He had three mothers, and he had all three

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My Three Moms, He had three mothers, and he had all three!

My name is Pete, not Peter; it’s a joke, because I almost was twins. However, something happened early in the pregnancy and it turned out that it was just me that made it to full term. Supposedly, that is the case that twelve percent of us start out as two, and the one is lost early. I guess you could look that up. The point is that my folks were informed by the Doc the ultrasound showed two fetuses originally. While there were some medical concerns, I was born healthy and mom was okay. But my father had a sense of humor. The other kid was ‘RePete’, I know, bad joke.


Most everybody has forefathers, I’m the only guy I ever heard of that has three mothers. Now, of course, I have only one biological mother. That’s Danni, or more properly, Danielle; my step-mom is Susan, everybody calls her Susie; and Danni’s partner is Shannon. They’ve all raised me since I was three. Danni and Shannon live just a block down from Dad and Susie. Me, I live in both houses. Everyone gets along with each other. All the drama was over before I went to kindergarten.

Dad had an affair with Susie when I was just past two. Danni found out about it six months into the relationship. She was pissed and about more than just dad cheating. But then she was seduced herself by Shannon, who she knew from work. Shannon was a lesbian and Danni discovered that she was bi-sexual. She was happier with Shannon, Dad was happier with Susie. It was a friendly divorce; an amiable custody sharing.

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I wound up with four parents and two bedrooms. They had the details worked out on everything, long before I learned to play one off the other. Thus, I usually had the best of both worlds. Except on importation issues, and then Dad and Danni would confer and come to an agreement. Susie and Shannon were my allies, unless I really screwed up. In that case, I had four angry adults to contend with. But that was seldom.

Each of the three gals was like a mother to me. They had their strengths and weaknesses, like anyone does. But they were all ‘moms’, mothering women, and that’s what I called them; Mom, or mother, sometimes mommy, when I was little, or got emotional. When any two were in the same room, to avoid confusion, I called each by their first names. If I skinned a knee, I ran to the closest mom. Any of the three would comfort me, and I loved them all, each in their own unique way; Just like a parent loves each child, though they have several. Only I was the single son, to the four parents.

I wasn’t pampered, or spoiled, but I learned to get my way. It was learning family politics, that and my natural charm, which made for a smooth childhood. Those skills were the same things that helped me seduce all three of the ladies who mothered me. I turned twenty-one a week before Easter. Not that I hadn’t lusted after each of them long before then, since puberty, really. It was only happenstance that things started to fall into place right then, which provided the opportunity to make love to the trio. One at a time, no orgy, just your ordinary seduction, times three. Sometimes I was doing the seducing, other times I was seduced sort of; and there was all kinds of fiddling around that went on otherwise which I’ll mention, since they were part of the dynamics behind this story.

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