My Sister Eva Started It All

Ever since I was just learning to speak I have called my sister Evie, pronounced like the letters E V. At first I guess she thought it was cute, but as she grew older she lost her fondness for the moniker. Any how, I still called her that and she started acting like I was a royal pain in her ass. Maybe it had a lot to do with the two year (well, 1 ½ years actually but two grades) difference in our ages. When she was a senior in high school I was just a sophomore. I hated to admit it but Evie was the hottest girl in school, probably the entire town! That meant all the other hot girls hung out with her. You know … birds of a feather … that sort of thing.

And I SO wanted to date one of the hot girls in school, but that just pissed off Evie as she thought I was trying to horn in on her fun. She was wrong but looking back I can see her point. It was a wedge that pushed us further and further apart as she wanted to be with her friends without having to ‘baby sit’ her LITTLE brother! That pissed me off since I was horny, not in need of a baby sitter! Once I discovered girls as objects of desire — and boy did I DESIRE them — my sister tossed me out of at least five parties per year.

Sis went to the local college and reluctantly agreed to help save our parents some money by living at home. Being super hot as she is, and a great dancer/gymnast she was able to make the varsity cheerleading squad as a freshman, and as such would make the team every year after without trying out. Once again this meant she was ‘in’ with a group of super hot college babes.

She had the squad over to practice several times at our house and I soon fell in lust with Amber, same year as my sister and just as fucking hot! The first time I made a move on her Evie came up and said in a sickening sing-song voice, “Oh Amber, you need to meet my LITTLE brother, Dale, he is a JUNIOR at Flynn high school!” Amber’s jaw dropped about four feet before she recovered and made a hasty retreat. Evie then said, “Dale, why don’t you just let me have my life without trying to wiggle your way into it!” (After that the rest of the girls on the squad just ignored me as if I were part of the furnishings and not a person; guess they all got the word from Evie.)

“But she is soooo damned hot! Almost as hot as you are!”

“Nice try you pencil dicked shithead! Flattery will get you nothing but a hard kick in your little balls!”

Time flies and I am now a senior while Evie is a stuck up sophomore at the local college.

I suppose I should tell about myself. I used to be a little shrimp, the guy whose picture they put in the body building ads as the ‘before’ picture. Thus her unaffectionate nickname for me. Every time she is really pissed at me she calls me ‘pencil dicked shithead’. Even though I have now, as an 18 year old senior in high school, filled out into a 6’2″ 210 pound hunk of solid muscles she still calls me that. Trouble is, I no longer have the pencil dick that I had as a baby boy, instead I now sport a solid eight inches that is as big around as my wrist! (If I measured it down the underside to my balls it is nearly 11 ½” but that is probably cheating to measure it like that.) My balls grew right along with my dick and each is about the size of a small peach or large plum! (I need to jack off at least three times a day — usually more — just to keep them from getting too full and hurting like hell. It doesn’t take much to work up a huge load of man cream.) When I am lucky enough to get a girl ready to fuck, I have to keep her from seeing my manhood or the night is over! Sort of like ‘sticker shock’ but I call it ‘fucker shock’. If I can just fuck them first, they love it and want more, but if they see it first, it’s over! Stupid high school girls.

Anyway, I have snuck into several parties at her college and each time was doing a good job of wooing the ladies up until my sister announced LOUDLY the presence of a high school kid and that always got me tossed on my ear out the door.

Today I heard Evie and Amber discussing the Halloween costume party that they were going to on Friday night. Evie was going as the genie from the “I Dream of Genie” TV show, and Amber was going as Elvira. (She certainly had the body for it and the long black hair) They were still talking about it when I stepped into the room carrying my own costume. “Hi Evie…”

“It’s EVA!”

“Yeah, whatever, anyway, as I was saying, hi Evie and hellllooo sexy Amber…”

“Dale, I’ve told you before, STOP!” Evie said as Amber smiled at me and blushed.

“Shit, can a guy never finish a thought around you? So you gals are going to a party too.”

“You’re going to a different one right, my DEAR brother,” Evie snarled at me, emphasizing the word ‘dear’.

“I don’t know, which party are you going to?”

Amber quickly said, “The one at Phi Jama Jama fraternity!” Then quickly got a glare from my sister and she shut her mouth tightly.

I could tell my sister was pisssssssed off so I quickly said, “Hey, guess it’s your lucky weekend, sis, I’m going to one over at Randy’s parents’ house! Too bad as I know how much you like it when I show up where you are.” I easily ducked her punch and swatted her ass before stepping back and saying, “Look, I’ve even got my costume ready, I’m going as the cowboy Hop-A-long Cassidy.”

Evie turned up her nose in disgust saying, “Very um, original, Tex,” then both of them broke out in raucous laughter. I left them alone and was soon finding out everything I could about Phi Jama Jama fraternity. Then I called around town and found a costume place with a Spiderman costume in my size that came as a top, bottom and head covering. For what I had planned I didn’t want to be in a complete body suit!

Friday came and Amber and Evie were getting ready for their party. I noticed that Evie had a jacket in her room and it wasn’t really cold out, hmmmmm. After donning my cowboy outfit I knocked on her door as I turned the knob and pushed it open. Evie jumped as she applied her makeup, putting a big streak of blue shit on her cheek. What I really noticed was that THIS Genie had a fairly easy to see through top and when she jumped her luscious boobs bounced nicely making her bright pink nipples move all about under the shear fabric.

“Damn sis, even YOU look sexy tonight!” I said as she glared at me and tried to cover her chest. “Too late, sis, all ready saw them both! They’re nearly as nice as Amber’s are!” Amber smiled and blushed again. “You two make me wish I hadn’t volunteered to help with the party at Randy’s place! I’d love to be there at Fly Yama Bama tonight! Oh well, have fun and watch out for spooky monsters! Elvira, you look soooooooo hot!”

Then I was out the door and gone as Evie threw something hard at her door with a loud thud. As I walked down the hall I could hear her cussing me out as Amber said, “I think he’s kinda cute!” I couldn’t catch her words but I could tell Evie was really letting her have it for even saying something nice about me.

I drove over to Randy’s house and thanked him for holding onto my Spiderman costume for me. “You just promise to let me know if this charade works, you cocky bastard!” he said with a huge grin. We both thought my sister was hot but he is short and not at all good looking, so I doubt he would have a chance of getting up to the plate with her. Can’t blame him for hoping though. I changed into my Spiderman outfit and he looked at me and said, “Jesus fucking Christ, didn’t they have one in your size?!”

I looked where he was looking and saw my five inches of soft flaccid dick tucked down my left thigh and laughed at him. “This did fit good, until I had the costume lady take it in for me because I wanted it tight. She didn’t want to until I let her, um, feel the problem. Then she agreed to do it as long as she got to properly measure it so that the costume would look perfect on me. She took several measurements, about five with her tape measure and two time consuming ones with her throat!”

“Bull shit!”

