiled as he turned around to see her, and of course, he couldn’t resist the urge to join her.

“Yeah, couldn’t sleep,” Jordan responded.

It wasn’t a complete lie; with all that he saw it would be hard to get any sleep without his cock distracting him. The energetic girl in front of him pleased herself to an adoring crowd only moments ago. Jordan’s eyes darted over her head and into her room for a second. It was long enough for him to see that she had already changed her bedsheets and left her laptop on the bed. There was nothing questionable on the laptop, except there was a window open with the control panel for Mia’s camgirl account. He registered her username in his head within an instant.

“I know it’s late, but, wanna watch a movie?” Mia asked.

Jordan’s eyes returned to meet Mia’s. He peripherally gazed at her clothed body and began to fill in the pieces based on what he saw. He couldn’t gaze too long since he had to answer Mia’s question.

“Sure, you can watch a movie. Just make sure to turn it off when…”

“No, I mean us. We barely do anything together anyways. Plus, I’m feeling pretty confident things are gonna look up.”

“Is that so?”

“Would you stop being so sad and depressed all the time?”

“Wow, why didn’t I think of that? Just stop being sad, huh?” Jordan laughed as he rolled his eyes.

“Come on, please? Just one movie and you can pick it. Okay?” Mia said, swaying her arms side to side. Her braless chest, which was then covered in a white tank top, danced as she did.

“How do women do this?” he whispered, referring to how easily he was being persuaded. “Fine, let’s go. But you’ll probably not like what I have in mind.”

“Please tell me it’s at least past 1960 or something,” she chuckled.

“Hey, nothing wrong with the classes. But no, it’s a mystery,” Jordan replied.

The two walked over to the living room and cleared a set of boxes from the couch facing the small T.V. It was a small seat, and the other couch wasn’t properly set up since it was taken apart to make space.

“Uh, crap, only one seat. I’ll grab the kitchen one,” Jordan said. Mia grabbed him by the arm.

“Just sit here, we’ll be fine,” she replied.

“But, where will you…”

“Just. Sit!”

“Alright, alright,” Jordan laughed with his hands up. “I want to say I’m too young to die, but I’m probably somewhere in between.”

“Nah, you’re fine,” Mia said, smiling as Jordan took his seat. Before he could grab the remote on the edge of the nearby table, Mia twirled and sat in his lap. The abrupt impact caused Jordan to grunt.

“Uh, you know there’s…”

“Relax,” Mia said with a chuckle. “I used to do this all the time with dad just to mess with him. I’m not heavy, am I?” She definitely wasn’t heavy; in fact, she was a unique combination of soft and firm. The only thing that felt fleshier than the rest of her body in comparison was her cushion-like ass that melted into the folds of Jordan’s lap.

How can the rest of her body look so firm, yet her ass is so plump? Is that where she keeps all the fat? Jordan thought.

He reached for the remote and selected a movie without putting much thought into it. It was a dark romance starring a tall, red-headed female detective named Reina. It started with her getting out of bed and realizing her gun, phone and badge were stolen by the man she spent the night with. While pursuing him, the man receives all the calls and texts the detective should have gotten, and, being a criminal, warns his friends about the cops. All his friends managed to escape their impending capture because they were notified beforehand, and when the department found out it was Reina’s fault she was fired.

“That’s so messed up. It wasn’t even her fault,” Mia commented.

Jordan smiled and shook his head, gazing at the back of Mia’s head. Her long, black ponytail spread across her back as she leaned forward. She was clearly more interested in the movie than he was. Or maybe it was that he was more interested in watching her than the movie? Mia could be mature when she wanted to be, yet her mannerisms and body radiated a form of youthful energy and presence.

The movie continued and showed the antagonist’s perspective. He apparently had a motive for doing what he did, not because he wanted to help the criminals, but to spite Reina for getting his wife killed. He bantered on with his associates, but Jordan couldn’t hear the dialogue very well. He was zoned out to the point he didn’t even realize Mia was asking him a question. He shook his head and stood up straight.

“Uh, yeah? What?” Jordan said.

“I was just gonna ask… Um, well it’s kinda. Never mind,” she said nervously.

“We don’t do ‘never minds’ in this house. Just say it, Mia,” Jordan said patting her on the head.

No one’s done that in years. I feel like a cat on someone’s lap. It feels — nice, Mia thought.

“Well. I know dad dying affected us both…” Mia started to say.

“Again? Mia, you need to…”

“I know you don’t want me bringing it up, okay? It’s not about him. I mean, I know it affected us both. But you left your wife around the same time, too right?”

“Yeah,” Jordan sighed with a wince. He reached over to pick up a glass of water on the table and sip from it. “But. Don’t ask.”

“I’m asking.”

“Mia,” Jordan said, sounding like a parent calling out a child that did something wrong.

“Too late,” she said, readjusting herself in his lap. She turned and shoved her legs between Jordan’s while she sat on his right leg. Her small tank top draped over most of her stomach but left a portion of her bellybutton for him to enjoy. “What happened?”

Jordan made a long, exaggerated sigh, looked at Mia with a lifted eyebrow and ran his hand along his face. He was thinking of a simplified, less adult version to give her. Although, the look in her eyes said You better not lie to me.

“I couldn’t give her what she wanted,” Jordan said.

“You mean, like a family?” Mia asked.

“Pfft, I was the one that wanted a family. She didn’t want kids.”

“Then what?”

“Well,” Jordan continued, adjusting himself in his seat. Mia got closer; almost within snuggling distance. “When your father died, it really took a lot out of me. Hell, I fucking cried for days. Me; a grown-ass man.”

“And you give me lip when I bring it up.”

“Figured one of us had to be the stronger one. But in reality, we’re only human, I suppose. I didn’t eat, go out, or even sleep well for over a week. My wife, she — she didn’t seem to care about it that much. In fact, she didn’t seem to care at all. When I told her about what happened, she just puffed out an ‘Oh, I’m sorry’.”

“That’s horrible…”

“That’s not all. She, uh. During that week I wasn’t able to do anything.”

“What do you mean do anything? What couldn’t you do?”


“You couldn’t do her? What does that even…” Mia asked, but stopped herself once she realized what he meant. Her jaw dropped lightly, severing the tie between her two pretty lips.

“Yeah. I was so depressed at the time I’d either not be in the mood or just — not be able to do anything. And it was only for a week. But apparently, she didn’t see it that way and eventually started fucking her coworkers without even trying to talk to me. And that was that.” Jordan explained, he gave Mia a look that said Are you satisfied now?

Mia almost felt guilty for asking, but that guilt was quickly swallowed up by anger as she said “What an absolute…”

“Bitch? Yeah,” Jordan laughed.

“I can’t believe she’d do that to you. She reminds me of my mom. I’m so fucking glad she’s in jail. But either way, I’m really sorry,” Mia said.

The flickering lights from the television bathed her face in warm blue spots. They seeped into her eyes and amplified their natural hazel glow.

“It’s over and it’s dealt with. I’ll probably never have that family I’ve always wanted, but it’s time to start over,” Jordan nodded his head as he spoke, giving Mia a comforting smile.

She returned the smile with twice the delivery, looked at her lap, then back at Jordan.

“I mean, isn’t that kind of what we are? You know, a family? I mean we look out for each other, eat together, both equally hate the same people,” she said, tapping her knees.

They gazed at each other for what seemed like minutes. A tender shiver of compassion rippled through both of their bodies. They were looking in the face of someone who had also lost the very pillars on which their lives seemed to stand. Her words danced in Jordan’s mind and embraced his darker thoughts, calming them down. He had almost forgotten about the previous ‘encounter’ entirely. Camgirl or not, Mia was the only family he had.

“Does that mean we’ll start hating each other eventually? That’s what families do right?” Jordan laughed.

“Well, let’s enjoy it while we can,” Mia whispered, swinging her upper body around.

Mia threw her arms forward and warped them under Jordan’s shoulders, burying her left cheek into his firm chest. The edge of his short beard tickled Mia’s forehead as she smiled. She took a deep breath of air filled with Jordan’s masculine scent mixed with cologne.

Such a manly scent. Why does this feel so familiar? Mia thought.

Jordan was puzzled at first, but quickly warmed up and returned the favor by wrapping his arms around her warm back.

She’s got so much energy even though her body’s so small. How could they leave her alone to fight like this? Jordan thought.

His arms covered her petite back completely, while the muscular fingers of his hand gripped at her shoulders. They shared each other’s warmth a minute, before slowly pulling away. Without saying another word, the two returned to their original positions and continued to watch the movie.

Reina and the antagonist met up together once more, but instead of fighting each other, the sexual tension went through the roof. Literally; the two, who were using intimacy to lure the other into a trap, were on the rooftop of a café having R-rated sex.

Uh oh, Jordan thought.

It was going to be a short scene, but Jordan had completely forgotten it even existed until then. Frantically, he rushed for the remote to skip a few minutes ahead. Mia snatched the remote from his hands and shook her head as she furrowed her brow.

“Hey, hey, no skipping. The story was just getting interesting,” she said, smiling as she turned back to the T.V.

Jordan sighed and tried his best to sit through the intense scene. Reina was bent over the balcony railing above the café in front of a busy road. The evening darkness, pillars, and flowers blocked all the intimate bits, but there was no hiding the slapping sound the two created as the antagonist drilled into Reina.

Jordan watched to see Mia’s reaction but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary behind her head. If only he could have seen her face; she bit the lower right side of her lip hard and tracked every movement the antagonist made intensively.

He’s almost as tall and muscular as Jordan, yet he’s driving against her so hard. Does that hurt? Either way, that looks so fucking good, she thought.

She squirmed very slowly, as any young and horny girl would. The motion massaged Jordan’s cock through his track pants, which was ready for more attention, and both of them knew it.

Hmm? Is that… Mia thought.

The bulge that formed managed to nudge Mia as she sat.

There’s no way she doesn’t feel that, Jordan thought.

Oh, she did, and she began to smile once she understood his reaction wasn’t toward the movie.

“I gotta, um, wake up for work tomorrow,” Jordan said, squeezing Mia to the side as he stood up. “Good night.”

Jordan walked quickly to his room while avoiding any eye contact with her. Mia spread her legs and looked at Jordan as he disappeared into the hallway. She smiled as the blurry image of two figures frantically coming into contact reflected on the side of her head. Mia looked back at the T.V, mesmerized by the scene before her. She looked back to make sure Jordan had closed the door to his room, then reached into her black leggings. She rewound the scene and did so several times while her fingers slowly treated the lips Jordan would dream about that night.

What’s wrong with me? I just came twice and I’m already… But that was his cock just now, right? Could he feel the same way? Mia thought while biting her lip.

Ten minutes later, Mia laid with her back pressed against the coach and panted with her hands lodged into the front of her leggings. She had finished playing with the clit she kept hidden. She pulled her hand out and raised toward her face, then gazed at the mess she made all over her fingertips; her clear honey formed wet strings between her fingers.

Chapter 2: Building a Family

The next morning, Jordan told Mia that he would be walking her to school, just in case those boys decided to start any trouble. They walked along the sidewalk near the trash-ridden road and abandoned homes. Their side of town wasn’t the most pleasant to look at, but was the only thing they could afford… so far. They passed a group of boys sitting on the hood of a car who gazed at the two as they walked. Mia wrapped her arm around Jordan’s and gave them a condescending smile. Jordan gazed fiercely at the boys as well. The way their positions shriveled up made it evident that Jordan’s large and muscular build intimidated them, even though he was wearing a white dress shirt with a blue tie and black dress pants.

Mia wore her uniform; a grey suit over a white shirt and purple neck ribbon, a short purple, plaid skirt, grey shoes, and white knee-high socks. The two had a feeling the boys wouldn’t be bothering her anytime soon, considering they ran away from a spot they frequented every morning as if they owned it.

“You think they’re going to school?” Jordan laughed.

“Nah, the school’s that way. They’re running the hell away from you,” Mia laughed, clinging tightly onto Jordan’s arm.


Hours into the school day, Jordan finally had a break from the students who clearly didn’t want to be there any more than he did. He sat in a small room which was an office to two teachers, but the other teacher wasn’t there that day. His chair swiveled as he sifted through the mountain of documents on his broad desk. His desk lamp lit up the room in unison with the dim orange light within the ceiling fan.

Knock knock, went the door. Well, it was more like a Knock knockity knock knock.

It was obviously a student.

“Student hours are closed,” Jordan said plainly, paying much more attention to his work.

“Too bad I don’t care,” Mia said as she closed the door behind her. She smiled at him as she leaned against the door. “Working hard or hardly working?”

“Both. Yet neither somehow,” he replied, rearranging the assortment of papers someone seemingly dumped on his table. “But I can take a break. What’s up?”

Mia playfully walked forward, swinging side to side with her hands behind her back; a type of girl-like behavior she’d only show around those she was comfortable with. “I wanted to talk about last night.”

Jordan winced and laughed. “Was the movie that interesting?”

“Maybe, but that’s not what I meant. I mean how you popped up after you realized you well– popped up.”

“Oh,” he sighed. His heart rate began to match Mia’s when she entered the room.

A cute reaction for someone with such a large bulge, Mia thought.

Jordan wasn’t the only one who felt a nervous sense of tension, especially since he wasn’t the only one that noticed his ‘surprise’.

“You don’t need to be embarrassed. I mean isn’t that normal for guys? Even guys your age?” Mia asked, sitting on the front edge of Jordan’s desk.

Her legs brushed his as she crossed them; her lower thighs bulging from the upper rim of her tight socks. Jordan couldn’t help but notice how adorable, yet appetizing she looked in her uniform but pretended not to, as usual.

“I’m not that old. Did you come all this way just to tell me that?”

“No matter how stylishly you slick your hair I can see those grey bastards hiding in there. And, No. I figured it probably might happen again since we’ll be living together and I just want us to get comfortable.”

“I get it, but you worry about me way too much.”

“No, I mean, with the whole family thing we were talking about. Wouldn’t it be okay if we could be a bit more open with that?”

“What do you mean?” Jordan asked.

Mia licked her lips and chuckled, looking down at Jordan’s crotch. She pulled her view back up to Jordan’s face and smiled. “Can I see it?”

“Sure,” Jordan said without much thought.

Whoa! Whoa! Easy there boy! What do you think you’re doing? he thought immediately after. “Wait. No. No. You can’t. I can’t do that.”

“Come on, what’s the big deal? Just one peek and I’m done. Promise okay? Like ripping a bandage off. Except I really hope you don’t rip your dick off. That sounds painful,” Mia said.

Jordan wanted to laugh, but he couldn’t help but think of every excuse not to.

Would it be fair not to show her, considering she gave me a show the other night? Jordan thought.

The old ceiling fan wiggled as it tried to cut the tension in the room.

“If I do this, are you going to tell me where you got the money from? And keep your grades up?” Jordan asked in deep breaths.

“I can promise you one of those things,” she said with a smile.

Jordan pushed himself away from the desk slightly, turning the chair to Mia as he unbuckled his black leather belt. Mia slowly crawled off the table and waited patiently as she squatted. He removed the button and slowly zipped down his pants. He wondered if Mia paid this much attention to presentations in class by the way she gazed at his crotch. Tugging down his pants a bit, he loosened the upper rim of his boxers and finally let his cock fall all the way out onto his lap.

