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It was a cold winter night and every one had left for the winter carol and feeling really naughty. I hooked up the surround sound and turned on my favorite porn tube.

I typed in hardcore anal fuck because i was feeling real abusive. On the screen this petite blond bitch with small tits came out of the shower body soak and wet looking like a innocent little lamb. I whip out my dick so i can be ready to stroke this monster.

The blonde bitch is meeting with a black man with a huge dick. I fast forward to the good part and stop on a scene on this big black man choking and fucking her throat hard as hell my dick jumps. Spitting on my hand i begin. I fast forward to him hardcore fucking her ass she screams i stroke faster and faster i stand up and beat my dick fast Asfk

“aww fuck yeah bitch you like this dick huh” i moan out loud.

The blonde bitch screams louder i stroke faster im imagining me pounding this bitches ass hole till she passes out. I fill my dick filling up with cum

“ yeah bitch im bout to bust a fast ass nut in that fat ass hole” out of no where i hear “mmm no daddy nut on my face”

My eyes widen and i see my sister down on her knees in front of me she grabs my dick and begins to deep throat my shit fuck this is so wrong but feels so great i dont stop her i grab her hair and begin to force my dick down her throat fucking her face hard and fast like the big dick man on the porn “open you mouth take this dick” she gags and spits all over my ten inch dick i fuck her face harder she takes my dick out her mouth and looks at me and says “fuck my ass please” i turn her over ripping her panties off and i slide my dick in her ass with ease “omg fuuuuuck” she yells out she spreads her ass so i can go deeper i begin to fuck her a little faster her ass is so tight gripping on my dick fuck i choke that bitch and begin to fuck her ass harder she screams out “OMG YES YES YES Yes pound this ass” i black out and loose control now im drilling her ass deep as fuck she says “wait please stop your hurting me” i pin her down to the coffee table and start to fuck her alot faster and harder i yell out “ shut up bitch you like this dick take it take it take it you little slut aaaaah fuck” shes screams “omg please wait wait wait i cant take it all so fast” i dont give two fucks about what shes saying i turn her over so i can see the pain in her face her face is red and her eyes full of tears ass i rip her asshole apart you would think i would stop but this actually turns me on i laugh at her pain

“Haha yeah bitch you want to be fucked hard right shut the fuck up before i fuck you harder bitch take this dick”

“tell me you love this dick in you ass”

she cries out “ i love you dick in my ass”

i smile shes making my dick harder i fuck a little faster “yes bitch yes tell me you want me to fuck yyou the hardest i can and call me daddy” her eyes widen she hesitates i yell “say it bitch” she cries out “i want you to fuck me as hard as you can daddy” i choke her and say “ is that wat you want you fucking slutty whore okay bitch here it comes” i pick her up and pin her face to the wall so i can fuck her from the back her head hits the wall and she screams i slam my dick back in her ass and fuck her hard as fuck i mean so hard she screams out

“OMG I CANT TAKE IT I CANT I CANT OMG” i cover her mouth with one hand and choke with the other and fuck her harder i yell out

“AHHHHH BITCH FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK BITCH TAKE THIS DICK BITCH THAT ASS IS MINES” im fucking the shit out of this little bitch and there is nothing she can do but take it she cries out

“omg please stop please please please” i pound even harder “im bout to nut bitch” i pull my dick out and throw her to her knees and push her against the wall and i shove my dick deep down her throat choking her with my dick fucking her face hard as fuck “aaaah here it comes bitch here it comes” one last deep stroke down her throat and i explode the biggest nut ive ever nutted i yell out

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK SWALLOW IT BITCH SWALLOW MY NUT BITCH FUUUUUCK YES” she does as i say and swallows all of my nut and drops to thhe floor. Her ass gaping wider than it has ever been shes crying on the floor i really fucked the shit out of her she looks at me and says

“i told you i couldnt take it”

i look at her and say “you gone learn to take it kause when i want to fuck bitch that ass pussy and throat is mine do you hear me” she whimpers a little and i yell “ do you hear me slut” she cries “yes” i say “ no bitch its yes master” on her knees she looks up at me and says “Yes Master” i smile “ good girl now get up before mom and dad sees you like this” i slap her on the ass and she goes and cleans up now every day after school when our parents our gone i fuck the shit out of my sister giving her all my hot nut she has the best ass ive ever fucked.

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