“True as the day is long! First she had to suck me to find out how big I get and then measure it. She couldn’t stand the sight of me sticking out like that so she finished me off letting me blow my wad right down to her stomach as she managed to get about seven inches into her mouth and throat before gagging. After she made the alterations, she blew me again to make certain that it fit properly, and then happily finished me off once more. She isn’t much to look at but two blowjobs is two more than I expected to get so I had no problem with it. Besides, she wasn’t butt ugly or anything like that.”

“Fucking lucky bastard!”

“No, I become that if I get into the party and some how manage to fuck Amber tonight. That frat house is the wildest one on campus!”

I checked my reflection in the mirror and then left with him bidding me a hearty “Good luck!” I drove around for awhile and went to the drive up at Burger King for a Whopper and a Coke. No way did I want to get there on an empty stomach and get drunk from one drink! Finally about 9:15 I parked down the street from the frat house and donned my tight fitting hood mask, then walked up to the door with a group of about seven other people in costumes. The guy at the door looked us over and said hi to the ones whose identity he could discern, then let us all in. He never gave me a second look as I was the tallest of the group.

Nearly instantly somebody handed me a beer and a topless girl ran up and gave me a tongue filled kiss! She broke the kiss and said, “Hi Spiderman, I’m Eve! I lost my Adam, will you take his place?”

I looked her over quickly and said, “Maybe later Eve, but right now I’m trying to find somebody. Nice tits though,” I said as I boldly reached out and pinched her right tit.

She reached out and stroked my limp dick and gasped when she watched it grow down my leg. “WOW Spidy, if you don’t find her, you come find me, please?!”

After nearly an hour I thought I had finally found Amber’s Elvira only to discover the girl was supposed to be Lilly Munster! She didn’t let that deter her as she kissed me hard and ground our bodies together for a long time. When she finally broke our embrace she reached down and ran her fingers the entire length of my dick and asked, “Is this all you? It’s not nice to fool with Lilly,” my cock head twitched as she slid her fingers around my tip and she groaned out “Ooooo, it IS real! Come find me when you are done with Elvira!”

Surprisingly, I bumped into Amber as she stumbled around wanting to know who was looking for her. She gave me a once over and then dropped her liquid impaired eyes to my crotch again and said “Just who is this gorgeous Spiderman that is looking for me?” I deepened my voice trying to keep her from recognizing me and we chatted briefly as we tried to dance. Finally she ground her mound against my third leg and said, “Oh god, come with me. I have got to try some of your huge cock!”

She led me through the throng of people and finally we entered a darkened room with mattresses on the floor. My eyes adjusted to the dimness and I realized people were sucking and fucking everywhere around us. She led us over to one side of the room and gave a couple engaged in a heated 69 a light kick and said, “Hey Chuck, Eva, move over a little and give a girl with stud in tow some room!” My sister was on top and lifted her sexy eyes from the guy’s 5 inch dick and said, “Hello Spidermannnnn! How did I manage not to see you before? Amber, you are soooooo lucky!” Then she dropped her head back onto the cock before her and resumed sucking on him.

My costume’s mask had a hole for the mouth so I could get down to business without having to remove it and I rapidly put that to use. In less than ten seconds I had Amber’s top off and was sucking both of her luscious tits, my head moving quickly from one to the other as she groaned in pleasure. Suddenly she shoved me away from her breasts and onto my back then groaned out, “I must see your cock!” Then she pulled my costume bottoms down and gasped loudly, making my sister and several people around us look over. Several male and female voices softly said, “Holy fuck”, or “Jesus H…” and Evie softly said, “Amber you lucky shit! Good luck!”

By then my cock was in Amber’s mouth as her tongue worked my cock head madly. She pulled her dress up and climbed over me in reverse cowgirl position, then gripped my shaft and put my tip at her entrance. Just before she would have sunk onto me I pulled my cock from her grip and huskily said, “No, turn around! I want to see your face!”

As quickly as she could due to her tipsy status, she turned around and leaned in to kiss me while once more guiding my cock to her fuck hole. “Like this, Spiderman? You want to watch me fuck your huge cock?”

“Oh yeahhhhh,” I groaned as she sank down onto me. I was in heaven but also thought Evie had glanced my way briefly. It wasn’t until her fourth full thrust down that I realized I had spoke in my normal voice, shit! My sister was back at her blowjob on her guy as he sucked her pussy and Amber was in another universe as my cock gave her pleasure she apparently had never known existed before. Her voice started out in soft, quiet tones a she cried out “Oh my god, you are so BIG! Nobody has ever been so deep in me before … Oh god … oh GOD … Oh shit I’M CUMMING ALREADY!” and she was screaming in pleasure as she rode me to her first climax. My hands were squeezing her gorgeous tits and then I leaned up and began sucking on one hard nipple then the other as her climaxes rolled on and on. By the time Amber was crying out in the midst of her third orgasm, practically every one of the girls were looking over at me wondering why it wasn’t them that was happily fucking herself on my cock. The guys got pissed and soon the room was nearly empty. Only Evie and her guy remained along with two couples who were out cold, having passed out in the middle of their fuck. Evie had moved on top of her guy and was trying to ride his cock but I could tell she wasn’t getting any pleasure from her efforts. In reality, she was watching her best friend bouncing on my shaft as orgasm after orgasm racked her beautiful body.

Suddenly Amber tensed as my cock grew even bigger inside her and she screamed out, “OH YES! OH FUCK, SPIDERMAN, GIVE IT TO ME, GIVE ME YOUR CUM! OH FUCK ME AND FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM!” She was rocking her pussy on me, her opening tightly attached to me as if we were one body. My balls erupted into her, blasting torrents of cum against her cervix as she screamed in climax once again! Amber arched her back and her head fell back letting her long hair tickle my legs as she shivered in ecstasy as wave after glorious wave of bliss washed over her.

As Amber shook hard above me she soon lost the ability to speak in any language, her sounds having no meaning at all. Still her body was forcing her pussy harder and harder onto me as her climax pounded her body into submission! Finally she slowed her movements and straightened her body. Her eyes came back into focus and she looked down at me with her face aglow with love and lust quite briefly before she keeled over and passed out, exhausted from our lovemaking and her thunderous climaxes.

Amber slowly dropped between my body and that of my sister’s fuck mate and she breathed deeply with a contented smile on her face. Making certain to keep my voice deep I said, “Hey, Amber, are you alright?” I was getting worried when my sister reached over and gently put her hand on my arm.

I looked into her lust crazed eyes as she said, “Don’t worry about her; it has happened before, just not from fucking. I sucked her clit once till she passed out, just like she did now. You must have really rocked her world to put her out like this!”

Not wanting to sit around and talk to Evie, I slid out from under Amber’s leg and patted her fine ass as I said deeply, “You were great doll, hope you wake up soon.” I started to pull up my costume bottoms when Evie reached over and grabbed my cock in her delicate hand.