“Wow,” Mia whispered, her eyes lighting up as if she was witnessing a masterpiece.

How did his wife take all that? Was she ten feet tall or something? Mia thought.

Jordan couldn’t help but chuckle at her comment; he might have felt proud, but it was quickly being outweighed by embarrassment. “You happy now?”

“No! Not yet!” Mia insisted, waddling closer to Jordan’s lap. “I’ve never seen one this close before. Can I… Can I touch it?”

She admired the thick and veiny texture that was slightly darker than Jordan’s lightly tanned skin and was eager to see what it would feel like in her soft hands.

Jordan really wanted to say no, but he was already losing the battle of temptation, why stop then? He pushed the chair closer to her and she smiled in response. Mia crept up to him like a cat approaching a foreign object. She prodded at the tip of his cock with her fingers, moistening her rose-pink fingernails with a mysterious substance that began to ooze from the slit. She wrapped digit after digit around the shaft of her new toy and gripped firmly; a bit too firmly.

“That’s too hard,” he winced at her inexperienced squeezing.

“Oh, sorry,” she giggled, loosening her grip. The texture felt just as good in her hand as she imagined, and it only began to feel better once Jordan’s cock started to stiffen. On its own Jordan’s tip began to rise and point toward Mia’s innocent face.

Does this thing have a mind of its own? Jordan thought.

Yes, I do. What’re you going to do about it? his cock said by the way it fully stiffened in Mia’s hands.

She pumped her hand slowly up and down the shaft as her head drew closer. She watched closely as the skin peeled up and down near his swollen tip. The sight for her was tantalizing, so much so that her mouth began to water.

“Can. Can I…?” she was about to ask.

Without warning, the door to Jordan’s office began swinging open. Mia quickly crawled beneath the desk and Jordan pushed his lower body far beneath the desk when he turned his chair.

That was close, way too close, they both thought.

From the door emerged a mature-looking woman with blonde hair tied into a bun. She covered her tall and slender body with a black suit and matching pencil skirt. Her expression and dark red lipstick resembled the prestige of a queen, but the look in her deep blue eyes through her glasses said she didn’t want to sit down for tea.

“Terra, is there something wrong? Usually, when you barge in it’s at least with two more people to complain about,” Jordan said, trying to make sure his lower half was out of Terra’s line of sight.

“You’re a popular one, Jordan. The kids like to talk about you as ‘that cool funny teacher’ or ‘that teacher that put the janitor in a headlock that one time’,” Terra sighed with one hand on her firm hip and the other holding up a stack of paper.

“Now’s hardly the time to be getting jealous. It’s exam season, shouldn’t you be getting busy somewhere e-else?” Jordan said, stuttering on his last word as he felt Mia wrap her hands around his cock once again. She couldn’t help herself, especially since it was pointing right at her face and practically begging to be touched.

“The reason I’m here is to talk to you about that girl. Honestly, there’s only so much we can do.”

“You mean Mia? She’s doing fine.”

“She kicked Samuel Hudgins in the dick last week.”

“Samuel is a dick.”

“She started a food fight last fall.”

“Not like anyone’s gonna eat that cra-ah-ap.”

“Drink some water Jordan. It’s springtime. You’re a grown man, you should take care of yourself,” Terra said, squinting at him. “Anyways, before I get into that. I have a report that she was seen wrapped around your arm this morning like a couple of teenagers.”

“She was just playing around. She’s been through enough. Can’t she have a little fun?”

“Mr. Rivers, I’ll remind you that living with one of your students violates so many school and district rules that it’s actually quite hilarious why you’re not in jail.”

“Be that as it may, I am now and will remain her legal guardian. I signed the papers, I fought for her.”

“And who do you think dealt with the paperwork for the school board? Me. I handle anything that has to do with student relations, but most importantly I decide who does and doesn’t get to keep their scholarship,” Terra warned, grinning as she swung her hips to the other side.

“You’re in charge? And you still took her off the list?” Jordan asked.

His mind was heated in anger, but his lower body melted under Mia’s every touch and squeeze. She stroked down to the base and all the way up, using the rhythm of the ceiling fan to mask the wet noises.

Smart girl, Jordan thought.

“There are rules, Jordan. Rules she failed to follow, simple rules like keeping her grades up.”

“Of course, her grades are going to fall. Do you have any idea what happened to her? Her father killed himself! Don’t you have a shred of compassion?”

“People die, Jordan. If you want to complain, complain to God, because people have been dying since the beginning of time and that’s not going to end anytime soon.”

“Pff,” Jordan scoffed trying to mix business with pleasure. “You’re all the same.”

“Who? The people who realize that she’s a lost cause?” Terra laughed.

“She’s fuckin’ amazing,” Jordan shouted. Mia stopped stroking, Jordan wondered what was wrong, but he didn’t know that the girl he was just speaking about stopped to blush and smile. Terra shook her tilted head and laughed. “She has more energy and personality than anyone on the team right now. You’re just upset his death caused a stir.”

“What? That the gym teacher took his own life? That isn’t my problem. My problem is that we need to have mental health seminars every other week that I have to organize. He probably did it to get away from that drug addict mother and annoying kid,” Terra sighed, acting as if she was above death itself.

Jordan wiped his teeth with his tongue and exhaled.

“That’s a whole family you’re fucking talking about now. You can say whatever you want, but watch how you talk about that family. Especially Mi…”

It seemed like Mia’s favorite thing to do was cut Jordan’s words off. She opened her mouth wide and quickly shoved the head of Jordan’s cock into her mouth. She slowly pushed down onto as much as she should take. Her pink lips stretched fiercely around the thickness, coating a third of the shaft in saliva as she bobbed up and down. She began using her tongue; the way she flailed it wildly showed both inexperience and hunger. Her teeth grazed the sensitive tip, causing Jordan to shudder in painful pleasure. She noticed, then covered her teeth with her lips, and continued to tease her throat quickly with the new toy in her hand. One of Jordan’s hands strayed under the table and ran through her jet-black rivers of hair. He gripped firmly onto a portion and instinctively forced Mia’s head down.

Terra looked at Jordan with a questioning expression but shook her head. She radiated an aroma that said I’m too busy to be wasting my time with this. She also reminded Jordan of his wife; a beautiful demon.

“Look, I don’t know what your relationship is with that family, but there’s only so much we can do for her. I’m a kind woman, so I’ll break even with you. I’ll come around to your house in three weeks.”

“For what?”

“To check the conditions. It’s not uncommon for the school board to send reps to evaluate the scholarship candidates. Unfortunately, it’s usually done at home to get a ‘natural’ response from them,” Terra rolled her eyes and turned around.

Mia noticed Terra was getting farther away and got a bit too excited. She forced herself onto half of the shaft and let out a wet gag that could be heard across the room. Terra turned back to Jordan and sighed.

“You’re a grown man and you’re going to make those pathetic sounds when you don’t get your way? Do you realize I’m trying to help you?” Terra said.

Jordan could feel his balls boiling. The warmth of Mia’s mouth coupled with her breaths soothing the area below his stomach caused him to grit his teeth. He could care less about whatever it was Terra was trying to say but decided to give her a reply to at least satisfy her and get her out of the room. “And why are you helping me? I figured you’d hate me. I know I turned down your invitation to dinner. But you knew I was married.”

“If I did then I wouldn’t… Never mind. Three weeks, okay?” Terra shook her head and stormed out of the room.

The instant she slammed the door behind her, Jordan leaned back in his seat.

“Fuck,” he groaned loudly.

He rolled his chair out, but Mia’s mouth was still gripped around him like a leech. Both his hands wrapped around her head slowly, combing through her hair before sinking his fingertips into her scalp. Mia saw no reason to be quiet any longer, especially after looking up at Jordan with innocent brown eyes and seeing his expression of ecstasy. His eyes were closed, so he wasn’t even sure if the door too was closed. Tears began running down Mia’s cheeks as her loud gags filled the room.

Am I doing this right? It’s so thick I can’t even fit the whole thing down my throat. How do the pornstars do it so easily? He looks like he feels so good though. I’ll keep sucking for you, Jordan. Use my throat however you like, Mia thought.

“Mia. I’m sure you know what comes next,” Jordan groaned, managing to squeak out a warning.

Mia smiled and nodded her head, but she didn’t stop her vigorous bobbing. Jordan bucked his hips forward and forcefully grabbed two handfuls of Mia’s hair. It was Mia’s first time with a cock in her mouth, but even she knew Jordan was about to blow. She pulled herself back just a bit before he made one final thrust deep into her throat. He released stream after stream of warm lust into her throat, grunting madly as he did. He leaned to the back of his seat while a smiling Mia slowly swallowed every drop of cum in her mouth.

Gulp, gulp, gulp.

When she was done, she pulled Jordan’s cock out of her mouth and gasped like she had finished a refreshing glass of water on a hot summer’s day. The excitement both had them panting. They looked at each other, stared for a moment, then ended up chuckling.

“You didn’t ask if you could do that,” Jordan laughed as he pat Mia on the head.

Good girl. Fuck. She’s got some lips on her, he thought, despite his words.

“I didn’t get the chance,” Mia laughed, sliding her tongue across her lips. “That was fun.”

It’s still running down my throat. It’s so thick and creamy, Mia thought.

“I’m really not supposed to agree, but I’m also not supposed to lie to you,” Jordan sighed.

Mia laughed out loud, rising to her feet to give Jordan a hug. His cock was pressed between their stomachs.

“Did that feel good, Daddy?” she whispered, planting a kiss on his shoulder.

What the fuck did I just call him? And why does it feel so good? Mia thought.

That simple world made Jordan’s entire body feel warm, especially coming from such a vibrant young woman. He looked at her and laughed.

“Don’t you mean Jordan?” he said with a heavy breath.

“Well, after what you said to Ms. Bitch, I think you deserve a little more. Besides…” Mia said, licking her lips once more as she sat on Jordan’s lap. “I like calling you Daddy more.”

Trust me, I like it more too, Jordan thought.

Jordan must have had some insane levels of willpower to have not starting fucking Mia right there on that desk, but he knew he needed to be careful and not do anything to sully their ability to stay together.

“If that’s what you want. I’ll be your Daddy.”


Evening fell when Jordan arrived home. He returned later than usual, after taking his time to grade several failed papers. It’s not like he wanted to plaster ‘zeroes’ everywhere, but what else was he supposed to do when half the students only wrote their name on the exam; sometimes they’d write the date if he was lucky. He didn’t see Mia when he entered, but he did meet something very usual. All the dishes were washed, the laundry was done, and the living room was rearranged to make optimal use of the space. Jordan chuckled when he noticed what happened, then glanced at the figure sleeping on the couch.

She must be exhausted, Jordan thought. “You and me too, kiddo.”

He dropped his side-bag on the kitchen table and walked over to Mia. He picked her up, cradling her in his arms like a princess and walked her down the hall. His right fingertips grazed the braless softness of Mia’s right tit over the material of her thin hoodie and his left arm hugged around her powerful thighs. Before they got to her room, Mia’s eyes fluttered open.

“About time,” she yawned, smiling as she grazed Jordan’s cheek with her fingertips.

“You’re already more family than I’ve ever had. I couldn’t pay my wife to do the dishes,” Jordan said.

“Who said I wasn’t going to make you pay?” Mia chuckled. “I’m kidding. Wait. What time is it?”

“Hmm, about eleven?” Jordan whispered.

“Shit! Uh,” Mia exclaimed, lowering herself to the ground; Jordan was forced to let her go. “I have to um, study, for a bit. But it might also be a while. I made a bit of dinner too. It’s not much, but…”

Jordan smiled and pat her on the head gently. “Relax, I’ll take care of the rest. Just do what you have to do and get some rest, okay?” he whispered.

Mia closed her eyes and groaned happily as Jordan pat her head; the sound she made was like a purr. “Okay, well…” she said, opening the door to her room and stepping in. “Good night, Daddy.”

“Good night, babygirl.”

‘Babygirl?’ Why does that sound so enticing? I love it, Mia thought.

Mia held the doorknob tightly and looked at it while she smiled. She turned around slowly, to see the strong man who took her in when she had no else to go but hell. She shook her head, unable to resist the urge to hug him; and so, she did. They shared a hug for longer than the average father and daughter do. After pulling away, she waved her fingers at Jordan before closing the door behind her, fluttering her eyelashes as she leaned against it from the other side.

Fuck. His scent. How am I already getting wet? Mia thought.

That scent. Is there an orchard in her hair? Now I’m hard. Great, Jordan thought.

Jordan knew very well that she wasn’t going to study. Once he was in his room, he sat on the edge of the bed and stared at his blue laptop on the corner. He was interested in seeing one of Mia’s ‘study sessions’ first hand with an even better angle.

Am I really going to pretend I don’t want to see this girl? Sure, I’m looking after her, but I’m just looking. There’s no harm in that. I think, Jordan thought.

It was like both his evil and holy representations of conscience said: “As long as you don’t fuck her, it should be fine.” It was questionable advice, but Jordan clearly wasn’t good at fighting temptation. He pulled the laptop closer and opened it slowly, and within seconds was at the front page of the camgirl site. He shook his head and laughed, feeling like a teenager all over again.

All Jordan had to do was search for the username he kept tucked away in his brain. It was hard to forget, considering how cute and on the nose it was; DreamerGirl. He typed it in, and after one scroll of the mouse wheel, he saw a thumbnail preview of the honey-glazed girl he’d know anywhere. Reluctantly, he hovered the cursor over the ‘watch now’ button and clicked it. The window opened and made Jordan realize how loud he left his laptop volume since the last time he used it. Mia’s moan echoed through the laptop speakers and around the entire room.

“Shit!” Jordan whispered, frantically looking for the volume buttons.

They were big and easy to miss, but when one is in a state of panic it only makes the simplest of tasks feel like a marathon. Mia continued to twist her nipples on screen; a way she liked to start her shows after some conversation. Jordan sighed as he finally managed to lower the volume using the buttons that were right next to him the entire time. He looked at Mia’s face and smiled, enjoying the pleased expression she made every time her fingers sank into her breasts and pointed her nipples in various directions.

“You think I seem happy today?” Mia laughed in response to someone’s message in the chat. This time, Jordan could actually see what her fans had to say about Mia’s ‘excitement’. “Well, yeah. I had a pretty good day today. It was a pretty shitty month, but my Daddy made it better. How? Well, he made me breakfast, scared off some d-bags, brought me to school, gave me a hug before bed, and during school I…” Mia blushed, stretching her arms as if she was proud. “I gave him a blowjob under his desk.”

The chat went nuts; her fans collectively sent over thirty messages before she could even continue, including:

“That’s so fucking hot.”

“Is your dad a teacher? Where were you when I taught school?”

“Getting them grades the old fashion way huh ; )”

But, most of them loved the fact that she called someone Daddy and loved how she said it in her sweet voice even more. Jordan’s stiffening cock nudged the laptop off his lap.

“Shit!” he shouted again as he grabbed it in time.

He placed it to the side, sighed, and wasted no time pulling his cock out for his babygirl.

“You guys like it when I say that don’t you? You naughty boys. Mmm,” Mia laughed, sticking her tongue out as she fondled gently.

It was then a particular message in chat caused a stir in the room:

“It’s nice, but it doesn’t match your appearance.”

