Daddy’s Price For Silence

A couple of months ago my daughter and walked in on her younger brother while he was jerking himself off to some porn on his phone. She started screaming bloody murder and we continue to hear about it for about the next week. She went on and on about how her eyes needed to be burned out, because of the trauma that Ryan had submitted her to. Over the following weeks, Lindsey continued to be very critical of him, and almost always to the point of being cruel with her comments. My wife Becky and I spent the better part of our time trying to counsel Lindsey, to be a little bit more understanding of her brother. For the most part, anything we said to her fell on deaf ears, but after a few more weeks she relaxed a bit. Before we knew it, they seemed to be closer than ever.

Lindsey had always been a difficult child. She was headstrong and vivacious, with a very outgoing personality. The fact that she was dropdead gorgeous, was always a concern for Becky and I. And we were always surprised that at 17 years old, she still didn’t have a steady boyfriend. It certainly wasn’t because she didn’t have the body, because her five foot nine slender frame, long legs, and beautiful wavy brown hair, would’ve caught the eye of even most grown men. I’m guessing that they were just intimidated by her very big personality, because I’d lost track of how many times I’d caught young men ogling the sizable breasts she sported in the swimsuits that were much too small for her!

Needless to say that sexually speaking, because of her lack of experience she was wound tighter than a top. It was because of that, that she probably lashed out at Ryan, as much as she did, when she walked in on him. But now that it was in the past, things between the two of them we’re now suddenly easier than ever before. Even the way Lindsey treated us, was curiously a 180° turn about. “When things are going to good”, my dad used to tell me, “They probably are are not.” My Spidey senses were on full alert, and I was waiting on pins and needles for something to suddenly change with our daughters behavior.
Becky was always telling me, that I was overreacting about everything, so I kept quiet about my instincts and decided to do a little investigation myself. Maybe it was because I wasn’t exactly a perfect little angel when I was growing up, or perhaps it was just my ability to sniff out a lie when I saw it, but I was pretty sure that something was amiss.

Both of the kids have iPhones, and pretty much their whole life consisted of burying their heads in their little handheld devices. So, whenever I wanted information, I went straight to their phones. Neither one of them knew it, but when I bought their phones, a few years back, I made sure too add one of my own fingerprints to the touch ID. And presto! I had easy access! Becky had always told them, that she would never read their text messages. I’m sure they must’ve assumed, that what she told them included me as well. Wrong! As far as I was concerned, that was not a right of privacy! What I found in their messages to each other, made my jaw hit the floor!

Their conversation went like this:

Ryan: Hey sis…. Thanks again😉

Lindsey: OMFG! Ryan! Stop talking about it! Enough already!

Ryan: Just saying Linds, it was fucking hot! I’m getting hard just thinking about you

Lindsey: It’s not gonna happen AGAIN, you idiot! I don’t know what happened to me!

Ryan: Well whatever did happen, you looked so good, going down on my cock…

Lindsey: SHIT RYAN!!! Do you not understand that this cannot happen again?!! You’re my FUCKING BROTHER!!

Ryan: Yeah… I thought so, but… thanks for it anyway…

Ryan: You’ve been real sweet to me.

Ryan: I jus wanna let you know that I love you.

Lindsey: Yeah… I love you too Ryan 🥰

Lindsey: You know….

Lindsey: It was really hot… it’s just, we can’t…

Lindsey: Gawd!!! Why do you always have your shirt off!!!


Ryan: Wait… What?

Lindsey: Meet me in your room in 30 minutes…

Ryan: Ok

Ryan: Do you wanna see something hot?

Lindsey: Idk.. What?

Lindsey: OH MY GOD!! RYAN!!!

Lindsey: DELETE THAT RN!!!

Ryan: Oh come on sis… You look sooo sexy! 😏

Lindsey: 🥰Yeah you know I do!

Lindsey: NOW DELETE IT!!

I couldn’t believe what I was reading! My own daughter and son had somehow found themselves in quite a taboo situation. I guess every parent expects that at sometime in their life, they will discover that their children are sexually active. You just never dream it’s gonna be with each other! Regardless the deplorability of it all, I was actually much more excited than I was upset about any of it! And I know that’s not the response that anyone would expect, but the truth was, I had some secrets of my own. I had been lusting after my daughter for quite a few years. Ever since I stumbled onto to some incest erotica online, I had been reading stories and writing a few myself. All the while fantasizing about my little Lindsey! With this new discovery, I set into motion, a devilish plan to make all my dreams a reality.