My eyes met hers and she said “Do you really have to leave already? My guy here passed out and turned into a limp noodle under me; trust me that is not good for a girl’s self esteem! I could really use a good hard fuck, and I know I can make you feel REAL good!” As she spoke her hand was slowly stroking the entire length of my still hard cock. Before I could make up my mind — I mean I didn’t come here to fuck MY SISTER, just Amber and her sweet pussy — Evie leaned over and inhaled my shaft to the back of her mouth and bobbed several times on me as her eyes searched mine through my mask.

She must have sensed it as just before I was going to push her away and finish dressing she moved a bit to her side and then pushed forward not stopping until her nose was pressed tightly to my pubic hair! No girl had ever swallowed my entire cock before! I jerked up into a sitting position and emitted a huge groan of pleasure and Evie pulled off of me and quickly gave me a passionate kiss, her eyes still searching mine. Finally I thought, ‘What the fuck, why not do it? She’s a bitch who deserves it after all the shit she has dished out to me over the years. She’ll never know it was me.’

So I decided to make her beg me to fuck her. “Oh, I don’t know,” my deep voice said, “your friend was a great fuck; I might not be able to keep it up for you!”

In desperation my sister pleaded, “Don’t you worry about that, Spiderman, I can suck you back to full strength as often as I need to!” and to prove it she dove back onto me using her lips, tongue and throat muscles to work my cock into a harder than steel shaft. I glanced at her passed out fuck buddy and gave her a look that screamed ‘doubtful’. She pulled off of me and said triumphantly, “See, no problem with that! Don’t worry about him; he’s just one of the guys. But I’ve always wanted to suck and fuck a cock like yours, just never thought I would EVER see one.”

Again I moved as if to leave and she jumped up and straddled me then dropped her pussy right onto me, not stopping until she had over half of my cock up her velvet tunnel. “Oh fuckkkkkkkk that’s so good! Oh PLEASE don’t leave yet! Please fuck me with your wonderful cock, PLEASE!” All the while she begged me her pussy was pumping on and off of me, slowly working more of me in until she sat there with about seven inches stuffed inside of her. “Please, let me fuck you and then after I climax I’ll suck you off and swallow your cum…oh god PLEASE!”

In my deep voice I slowly said, “Well, you do feel really nice like this. And you can suck cock extremely well. Okay, you’re on!”

Boy was she! Evie was pounding her hips onto me over and over as her tunnel opened fully and took me to her deepest realms, my cock head bruising her cervix as she slammed onto me in a frenetic pace. I watched her face contort as several small climaxes hit her, then she scrunched up her face in pleasure and screamed “OH MY GODDDD I’M CUMMMMING! I’M CUMMING SO FUCKING HARD! OH GOD YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, yes, yes, yes, yes, FUCKKKKKKKKKK!” My sister kept bouncing wildly on my shaft as her groans went on and on until finally her body began to slow and her head slumped down against her chest.

I lifted her head up and said deeply, “Don’t even think about passing out on me! You’ve got a cock to suck and a gallon of cum to swallow!”

Evie looked down at me and a big grin swept her face before she softly said, “I thought you would never ask!” Slowly she pulled her well fucked pussy from me and knelt between my legs. Then she looked into my eyes as she slowly took my cock into her mouth and all the way to the base in one continuous movement. God but I groaned when she did that! “Oh, do you like that, S-man?” I guessed that saying Spiderman would take her too long so she had shortened it up a bit, not that I minded. Instead I just nodded my head and she happily resumed her oral work.

I do have incredible stamina when I want to, and since I had just filled Amber’s pussy with a huge load, I knew I could hold out for much longer than my sister expected her mystery man to do. I found a clock hanging on the wall and was laughing on the inside as twenty minutes passed and my sister was still doing everything she could think of to make me cum. I could tell she was frustrated that it was taking so long and I stoked the fire just a bit by gruffly saying, “Hurry up bitch! You said you’d make me cum and swallow it all! Come on, let’s get to it!”

She looked up at me with desperation written all over her face as she said around my cock head, “I’m twying, honesth I yam. I’ll do bedder, sthoon ou’ll be clummin.” She dropped back down fully onto my shaft and she was hungrily trying to drain my balls down her lovely throat. Her eyes were begging to me as she frantically jerked my shaft with both hands while she swirled her tongue rapidly around my cock head, her lips sucking hard on my bulbous head. Then she would release her hands and slam down onto me driving her nose into my abdomen hard as she bounced her face on me.

I decided to let her have my load (I had been holding it back just to torment her) and she felt it as my cock swelled even more between her lips and she groaned around me “Ummm hmmm. Ummm hmmm!” I grabbed her head and held her nose to my pubic hair as my first four blasts of cum rocketed straight into her stomach. Then I pushed her head back about six inches and held her there as the remaining five huge ropes of cum filled her mouth to over flowing time and time again. Evie’s eyes bulged out as she desperately worked at swallowing everything I had to give her and I gave her a lot!

I released her face and she gently worked her tongue and lips round and round my cock head making certain that she had fully drained me. “Holy shit,” she said finally pulling her well stretched mouth from my cock, “you really did have a gallon of cum in these things!” She squeezed my balls lightly as she said that.

Deeply my voice said, “That was really nice, slut, but now look what you’ve done!” She looked at my cock in surprise wondering what she had done wrong and I continued. “Just how the hell am I to get this back into my pants? Now I need to fuck you once again!”

I pulled her down onto her back next to Amber and took position with my cock just at the entrance to her pussy. “Well, bitch, what do you want me to do?” I huskily asked.

MY slut sister grabbed my hips and wrapped her legs around my ass then used all four appendages to pull me hard into her as she cried out, “Oh god, fuck ME!!!!!!! Fuck me harder than I’ve ever been fucked before! Make me cum on your cock till I can’t cum anymore!” Funny, that was what I had just decided to do to her I thought to myself with an inward chuckle.

As I started thrusting into

her I glanced at the clock on the wall, it showed 10:45. In no time Evie was gripping tightly to me as she shook violently under her first climax of this go around. I just kept right on going, paying her no mind as I drove my cock hard into her core. She grabbed my face and pulled us together kissing me fiercely as our bodies worked in unison as we slammed into each other. My right hand pinched her left nipple before I gripped it really hard and pulled it out about 2½ inches. She screamed as her back arched and her pussy clamped onto me harder than she had before, her second orgasm coursing through her tight young body as I just kept pounding into her.

As her climax waned she began moaning out “oh my god … oh my god … oh my god …” in time with my cock bottoming out inside her pussy. I looked once more at the clock and it showed 11:05 and I knew I was in for the long haul. Soon my never ending thrusts had her groaning hard into my shoulder and she was urging me to make her cum once more. My hand snaked in between us and quickly found her clit, making her eyes bulge in surprise. The first time I rubbed it between my thumb and forefinger she stiffened as she cried out “OH GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! OH FUCK ME I’M CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMING! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OH! OHFUCKYESOHGOD! YESSSS FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER … HARDER … THAT’S IT, FUCK ME AND MAKE ME YOUR BITCH!” Her cries rose in pitch and soon became inaudible as her body shook violently beneath me.