Jordan and Mia squinted at the response, while others in the chat either denied or agreed. Jordan didn’t mind her appearance at all; in fact, her opened blue hoodie and basketball shorts spoke volumes about the girl she was. Mia, on the other hand, knew someone would say something like that eventually. It was a style she felt comfortable with, but mostly because it helped her look tough in a town that would prey on helpless little girls. However, in the safety of her room, and with Jordan in mind each time she said Daddy, she wanted to personify what he had called her earlier; his babygirl.

Mia rolled off the bed and out of the range of the camera. Jordan was upset and was about to tell the other user off, but he had to pay to even get chat privileges. He thought they had hurt Mia’s feelings and honestly wondered if he should have closed the laptop and talked to her. He almost did so, until he heard the sound of her walking back into view.

If it weren’t for her undeniably soft and petite figure, the girl that came into the frame would have been completely unrecognizable. Mia had her hair in pigtails, tied together with the ribbons she would usually use around her neck. She wore her uniform skirt and an adorable, white, frilly bra that cupped tightly under her bulging tits like freshly baked muffins. She crawled onto the bed and covered her face in embarrassment.

“Do you guys think Daddy would like it? Do I look like his babygirl now?” she squeaked behind her hands.

The chat definitely seemed to agree, but they couldn’t agree any more than Jordan did by the way he began stroking. Someone got so excited in fact, that they immediately tipped her enough to reach the ‘masturbation milestone’.

“Already?” Mia and Jordan whispered together.

“Imagine he’s watching,” said someone named ‘BaulBuster35’.

Mia loved that idea; the way her face lit up when she read the message made it quite obvious. As if almost to tease Jordan to his very grave, she leaned over just like she did the other night but in the wrong direction. She pointed her butt away and her face toward the camera. Jordan would have been upset, but he enjoyed looking at any angle of Mia, especially when she was enjoying herself. Mia giggled as she moistened her fingers in her mouth, then slowly trailed a line down her stomach and to the soaking pussy the audience was left to imagine.

She leaned in deeper with her chest against the bed and the back of her skirt flipped over, revealing the round hills of her butt separated by the thin boundary of her white thong. Jordan knew that bit of white lace like the back of his hand; it was one that belonged to his wife. His wife wasn’t as petite as Mia, but Mia’s ass compensated for the extra room in the thong.

“Mmm,” she moaned, teasing her outer lips the way she liked even before she did it for an audience.

The sounds Mia made was more than enough for Jordan; it was enough to make a blind man cum. He put the laptop on the side, laid on his back, and closed his eyes. He already knew what Mia looked like in a better resolution than anyone else on that site had ever witnessed. Enjoying the sound of her moans and dirty talk, Jordan placed one hand on his lower abs while the other stroked his cock vigorously. He hadn’t even taken off his work clothes; his expensive work clothes.

“What do I want him to do? Mmm,” Mia responded, sinking her fingers in. “I want him to fuck me,” she said, panting with every word.

Her eyes rolled back in excitement for simply saying that. Jordan’s eyes followed suit, except his eyes were already closed. He was already imagining fucking his babygirl. Mia serenaded the audience with a melody of wet sounds as she hammered her cunt. Her head twitched from side to side as she began breathing heavily.

“Just like that, Daddy. Please fuck me. Please. I’m begging you.”

Jordan wished he could. If it wasn’t for his last bit of restraint, he would have barged into her room and started plowing her on the spot.

“I want him to… I want him to…” Mia moaned, unable to finish her words. “I want him to fuck me with that big, thick, veiny cock of his. I’ve been thinking about it all day after putting in my mouth. He came so… Mmm. Fuck. He came so fucking much. I want to feel all that inside me.”

“God damn, Mia. When did you get so horny?” Jordan whispered. “Daddy wants to fuck you too, babygirl.”

“Mmm!” she moaned as if she heard Jordan’s grunts. “I want him to pound me until I can’t fucking walk anymore. I want him to pin me down with his big, muscular arms and make me take it.”

“You’ll take it all for me,” Jordan moaned.

“I’ll try my best to take it all for you. I wish you could see me. My useless fucking fingers are nothing compared to you. I want you to fuck me until I pass out, and just keep fucking my unconscious fucking body until I wake up. Just fuck me until I have to go to school. Then fuck me at school. Then fuck me at home! Mmm!” Mia screamed. “I’m gonna… Daddy, I’m going to…”

“Me too, babygirl. Cum around Daddy’s cock,” Jordan mumbled. The donation sounds were as almost as wild as the two were. The chat was filled with users saying that Mia had already made them cum, or telling her that she’s making daddy proud.

“Daddy! I’m!” Mia squealed.

“Fuck!” Jordan groaned.

“Cumming! Cumming — cumming — cumming — fuck — fuck — fuck!” Mia screamed into her mic. The two trembled under the pressure of their mad lust for each other rushing through their wet tools of pleasure. Jordan’s pants were ruined, and Mia once again had to change her bedsheets. But neither of them seemed to care. They laid on their beds panting and even laughed at the same time.

I wish that were real, they both thought.


The next morning for Jordan began quite early. Sure, he had to go to work that day, but he would usually wake up around seven. It was only six, and when he opened his eyes, dim blue light from an early spring morning beamed through the window on the right of his bed and the far end of the room. The light wrapped around a strange object near the foot of the bed, something that Jordan knew wasn’t originally a part of the room.

He reached over for his glasses, knocking over his watch and wallet. Once they were on his face, he could finally see what the mysterious object was; and it had its hands wrapped around Jordan’s cock while it licked from the base to the tip.

“Morning, Daddy,” Mia said between licks.

She was in her pajamas, patterned in green stars and stripes. She held Jordan’s cock like a cob of corn and licked back and forth — up and down. She kissed it in several places, slurping as she pulled her lips away.

“Morning, babygirl,” Jordan said, running a hand through Mia’s hair. “You know there are easier ways to wake me up, right?”

“I know, but they’re boring,” Mia said, pulling away for just a moment before returning to work. “I felt really good the other night, so I wanted to share that feeling with you.”

Slurp. Slurp.

“Does that mean our little track star has been masturbating?” Jordan teased, not at all bothered by his morning surprise.

“Every single night. Three times last night,” Mia admitted with a smile. “Should I stop? Is that bad?”

“Of course not,” Jordan grunted. “Daddy wants you to feel good too.”

Mia pulled away from Jordan’s cock and smiled as her eyes darted around his body. “All the time?” she asked.

“If I had my way, yes,” Jordan admitted.

It was obvious the resistance between the two was fading. Would they eventually end up crossing the line, or did they simply believe they were sharing a familial bond?

“You’re so good to me, Daddy,” Mia smiled, crawling onto the bed. She tugged off her pajama shorts slowly, revealing the bare outline of her pussy. The darkness blocked the parts Jordan would have wanted to see the most.

“Whoa, Mia, we’re not doing this,” Jordan warned, leaning up from his bed.

“Don’t worry, I’m not…”

“Mia, I’m warning you.”

“I swear, it’ll be okay. Look…” Mia said, straddling Jordan’s lap. Jordan’s cock was hard, laying flat along his stomach while Mia’s pussy lips rubbed along it. She ground her hips back and forth slowly, mixing their sticky creams together. “See? It’s not inside. I just wanted to feel… Fuck.”

“Mia, you need to stop before it all goes too far,” Jordan warned. He must have been a man made of ninety percent sheer willpower to say that with how Mia’s lips melted along the shaft of his cock as she glided.

“Hold me. Hold me so it doesn’t go in,” Mia warned, grinding much faster than she should.

“Were you thinking about my cock when you were touching yourself, babygirl?”

“Yes! I dreamt about you fucking my throat last night.”

“Did I cum down your little throat?”

“Mhmm! Three times. Back to back. I love how you stay hard even after cumming.”

“Slow down. God. Mia,” Jordan panted, holding onto her as requested. But he also used the motion to continue to warn her. Mia wrapped her arms around Jordan’s shoulders as he sat up, swaying her hips side to side as she ground on the texture she became addicted to.

“But Daddy, it feels so good. Fuck. Daddy, it feels so… I can’t stop,” Mia warned, breathing heavily with each word.

“Stop. Mia, you’re going to make it slip,” Jordan warned once more. Mia’s grinding strides grew longer, and even with Jordan’s length, they were too long.

“It’s so good. Daddy. It’s so…” Mia gasped quickly.

Her moans almost intoxicated Jordan to the point of no return. But Mia had made one grind too many. When she pulled her hips backward, her pussy gripped the tip of Jordan’s cock and began to nearly pull it inside of her.

“Mia!” Jordan shouted the instant before Mia was about to plunge his cock into her. He lifted her hips into the air to show her what she had done. Jordan’s cock remained firm, pointing into the sky while Mia’s pussy wrapped around the tip. If Jordan dropped Mia right then, she would have swallowed Jordan’s cock with the force of gravity. It was only the tip, but a tip too far.

“But…” Mia whimpered, twisting her hips left to right. She loved the feeling of only his tip stretching the entrance to her wet, pink paradise, and shuddered when she imagined what taking the entire thing would feel like.

“I’m only saying this because we’re family Mia. And I care about you,” Jordan warned, wrapping one hand around her throat. She gasped but loved the sensation of his thick fingers sinking into the flesh of her neck. “If you go any farther. I won’t be able to hold myself back. And I don’t know if you’re ready for that.”

Mia’s eyes fluttered, she was even more eager to force herself downward and impale herself with the cock she had dreamt of the other night. But in the face of her Daddy and feeling his commanding grip around her neck, she felt a pleasure in something she never thought she would; obedience.

“Yes, Daddy,” she answered, gazing into Jordan’s eyes. She dismounted and Jordan laid on his back once more with a sigh. Mia threw herself next to him and smiled.

“Hi,” she laughed.

Jordan smiled and wrapped an arm around her waist, gently gripping the soft flesh of her butt with his fingertips. “So now you want to have a conversation,” he laughed.

“Sorry, I…” Mia giggled. “When I get a bit horny if I’m not careful I kind of — lose control. You’re not mad, are you?”

“No. In fact, I’m just glad it wasn’t someone else.”

“There will never be anyone else, Daddy.”

Jordan wanted to believe that. After leaving the wife he thought deserved everything he could give, he never thought he’d be able to leave his heart in someone else’s hands. But Mia’s hands were warm, even if they could be a bit feisty. Jordan glanced at the ring on his finger, wondering if there was a glimmer of hope for his complicated marriage.

“Daddy?” Mia whispered, looking at Jordan with gentle eyes.

“Yes, baby?”

“I want your cock,” Mia admitted.

And I want to drive it into you so bad, Jordan thought.

“I know, baby,” Jordan whispered. “You can touch it whenever you’d like.”

“I know but…”

“You want it somewhere else, don’t you?”


“Where do you want it, babygirl?”

Mia sighed, pouting as she looked at Jordan. If only she knew that Jordan was just as horny as she was.

“My pussy,” Mia whimpered. “I want it in my pussy.”

“I know, babygirl,” Jordan whispered, brushing strands of hair away from Mia’s tender face. “I know.”

“But we can’t, because we’re family, right?”

“That’s right baby, I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s okay. You’re already the best daddy I can ask for. I guess seeing that scene in the movie made me a little curious.”

“What happened in that scene?” Jordan asked, knowing very well what happened in clear detail.

“Well, the guy was pushing into the girl; hard. Really hard. He was probably really deep,” Mia whispered. She reached down and wrapped her hand around Jordan’s cock as they nearly pressed their stomachs together. She positioned Jordan’s balls between the triangle of her thighs and pussy, and rest the length of his shaft against her stomach. The tip laid high above her bellybutton. “See? I’m small so — I know you’ll go really deep, Daddy.”

“I would baby; very deep. We can’t, but some someday some man will. Hopefully, he’ll have a cock that’s the right size for you.”

“I already know one,” Mia said, closing her eyes as she ran her fingers along Jordan’s bare chest. The fine hairs tickled her fingertips as she spent the rest of the morning before school in the arms of the man of her dreams. Jordan tightened his hug around her body and took a deep breath of her natural scent. The smell of coconut from her hair and strawberry from her lips mixed into a dessert for his lungs. While he was this close to giving in completely, he knew that the only thing that wouldn’t change would be how much he valued and wanted to protect Mia.

“And he’s going to keep you safe.”

Chapter 3: Connecting

Two weeks passed as the two danced along the slim border of the nations of family and lovers. Dinner was never a bore with the stories Mia would tell about her and her father or Jordan making dark jokes about otherwise horrible events happening on the news. They talked, laughed, hugged, and touched, but they both secretly worried about how long that would last. They finally began to rebuild from the remains of their old families, but Terra’s decision could make or break everything they tried to build.

Exam season had finally decelerated and Jordan actually had a day to himself. Could you believe that? He and Mia spent time around the house cleaning and fixing. During one afternoon, Jordan wiped the sweat off his forehead as he pulled one of the last weeds from the front garden. Well, it actually looked more like a garden after his work; it looked like a car crash previously. Mia stepped out of the front door with a glass of iced tea in each hand. She wore a plain, but tight white shirt and paint-covered cargo pants.

She looked left and right to check for Jordan, and smiled when she saw him working hard. She watched as he stretched, and grinned at the line of sweat at the back of his vest. He unknowingly flexed his shoulders as he stretched, and Mia loved every bit of it.

Just do yourself a favor and take it off. It’d please both of us, Mia thought.

Her eyes sized him up slowly, wishing they were able to see through the paint-stained jeans and grey vest. She dreamt about his body more frequently, and those dreams weren’t limited to night time. Jordan turned around once he was done and saw Mia smiling, wiggling the glasses in her hands in a gesture that said: “come and get it”.

“How about a break?” Mia suggested, handing a glass to Jordan.

“A day I don’t have to do anything involving school? Babygirl this is my break,” Jordan said, smiling before taking a sip from his glass.

“I know, but we’ve been working all day. You finally got the car fixed, too.”

“Thanks to you,” Jordan said with a wink, tipping the glass toward Mia.

“So. Let’s do something. Let’s go somewhere. Let’s have some fun. I know you’re trying to get everything back to normal but we’ve been home all month long.”

“I’m guessing school doesn’t count.”

“God, no,” Mia laughed.

“Well, it’s been a while. So, let’s say by the off chance I haven’t completely forgotten how to drive, where do you want to go?” Jordan asked, looking at the grey, lightly dented sedan parked along the poorly maintained road.

“I know a place, but I’m going to get changed first. It’s gonna be somewhere nice,” Mia said, smiling as she went back inside. Jordan sighed, looking at the house. There was still a lot of work to do, but it was probably the best-looking piece of crap in the neighborhood, out of many other pieces of crap. With a bit more elbow grease, it could be a house, and if fate let Mia and Jordan continue being together, it could be a home.


“Is this the place?” Jordan asked, pulling the car over below a streetlight.

The late afternoon sun hid between the trees speckled throughout the park. There were winding paths with people walking their dogs, jogging or children going home before it became dark.

“Mhmm,” Mia hummed.

“You’re not even looking. Mia, look.”

Mia’s hair grazed the steering wheel as she pulled her face away from Jordan’s cock. She wiped a stream of saliva that formed on the right side of her chin and licked her lips. “Hey, no need to get loud, I was busy,” she teased, looking at the park through the fence that surrounded it. “Yup, this is the one.”

“Then do you wanna finish this up later? It’ll always be there when you’re home. It’ll get dark soon,” Jordan said, stroking Mia’s hair.

