Daddy’s Price For Silence

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A couple of months ago my daughter and walked in on her younger brother while he was jerking himself off to some porn on his phone. She started screaming bloody murder and we continue to hear about it for about the next week. She went on and on about how her eyes needed to be burned out, because of the trauma that Ryan had submitted her to. Over the following weeks, Lindsey continued to be very critical of him, and almost always to the point of being cruel with her comments. My wife Becky and I spent the better part of our time trying to counsel Lindsey, to be a little bit more understanding of her brother. For the most part, anything we said to her fell on deaf ears, but after a few more weeks she relaxed a bit. Before we knew it, they seemed to be closer than ever.

Lindsey had always been a difficult child. She was headstrong and vivacious, with a very outgoing personality. The fact that she was dropdead gorgeous, was always a concern for Becky and I. And we were always surprised that at 17 years old, she still didn’t have a steady boyfriend. It certainly wasn’t because she didn’t have the body, because her five foot nine slender frame, long legs, and beautiful wavy brown hair, would’ve caught the eye of even most grown men. I’m guessing that they were just intimidated by her very big personality, because I’d lost track of how many times I’d caught young men ogling the sizable breasts she sported in the swimsuits that were much too small for her!

Needless to say that sexually speaking, because of her lack of experience she was wound tighter than a top. It was because of that, that she probably lashed out at Ryan, as much as she did, when she walked in on him. But now that it was in the past, things between the two of them we’re now suddenly easier than ever before. Even the way Lindsey treated us, was curiously a 180° turn about. “When things are going to good”, my dad used to tell me, “They probably are are not.” My Spidey senses were on full alert, and I was waiting on pins and needles for something to suddenly change with our daughters behavior.
Becky was always telling me, that I was overreacting about everything, so I kept quiet about my instincts and decided to do a little investigation myself. Maybe it was because I wasn’t exactly a perfect little angel when I was growing up, or perhaps it was just my ability to sniff out a lie when I saw it, but I was pretty sure that something was amiss.

Both of the kids have iPhones, and pretty much their whole life consisted of burying their heads in their little handheld devices. So, whenever I wanted information, I went straight to their phones. Neither one of them knew it, but when I bought their phones, a few years back, I made sure too add one of my own fingerprints to the touch ID. And presto! I had easy access! Becky had always told them, that she would never read their text messages. I’m sure they must’ve assumed, that what she told them included me as well. Wrong! As far as I was concerned, that was not a right of privacy! What I found in their messages to each other, made my jaw hit the floor!

Their conversation went like this:

Ryan: Hey sis…. Thanks again😉

Lindsey: OMFG! Ryan! Stop talking about it! Enough already!

Ryan: Just saying Linds, it was fucking hot! I’m getting hard just thinking about you

Lindsey: It’s not gonna happen AGAIN, you idiot! I don’t know what happened to me!

Ryan: Well whatever did happen, you looked so good, going down on my cock…

Lindsey: SHIT RYAN!!! Do you not understand that this cannot happen again?!! You’re my FUCKING BROTHER!!

Ryan: Yeah… I thought so, but… thanks for it anyway…

Ryan: You’ve been real sweet to me.

Ryan: I jus wanna let you know that I love you.

Lindsey: Yeah… I love you too Ryan 🥰

Lindsey: You know….

Lindsey: It was really hot… it’s just, we can’t…

Lindsey: Gawd!!! Why do you always have your shirt off!!!


Ryan: Wait… What?

Lindsey: Meet me in your room in 30 minutes…

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