After she came back down I eased up just a bit and then gently reached under her legs and lifted them up and back until her knees were pressed to the mattress on either side of her shoulders. “Oh my god, you are in me so deep,” she groaned as I resumed my slow thrusts, my cock pulling back until just my tip remained inside, then I reversed until my base pressed hard against her opening. After getting her going that way I dropped my hips an inch or so thus changing the angle of penetration. This forced my cock head to rub hard against her g-spot on each inward and outward stroke. My first stroke made Evie emit a deep and raspy groan of pleasure while I slowly picked up my pace once more.

“Oh my god, you fucking stud, I’m going to cum again! Oh my god YYYYEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!” and her vaginal muscles clamped down onto me like a ten ton press! It was difficult, but I managed to continue moving in and out of her tight passage while she cried out continuously in the beautiful agony of her climax. My sister’s head was rolling side to side as she groaned and her climax slowly faded away.

Suddenly her hands came up and grabbed at my mask, trying to somehow get it off of me. “Show me your face! I have to know who it is that has fucked me so good! Tell me who you are!”

I drove my hips forward forcing my cock deeper than ever into her and making her gasp. At the same time I grabbed her hands and said as deeply as I could, “It’s Halloween, bitch, that’s why we wear masks!” Then I quickly pulled out and flipped her onto her hands and knees before slamming my cock forcefully back into her dripping wet pussy. After giving her two more thrusts she was no longer thinking about my identity.

“Oh god yes, fuck me from behind! I love this position! Don’t stop, whoever you are! Just fuck me and don’t stop fucking me! Oh god help me, I love your massive cock! Say you’ll fuck me forever!” She powered her hips back at me as she called out once more, “God damn it, SAY IT!”

I was pounding relentlessly into her and could only managed a grunted “Forever”, in my real voice. My sister jerked her head up and started to turn to look at me just before she screamed out, “Oh fuck yes, I’m cumming! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck my fucking ass!” She continued crying out and groaning in pleasure as her climax pulverized her tight body until she could only hang her head as she struggled for breath.

My hand gripped my shaft as I pulled fully out of her before I changed the angle and pushed right back in, this time shoving about two inches of cock up her ass before she cried out, “Oh shit, not there! You’re too big, please not my ass!”

I gripped her shaking hips tightly and slowly increased my pressure with my hips as I said, “Bull shit, bitch! You just told me to ‘fuck your fucking ass’ and that is exactly what I am going to do!”

“Oh god no! I didn’t mean it!” she cried out as I slipped another inch into her tight little ass. Then I held my position firmly as she moaned and continued begging me to pull out. I reached forward and grabbed her messy but still tied “genie’ style hair and pulled her head back.

“You asked for this, and now you are going to get it, bitch,” I said in my deep voice and as I continued pulling she eased her ass back onto me another inch or so. “Come on sexy, you’ve only got an inch to go (it was really more like four but why tell her that), you know you want it! Come on bitch, shove your ass back and take all of me!” I was concerned that part of my speech was more normal voice than the deep one I was using but she was so into getting her ass pummeled by me that she didn’t seem to notice. She wiggled her ass before groaning as she pushed back against me and soon I gruffly said, “Good girl, you’ve got my entire cock up your ass hole!”

“Oh my god, you are so fucking huge!” my sister groaned as her body quivered on my cock. I loosened my hold on her hair and she let her head fall forward as she started slowly pulling off of me and then pressing back onto me. Only an inch or so at first but soon she was pounding nearly my entire shaft into her sexy ass. In minutes she was working her ass on my shaft in a blur just before her body stiffened as she screamed in climax once more. I took over thrusting into her as she could no longer manage it on her own.

After her climax was over I slowed and waited for her to regain her composure before resuming my full thrusts into her delectable ass. She tried to turn her head but simply couldn’t and so she just let it drop as she softly asked, “Why haven’t you cum yet? Every guy I’ve ever been with would have cum ten times by now…that is if he could still keep it up.”

“I’ll cum when I’m ready!” I told her. “As for me, right now I just want you to know you will NEVER find any guy who can fuck you like I am tonight!” Damn, a few words weren’t deep enough and I thought I saw her react to them. She groaned hard as I resumed my hard and deep thrusts into her well stretched puckered hole.

Once again I reached around her and found her pussy dripping with her juices. God she was soaking wet! Her body jerked in surprise when I slipped a finger into her pussy, then two and finally a third as I was fucking my hand into her cunt in time with my cock’s fucking into her ass hole. When she was groaning non-stop from her double fucking I moved my thumb up to her clit and rubbed it fiercely as I pounded both of her holes.

Evie let out such a blood curdling scream that I thought it would bring the entire host of partiers running into the room, but nobody arrived. Well, nobody came but my sister who babbled incoherently as she shook violently on my shaft and fingers. As she came back down to earth I pulled my fingers from her pussy I sniffed them and then licked her juices from them as Evie turned her head to watch me.

One might think I had been doing it for years instead of just the past seven months when I pulled fully out of her ass and said, “Suck my cock.” She did it after slowly turning around, her talented mouth taking me fully down her throat as she removed all residues from her ass. “That’s enough, now I want your pussy,” I said in my deep voice and she expertly spun around then shoved right back at me forcing my cock into her pussy all the way to the bottom. “Ohhhhh fucking hell,” she moaned as I bottomed out. This time I was pounding her pussy with only one goal in mind, I wanted to cum! Minutes later Evie cried out and then shook violently again as she came without a word, her teeth biting her lower lip to remain silent.

The room was echoing with the slapping sounds of our bodies smacking against each other over and over. Evie was mumbling gibberish as her passion swelled once more. My cock began to grow inside her and she perked up her head as she softly said, “Oh please, give me your cum! Shoot your seed into me! Do it, I want to feel it when you blast my insides with your cum!” I gave her three more hard full thrusts into her pussy and she tore the mattress covering open when she clenched her fists as she cried out “Oh fuck, I’m cumming again!” just as my balls powered up and my fire hose cock blasted her insides with one huge stream of cum after another.

Each blast from my cock was received with a loud groan and a shudder from Evie! Soon she was sobbing into the mattress as both of our climaxes reached their Zenith and began to recede. I was afraid I had hurt her but then I could hear her sobbing, “Nobody’s ever fucked me like this, NEVER! And I don’t even know who you are. Please take off your mask so I can see you! Please.”

My deep voice softly said, “No, my mask stays on! But you my dear Genie were one fantastic fuck!” I looked to my side and Amber was watching us through glazed eyes. “In fact, you were almost as good as Amber here is!” I leaned over and gave her a kiss on her lips and she just looked back at me and then at my sister sprawled before me. When I pulled out of her fuck hole, Evie simply fell forward onto her face with a groan, her lips trying to move but nothing was coming out of them.

I pulled my costume bottoms back up before I bent down to Amber once more and deeply said, “I hope you are okay, I didn’t want to hurt you!” She formed a weak smile on her dazed looking face and nodded to me. Then I leaned down and put my face right next to my sister’s as my hand rubbed her ass and then slid up and rubbed the side of her 32D breast.