Mia pouted, then laughed knowing she did indeed have him to herself when she was home, but not as much of him as she would have liked.

“Fine. Let me show you something before the sun goes down,” Mia said, stepping out of the car.

A gentle, late-spring breeze made her blue polka-dot sundress dance before closing the door. She tapped the bottom of her white sandals on the sidewalk as she waited for Jordan to exit. It was a bit difficult for him since he had to put his cock away all on his own. Jordan stepped out, straightened the collar of his red jacket over a black shirt, and pulled up his black denim jeans. He didn’t often wear clothes in public that revealed his biceps. School regulations made tattoos, especially ones as detailed as the clock and skull Jordan had, quite the unnecessary taboo. Jordan looked at Mia who was tilting her head side to side and looking around. When she realized Jordan was looking at her, she smiled and returned the gaze.

“It’s not often you wear something like that. I didn’t even know you had something that cute in your entire wardrobe,” Jordan teased even though he absolutely loved anything Mia wore.

“And I didn’t know you owned anything that didn’t make you look like you had a stick in your ass twenty-four-seven,” Mia teased, admiring how a little change in attire could help her better appreciate his build and personality.

“Well, now I’m less likely to get mugged. It’s a win-win really.”

“Whatever,” Mia laughed, rolling her eyes. “Come. I want to show you the spot.”

The two walked through the park, telling stories of fun and weird things that happened at school. Jordan bought them two ice cream cones while Mia continued to lead them to the spot she mentioned earlier. Their occasional laughs could be heard with the laughs and banter of other people in the park. The early evening wind rustled through the trees as they finally found a row of benches facing a large open field. The picnickers had already packed up and left, and soon the voices of anyone else who was enjoying their time at the park faded away. The pole lights around the park lit up as the two sat down on a bench below a tree and faced the field.

“Ice cream is so cliché. We should have gotten Pizzas or something,” Jordan said, licking his dark chocolate scoop.

“Or burgers. Oh, you know they can deep fry ice cream too, right? How about ice cream burgers,” Mia laughed, licking her mint chocolate chip scoop.

“I mean the cart was on wheels. I could just get you to distract the owner with a little womanly charm and I’d drive that thing into some alley.”

“Then we can get any flavor we want!”

“No, so we can resell them all.”

“Oh, sneaky,” Mia said with a purr in her voice. The two laughed for a minute at their banter. It was silly, it was pointless, but it felt good. It was the kind of conversation one could only have with someone just as stupid or fun-loving as the other. Mia’s laugh tightened into a smile, which then tightened into a frown. She took another lick of her scoop and looked at the field.

“Dad and I used to train here. We’d train here before school and we’d even train on weekends. He told me that there are so many other ways to pay for something you want than money. And at the time, all I had was him and the body I’ve trained since I was ten,” she said softly.

“Funny enough, you didn’t like me back then, did you?” Jordan said, smiling at Mia as she gazed ahead.

“It’s not that I didn’t like you, it’s that I didn’t want anything to do with a teacher.”

“Why not?”

“They told me some pretty messed up shit when I was a kid. I’d ask for help and they’d just get frustrated, and when I couldn’t do my homework, they’d blame dad. But he was too busy working to even — and mom was…”

“This is your last year. Next year you’ll be going to college and the professors there are pretty much like me.”

“Old?” Mia teased.

“Cool, and laid back,” Jordan said, grinning as if he was in a toothpaste commercial.

Mia rolled her eyes and laughed. “That’s the problem. We don’t know if that’s even going to be a thing.”

“Mia, I told you I’d…”

“Yeah. And you told that to Terr– Ms. Gray. When you said that to her it actually meant a lot to me. Not just about you looking out for dad and mom, but how you told her you’d keep looking out for me even if it got you in trouble. I want to get this going and finally stop being that kid teachers look down on, but I don’t want that if it means being a burden to you,” Mia explained, her lips dropping like the drips at the edge of her cone.

Jordan looked at Mia as she shook her head slowly. He knew all too well what was going on in her mind and wanted to soothe that wound of thought before it got worse.

“Your father and I had an honor code. We knew we were imperfect, but somehow, he seemed to have all the talents I lacked and vice versa. So naturally, when he fucked up, I would come to the rescue, and when he did, so did I. I guess I was lucky at the time to actually have my parents, but he was more family to me than them. Not once did he feel like a burden to me. With family, it’s not a system of ‘give and take’ or getting even. It’s more like becoming a part of someone’s life and even putting your own ass on the line if it means saving theirs,” Jordan explained calmly.

Mia turned to him as he spoke and smiled, nodding along slowly.

“You know, for once you actually sounded like an adult,” Mia said.

Jordan might have looked like the exact opposite, but he was just like her father in almost every other way.

“When I saw you running your ass off during practice, I told myself ‘that’s one girl to have on your team during a zombie apocalypse’,” Jordan said with a wink.

Mia laughed, covering the blush of her right cheek with her ice cream cone.

“You looked so determined. Then everything happened and I ended up living with one of the most fun, strong, and dare I say sexy young women I’ve ever met. I couldn’t do anything about your dad’s death and I’m not going to let that happen to you. Terra and God himself could send the army after me, but I’m not losing you without a fight.”

Mia’s blush was undeniable, even in the darkening light. She eventually gave up trying to hide it. “Would you still be willing to fight for a — camgirl?” Mia said, finally admitting what she believed was a tightly kept secret.

Jordan didn’t bother to act baffled, although he was surprised that she told him in public of all places. “I’m guessing that’s what got the car fixed?”

What? Why isn’t he freaking out? Is he seriously cool with this? Mia thought.

“Yeah…” she replied.

“Is this camgirl being safe and not giving out any personal information?”

“Of course. I swear! I just found this site one day while I was looking for jobs and… It seemed like something that I could do at home. I thought you’d be a lot more upset,” Mia chuckled nervously.

“Why? As long as you’re being safe. Plus, you get to feel good on the job. Of course, I’d want that for my babygirl.”

“Really? You really enjoy me feeling good so much that you don’t mind?”

“I don’t know if I ever told you this before, but I’m addicted to making sure the women of my life are satisfied,” Jordan whispered, taking a lick from Mia’s cone.

Jordan’s words sent a chill down Mia’s spine colder than the evening wind. She watched as Jordan licked her scoop with a smile and she smiled nervously in return. The way her body shivered when she was burning with lust began happening again. When Jordan pulled away from the cone, Mia looked deeply into his brown eyes.

“Prove it to me,” she said with a gasp.

Jordan smiled, tossing his ice cream cone into a nearby bin.

“Stand up,” Jordan said.

Mia tilted her head, smiled and did as she was told.

“What now?” she asked with a hand on her hip.

Jordan used the spot were Mia was sitting to lay his back down flat. Wrapping one hand around his stomach, he looked at Mia.

“Take off your panties,” Jordan said.

Mia blinked her eyes frantically in surprise as she dropped her ice cream.

“What? What did you say? What if someone sees?” she asked nervously with a hand clutching at the neckline of her dress.

“Don’t make me repeat myself,” Jordan rasped, looking at Mia with stern eyes.

He was being playful with his demand, but it was one he expected her to follow. Mia gasped at the sound of his voice; she loved the idea of him making her do whatever he liked. She had no reason to disobey; in fact, she felt a guilty pleasure in Jordan’s dominant gesture.

“Yes, Daddy,” Mia responded, removing her panties within three seconds. She didn’t bother to tease or pull them down slowly, but she did as she was told.

“Good girl,” Jordan said with a smile, tapping his cheek. “Come sit.”

Mia was thrilled at the idea of showing Jordan the pussy she had rubbed and fingered every night for a month, and Jordan was even happier to finally gaze upon it. She climbed on top of him with her knees on the bench, straddling his chest and slowly moving her hips up to his face. She didn’t rush and didn’t take her time either, but enjoyed the feeling of her wet lips gliding along his chest. She froze when her hips were at his neck.

Why am I being reluctant? Just show him. I almost squirted the other day in front of guys I haven’t even met, but I can’t show my Daddy? Girl get your priorities straight, she thought.

After taking a deep breath, she moved forward just enough to hover hips over Jordan’s eyes. Jordan groaned as Mia slid against his chest and, even in the limited light, saw the glistening, golden lips of his babygirl. The plump barriers shielded a tender core of soft, glistening pink. Before he could speak, two drops of Mia’s honey kissed his upper lip and nose.

“Do you like it?” Mia asked.

“It’s perfect,” Jordan whispered. He stretched his lips to kiss the right lip of her outer labia lovingly. Mia shivered at that simple touch, sending three more drops of honey to Jordan’s smiling lips. “Do you ever squirt for your audience?” Jordan teased.

“I wish I could,” Mia admitted quietly. There was disappointment as well as embarrassment in her voice. “I don’t know how.”

“I’ll show you,” Jordan insisted, using his hands to push Mia upward slightly. Every mechanism and tool he needed to make her lose her mind was right in front of him. He stared at them for a moment, partly because he was enjoying the view and also wondering where to start the fun. He gazed at her clit; a cute and dazzling pink pearl. While he used his left hand to support Mia’s hips, he grazed the fingertips of his right on the tempting knob. “Have you been making use of this?”

“Mmm! It’s my favorite,” Mia whispered, breathing heavily between words.

Jordan’s touches were so simple, but the finesse and precision of his movements set Mia’s hips on fire. Jordan grazed the entrance of Mia’s pussy with two of his thick fingers, knowing his little girl wasn’t foreign to this kind of feeling. However, while she might have been very familiar with the action, never had she experienced anything but her small fingers. The anticipation was driving her mad and forced her to start rolling her hips slowly.

“Have you found it yet?” Jordan said, pushing his fingers through the flooded entrance.

“Daddy. Oh!” Mia shouted at the feeling of his fingers prying half their length into her. “F-found what?”

His fingers are so fucking big, Mia thought.

Jordan’s pulled and twisted his fingertips, reaching something he usually had no trouble locating. He smiled once he felt a soft, spongy texture amidst the warm wet walls of Mia’s pussy.

“Found it,” Jordan warned with a smile.

He turned his fingertips to the special spot, curling his fingers around it before pulling his fingertips back and forth.

“W-what? Daddy what? What the fu– Mmm!” Mia moaned loudly. She had no idea how Jordan did whatever it was he just did, but she felt something swirl through her pelvic area like never before. “How are you — mmm. Fuck!”

Is that what a G-spot is? Fuck, he’s good. I didn’t even know it was there, Mia thought.

“Language, baby,” Jordan teased, hastening the speed of his fingers.

Jordan lowered Mia’s hips just enough for his lips to join in on the fun. The hairs of his beard tickled the underside of Mia’s ass while he sucked and pulled through the juices his fingers would scoop out. He rubbed his soaked nose along the swollen tip of Mia’s pink knob and wiggled the tip of his tongue along her lips, stroking them with a four-beat lick technique he had only ever used on one other woman.

His fingers, tongue, nose, breaths, speed, and finesse were too much for Mia’s body to process. She couldn’t keep up with so many incredible feelings at once and fell back onto Jordan’s lap. Her hips couldn’t stay still under the pressure building inside her, but Jordan kept digging, licking and playing with his little girl’s wet treat.

“Fuck! I’m sorry, I know I keep saying it but, fuck — fuck — fuck! You’re so deep! Your fingers are so fucking thick! I’m so sorry,” she squealed.

As he continued, Mia’s hips bucked and writhed. Jordan wrapped a hand around her to keep her still while he continued to taste the warm and sticky juice he couldn’t seem to get enough of.

“What — what is this? I think I’m gonna pee. Daddy, I have to pee! Fuck! Be careful! Mmm! Oh! Please, Daddy, don’t let me pee on you!” Mia screamed. If there was anyone else in the park, they definitely heard every word she said.

“Sh… It’s okay. Just let it out. Cum for Daddy, okay?” Jordan said, sneaking words between licks.

“Are, you? Ooh! Sure?”

“Now,” Jordan commanded, spanking her right ass cheek with an echoing force. The soft meat of her ass jiggled wildly in his grip.

As if on cue, Mia’s body obeyed that very command. Her orgasm ripped through her body from the tip of her head to the curling toes of her feet a hundred times a second.

“I’m cumming! Daddy, I’m cumming for you! I’m fucking gushing for you!” Mia announced.

She bucked her hips into the air and sprayed over a half-cup of juices all over Jordan’s face and a fourth of the entire bench. Drips fell from the front of her soaked dress, her thighs and her calves. Jordan smiled as he licked the mixture of honey and lust around his mouth, enjoying the feeling of Mia’s trembling butt melting around his chin.

“Works every time,” Jordan teased with another slap to Mia’s ass.

Mia held her forearm over her face as she panted, smiling at Jordan’s comment.

“You’re such a show-off,” she laughed, her eyes fluttering as she began to control her breathing. “You’re dangerous, Daddy. And I love it so much. Can you make me feel like that again sometime? I don’t know what you did but — wow.”

“Anytime you want,” Jordan replied, kissing along her soaked thighs.

“Mmm,” Mia moaned, shuddering upon feeling Jordan’s lips graze the sensitive skin. “So, is this how it’s going to be? Making each other feel good back and forth until we die?”

“Sounds like a plan,” Jordan said in a low, loving voice.

Mia giggled and smiled, reaching down to the sides of Jordan’s chest.

“It sounds fucking perfect,” she whispered. She gripped the material of his jacket in her fingers, gazing into the sky as a single star appeared beyond the leaves of the tree above. “I love you, Daddy.”

Jordan reached down and laced his fingers with hers. The blatant difference in the size of their hands was a feeling they both began to enjoy. Jordan leaned his head forward, burrowing both his lips into Mia’s pussy and leaving a slow, wet kiss as he pulled away.

“I love you too, baby.”


Terra’s visit grew closer by the day, but it was hard for the newly formed ‘family’ to care. Jordan watched nightly as his little girl happily enjoyed herself. They both enjoyed the fact that Mia could be as loud as she wanted without fearing that Jordan would hear of her little ‘secret’. Mia became addicted to sucking her Daddy’s cock at least twice a day and being rewarded with his seemingly magic fingers. They were deeply in several different types of love with each other but still craved that one special interaction that could change their lives.

The day before Terra’s evaluation, Mia was about to put on a show for her adoring crowd. She became a hit among models who wielded the ‘daddy-kink’ tag and was quite proud of it. However, the website wasn’t as popular as it used to be, and if Mia wanted to keep making the money she thought was making her Daddy happy, she’d have to increase her fanbase, and soon. She needed something that would help her stand out from all the other models that paraded around being ‘Daddy’s girl’.

Jordan was opening his laptop to witness the show; a guilty habit he had every night since he found out Mia’s little secret. Once again, he had his cock in hand and was ready for Mia to do what she did best. But as he sat on the edge of his bed, he looked at the laptop screen and noticed Mia’s camera was on, but she was nowhere to be seen. Mia crept into his room wearing a teal robe and bright pink ribbons wrapped around her pigtails.

“Gotcha,” Mia whispered, grabbing onto Jordan’s cock as she bent over. “You were about to shoot a couple of thick ropes while watching me, weren’t you?”

“You caught me. Can I have my dick back?” Jordan asked.

“Well, things aren’t going too well on the site. I haven’t had many big tippers, and when Terra comes over it could be to either help us or bring the police. So, I want to give you an extra special seat for what might be my last show,” Mia explained, smiling with her lips but not with her eyes.

