My younger sister Tony.part-3

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Hello readers ! I think all of you have enjoyed my previous stories titled’My younger sister Tony‘ & its part-1 & 2. in continuation to previous stories i am going to narrate the true incidence happened between us. My younger sister Tony have enjoyed sexual intimacy with me twice but what happened next ? Tony ,a hot blonde of 22 yrs. have lost her virginity with me and we both have some oral sex in house ,when we both are morning when our parents went for office,we both were watching t.v with cup of coffee .Tony was wearing a mini skirt with a tight tops,i was looking her nude thighs and boobs.Her reaction was neutral,so i was waiting for her act but she moved away and i was like a fish without water. Tony than came back from her room with towels and her clothes on hand and just crossing me towards washroom watched me.when she entered the washroom i looked towards it and she bolted the door having smile on face.i was eager to have sex with her and last time it happened weeks ago but we have kissed each other,i have touched her boobs an bum also. i moved towards washroom and looked inside from keyhole……….Tony was nude and having bath she is singing songs,i pushed the door to see if it have been not locked,while pushing it door opened and tony was trying to cover her boobs with a towel but i bolted the door and came closer to him,snatched the towel which have covered her organs and started kissing her face. Tony was wet and we both were under a tap,she came closer to me and kissed my lips………now we both were nude.i took her in my arms,started kissing her while rubbing her buttocks.she was holding my penis and lastly she inserted her tongue in my mouth for french kiss.we both were having sex in washroom.main tony ke maansal chuttar ko sahlata hua gaand ki ore se bur mein ak ungli ghusaa diya aur wo mere badan se chipkkar mera lund hilaa rahi thi.then she took out her tongue and now i make her sit on floor,took her on my lap and started sucking her boobs,she was moaning…….ahhhhhh……uuuummm..ahhhhhhhh nooooo..suck it hard my darling.”and i sucked her boobs than she was sleeping on floor and i took her both legs on hand,kept it high and leaned towards her waist,keeping my face in between her thighs to kiss her vagina,i have hold her buttocks up in the air and started llicking her bur,she was screaming and than i took her cunt in my mouth.she was…..”oooh..ahhhhhhhh……..umm,meri bur se paani nikal jayega…………..”and i tasted her cum and we were doing sex under jharna….now she sit on my lap and took my tongue for suck,really she is enjoying every bit of moment. Tony meri jeev ko chusne lagi too main uski bur mein ungli karta hua mast tha,mera lund iron rod ki tarah ho chuka tha and when she left it, i was standing in front of tony,she was on her knees and while holding my hand kissed my lund…….”aaj subah se hi tum mujhe ghur rahe the…..isley tum mini skirt pehankar apna gaand chamka rahi the…….jarur…..darwaza khula kyon rakhi thi saali……..tum se chudne ke liye.” and she was sucking my penis,after sometime i was fucking her mouth fastly but blowjob was disrupted when she took my lund out of her mouth. Tony ki jism mein jo chudaas ki aag lagi thi,usko main bujhana chahata tha,aur main uske badan ko towel se lapeta aur apne goud mein lekar hall aaya,usko sofa par leta kar uske dono pawn alag kiya aur bur mein lund pelkar chodne laga,uski bur kaa seal tute kuchh din hi huey they but i was fucking her harder…..tony ko chudne mein dard aur maja dono aa raha tha and i changed my position,she was on sofa and in doggy position aur main uske maansal chuttar ki ore se bur mein lund pela aur jor-2 se chodne laga,wo apne chuttar ko hillate huey chudai ka maja duna kar rahi the………….and after 15 minutes of fuck she was screaming loudely……..”abey chodu jaldi karo………chod too raha hoon saali……bur mein aag lagi hai,jaldi maal giraoo naa……..abhi wait karo saali.” and i ejaculated my cum in her vagina and she tasted my cum.than we rested for day…………………………………………………………readers never fuck anyone without condom but do it safely. wait for next part…….”MY YOUNGER SISTER TONY WITH MY FRIEND.”

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