She looked like she wanted to speak but I put a finger on her lips and used my deep voice to say, “Thanks for begging me to let you suck me off and fuck you! You are one fantastic fuck … for a bitch.” Her eyes blinked when I called her that and she tried to focus on my eyes once more. Then I resumed in my deep voice but slowly reverted into my real voice as I softly said, “It’s not so bad that you never saw my face. You can always ask some pencil dicked shithead to help you out if you get horny!” Her eyes grew wider than I had ever seen them as she tried to find my face as I started to standup. My hand reached down and pushed her face back into the mattress as I whispered “See you at home, Evie!” I was gone in a flash, but not before I glanced at the clock, which now read 12:25.

When I stepped through the open doorway and closed the door behind me the entire crowded hallway broke into applause and cheers at the stud in the Spiderman suit. The girls just stared at me in awe with their mouths hanging open. I acknowledged them and made my way through the mass of people, many of girls grabbed at my cock bulging in my pant leg as I passed them.

Not expecting to be out so late, I simply went home in the Spiderman outfit, instead of swapping it at Randy’s place. Our folks were in bed so I didn’t have to explain the outfit I was wearing, or its unusual fit. Instead I just hung it on a hook in my bedroom and went to sleep in the nude like usual. Man did I sleep soundly with a huge smile on my face!

Chapter Two.

I woke up around 7:30 Saturday morning feeling happier than I could ever remember! I had managed to find Amber at the party and she sucked my shaft before climbing on top of me and riding my cock through several orgasms until we both climaxed at the same time, an event that made her pass out and fall off of me in a deep sleep right after she finished shaking. What I hadn’t expected was my own sister begging me to fuck her and then sucking me for several moments to show she meant it. I decided it was the perfect time to get back at her for all the shit she had given me so I let her suck me off until I flooded her mouth with cum and then I fucked her hard and deep for over an hour and a half! Evie had been slammed with at least eleven powerful climaxes during our tryst and was unable to move when I left her sprawled on the mattress.

When I stumbled into the kitchen wearing just a pair of boxers, mom and dad were just getting ready to leave. “Good morning, son! Looks like you must have had a fun time at Randy’s party!” dad said. “Your sister has been moaning all night so she may not wake up for quite some time! I’ll bet she had too much beer last night!”

“Yeah, probably too much of something,” I said with a laugh.

Both of them told me to be nice to my sister and then said they’d be back quite late as they had several places to go in search of antiques, one of their favorite activities. They left and I ate some breakfast before grabbing a Coke and returning to my room to surf the web. I peeked into Evie’s room and she was in the fetal position with both of her hands tight against her pussy as she moaned and groaned some more.

I chuckled out loud and then went to my room, leaving her door wide open. About two hours later I heard her stirring and then later heard the toilet flush. Soon she was standing in my doorway holding onto the door frame to help steady herself. Her hair and makeup were a mess and she looked like a freight train had driven right through her. I ignored her presence and called up another page on my E-bay account.

Evie cleared her throat and I looked up smiling broadly at her as I said cheerfully, “Good morning sis! I had a GREAT time at my party last night, how about you?” She dropped her eyes for a moment and I said “Oh, oh, my sister had a bad night. I am really sorry to hear that!”

“How could you,” she softly asked?

“What? I couldn’t hear you sis, speak up please.”

Evie forced herself to speak louder and repeated, “How could you?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

She took three steps and grabbed the hanging costume and shook it softly at me. “This, Dale! How could you fuck me last night like you did?”

“Was that you?” I said in mock surprise. “Wow sis, you have a damn fine ass!”

“How could you fuck your own sister?! That’s … that’s … that’s, um, shit I know it’s illegal, I just can’t think of the name for it!”

“You mean incest? Well it may be illegal but it sure was great! Wouldn’t you agree dear sister?”

“Stop it you … you damned mother fucker!”

“Hey, a new moniker for me! Cute but no, I haven’t tried that yet. Mom is pretty hot though, hmmm.”

“Dale, STOP!” she shouted at me.

“All right, back to your question. Let’s see, I tried several times to get away from you, but you were begging me to let you ride my cock and then let you suck me dry. Jesus was it difficult to hold out that long while you blew me! You really can suck cock, Evie!”

She blushed lightly and mumbled a soft “thanks” before I went on.

“As I recall, when I asked you what you wanted me to do, you said something about fucking you harder than you ever had been, to fuck you till you couldn’t cum anymore.” She just looked at the floor so I finished with, “Tell me I didn’t do both of those things for you! Tell me you were ready for the rest of the frat house to gang up on you when I left and begged them to fuck you some more!”

She stayed silent and I laughed before saying “I didn’t think so! Now get out of my room you fucking bitch!”

She didn’t move and finally I turned to face her and asked, “Well, NOW what do you want?”

Her eyes burned into mine for several seconds before she dropped them to my lap where my cock was resting at about half mast due to our talk. Her eyes finally came back up to meet mine and she softly said, “Dale, fuck me again! Please fuck me without the mask! I want to watch the man with the best cock ever while he fucks me to another huge climax! Just don’t over do it, I’m rather sore.”

I got up and walked over to her and then picked her up and tossed her onto my bed. Suddenly she looked wide awake as I approached her. I pulled her nightgown over her head, revealing her nakedness as she grabbed my boxers and pushed them off my hips where they slipped easily to the floor. I stepped out of them and got onto the bed beside her and started to climb between her legs face first. “No, I’m so horny you don’t need to do that, yet. Just push your big cock into me and fuck me! I need to feel my brother’s cock inside me again!”

Grinning, I moved up her body, stopping to kiss each of her nipples and make her groan in pleasure. My cock pressed up against her opening and I looked into her eyes, our faces inches apart. “So my beautiful sister, one last chance; are you certain this is what you want?”

Evie wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me in for a soft yet passionate kiss before saying, “Do it, bro, push your cock into me and fuck me like you really mean it! Make me scream!” My hips had pushed my tip into her so the moment she said that I just slammed forward, my cock instantly bottoming out against her cervix once more. “Oh goddddddddd, yes! Do it, Dale! That feels SO good! Oh god yes, pound me with your cock!” Then she wrapped her legs around my hips and held tight to me as my hips began thrusting hard and deep into her quaking pussy. She screamed in climax in less than four minutes as her hips humped back up at me, her fingers digging into my arms.

We rolled around on my bed, her on top, then me again, then Evie once more as she came at least three more times on my rock hard cock. I returned to the top position and began pounding her relentlessly as she stared into my eyes. I grabbed her feet and placed them onto my shoulders making her groan in pleasure before she cried out “Oh god yes, Dale. Fuck me and make me cum WITH you. Fill me with your cum, claim my pussy as yours and yours alone!”

I rose to the occasion and released my cum as it plastered the back wall of her pussy with my huge load of cream. Evie screamed and kissed me deeply as her body shook violently as she came with me. Once we had both come down I gently let her feet back down and then rolled us over to keep my weight off of her.