Jordan couldn’t feel anything other than helplessness at the situation, even with how the two had been enjoying their time together. While he did swear to protect Mia from whatever the next day decided to throw at them, he still hoped the worst would never come.

“V.I.P, huh?” Jordan said, trying to cheer Mia up. She smiled upon realizing Jordan’s tone shifting was an attempt to lighten the mood.

“Of course, for the most important man in my life. This way,” she said, tugging on Jordan’s cock. “Come on, come on.”

“Hey, it’s not indestructible, take it easy,” Jordan sighed. He was led down the hallway to Mia’s room as she kept a firm grip on his cock. “You could’ve just held my hand.”

“You gave me more than enough of your fingers this morning,” Mia whispered with a wink. She opened her door and put a finger on her tender lips to signal the camera was running. She gestured to the chair in the corner and watched Jordan as he shrugged and sat down. He loosened the rim of his track pants and let everything he had hang freely. Mia smiled at the sight but jumped in surprise when she realized she had already forgotten about the show. She rolled onto the bed and got into her regular position on her knees. “Sorry! I’m back. Just had to get ready for an extra special day.”

As she spoke, she removed the teasingly long robe and tossed it across the room. Beneath the mysterious veil was a set of bright pink lingerie; a frilly, girly pink bra with matching panties and garter. All of which were intentionally a size too small. They pinched her skin beautifully while it bulged around the trims. They perfectly framed her tight stomach and the smooth dip to her bellybutton. The added lip gloss she used definitely meant that day was special. She was a youthful, golden-brown goddess wrapped in pink accents.

“I actually have a special guest who I’ve talked way too many times. I’m pretty sure you guys know him by name already. Or at least what I call him,” Mia said, winking at Jordan in the corner. “You can’t see him, but I want to give him an extra special show. You guys think he deserves that, right? He’s been so good to me.” Mia stretched before slowly pulling her hands inward and wrapping around the rim of her bra. Much earlier than usual, Mia pulled down the cups of her bra, displaying her appetizing nipples for the world to see. “I know, I’m a little hasty. But I’m just excited for today.”

Jordan always enjoyed seeing Mia have fun but enjoyed the sight of her beautifully developed tits just as much. He didn’t waste time when it came to stroking, especially since he lived in the same house with a girl like Mia. Mia looked over at Jordan and nodded her head in agreement. Seeing Jordan hold his cock in his hands reminded Mia that she had a special bag hidden under her pillow. She turned around, waving her butt teasingly at the camera as she grabbed the bag. The string of her thong was almost swallowed whole by her monstrously plump lips.

When she turned around, she waved the bag at the audience and giggled. “So, Daddy and I went shopping this afternoon. That’s how I got this cute lingerie — and something extra special. I had to swallow his cum twice to make him get it for me, but it was worth it,” Mia said, raising an eyebrow at Jordan. She laughed before pulling a long, thick and flexible purple dildo from her back. She wiggled it teasingly in front of the camera. “Ta-da! I know you guys say I never used one, but it’s just because I’ve never had a cock inside me before. But I know it’s a big request so here it is! Why is it so big? So, it can — resemble my Daddy.” Mia glanced to see Jordan’s reaction.

Resemble your what now? Jordan shouted in his head.

As expected, he almost choked on the hot and tense air that filled Mia’s room. His cock must’ve choked too because it jumped right after Mia’s last sentence. The dildo may have been a size too small to accurately resemble Jordan, but that wasn’t the problem. Mia had to choose her words carefully, or she’d end up tapping into a side of Jordan she might not be able to handle.

“Of course, he’s that big. I wish I could show you. But, oh well. Which one of you boys wants to start things off?” Mia teased, hugging the base of the dildo between her legs. “Hurry up! You guys have no idea how long I’ve waited for this.”

The chat was roaring; her top fans requested her to either suck, titfuck, or masturbate with the dildo. Other messages included:

“Just make sure you lose yourself like you do every night.”

“I’m so bi for you DreamerGirl!”

“At least aim at him so you can squirt on his face! It’s the least you can do.”

Mia giggled at their comments. Even with all that she had been through, she felt genuinely happy at that moment. She was giving a special show to the man she loved, she felt like she was helping men and women across the world feel good, and she got to finally try something she had been wanting since Jordan began taking care of her. Before Mia decided what she was going to do, one last user left a comment that would change her life. Not only because it was surrounded in premium user stars, but because of the five-thousand-dollar tag near the message:

“My wife and I will give you this much if you let him fuck you on camera.”

Holy shit. Holy actually shit. Are they really planning on paying me to live a dream? If they saw the size of him there would be no way they’d ask me to do that. Although I’d be lying through my teeth if I said I don’t want to know what it’s like to be stretched, especially by the man crave, Mia thought.

What made Mia even more enticed by the idea was the fact that Jordan couldn’t see the chat. She shivered upon reading those words in her head. They played over and over to the point she almost got dizzy. She wanted to see how far she could get her crowd to beg for her first fuck. An impish smile played across her lips while she stared at the chat.

“I’d love to, but I don’t know if that’s enough. It would be my first time handling something so big. In fact, it would be my first time ever” Mia said with a giggle.

Jordan’s anticipation was already showing at the tip of his cock. Streams of precum coated his fingers as he firmly pulled the skin of cock along the shaft. While he was hesitant to let Mia use an object that wasn’t him, he bought it for her just to see the expression on her face when she used it. When she was in heat, she became a fierce, vulgar slut, and Jordan loved witnessing it every time.

The stream of chat messages continued:

“We’ll get to watch you get your first fuck? Someone pay this girl already.”

“The real thing is overrated honey. I have my vibes to keep me happy.”

“^ Shut your ugly ass up. I wanna see this girl scream.”

The user who made the original request stopped typing for a moment, but after listening to Mia and reading the demands of the others in the chat, they brought up an offer she couldn’t refuse. She smiled when she saw their message on the screen and looked at Jordan who was gazing at her with gritted teeth. He groaned when he saw her look his way and returned the smile. Mia’s eyes strayed all over his body before centering on his chest.

I want him. I want all of him, Mia thought.

“So, let me get this straight. You dirty boys are going to pay ten thousand and one thousand for every position if I let him fuck me on camera?” Mia teased, reading aloud to see what Jordan’s reaction would be.

For a second there I thought Mia said ‘let him fuck me on camera’. Shit, that’d be amazing. Getting to grab onto her neck and drill into her tiny hole while she whimpers for me. Hold on. Wait. Did I actually hear her right? Is she serious? Jordan thought.

As expected, he stopped stroking and stared at her with a surprised expression. She smiled at his reaction and licked her lips, watching him mouth the words “what are you doing”.

“That’s up to him,” Mia whispered, loud enough for both the chat and Jordan to hear. She traced her fingers on her belly button before lowering them to the front fabric of her panties. She massaged herself through the fabric in anticipation of his answer. “Hmm… Please, Daddy?” Mia begged with pouted lips.

I know you warned me, but I don’t really care anymore. Just fucking destroy me, please, Mia thought. She expressed that same thought with the look in her eyes, which Jordan quickly read.

She was hungry, starving for every bit of cock Jordan had to offer. In fact, after she begged, she couldn’t stop staring at it.

So, she gets a fuck ton of money, and WE both finally get to fuck each other senseless instead of just playing around. Why the fuck am I still sitting down?’ Jordan thought to himself.

Jordan reluctantly shook his head. It took him far more energy to say no than he would have liked. Mia pouted but continued to gaze at him.

“I love you, Daddy. But you’re still thinking about mommy, aren’t you?” Mia said.

Jordan groaned, smiling painfully as Mia once again predicted what was on his mind.

“I miss mommy, too. But she doesn’t miss us. She left us all alone. But, Daddy, your babygirl’s here. She’s always here and she’ll always be here because she loves you. She loves you so much, Daddy,” Mia pleaded on her hands and knees. “So please, Daddy. Please forget about mommy and the past and fuck the girl that cares about you. I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Jordan groaned out loud.

Mia’s speech made it impossible for him to even consider keeping any form of hope his wife would change. Even if she did, Mia was already offering him love, sex, and a family; the package he always wanted. He felt a surge of excitement coming from the bottom of his feet which forced him to stand up. He dropped his track pants and began to take off his purple t-shirt, glaring at Mia as he did. His expression turned into a mischievous grin that frightened but also enticed Mia.

Oh my, God. Okay. Is this happening? Is this actually going to happen? Fuck, now I’m actually kind of scared,’ Mia thought, biting down hard on her lip.

She enjoyed the show Jordan gave her simply by removing his clothes. He was completely naked, baring his broad chest and magnificent cock for her to enjoy. He began stroking himself as he walked toward her. Mia leaned back and supported herself with her hands, crawling back slightly in fear. She smiled despite the voice in her mind reminding her of Jordan’s previous warning.

“You want my hole, right? Not the hole mommy used to sleep around with. Mine is tight and fresh and all for you,” Mia said, gripping onto her bedsheets.

Jordan leaned over the bed and crawled onto it. He smiled at Mia’s nervousness but grabbed onto her legs regardless. He pulled her toward him, pinning down her thighs so she couldn’t get away.

Not this time, he thought.

The chat was buzzing, but Mia was too lost in Jordan’s commanding eyes and touch to care. She felt helpless and tiny in his firm grasp. Her body shivered from the warmth of his hands and his masculine smell. She stroked his chest with her fingertips and took a deep breath.

“I warned you,” Jordan said softly, planting a kiss on her exposed left breast.

Mia’s chest bucked in response.

“It’s okay. It’s all yours anyway,” she teased with a moan. “I love you, so you can do whatever you want with me. I’ll be a good girl and take it, I promise, Daddy. So please…” she whispered, reaching down to angle the tip of Jordan’s cock to her entrance. She twirled her middle finger around the bottom of her panties and pushed it to the side. “Please punish me.”

The sound of gentle music and constant chat notifications dimmed into nothingness for the two. They gazed at each other, sharing their anxious breaths as the tip of Jordan’s tool drew closer to his little girl’s hole. The moment their wet instruments lightly touched, they groaned out loud. Jordan knew Mia understood his previous warning and was willing to receive the consequence, and he was more than happy to discipline her. He was on his knees, moving his hands from Mia’s thighs to the toned and shivering flesh of her arms. He pinned her feet above her head and leaned in, making use of her flexible body and wiggling the tip of his cock without his hands. Slowly, he lowered his hips, pushing the head of his cock through the honey-soaked entrance.

“Fuck,” they both whispered at once.

Jordan wasn’t done, however, he kept sinking and sinking into her, forcing wet sounds out of Mia’s plump cunt.

This fucking wrapping sensation is absolutely intense, and I’m barely in, Jordan thought.

“Mmm!” Mia moaned with a bright smile on her face.

It was supposed to be a punishment, but she couldn’t be happier. Jordan was only halfway in, yet Mia loved the wet friction of his movement combined with his texture. Jordan also enjoyed the way the inner walls of her pussy melted around the shape of his cock perfectly.

“More?” Jordan warned, halfway into Mia’s hole.

“Yes, please,” Mia begged, even though she wasn’t sure how much she could take. Jordan continued to sink until he reached the bottom of her sea. The tip rammed forcefully against what seemed to be the very end of her, sending a shock up both their spines. Mia gritted her teeth at the abrupt sensation. She had never felt anything that deep inside her and was even worried she could get impaled by it. Her body reacted to the foreign object, but much earlier than expected. Mia began to cum hard around her Daddy’s cock, bucking her hips as a tear welled in her open eyes. “I’m cumming, Daddy!”

“Already?” Jordan asked along with nearly everyone else in the chat. While he was surprised, he couldn’t help but notice the look of ecstasy in her eyes. He loved the faces she made when she came, and loved how she giggled and hid her face when she noticed him staring.

“I’m so sorry for cumming without you, Daddy. Punish me extra hard, okay?” Mia begged.

Jordan didn’t waste any time; after planting a loving his on her forehead, he held himself steady and began to slowly piston his hips forward. Mia groaned and panted frantically from the slow motion.

“Does it hurt?” Jordan asked, hastening his movement.

“A little, but it hurts so good. Fuck. This is what I’ve been dreaming of, Daddy,” Mia moaned, leaning up to plant a firm kiss on Jordan’s lips. “I love you, Daddy.”

“I love you, too, babygirl,” Jordan groaned as he began slowly fucking his little girl’s cunt. His motions accelerated and accelerated, and he eventually reached speeds which almost made Mia wish she obeyed his warning. But she was glad she didn’t; she absolutely loved the feeling of him ramming into the deepest parts of her.

“I love you. I love you. I love you,” Mia screamed as Jordan jackhammered into her little hole. The sloppy and wet smacking sounds of them colliding rang three times a second. Her handful-sized tits bounced with every thrust, waving her nipples to the audience as they watched the two sex-loving animals pound from the side. The two moaned as if there was no one else in the neighborhood. No one to stop their love and no one to break apart their family.

Jordan’s thrusts became relentless. He moved his hands down to Mia’s waist and lifted her hips. Her back pressed into the bed while her lower body and legs were high in the air, supported by the firm grip of Jordan’s muscular fingers. Mia’s legs instinctively wrapped around his upper back.

It was Mia’s first time, and it was anything but gentle. Yet, while Jordan’s thrusts were wild and animalistic, his finesse and firm grip on Mia’s hips were loving. He spanked Mia’s ass hard enough for the force to ripple to the other cheek before flipping her over with style. He quickly positioned her on her hands and knees and continued railing her while he pulled on her pigtails like handlebars. The frantic slapping sound of his balls and thighs slapping against Mia’s soft skin echoed around the room. It sounded like an applause; an applause congratulating the two on finally getting what they wanted and needed all month long.

“You’re so rough! I love it, Daddy!” Mia screamed. She began to drool from her ferocious moaning. Her ass bounced in the shape of a heart as Jordan hammered against it. Her eyes rolled back as far as they could go while she felt him driving into her. A slutty smile played around her open mouth, causing her tongue to fall out. “Pound my tiny little hole, Daddy. Harder! Yes! It’s all yours, Daddy. I belong to you. Fuck me — fuck me — fuck me — fuck me,” Mia sang on the verge of completely losing her mind.

“Time for you to cum for me, babygirl,” Jordan commanded, reaching a hand down to her clit and another to the tight pinhole between her bouncing cheeks.

He drove the finger into her ass and curled it while massaging her clit with the other.

“God, you fuck so good. Look, boys! Daddy’s making me cum. Aren’t you happy for me? I love him and he’s going to… Mmm! Yes! It’s cumming!” Mia screamed, thrashing her head around wildly.

Jordan quickly removed his finger from her ass and grabbed a fistful of her hair to support her flailing head.

“Cock. I love your cock; I love it so much. Fuck me like this every day. Please — please — please,” Mia begged.

A smile played across Jordan’s face as he had an idea. He abruptly stopped and pulled himself out of Mia slowly.

“What? What? Why did you stop? Please! I was so close,” Mia pleaded, throwing her ass back as she tried to catch Jordan’s cock before it left. Jordan spanked Mia hard on both cheeks, leaving pink, rippling imprints. “Ooh!”

“This is your punishment,” he whispered, leaning in to kiss her on the back. He slapped the spot he had kissed and Mia let out a hiss. “What did we learn?”