Wednesday nights were hockey night, and Becky would always end up taking Ryan when work ran a little bit late for me. With all the pregame preparation and the actual time of the match, it was always at least a four hour event. I made sure to stay at work just long enough for them to leave the house. After texting my wife, but I wasn’t gonna make it, I pulled up to the house. Lindsey’s little white car in the driveway, and a smile came to my face. I dropped my bag off on the table and looking around figured Lindsey was camped out in her room again. I gave the door a little knock and then pushed it slowly open. She was lying on her stomach with her feet up in the air, and to no one’s surprise was scrolling actively through something on her phone.

“Hey honey,,” I said smiling as I sat down on the soft queen size bed next to her. The walls in her room were covered with posters of her favorite bands and hunky heartthrobs. There was a number of different succulents in various sizes of ceramic pots on top of a pretty white vanity, with a decorative beauty mirror that she used when to put on her make up.

“Tell me about your day.” I added, I started rubbing her calves, as she fidgeted around. She began rattling on about school, friends and a few of the families she babysat for. Connecting her phone to a wireless turntable that sat to the left of the mirror on her vanity, she played some of her favorite Beatles songs and danced her head and hips to the rhythm, as we continued our conversation. I listened as she complained about any number of things that were going on in her life. There was always drama in her life! And there was about to be a lot more!

“Hey Lindsey,” I chirped, “let me get your thoughts on this,” I continued, “I’ll text it to you.” I added.

Working my way up her thighs massaging gently, I felt her tense up a little bit, and then I pressed send. Sending her the three screenshots, that I had taken from her phone, a few days before. The anticipation of her response, had me holding my breath a bit, as I waited for her to realize just what it was that I now, already knew.

“Oh shit!”She hollered, jumping up to her knees, and scooting away, she threw herself into her hands and sobbed hysterically

“I can explain dad!” she wailed at me. “Oh God! Daddy! Oh no!” She continued.

“I would really like to hear you explain this!” I chortled, “please tell me,” I said, “what exactly did your brother mean, by him, liking the way you sucked his cock?!”

With that comment, she threw herself into her pillow, blubbering like a baby, and pounding her fists into her mattress. I gave her a couple minutes longer, to really spiral into a state of embarrassment and hopelessness. Then moving my way a long slide her flailing body and pressing my knee against her side, I softly caressed the long locks of her golden brown hair.

“There, there sweetie,” I reassuringly, “everything‘s gonna be just fine. I just want to know, what’s going on in that little head of yours?” I continued, stroking her hair and patting her on the back as she wept.

“Tell me, what’s going on Lindsay?” I repeated, “I know it’s nothing we can’t fix,” I said, and sliding my fingers across her back, I nudged side of her protruding breast, ever so slightly. She flinched abruptly when she felt my fingertips against the soft flesh hiding beneath the pink tank top that she wore.

“Dad!” She stumbled, “What are you doing?!” And slowly rising to her knees next to me, she brushed away the tear streaked hair from her face. Her mascara was messed, and looked incredibly sexy. Looking into her eyes, and wiping away her tears, I whispered soft, “Don’t worry baby, daddy will fix this. No one has to find out,” I said smiling. Then running my hand down the front of her chest, my eyes closed slightly,, wickedly…

“I’m serious! dad!” she said angrily, “Don’t touch me there!” Pushing my hands away violently, she flipped her hair back with disapproval.

“I don’t know what you’re so upset about,” I scoffed. “You sure didn’t seem to mind having your brothers cock stuffed down your throat!” I managed, through gritted teeth and now pushing back.

“It’s like this Lindsay,” I explained sternly, Now standing up. “Nobody has to know, but I’m gonna need something from you. If you want to keep this quiet,” I continued on, “I’m gonna need a little favor in return.” And then I added, I’ll make sure the pictures don’t get out of either.

Her eyes widened, and she gasped in horror, as she realized that her own father, wanted to hold this over her for his own pleasure.