“Christ almighty, you are incredible! I can’t believe my little brother is the best fuck ever!” She kissed me several times before laying her head on my chest and just resting. Every few moments I could feel her pussy clutching at my cock as another convulsion passed through her body. After a particularly strong one she lifted her head up and said, “I can’t believe it but I just came again! Not a big one or anything like that, just a nice soft shake as my body reacted to your huge cock pulsing inside of me!” She kissed me once more and then settled back into my arms as we just enjoyed the sensation of being so incredibly close.

I thought I heard something but Evie kissed me when my cock lurched inside of her once more and I forgot about the sound. Moments later I heard Amber scream out, “OH my god Eva! Not with him! Not with your shit head brother, oh my god! Oh Jesus how could you?”

Evie rolled her face towards her friend and gave her a grin before saying, “You ought to know, he’s the best fuck I’ve ever had!”

“No, last night you got the best fuck you’ve ever had! I watched some of it! I got fucked pretty good as well! But shit girlfriend, do you have to fuck your own brother so soon after that? I couldn’t fuck today if I wanted to!”

I looked up at my sister and said with a sad face, “Shit, she only got fucked ‘pretty good’. That can ruin a guy’s image.”

“Shut up dick head, Spiderman fucked me quite well last night. But god Eva, you’ve reached a new low here.” Amber glared at me before pleading with my sister, “Please come to your senses Eva and stop fucking him and get off of your albatross!”

Evie kept saying Amber’s name while Amber spoke and finally she literally shouted out a super loud and extremely long “AAAAAMMMMMBBBEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRR!” Her friend stopped talking and just looked at my sister with disgust written all over her face. “It’s about time you shut up! Look over there,” and she pointed to my costume hanging from the hook. “Guess who didn’t stay dressed as Hop-a-long for very long?”

“Shit, anybody can get that costume and hang it on a hook! That just shows he heard about us and got creative!”

Evie grinned at me before giving me a quick kiss. “Amber, take a look at your forearm for just a minute. Good, now take a look at this,” and she slowly lifted up and nearly off of my granite shaft. An audible gasp was heard as Evie neared my tip. “Satisfied now? Ahhhhhhhhh fuck he’s so good,” she said as her pussy slipped back over my shaft.

I noticed the sudden change in Evie’s demeanor and she suddenly cried out, “Oh fuck, what a turn on that was! Oh god Dale, I’m cumming again! Oh fuck, oh shitshitshitshit!” My sister’s hips began pounding her pussy on and off of me rapidly as she came again but then she slowed way down until she finally stopped all movement.

“HO … LY … SHIT!” Amber softly said as she walked around the bed and stared at our connection from where our feet were intertwined. Evie leaned way forward which pulled her nearly all the way off of me and Amber cried out, “Oh my god, you are him!” In a flash she was naked on the bed beside us pleading, “Oh god, Eva, get off of him so I can ride his wonderful cock again! Oh god I need it so bad!”

Evie looked at her and said, “But you said you couldn’t fuck today if you wanted to! Sounds like you want to which means I don’t need to move because you can’t fuck!”

“Selfish bitch!” Amber cried out as she pulled on Evie’s arm.

Evie laughed at her saying “Hey girlfriend, I’m just yanking your chain, and it was really wound up tight! I’m good for now. Besides I want to watch him in action as I was busy up until just before you keeled over last night.” As she spoke she lifted her delectable ass off of me and gave me one last kiss before moving away so Amber could climb onto me.

“Hey sexy!” I said as she positioned herself over my cock.

She looked into my eyes and snarled, “You’d better be HIM! If you are just a fake, I’m going to cut this fuck-stick off of you!”

“I’m not worried, and for your information I have a LOG, not a stick!”

Evie laughed out loud at that and Amber gave me another glare before she slowly lowered her body down onto my flagpole of a cock. “Oooohhhhh fuck,” she groaned as she bottomed out, our pelvic bones crushing together. Amber and Evie looked at each other and she said in a wavering voice, “Oh gosh, he certainly FEELS like the guy from last night!”

Amber lifted up and pushed herself back down twice before she looked at me in awe saying, “Oh my god YOU ARE HIM! Oh god Dale, I’m sorry I doubted you!” Amber was moving rapidly as she worked herself towards her first huge climax of the day. I grasped her face and pulled her lips to mine, our kiss reaching heights of passion I had never reached before! All through our kiss she was moaning in joy as she took my cock to her core over and over. My hands had found her tits and were tweaking her sensitive nipples when she clung tightly to me, her face by the crook of my neck as she cried out, “God yes, I’m cumming! Oh fuck Dale you’re making me cum!” Then she kissed me again and didn’t stop until her orgasm was over!

Once her climax had waned I rolled us over, finally taking the on top position with the love/lust of my life! I instantly started powering my cock hard into her, eventually lifting her ass in my hands and fucking her with her head and shoulders on the bed while her legs hung limply in the air behind me. She was groaning out “Oh … oh god yes … ooof … oh … god … oh … OH … OH … Fuck ME Dale, SHIT GOD OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OH, OHOHOHOHOHOH GAWDDDDDDDDDD!” My hands looped around her thighs and were pulling her pussy into me hard as my hips rapidly slammed into her gash like a jack hammer. Amber’s eyes bulged out as she screamed in orgasmic bliss again, her hands gripping the sheets by her sides.

Once more she suddenly fell limp as I held her body by her thighs and ass, her head arms and feet lying on the bed unmoving. Her eyes opened as tiny slits and she moaned out, “Ohhhhhh Dallllllle!” before struggling to pull her torso up until she could hug me and smother me in kisses. “You are TOTALLY the guy! I love how you make me cum so hard, but why were you looking for me at the party?”

“Yeah brother dear, why … her?”

I ignored Evie’s implications as I said, “Amber, you know that we really got along whenever Evie wasn’t there. The only time you acted mean to me was when she was there.”

“I’m so sorry, Dale” she said.

“Oh gosh, was I really such a bitch to you?” Evie asked.

“Yup,” I said to my sister before turning my attention back to Amber. “I’ve always wanted to date you but sis made sure I couldn’t even have a chance to prove myself. So I thought maybe I could get into the party and you’d be in the, um, party mood …”

“Wild and horny?” Amber volunteered.

“Well … yeah. Anyway I guess my suit got quite a bit of attention and I was lucky to find you. I never thought it would turn out so good with you, but I’m sure glad it did.”

I had lowered her body to the bed and was slowly fucking into her as we talked. Our talk was peppered with our moans and groans and soon she said, “Please, Dale, fill me with cum!”

“As you wish, my sweet Elvira!” I grabbed her legs and spread them as wide as they would go as I speared her body with my rampant cock. Amber grabbed her legs by my hands and pulled her legs back until they were touching the bed, still spread wide. My cock was dragging hard across her g-spot and her eyes rolled back in her head as she soon began to shake.