“Mmm,” Mia groaned from the tingling pleasure mixed in with the pain. “Never to disobey you, Daddy. I’m so sorry. I’m so — so sorry. Please don’t stop fucking me.”

Jordan spanked her ass once more, firmly grasping onto it when it was done jiggling.

“Bad girls don’t get to make demands,” he whispered.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” Mia pleaded frantically. She breathed heavily under Jordan’s control and loved it almost as much as she loved being fucked.

“Who do you belong to,” Jordan said, squeezing the melting flesh of her ass in his palm.

“You, Daddy. I belong to you. My ass, my pussy, my tits… It’s all yours.”

“Even this?” Jordan teased, swirling a finger into the squeezing ring of her asshole.

“Mmm! Yes! Everything. My whole body belongs to you. Use me however you want.”

“You’re my little slut.”

“I’m Daddy’s little slut.”

“And you’re going to obey his every command.”

“I’m going to obey Daddy’s every command.”

“From now on, you’re going to be his personal fucktoy.”

“I’m Daddy’s personal fucktoy, to use whenever he wants,” Mia moaned, responding to every command Jordan made. She loved the idea of being used and Jordan loved the idea of using her. While there was a commanding authority in Jordan’s voice, his dominant nature also made him want to protect and serve Mia’s pleasures.

“That’s my good girl,” Jordan whispered, stoking the dip between the firm muscles of Mia’s back. “Do you want a reward?”

“Yes!” Mia shouted, shivering at the thought. “Yes, please, Daddy.”

“What would you like?”

“I…” she whispered as her cheeks flushed red. “I want to cum.”

“What was that?” Jordan asked in a voice that said ‘speak up’.

“I want to cum, Daddy!” she yelled. “I want you to fuck me until I cum. Please, fuck your little slut. I’ll be a good girl and take it. Please, Daddy.”

“As you wish, babygirl,” Jordan whispered with a smile.

“Thank you so much,” Mia said.

Mia gasped when Jordan pressed a hand against her shoulders and forced her chest into the bed. He positioned her ass up — face down. She gripped tightly onto her bedsheets in anticipation, waving her butt teasingly. Jordan wasted no time pushing himself all the way back in. The sudden sensation made Mia truly feel like she was being impaled. She relaxed as he paused, holding himself deep inside her. He gripped the moldable flesh of her ass tightly as he began to thrust down and into his little girl, wanting to give her exactly what she asked for.

“Yes! Thank you, Daddy. Thank you — thank you — thank you,” she moaned, repeating her gratitude. She loved the shaking feeling under her stomach as he struck his rod deep into her.

“Shit, Babygirl. You really are a slut, aren’t you? Are you thanking me for fucking you?” Jordan groaned. The hot, drenched texture of Mia’s walls, snuggly wrapping around every inch of Jordan’s shaft massaged his tip with a firm grip.

“Of course. I love it when you fuck me. Mmm! I’m a slut, but I’m your slut. Your personal slut. Your cock is the only one I… Ah! Daddy!”

Mia’s slutty speech caused Jordan to hammer down into his little girl harder than he ever had before. He let go of anything that was holding him back from fucking the shit out of her. He felt his cock swell under the command of his balls which desperately needed to release. “Cum with Daddy, baby. I’m almost there,” he warned.

“Yes! Yes! Cum inside me. I want to feel you fill me up.”

“As you wish,” Jordan responded.

Their thighs slapped forcefully, drowning the sound of the flurrying chat messages the two had completely forgotten about. There was a mutual surge of energy that caused the two to stop in place. Jordan held himself deep inside Mia after one final thrust. They both screamed, releasing a tremendous amount of love which mixed into a pot of sticky and warm honey. The release was exhausting and nearly knocked both Mia and Jordan off balance. Jordan pulled out of Mia slowly, slapping her ass as she fell on her side. Her eyes were wide open and her chin was covered in drool. She panted like a puppy as she tried to catch her breath. Warm white cream began to creep out of Mia’s freshly pounded cunt and slowly run down a river on her thighs.

“You weren’t — kidding,” Mia panted, with a giggle. “Fuck. That was so intense. I love you so much. I can’t believe we did that.” Mia laughed as she looked at the camera. “Pay up, boys,” she teased.

She was taken aback when she felt someone lift her left leg into the air while she laid on her side.

“H-huh? Daddy?” she stuttered. Jordan wrapped his arm around her leg and placed her foot on his shoulder. Her pussy was once again bare and ready for the taking, but Mia wasn’t warned at all. He angled himself and thrust his already stiff cock back into her. It wasn’t long before he resumed his usual ball slapping rhythm. “How are you so hard? Daddy! Oh, fuck.”

“You want me to stop?”

“Don’t you dare fucking stop. Fuck me until I can’t take it anymore,” she begged. And so, he did. They spent the next hour fucking roughly, slowly, at the edge of the bed, against a wall, and on the floor. Mia’s adoring audience definitely ‘paid up’; in fact, the two made over twenty thousand dollars. They followed the requests of their viewers and threw their own fun into the mix. Mia and Jordan finally got what they both wanted; the absolute freedom to completely enjoy each other’s bodies and make the other feel good. They became just as addicted to satisfying the other as they were with satisfying themselves.

Mia begged for a break after the show, but her mistake was sleeping in the same bed with Jordan that night. The two were up until four in the morning fucking like animals with seemingly endless stamina. Anyone close enough to the house would be able to hear the constant sounds of slapping, spanking, gagging, moaning and screaming. When Mia passed out from baring more orgasms than her conscious body could handle, and Jordan followed her request of fucking her while she slept. He stroked her hair and kissed her cheek while he did. Upon relieving his final load for the morning, he hugged his sleeping princess and gasped. “Good night, babygirl,” he whispered, stroking her tender forehead.

Chapter 4: A Family Pet

Mia hummed happily as she finished washing the last plate in the kitchen sink. She turned off the tap and took a deep breath of the spring afternoon air the kitchen window delivered. The sound of a car parking along the road caught her attention as she dried her hands in a towel. She smiled when she saw Jordan exit, straightening her dress as she looked at her reflection on a nearby spoon.

“I hope I don’t look that round,” she mumbled, walking to the front door.

The floors and walls were cleaner than they had ever been. It felt like she was living a new life in a new house when in reality nothing had changed for the two aside from their love for each other. She smiled at the hard work they put into the home and sighed happily when she thought of their future together. The door swung open before Mia could open it, and in came Jordan, walking slowly through the frame. Mia put on a bright smile and bounced on the spot upon his arrival.

“You’re back!” she cheered. But something was wrong; Jordan wasn’t returning that same level of energy. In fact, the frown on his face was infectious and darkened the brightly lit room. Mia slowly walked up to Jordan and placed a hand on his cheek. Jordan lifted his slouched head and looked into Mia’s concerned eyes. “Daddy, what’s wrong?”

Jordan twisted his lips and exhaled deeply, shaking his head.

“No, did they…?”

“Yeah, ‘suspended until further notice’ they say. But we both know why,” Jordan sighed. He wrapped his hand around Mia’s and smiled before kissing her on the forehead. He breathed deeply, drawing in as much of her scent as he could before walking away. He sat on his kitchen chair which was turned toward the door. “It’s not looking good, babygirl.”

Mia’s heart sank when she saw Jordan’s darkened expression. She wanted to believe that Jordan meant everything he said when he mentioned doing whatever it took to protect their home, but she didn’t feel like waiting to see how much he could take. He was depressed when she first moved in, but his face spoke an entirely different volume of stress. She slowly walked up to him while the opened front door brought a gust of wind that tickled her cream-colored short dress. She turned around and sat on his left leg, bouncing twice before settling her back against his chest.

“It’s a lot harder than we thought, huh? Keeping our family together. I wonder if other families have to go through this,” she whispered, stroking Jordan’s leg.

“Maybe worse, maybe better. The only thing I care about right now is what’s going to happen to you,” Jordan sighed, nuzzling his chin through Mia’s loose hair.

“You make it sound like I’m going to run away.”

“You heard Terra. If she has her way… Sometimes I just wonder if this is sort of how it’s ‘supposed’ to be. My parents died a while back, my wife didn’t want to have kids, she left, your father left, and now…” Jordan whispered, shaking his head.

“Shh,” Mia whispered sweetly, placing a finger on Jordan’s lips. “I’m not going anywhere. They can’t take me. I’m way too old to put in an orphanage.”

“Mia, that’s…”

“You told me you were going to fight. Do you think I’m not going to fight too? I might be your little girl but I can kick ass when I’m ready,” Mia said with a wink.

“I know you want to, babygirl. But how am I supposed to take care of you?”

“You’re always so focused on that, Daddy. A man I love once told me that it’s not about getting even. It’s about putting your ass on the line; mutually, of course. That’s the family we have. That’s the family I want,” Mia whispered as she massaged Jordan’s chest.

Jordan chuckled and gave Mia a long and loving kiss on the back of her head. “So, you’re gonna use my own words as ammo, huh?”

“Pretty much,” Mia teased.

“Just you and me?”

“Just me and you.”

“Just us,” Jordan whispered.

“Just us, Daddy. I’ll take care of you,” Mia whispered.

Jordan smiled and took another deep breath of Mia’s tropical scent. He looked down at her shoulders and realized she was wearing a dress he had never seen before.

“Did you wear that for me?” he teased.

“You really think you’re that special, huh?” Mia whispered, kissing him on the chin. “Of course, I wore it for you. Do you like it?”

“You pick the perfect colors,” Jordan whispered, wrapping his hands around Mia’s waist.

Mia loved the slow sensation of being wrapped in his hold. She leaned back and the two’s bodies melted together under a warm lamp of love. A ‘ding’ was heard from the oven, awakening Mia who had almost fallen asleep in Jordan’s warm embrace.

“Oh! It’s done,” she said.

“You cooked? I see you cleaned, too,” he praised. “You really didn’t have to, babygirl.”

“Yeah and I almost didn’t. I couldn’t even walk this morning for hours thanks to someone,” Mia teased with a wink. “Five times… Are you kidding me?”

“Would’ve gone for seven, but someone fell asleep.”

“Well, excuse me for cumming more times than I thought was humanly possible. Taking your dick is a lot of work.”

“And you do a great job,” Jordan rasped, kissing Mia’s neck.

“Gee, thanks,” Mia replied sarcastically with a laugh. “I’m just getting everything ready so that when Terra comes she can’t say we live like animals.”

“Well, damn. You thought of everything.”

“I’m not stupid. I just have shit grades,” Mia laughed.

“If you say so,” Jordan whispered, stroking Mia’s hair.

As stressful as his day was, it all seemed to vanish in that instant. It was a seemingly magic effect Mia had. If his mind were a ball of frigid snow, Mia’s voice, smell, touch, and smile would melt it into a puddle; hell, it’d probably evaporate altogether. Mia stood up to finish up her cooking, but Jordan didn’t seem to agree. He pulled her back down onto his lap with a commanding force. Mia gasped, feeling Jordan’s warm breath rush through her hair once more. She knew that trying to get up again would be pointless.

“Daddy, it’s gonna burn I need to…”

“I’m burning, too,” Jordan teased, running his hands down to the trim of Mia’s dress.

“Hey… Hey, wait. Let me just clean up first! Mmm,” Mia pleaded. Her resistance began to melt when she felt Jordan’s fingers sink into her thighs. “Mmm. But really. I need to go get dinner ready. I don’t want it to burn. It needs me.”

“I need you,” Jordan whispered, biting and pulling a portion of Mia’s hair.

“You’re convincing, I’ll give you that,” Mia laughed, removing Jordan’s hands from her dress. She wasn’t trying to stop him, she wanted to do it herself. She wiggled as she sat, pulling up the rest of her dress to her waist. “I’ll save you the trouble.”

“Good girl,” Jordan laughed. “I’m guessing you’d want a reward?”

“You know I love those.”

“Well, I’m gonna make you work for it this time.”

“Hold up. So, you got me like this and you aren’t even going to take responsibility? That’s so not fair!” Mia laughed, pounding her fist again Jordan’s thigh.

“Well, I can give you a choice,” Jordan said, lifting Mia from his lap. He reached down, buttoned his grey pants and slithered out one of Mia’s favorite tools. He sat her back down and cradled the shaft between her soft buns. “Either you go take of dinner, or you can take care of me.”

“That’s not fair,” Mia repeated. She had to choose between two different meals, one that could spoil after a few hours and one that she had access to almost any time she wanted. You can guess which one she picked. “Fine, I’ll take care of you,” she whispered, pushing the bottom fabric of her white lace panties to the side. “You’re lucky I love you so much. So just relax, and let me do all the work, okay?”

“Then get to work,” Jordan whispered. He spanked Mia’s ass and cupped a handful of it tightly; a gesture that said ‘hurry up’.

“Mmm. Do it again,” Mia moaned. “Please, hit me again.”

“So, it that how I’m going to get this machine started?” Jordan teased. He carried out Mia’s request, spanking both cheeks at once.

“Harder, please, Daddy.”

“Your ass is still red from this morning.”

“I don’t care. Please, hurt me. It hurts so good when you do it,” Mia begged. Jordan bent Mia over as she sat on his lap, alternating spanks between each of her cheeks. Each one became more forceful, but which each slap Jordan was sure to give them an occasional squeeze or simply appreciate the quaking motion of her soft skin. “Ow! Just like that, Da–. Ow!”

Jordan pulled Mia up seated and kissed her neck, massaging her butt as her cheeks wedged the length of his cock. “Who taught you to be this naughty?” he whispered.

“I literally saw you in the shower one time when I just moved in and that was it. I put my fingers to work daily. Poor things,” Mia teased.

She turned her head and held Jordan’s cheek with the same fingers she’d please herself with nightly, planting a series of kisses from his chin to his cheek. When their lips were close enough, they both pecked at each other. Once… twice… and upon the third, their tongues invited each other for a heated dance between their lips. Drool slithered between their lips onto Mia’s shoulders as they thoroughly explored each other’s mouths. Three minutes later, Mia gasped as they pulled away.

“I. Um. Okay. Uh. Wow. I almost couldn’t breathe,” Mia laughed, licking her bottom lip.

“So, it’s peach-flavored today, huh?” Jordan teased, savoring the taste of Mia’s lip gloss.

“Tomorrow it’ll be cookies and cream. Oh, and don’t go telling anyone that I wear that stuff at home,” Mia said. “Well now that you’ve had your dinner. Let me properly take care of you.” Mia positioned herself between both of Jordan’s legs as he spread them. She lifted herself and grabbed the tip of Jordan’s cock with her index and middle fingers. “I need actually need to mentally prepare before doing this,” she laughed.

Mia squeezed the spongey flesh of Jordan’s tip and took a deep breath. Jordan smiled as he did nothing else. He put his hands behind his head and sank into his seat, like a king whose servant did everything for them. Mia chuckled at him but knew he expected her to properly take care of her Daddy. She lowered herself and rubbed the tip against her drenched lips, sending several drips spiraling around the shaft to the base.

Come on, Mia. It’s no big deal. We fucked for hours last night, you should be used to it, Mia thought.

After a deep breath and mustering up all the courage she could, she sat down as quickly as she could. Jordan’s cock burrowed quickly through the warm walls until their thighs clashed.