“You see,” I continued, as I unbuttoned my jeans, and letting them fall to the floor, “I filmed the whole thing, when the greedy little slut that you are, went back for more!” Grinning wickedly, I now tugged down the elastic band of my briefs and let them drop as well.

Lindsey‘s eyes darted around in a panic, as my man size prick, sprung into sight with the absence of my underwear. I wondered if she was wondering how any woman could manage something that large. Compared to Ryan’s little sausage, my thing was a beast.

“No dad! Please!” She begged. “I… I… Just wanted to know what it was like!” She said whimpering. “After I saw Ryan’s thing, I was just curious. And then I don’t know, I guess I just wanted more…” She added.

“Well sweetie,” I said with my eyes filled with lust, “You’re about to get a lot more! This is my price to keep things quiet. So come on now and be a good little girl, and suck your daddy’s cock!” I demanded.

She whimpered even more, and sliding down onto the floor just in front of her bed, and looking up into my eyes, my daughter opened her mouth. I grabbed her by the back of it the head, and with a handful of hair, I pushed her onto my straining a prick. She struggled to handle even half of it, gagging and spitting, as I forced her down on my shaft.

“There’s a good girl!” I moaned softly, as I pitched my head back, allowing her a little more freedom to work things over herself.

“Grab my cock by the bass with one hand, and cup my balls softly with your other,” I coached. “That’s it Lindsey! Oh God!” I seethed, “Now slowly, try to work as much down as you can,” I managed to say.

A generous stream of saliva ran down from her soft lips and she continued to make the most of our torrid little deed. Red-faced, and really struggling, Lindsay endeavored to push her face down a little farther. She gagged violently, coming up off the end she choked coughed, spitting mucus out of her mouth and nose.

“Am I doing good daddy?” she questioned, now fully invested in her task at hand. Her cheeks and forehead were rosie from exertion, and saliva from her efforts, was smeared all over her mouth and face. She looked younger for some reason, even innocent.

“Oh God baby!” I said, fully expressing my pleasure, “You’re amazing! Just keep going!”

Wasting no time, my young daughter took one of my balls into her mouth, and vigorously stroking my inflated prick, moaned with satisfaction herself.

I could see that she had removed her running shorts and panties, and was dipping two fingers into her tight little twat. She squealed while slurping on my ball sack, beating my meat with even more fury.

Reaching down, I pulled her pink tank top just over the tops of her soft, magnificent breasts.
Tweaking her nipples between my fingers, she opened her mouth slightly as soft mewing sounds escaped her lips.

Lindsey switched back quickly to my straining prick, and grabbing my rear end firmly with her hands, she worked herself almost entirely down the length of my cock. Holding her mouth there for about 10 seconds, she sputtered, making exaggerated gurgling sounds, as she tried desperately to take me all the way in.

“Oh my fucking God!” I raged, “Jesus! Lindsay! “ I moaned deliriously.

Coming off the end, and bobbing her head up and down on the end of my shift, she worked with enthusiasm.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh god yes Lindsey!” I yelled now frantically, “I’m gonna come baby! Daddy‘s going to come for you!”

Screaming onto my cock, she babbled incoherently. And then digging her nails once again into the fleshy part of my ass, she made another attempt to take me all inside of her. She came up short. So, grabbing handful of hair from the back of her head again, I forced the rest of my throbbing cock down her contracting throat. Holding her down for what seemed like an eternity, I fucked my hips wildly, as her chin rested firmly against my swollen balls, she gasped for air, choking, and hitting her fists against the front of my thighs, she struggled to pull herself off of me. With even more energy and gusto, I tightened my grip, pounding the head of my cock deep into her gullet, and moaning violently, I emptied my seed into her belly! She looked up at me, desperately, searching for relief, with her large brown eyes bulging from my load.

“Oh fuck me Lindsey! Oh fuck me! My sweet daughter!” I screeched, as I finished pumping the last bit of my semen inside of her! I released my jailhouse grip from the back of her head, and she flopped onto the ground, wheezing and spitting out cum, trying to catch her breath.

I sank to my knees in front of her, exhausted from the grueling ordeal. Placing my hands on the floor, I straddled her body. I lifted her weary head, caressing her cheek, and giving her kiss, I whispered, we’re going to do this again…

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