“Oh my god you wonderful man, I’m going to cum again! Oh god fuck me Dale, fuck me! Harder! Pound that cock into me hard and give me … ooooohhhhhhh goddddddd … your cummmmmmmm!” My balls churned and when my cock lurched its first time she screamed “Oh god damn I’m fucking cummmmmmminggggg Dale! Do it! Give me your cum! I WANT IT ALL! OH FUCKING HELL!” My hips were slamming into her pussy, which she had totally opened for me, her hands still spreading her legs wide and I used mine to brace myself as I pounded into her, my cock spraying my cum deeply within her.

Our mutual climaxes finished and I leaned down to gently kiss her. Amber would have none of that as she pulled my face tight against hers and her tongue forced its way down my throat. She eventually broke off the kiss with many small pecks on my lips before she looked into my eyes and said, “You have truly fucked the shit out of me, and I LOVE IT! I need to rest and then I want to do it again, if you want to.”

I just gave her a thrust with my hips as Evie said, “That was the most incredible thing I have ever seen! Why didn’t I know my brother was such an orgasm maker?”

Leaning over and giving her a quick tongue kiss I said, “Because you were too busy telling me to go to hell to notice!”

“True and to the point,” she said. “I am forever sorry and hope you won’t deprive me of your wonderful cock!”

We spent the next four hours switching back and forth as I would fuck one of them to two or three orgasms and then switch to the other to give her the same treatment. Each of them begged me for my cum and I didn’t hold back, filling them over and over with my spunk. Amber was riding my cock as Evie lay beside us recovering when Amber looked down into my eyes and said, “Dale, would you please do me the honor and marry me!”

Evie and I both exclaimed “WHAT!”

“Think about it. We really do get along well, like you said and I know we have similar interests besides sex. And we are definitely compatible in the sack! Plus I love Eva dearly and would never deprive her of your incredible cock! You could fuck her any time you wanted to and nobody would be the wiser!”

“Sounds good to me,” Evie said.

“That’s a big step, especially for a LITTLE high school boy!” I said as both of them punched my arms.

“I didn’t say you needed to do it today, but after you get out of school would be nice. Just think about it.”

The subject was dropped but I knew all of us were thinking about it. Around 4:00 PM I was laying on my back with Evie riding my cock at a leisurely pace while Amber was riding my face as my tongue worked wonders on her clit. I heard a car door open and close and tensed at the thought our folks would be home early, but then heard it drive off and returned to my task at hand of getting both girls off at the same time.

Less than two minutes later both girls bodies stiffened as they cried out in unison speaking over each other, “Oh my god, I’m cummmmmingggg! Do it, oh fuck don’t stop…DON’T FUCKING STOP! Oh god it’s so good, cumming so hard!”

They froze when our mom shouted “EVA JANE PARKER! HOW COULD YOU? AND IN YOUR BROTHER’S ROOM!” She took some deep breaths while the girls blushed and looked at each other and then back at her. “I know you are both adults, girls, but if you must bring home a boytoy for the two of you, at least use your own room! Just because you hate Dale is no excuse to use his room!”

Evie tried to speak, “I don’t hate…” but mom cut her off angrily.

“Shut up! Everybody knows how you detest your brother! Now you two need to get off of Mr. Boytoy and send him home. Then Eva, we need to talk!”

“Mom, where’s dad?” Evie asked.

“I felt tired so I took a cab home. He’s trying to get some really nice items at the auction so he’ll be two or three hours more, why?”

Evie nodded to Amber who slowly lifted her leaking pussy off of my face and I said, “Hi mom, I’m home!” as mom gasped hard and fell back against the wall!

“Oh my god! This is impossible!” our mom said as she shook her head and looked at us again, sadly seeing the same sight each time she tried. “Dale, how could you! I mean with your…EVA GET OFF OF HIM THIS INSTANT! My god, Eva, that is INCEST!”

Mom was standing at the foot of my bed and had a perfect view of our joined sex when Evie very slowly lifted her ass into the air as my cock slid slowly out of her hot love box. When she was half way off of me our mom gasped softly. After another two inches mom softly said, “Oh my god,” and when Evie reached my tip Mom said in a much louder voice, “Oh fuck me, oh my god, Dale!”

I noticed that evil look in Evie’s eyes just before she started to dismount my still imbedded shaft. Mom could see her balancing over my 8″ shaft before she shouted “OOPS!” and slammed back onto me as she groaned out “Oh fuck me, Dale!” in imitation of our mother. After a brief shudder Evie grinned at me and then once more slowly, and I mean very slowly, pulled all the way up and off of me. She looked at our mom and said, “Happy now?” before quickly leaning over and sucking about three inches of my cock rapidly into her mouth and then pulled right back off. “Yummy! My pussy tastes sooooo good!”

“EVA!” mom yelled once more as she stomped her foot. “Both of you girls go wait in Eva’s room; we’ll talk when I’m finished with Dale!”

Sis leaned over and gave me a quick kiss saying “Go easy on her, my soon to be mother-fucking brother!” I was speechless as she winked and slid off the bed. Both girls then walked out of my room without bothering to gather up their clothing that was strewn about my room. Evie got a look from our mom and she shut the door behind them.

It took mom several moments to start our ‘talk’ and I studied her while I waited. At 39 she was looking better than most college girls, the definite source of Evie’s good looks and my handsome features. Her body is a solid 34B-24-34 that she easily maintains with her part-time job as an aerobics instructor at the local gym. Lustrous golden brown hair, bright green eyes and fantastic legs put the finishing touches on my awesome mother.

“Dale, how could you do that to your sister? And please put some clothing on.”

“Mom, in case you missed it, Evie was on top and therefore ‘doing me’!” I noticed her pointed nipples poking through her bra and top and decided to push the envelope a little with, “and this is MY room so I’d rather stay like I am,” and waved a hand over my body and drooping cock. Drooping but still aiming at the ceiling.

“Oh…um,” mom stammered as her eyes looked at my cock, then my face, then my cock where they stayed for several seconds before she blushed and looked away.

Taking a chance I asked, “Mom, how big is dad?”

She looked at me puzzled before her eyes grew and she gasped “His cock? Dale, you shouldn’t ask something like that!” Her gaze had locked onto my cock once more so when I repeated my question I purposely flexed my cock making it bounce above me. “Oh god,” mom said softly, then offered, “He’s 5, maybe 5 ½” long and much smaller around than … never mind!”

“Mom, come sit by me, it’ll be more comfortable for you.”

“No, I can’t!”

“Sure you can! You were tired, you need to sit down. Sit DOWN mom!” I ordered her. She did, her gaze still on my cock. “Um, son, how long …”

“Just over 8 inches mom!” I said proudly.

Mom scowled at me as she continued, “As I was saying, how long has this been going on?”

“Oh let me think, oh yeah, we started going at it around ten this morning and haven’t stopped for very long since then.”