“Fuck!” Mia shouted, both from pleasure and pain. She may have gone down a bit too quickly, but she was glad to get the hardest part over with. “Bad idea,” she laughed as she trembled.

Jordan felt a different surge of pleasure with each inch she covered, and the fact that she covered the whole thing in less than a second caused him to groan out loud.

“Don’t hurt yourself,” he whispered.

“You know I love it when you hurt me,” Mia whispered. She placed either hand on Jordan’s thighs to support herself, slowly pulling herself back up. “Ooh,” she whispered. The stretching sensation was something both of them became addicted to; it was intoxicating. It was as if having anything slither through Mia’s lips was enough to press the button within her that activated her inner slut. Mia lowered herself once more, then raised, then lowered, then raised. She used both her hands and her knees to lift her even more quickly. She started with a slow rhythm which accelerated each time she heard her ass slap against Jordan’s thigh. “I fucking love that sound.”

She showed Jordan just how much she loved it by hammering herself onto him. The sounds weren’t as quick as when Jordan was in control, but they were firm and loud. “You like it when I fuck myself on your cock, don’t you?”

Jordan smiled as he leaned to the side, nonchalantly supporting his head with bent fingers. “I’m just happy to be here,” Jordan teased.

Mia made a brief laugh before resuming the melodious song of her moans, which peaked each time she sank to the bottom. It was a song that always seemed to make Jordan close his eyes and enjoy; it was sweet, sexy and loud.

“Daddy. Mmm! The door’s still… Fuck. The door’s still open,” Mia warned.

Jordan used his free hand to spank Mia while she was making a return trip downward.

“Focus,” Jordan whispered.

“Yes, Daddy,” she replied, continuing to ride as fast as she could. The athletic strength in her knees made it easy to keep her movements strong. She rose high until Jordan almost slipped out, and slammed back down. “Am I — making you feel good?” Mia panted.

“You’re doing an excellent job, babygirl,” Jordan whispered. “If you keep doing a good job, I’ll reward you all myself later. Maybe I’ll tie your hands behind your back like last time?”

“Yes! Yes, please. Can you put the dildo in my mouth, too?” Mia begged.

“What about a vibe?”

“Did you buy one? I’d love that! Put it in my ass while you fuck me, please, Daddy.”

“You heard her,” Jordan said, speaking up loudly. Mia was confused, Jordan was speaking as if there was someone else in the room, but the only sounds she heard was the gentle spring wind and her drenched cunt attacking the base of Jordan’s cock. From the open doorway emerged a figure who had been hiding on the side. Mia, froze as she went down; she was struck with fear, confusion, and embarrassment.

Terra gazed at Mia through the glistening frame of her glasses. She maintained her traditional, professional pose; an upright posture with her legs together, and her hands together below her waist. However, her hands may have been in that position for an entirely different reason. She wore a grey suit and pencil skirt over an open, white, fill neck shirt. Her tall black heels and broach definitely portrayed the type of woman she wanted to come across as. However, she didn’t seem as stuck up and prideful as usual; in fact, she said nothing at all.

“Don’t make me repeat myself. It’s in my bag,” Jordan said, giving Terra a stern look. Without even a sigh, she walked into the house and made a lady-like squat to Jordan’s work bag near the shoe rack.

“Did I say stop?” Jordan said, turning his head to Mia.

“She was here the whole time? But I don’t understand…” Mia said nervously.

She was interrupted by a spank, forming a warm pink handprint on her right thigh. The only thing that confused her more than Terra’s presence was the combination of emotions she felt from that spank. Pain, fragility, surprise, and pleasure. Terra removed a small, pill-shaped, pink vibrator with a remote on a wire from Jordan’s bag. She held it in her hand and walked toward the two.

Terra’s eyes strayed from Jordan’s face to Mia’s, then focused on their lustful connection. Jordan’s cock stood like a dripping rod pierced into the tight grip of Mia’s lips. She watched as a single drop of lust crawled from Mia’s trembling pussy, down the exposed part of Jordan’s shaft, curving to the bottom of his balls, and glistening in the sunlight before dripping to the ground.

“Where did you want it?” Jordan asked. Mia was still too confused to react but snapped out of her trance when Jordan continued. “Mia.”

“My ass,” Mia whispered, gazing at Terra. She looked at the vibrator and the remote with various settings in Terra’s hands.

“Speak up,” Jordan commanded.

“My ass. I want it in my ass,” Mia begged.

What the fuck am I saying? And why isn’t Terra losing her shit? Is she enjoying this? Mia thought in the space of a second.

Terra bent down and held the vibrator with her long, glossy fingertips.

“Up, Mia,” Jordan whispered. Mia lifted herself up as Terra watched the way her lips stretched around Jordan’s shaft. It was so mesmerizing she didn’t catch herself starting. “She said her ass.”

Terra obeyed, reaching behind Mia with one hand to feel for the tiny hole hidden between her cheeks and the other to slip it in. When she found it, she stuffed the vibrator in quickly and handed Jordan the remote.

“Oh, shit,” Mia moaned. She watched as Terra pulled away from her without any meaningful expression on her face. Mia was still extremely confused, but even more turned on by having the teacher she hated more than anything be controlled by Jordan.

“Take off your skirt,” Jordan said to Terra.

And she obeyed; she loosened the zipper on the side of her waist and slithered out of her tight skirt. Her long, pale legs lifted one after the other as she stepped out of it.

“Sit,” Jordan said.

Terra sat on Mia’s kitchen chair which was turned to face the two. She elegantly placed her hands on her lap, hiding the fabric of her thin, black thong. She continued to say nothing and observed with extreme focus.

“Mia,” Jordan whispered. He flipped a switch on the remote and immediately set it to the second level of strength. A low, but constant hum emanated from Mia’s waist. “Get back to work.”

“Oh, fuck, Daddy,” Mia whispered. The vibrations traveled through the toy slipped snuggly in her ass to her entire body. While still confused, Mia began to feel something else as she watched Terra dance around to each and every one of Jordan’s orders; pleasure. She knew that Terra had been torturing Jordan since day one, making it impossible for him to sleep well at night knowing he’d have to deal with her threats each and every day. Most of all, she loved the submissive look on Terra’s face; it was a stark contrast from the condescending bitch she knew. She had the opportunity to make bring Terra to tears and smiled when she realized. “Yes, Daddy.”

Mia resumed her riding motion, enjoying the pulsations surging through her lower body.

“That’s right. Shit, I didn’t think it’d be…” Jordan groaned.

Mia’s divine wrapping sensation, combined with the vibrator, attacked Jordan’s cock at every angle and made it impossible for him to keep his eyes open. Mia bounced harder, making sure Terra could hear the slapping sounds Mia loved. She began to moan loudly, looking at Terra with fierce eyes. Mia wanted to make sure Terra knew exactly how good she was feeling compared to the nothing Terra was feeling. Terra got the message and wanted to feel a fraction of what Mia was experiencing. She reached down slowly, aiming for her own tender place no one had satisfied in years.

“Did he say you could touch yourself?” Mia barked. She frowned at Terra, yet continued to fuck herself hard on Jordan’s cock.

“Please,” Terra whispered. “Jordan, please.”

“In this house, he’s Daddy.”

“… Daddy, please,” Terra sighed, clutching at her thighs. “May I please touch myself?”

“You may. There’s a dildo in the bag. Use it,” Jordan said.

Terra leaped from her seat and frantically searched the bag, retrieving a large blue, curved dildo. Terra returned to her seat and spread her legs instantly. She licked the dildo, pried her panties to the side, and plunged it in. She was hasty, but she wanted to match Mia’s pace. It was as if she was competing when in reality, she was in no position to even come close.

“Enjoy that. I’ll be riding a real man’s cock in the meantime,” Mia teased, hastening her speed to compete with Terra. “Mmm! Daddy, you’re so big. And thick. And strong. I love your cock.” Mia turned to kiss Jordan while she bounced, leaving Terra in a mess of frustration and jealousy. “Daddy, I think I’m already going to…”

“No,” Jordan whispered.

“Please, Daddy. Please let me cum! Please!” Mia moaned while her hips went on a rampage.

Simply watching was more than enough to bring Terra over the edge. She fucked herself with half the dildo while looking at Mia’s pussy somehow swallowing every inch of Jordan’s cock.

“M-me, too, please,” Terra pleaded. She could feel herself getting close, even though it had been months since she touched herself.

“You two cum when I cum? Got it? Keep going,” Jordan said. He smiled as he opened his eyes, looking at the two compete for speed.

“Yes, Daddy,” the two whispered in unison.

They began to whimper, unable to hide the pressure that was building within them. Jordan groaned as Mia twisted her hips; she wanted to do whatever it took to make him cum so she could end the torture.

“This right here, Terra. This young woman bouncing on my cock like she owns it; this is my family. And this is how it’s going to be tonight, tomorrow, and every other day in the future,” Jordan said, kissing Mia on the cheek. “Want me to cum inside you, babygirl?”

“Yes! Mmm! It’s like a fucking firehouse daddy. I love the way you — mmm — fill me up,” Mia moaned. She smiled with an open mouth as she looked at Terra. She couldn’t look for very long since her eyes were starting to roll back. “You’re such a stud. My pussy is yours. Use me — use me — use me.”

“Yes, babygirl. Fuck yourself just like that. It’s coming. I’m fucking cumming,” Jordan warned.

“Fill me with your spunk, Daddy. I want to feel it pump out from your fucking huge di—fuck! I can’t hold it anymore!” Mia warned.

Terra began to ram her dildo into herself as fast as she could. The room was filled with the sound of slapping, moaning and soaking wet cunts.

“You fucking animals,” Terra moaned.

Everyone had reached their limit, and the moment Mia felt Jordan’s cock twitch once, she let go.

“I love you!” Mia and Jordan screamed at each other as they came.

Stream after stream, Jordan pumped Mia’s cunt full of the batter she craved. Mia’s legs spasmed and forced her to fall back onto Jordan’s warm and strong chest. She placed a hand on her lower belly as she felt Jordan twitching inside her with every spurt.

Terra tried, but she couldn’t seem to make herself cum after seeing Mia’s orgasm. She was jealous and clearly dissatisfied.

“Incredible,” Mia whispered. She turned and kissed Jordan on the cheek. “Isn’t it great we get to live like this every day?” Mia laughed.

“Every day, babygirl,” Jordan whispered, kissing her forehead.

“Daddy, you’re still hard.”

“Of course. I did promise you a reward, didn’t I?”

“Yes, please. Thank you, Daddy,” Mia begged.

She looked at Terra, who had stopped using her dildo and was instead pouting to herself.

“But first…” Jordan said. He reached down to grab both of Mia’s thighs and hold them in the air. He nudged her upward and forced his cock to slip out of her.

“I can feel it leaking out,” Mia moaned. She loved the gaping feeling Jordan left whenever he pulled out of her.

“You. Clean it up,” Jordan barked at Terra.

Terra looked at Mia with wide-open eyes, then at the drips of white cream slithering from Mia’s freshly pounded cunt. She got on her hands and knees and crawled toward Mia, resting her face between her legs.

“You’re so dirty, Daddy,” Mia teased. “Clean it all up, bitch.”

Terra gave Mia a cold stare but still did as requested. She burrowed her lips through Mia’s entrance and slurped. She licked the drips that began to fall to the bottom, returned to the entrance, and scooped out as much cum as she could with her lips. Jordan couldn’t see, but he could hear Terra’s slurps and licks. He chuckled out loud, and Mia followed, except Mia threw in an occasional moan.

“That’s right. Mmm! Good little bitch,” Mia teased, licking her lips at the sight of a woman between her thighs.

“Does that feel good, princess?” Jordan asked Mia, stroking her hair.

“You’re so generous, Daddy. Thank you for the treat,” Mia moaned.

“No, she should be thanking you for the treat,” Jordan said.

When Terra was done, she pulled away from Mia and wiped the juices from Mia’s thighs off her face.

“Let us see,” Jordan said, leaning over.

Terra didn’t frown, sigh, or curse, she simply did as she was told. In her mouth was a pool of white and translucent cream around her pink tongue.

“Now swallow,” Jordan instructed. Terra’s glossy, round lips sealed as she gulped down the mixture. She opened her mouth and revealed nothing but her tongue and pearl white teeth. “Good. Do you think she deserves a reward, babygirl?”

“Yeah, she can watch you fuck me again,” Mia teased. She stuck her tongue out at Terra who was growing visibly more impatient.

“Is that how you ask?” Jordan said.

“May I please have another load in my cunt, Daddy?”

“How many?”

“As many as you can give me. Please.”

“That’s not fair. You need to save some for our guest. Where are your manners, babygirl?”

“I’m sorry, Daddy. Three, please. I want to feel it gushing out of my gaping hole,” Mia begged.

“Good. Turn around.” Jordan instructed.

Mia turned and straddled Jordan’s lap once more, but facing him that time. They pressed their chests together and kissed, pulling away when Jordan stood up with Mia in his arms. He positioned her feet above his shoulders and held firmly onto her waist.

“Again? Already?” Terra whispered.

She never witnessed a display of sexual energy that fierce and it confused her as much as it did arouse her. Mia flung her head to the side and smiled at Terra mischievously, her lose hair grazing Jordan’s face.

“That’s right, again. My Daddy can fuck for hours. So, enjoy the show, bitch,” Mia said in a condescending, but excited tone.

“Put it in for us,” Jordan said to Terra. Terra looked up from her position on the ground to see Mia dripping on Jordan’s enormous, uninserted cock, which stood proudly above Terra’s head. She reached up, and gently grabbed the shaft with her fingertips, but was mesmerized by the texture. She began to feel it with both hands, admired every vein she felt in the soft flesh of her palm, and stroked it until precum dripped onto her shirt. “I said, ‘put it in’.”

Terra sighed, then did as she was told; she slipped the tip into the wet doors of Mia’s entrance. Jordan immediately plunged it into Mia, forcing Terra to pull her hands away. He gripped Mia’s waist and began to firmly pound his little girl’s cunt. Terra stared, admiring their speed and how Mia seemed to stretch perfectly around Jordan’s cock.

“Look at how much my Daddy loves me,” Mia moaned.

She wrapped her feet around Jordan’s neck and hugged him tightly. Her moans escalated into screams of bliss as Jordan pulled her close with each thrust. Mia felt like she was weightless in Jordan’s strong arms. Terra waited on her knees like a hungry dog. She stuck out her tongue as she panted, catching whatever drips that fell each time the two collided; and with how wet Mia could get, Terra had a lot to enjoy.

She gazed as the two lovers drenched themselves in each other’s sweat, forming darkened puddles on their once clean clothes. Jordan’s green shirt and loosened tie bared the imprint of Mia’s chest and stomach, while Mia’s inner walls bared whatever shape Jordan molded them into. The wire of the vibrator swung helplessly in front of Terra; a pendulum that began to tick away at the hour the two spent together.

After the hour had passed, the three eventually ended up in Mia’s bedroom after leaving puddles on several pieces of furniture. Jordan was about to give his little girl the third load she asked for, and Mia happily waited to accept as she laid on her stomach. Her flexible legs split along the edge of the bed while her thighs remained still in Jordan’s grasp like an upside-down ‘T’. Her cushion-like ass waved frantically as Jordan pumped into her; he was ready to blow at any moment.

“Where do you want it, Mia?” Jordan asked with heaving breaths.

“My ass, please,” Mia said as her head shook with each thrust. Terra bit her lip as she watched Jordan slowly pull every wet inch out of Mia’s pussy. He gently pried open the hole hidden between Mia’s cheeks and buried the tip of his cock within. Mia groaned happily as she felt the warm liquid pouring into her ass. Both of her holes oozed with cream that dripped onto the bedsheets Mia changed for the fifth time that week. “Thank you for the cum, Daddy. Can you fuck me again, please?”

“I-I’ve been waiting,” Terra declared. She stood from the chair in the corner of the room where she watched the two for longer than she could handle.

“Sit,” Jordan said.

“But I…”


Terra sighed as Jordan flipped Mia onto her back. She tried to look away when he started fucking Mia for the fourth time but was constantly teased by the sounds they made.


After Mia’s next orgasm, the two finally decided to take a break. Mia laid on her back panting with a smile, resting a hand on her stomach.

“Okay — bitch — you can — have a turn now,” she said.

Terra moved to the edge of her seat excitedly, although she tried to hide the expression on her face. Jordan signaled for her to come closer as he sat on the edge of the bed. She got on her hands and knees and crawled toward him like a starving animal.

“It’s hot in here. Take off the suit — and the shirt,” Jordan said.

She quickly obeyed, removing her already unbuttoned suit and shirt, and tossing them behind her. She looked at Jordan’s cock hungrily, then up into his commanding brown eyes. The guilty pleasure of masochism leaked through the black lace of her panties and joined the juices on her thighs that collected over watching the two fuck.

“Clean it off,” Jordan said.

Terra looked at the cum-soaked cock before her and quickly wrapped both hands around the dripping shaft. The tip called to her, and soon did the rest of Jordan’s cock; she didn’t know where to start. She parted her lips and allowed a few inches to dive into her mouth, taking as much as she felt comfortable with. She sucked through the slit like it was a straw and swallowed any remnants of cum that Mia didn’t have any more room for.

Mia sat up, fixing her ponytail as she looked at Jordan.

“Shit, that was good. Thanks for the fuck, Daddy,” Mia said before kissing him on the cheek. She wrapped around her Daddy’s left arm and hugged him tightly, feeling full, gaping, and satisfied. She looked down and saw Terra sucking on Jordan’s rod as if Terra had even less experience than Mia. “Let me.”

“Later, baby. Let’s see what she can do,” Jordan said before kissing Mia on the forehead.

Mia watched, but she couldn’t stand Terra’s slow pacing. She almost found it insulting that Terra wasn’t giving Jordan’s cock the respect it deserved.

“Come on, you can take more than that,” Mia sighed, reaching down and grabbing a fistful of Terra’s hair. She smiled as she forced Terra to take more of Jordan down her throat. Terra gagged and coughed, but after a minute began to breathe through her nose. “There we go. See? You’re not useless.”

“Should I cum in her mouth, baby?” Jordan asked, hugging Mia’s sweat-soaked waist.

“Hmm,” Mia hummed, gazing at Terra’s watering eyes. “Cum on her face. I want to see you ruin her makeup.”

“Excellent choice,” Jordan rasped before kissing Mia sweetly on the lips. “Take it out of your mouth.”

Terra didn’t react; she was enjoying the wide and throbbing sensation in the back of her throat. She was slapped by Jordan for her disobedience and immediately did as she was told.

“Stroke it, baby,” Jordan said to Mia.

Mia happily wrapped her tiny fingers around Jordan’s shaft and pumped as fast as she could. His cock throbbed in her hand before shooting a thick rope of cum along Terra’s forehead down to the heart-shaped pendant resting above her cleavage. Mia held Jordan’s chest and rubbed his back as he groaned loudly from the release.

“I guess that makes us both sluts,” Mia teased, looking at Terra’s cum-stained glasses. “Who’s in the picture on your pendant?”

“My husband,” Terra whispered, breathing heavily. “Now pound me, please.”

“Do you think she wants it, Mia?” Jordan teased.

“Nah, she doesn’t really want it,” Mia teased along.

“What? No. I’ve waited all this time. I can’t wait any longer,” Terra begged, crawling up to Jordan and placing her hands on his knees.

“What a weak plea,” Jordan sighed.

“Please! I’m begging you. I’m begging you, please. Please do me. I can’t take it anymore. Please,” Terra screamed.

“If she’s going to be a bitch maybe we should treat her like one, Daddy,” Mia suggested with a devilish smile.

Jordan smiled along, loving the idea, but also wondering what kind of things went on in Mia’s head. He removed his loosened tie and wrapped it around Terra’s neck. After tying a firm knot, he pushed her back with his foot. Terra stood on all fours like a dog on a leash, staring into Jordan’s eyes.

“Alright, puppy. If you’re going to live here there are going to be some rules. But I’m sure you’d know all about rules. And in this house, if you want to be fucked, you follow them,” Jordan explained, tugging on the tie.

“First off, everything Daddy says goes. Disobey and you won’t get a fucking for a week,” Mia said.

“Secondly, you put Mia back on the list and handle each and every single arrangement that ensures we stay together. If you fail to do that, the school, your husband and the world will know what a pathetic whore you are,” Jordan added.

“You’ll take back everything you said about me, my family, and Daddy. You’ll treat us both like your owners and give us respect,” Mia added.

“We fuck where I want, when I want. No condoms. And we stop fucking when I say we’re done. If you’re tired or exhausted you’re going to suck it the fuck up,” Jordan said.

“Lastly, if you’re going to live with Daddy. Your cunt’s going to have to learn how to take a beating. So, no whining, okay?” Mia concluded.

Jordan and Mia watched Terra with condescending grins, but Terra loved it. The cold stares she received from her new owners gave her warm chills she would do anything to maintain. She nodded her head after each commandment and particularly enjoyed the last one.

“Alright, get on the bed,” Jordan instructed.

Mia stood up to make room for Terra as she crawled on her hands and knees to the bed. Mia slapped Terra’s ass as she climbed and Jordan slapped along other shortly after. It wasn’t as perky and plump as Mia’s, but it was firm and pale; an easy target for leaving handprints.

“Hmm, she’ll need to get used to you. So — maybe on her back first?” Mia suggested.

“See how my little girl cares about people? She’s thinking about the condition of your sorry cunt. Say ‘thank you’,” Jordan instructed.

“Th-thank you,” Terra stuttered as she rolled onto her back.

Mia reached around Terra’s back and quickly removed her plain, black lace bra. She grabbed onto Terra’s mature, moldable D cups decorated with a firm pink nipple on each.

“Squishy,” Mia teased as she played roughly with Terra’s tits.

She kneaded them into any shape she felt like, even if they would have obviously hurt Terra. However, knowing Terra, she probably enjoyed every second of it.

“That’s too rough, Mommy,” Terra squeaked.

“Shut up,” Mia sighed.

She pinched Terra’s nipples and pulled them hard up high. She dropped them and watched as they bounced to the side.

“Oh, you’re perky for an old dog,” Mia teased.

She slapped Terra’s right tit, squeezed it, then wrapped her teeth around the nipple and bit down. Jordan smiled at Mia, who was having fun playing with the family’s new toy. He positioned himself between Terra’s thighs, using the tip of his cock to pry away the thin black veil of her thong.

“Hurry, please,” Terra begged.

Mia delivered a fierce slap across Terra’s face, synonymous with the thigh clapping sound she loved.

“Who do you think you’re talking to?” Mia warned.

“Beg,” Jordan said, leaning over Terra. His head drew close enough to hers for her to feel his warm breath on her neck.

“Please have sex with me,” Terra begged.

“Drop the polite act, slut,” Mia warned.

“Please F-. Please f-fuck me,” Terra whispered.

“With what?” Mia said sternly.

“With. With your massive cock, Daddy,” Terra squeaked.

“You’re a filthy whore that craves a real man’s cock.”

“I’m a filthy whore who craves a real man’s cock. Please.”

“I think she’s ready, Daddy,” Mia confirmed, smiling at Jordan.

“We’ll see,” Jordan sighed.

He pressed his hips down and sank slowly into Terra’s soaking wet hole. The texture and consistency of her honey was a different atmosphere compared to Mia’s goddess-like pussy. However, unlike with Mia, it was far easier for Jordan to get deeper, which brought him to his usual pounding speed very quickly. Terra didn’t have time to gasp before Jordan went from slowly entering her to slapping his balls against her cunt.

“Too big! Too big!” she screamed, calming down after the first fifty thrusts. Her body began to adjust to Jordan’s length and gripped firmly around it. “Deep! It’s so deep! Yes. Mmm!”

Mia spanked Terra’s tit once more and smiled at her. She bit her lip, loving the sight of her Daddy pleasing another woman. She watched Terra’s face of ecstasy and wondered if that’s what she looked like taking Jordan’s cock.

“That’s it. Take Daddy’s cock,” Mia whispered.

She smiled at Jordan who had a mouthful of Terra’s other tit, then tapped him on his back. He leaned up and looked at her, casually fucking Terra while he gave his little girl attention.

“What’s up, baby?” Jordan asked.

“I have cum in my ass,” Mia whispered as she pouted. “I want her to clean it up.”

“Of course. Hop on her face, baby,” Jordan said with a smile.

And so, she did; Mia completely removed her dress and climbed over Terra’s face. She faced her Daddy and shook her tits playfully as she smothered Terra’s face with her ass.

“Hi,” Mia said playfully, waving at Jordan.

She reached over to hug him, and Jordan let go of Terra’s hips to return the favor, yet kept his hips thrusting.

“Now you want to have a conversation,” Jordan teased. Mia laughed and the two hugged happily and tightly. Terra grabbed onto the melting flesh and pried them open. She stuck out her tongue as drips of cum crept through Mia’s puckered hole. When the drips stopped coming, she moved her head up and began to suck and lick Mia’s hole thoroughly.

“Mmm! I like this dog, Daddy. Can we keep her?” Mia asked.

“Anything you want, baby. We’re finally a family now,” Jordan said.

“Finally. I can’t believe what we had to go through to get this far.”

“I’m proud of you.”

“Think dad would’ve been proud to see me now?”

“Well, yes. But I doubt he’d want to see me fucking you every day. Or at all, for that matter.”

“Yeah he’d probably just faint and die all over again. Especially if he heard the things I say when I’m horny.”

“Oh, so you’re sentient when that happens?” Jordan laughed.

“Well yeah I hear it, but it’s like a sex-demon in my brain is doing all the talking. She knows what she wants though, especially since you can give it to her,” Mia teased with a wink.

The two enjoyed their conversation in each other’s embrace, all while Terra laid below them taking the hardest fuck she ever had and sucking the cum out of Mia’s ass.

“Well, sex-demon or not. I’ve never loved fucking anyone as much as you,” Jordan said.

“Aww, Daddy,” Mia whispered. She kissed him while sharing each other’s tongues briefly. “That’s so sweet. Tell me, what do you like most about fucking me?”

“Well, I love…” Jordan started to say. Terra’s moans were intense and overbearing the conversation. The sound of Jordan pounding into her was loud enough, the two didn’t need their dog ruining their conversation. Jordan spanked Terra’s thigh twice. “Quiet!”

Terra whimpered and continued to clean Mia thoroughly.

“As I was saying… I love your moans, the way your ass and tits bounce, your athletic thighs choking the shit out of me while I eat you out, the way your hair feels in my hands when I pull, the look in your eyes and the slutty smile on your face when I fuck you senseless… Just to name a few,” Jordan said.

“I sound hot,” Mia teased.

“You think?”

“Well, I love it when you take control. It’s weird because…” Mia began to say. She turned back and slapped Terra on the cheek before hugging Jordan once more. “Ass is clean. Pussy next. Sorry about that, Daddy. I was saying it’s weird because I usually hate it when guys try to make me feel weak or try to fight with me because I’ll beat the shit out of them. But when I’m with you, I just want you to beat the shit out of my cunt. You’re so sweet and kind, and caring, but you know how to fuck. I’m so happy I get such a big fucking cock whenever I want. Do you know how many girls would kill me if they knew?”

“I’d just have to kill them back. Thanks to our little show the other night everything’s gonna get paid. And with our little agreement with this bitch here…” Jordan said, then spanked Terra on the waist. “We can finally start all over and pick up where our broken families left off.”

“That sounds amazing, Daddy. I love you so much. I love our family.”

“I love you too, babygirl. I told you I wouldn’t let anyone get in the way.”

“I don’t know how you tricked her into coming here, but I don’t think we’ll be having any more problems with her.”

“She’s aware of the consequences. Besides, we have it all on tape…” Jordan said, gesturing to the laptop behind them. “She’s pretty obedient, too. Think she could be a good slave?”

“Mhmm! But she only gets the leftovers after you’re done fucking me, okay?”

“With your appetite, she’ll probably starve,” Jordan laughed. The two chuckled before kissing passionately, moaning more loudly than Terra was allowed to.

“Oh, speaking of fucking. After you put this bitch to sleep, I’m gonna take a shower. Do you wanna fuck some more later?” Mia asked.

“No. I’m going to fuck you in the shower, then we’re going to fuck some more later. Understood?” Jordan said.

Mia gasped at the sudden command but smiled warmly when she realized how much Jordan enjoyed both her body and making her feel good. He made her feel better in one month than anyone had in her entire life, and the same could be said for Jordan. He kissed his girl once more, while still firmly fucking Terra who laid helplessly beneath them. He was willing to do whatever it took to ensure their family was never threatened again. Terra basked in the humiliation and came twice while Jordan and Mia chatted, but didn’t dare make a sound. Mia and Jordan pulled away from their kiss and clasped both hands together tenderly. They looked at the other member of their new family and thought deeply about how they would spend each day moving forward.

Mia was still to respond to Jordan’s command, and she did in the most natural way possible for her. “Yes, Daddy.”


Mia and Jordan basked in the light of the life they built for themselves. Jordan had finally overcome the toxic love that kept him clinging to the witch that ruined his life, and replaced it with a warm, sweet, and spicy flavored girl who touched every part of his heart his wife failed to reach. Mia enjoyed every bit of time she spent with Jordan; whether it was being wrapped in his warm, protective, and loving arms, or being drilled with her hands behind her back. Her love for Jordan was the only thing that could patch the hole that formed when her father left. Now she had a father, a lover, a friend and someone to protect all at once. While they were broken people, their shards fit together like the puzzle they spent their lives trying to solve.

Six months passed and the two, along with Terra, enjoyed their lives together. Mia graduated with the help of Jordan’s tutoring and comfort, and Terra’s influence. Terra was content being Jordan’s second dish and lived happily under the control of the two, carrying out their wishes and occasionally being reward with something she became addicted to. Jordan regained his job as a teacher but instead became a professor at the college Mia started attending in the fall. It was good money, but not as good as the money he’d generate nightly railing Mia as the world watched.

Mia and Jordan’s relationship was still quite the taboo subject, so they continued to keep it a secret as best as they could. Yet, that didn’t stop them from watching movies together and fucking in the back row of the theatre, having picnics and fucking against trees, having romantic dinners and fucking on the table, or fucking right after fucking. Terra lived off whatever Mia left for her after she was satisfied; it was a system that worked for and pleased everyone involved.

Their lives became even more intense, especially after Jordan’s wife made a surprise appearance in his life once more. But that’s a story for another time; and trust me, with a couple as horny as Jordan and Mia, there will be plenty more…

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