“That’s not what I … SINCE 10 THIS MORNING!” I nodded and she once more looked at my now fully rock hard cock. She stared at it for several seconds before asking, “Dale, you were getting soft when I sat down, but now you look fully hard. How come?”

“Gosh mom, when I am nude in front a totally hot female it just happens!”

“But it’s just you and m … oh STOP IT, I’m your old mother for goodness sakes!”

“Duh, I know that! Except you are NOT old! But besides being my mom you are also one Grade-A genuine MILF! All my friends say so!”

“What is a milph?”

“Gosh mom, you really should watch more movies!” I said incredulously. Her look told me she meant it so I went on, “A MILF…M-I-L-F… is a ‘Mom I’d Like to Fuck’!”

“DALE ROBERTSON PARKER! How can you even say such a thing?”

“Shit mom, all guys think it! Whose mom do we know that would be great to … well you know. All my friends have picked you and I couldn’t agree more!” She started to speak but I cut her off, “Face it mom, you are totally HOT! Those days when you, me, sis, and her friends would be swimming and sunning out back, I was scoping out you, not them! I think you are … no, I KNOW that you are totally a MILF.”

I had been supporting myself on my elbows but I let myself flop back down making my rod look that much bigger as it twitched above me. Mom had been sitting over the side of the bed with her head turned towards me, but now she swung her knee and leg up onto the bed and turned her body towards me as her skirt was stretched to the limit. Her knee brushed my leg and then her hand was lightly stroking the outside of my thigh.

“Since 10 this morning,” she mumbled softly. Then louder she asked, “Aren’t you tired, or worn out? Or just a bit sore?”

“Oh heck no mom, I’ve never met the girl that can keep up with me! And up until you got home I was doing a good job taking care of TWO of them.”


“DAD says it isn’t bragging if you can do it!”

“And you THINK you can?”

“Mom, I KNOW I can, even now!”

“Oh god. Um, I, um …” and mom looked into my eyes hard before dropping her gaze to my pulsing cock then slowly pulling her eyes back to mine. “We might just have to find out, Dale.” And her hand slid up my leg and lightly grasped my shaft. She gently jerked my shaft three times before biting her lip as she lowered her face closer and closer to my pole.

“Oh lord forgive me,” she said softly just before her lips slid around my shaft and she bobbed her head on my first four or so inches! Mom lifted her mouth off of me and gasped “Eva was sooooo right! Her pussy tastes divine!” Then mom returned her attention to sucking my cock as she pushed five inches into her mouth and up against the opening of her throat, making her gag slightly. Mom hungrily worked her tongue around and around my shaft and cock head as she fucked her mouth on my cock.

I stared back into mom’s eyes as she bobbed on my shaft, her hands jerking the remainder of my cock. She pulled back until about 1-½ inches remained in her mouth where her tongue went wild on my cock head and she sucked onto me hard! “Ohhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk mommmmmm!” I groaned in pleasure.

That made her sort of smile with my cock still in her mouth, then she slowly took me to the back of her mouth once more before sucking harder than before and pulling back rapidly! I jumped as she popped off of me and grabbed my cock head as she grinned at me. As she repositioned herself onto her knees beside me she said, “So I’m a MILF in your eyes, is that right son?”

“Yes mom, you most definitely are!”

“Well, in that case you are a SILF…a ‘Son I’d Like to Fuck’!” She kissed me hard as her tongue searched my mouth and we worked together to remove her clothes, tossing them around the room.

Once she was dressed as I was, I leaned back and looked her over. “My god mom, you are more beautiful than I imagined…and I imagined you were a TEN!”

“You’re just trying to be nice to me before we fuck!”

“I am not! Dad is crazy if he doesn’t fuck you every night!”

“Well then he is crazy because I get it about once or twice a month!”

“Bull shit!”

“Back at you son! And from now on, you are only Dale to me and I am only Robin to you! I can’t deal with ‘mom’ and ‘son’ while we make love. And I said ‘make love’; I don’t want you to fuck me. Yet!”

I didn’t say a word, just took her gently into my arms and kissed her deeply as I turned her and placed her on her back. Slowly I kissed all around her face, each eye, behind both ears and then slowly dragged my tongue down her sexy neck and into the valley between her firm perky breasts. Robin moaned in excitement as my tongue found her left nipple and licked it hard as I sucked it deeply into my mouth. My fingers found her right breast and tweaked her rock hard nipple as she groaned loudly.

As I moved from one nipple to the other several times she gasped, “Oh Dale, I love having my tits sucked! Simon (my dad) doesn’t do it anymore! Oh god yesssss, don’t stop!” Mom held my face tightly to her chest as my mouth and fingers worked her into a frenzy. I didn’t stop teasing her tits until her body shuddered beneath me and she let out a huge sigh of satisfaction. “Oh … Dale, that was so good, just wonderful! I haven’t been made to feel like that for soooooo long, so damned long! Thank you my darling!”

I quickly kissed her before dropping back down and giving each tit one last lick. My tongue slowly surfed down her body to her stomach where I kissed her several times before deciding to give her a hickey, just to claim her as mine. Mom knew it but didn’t even try to stop me. My tongue slipped into her belly button and I fucked her navel with it for several seconds as mom moaned in pleasure. “Oh baby, you’re making me feel so special!”

“You are, Robin!”

Slowly I left her navel and kissed and licked my way to the light wisp of pubic hair she left as a thin landing strip pointing the way to her love center. I kissed my way up to her clit and then slipped around to her right and kissed my way down along her gash…close but not touching it. Mom shuddered again as I teasingly worked her into a higher level of arousal.

My lips slid between the bottom edge of her pussy and the sweet puckered hole of her anus making her grab my head and gasp “Oh god Dale!” Then I slowly moved my lips up the left side of her slit, licking and kissing every bit of flesh I encountered. Finally I reached the top of her slit again and I lightly brushed my mouth over her clit and breathed onto it hard. “OOOOOOOoooooooooo fuck! Oh please suck my clit!” she cried out as I instead passed it by and plowed my tongue from the top of her gash to the bottom, where I continued on to her back door and stiffened my tongue into a point and pushed it into her ass.

“OH MY GOD! OH SHIT!” she screamed out as I increased my tongue’s fucking motions into her anus. I was holding my face tight to her brown opening while her hips jerked and spasmed before me. Finally she settled down and I slowly slid my tongue out of her ass and back into her slit, as mom groaned softly once more. My tongue found her opening and I forced it into her fuck hole as deep as possible. “OOooo … ooooo … ooooo … ooooo … ooooo … ooooo … ooooo” mom cooed in time with my tongue thrusts into her sopping wet pussy.

My right hand slipped down to where my tongue entered her and replaced it seamlessly. I slid my tongue up her slit and onto her rock hard clit where I flicked my tongue rapidly onto it. “OHHHHHH FUUUUCKKKKKK! Suck my clit, Dale, suck it and make me cum!” I took her request to heart and sucked her clit into my mouth as my tongue attacked it with gusto, making my mom scream as her hips bounced wildly on the bed.

Her fingers were trying to pull my hair out as she held me to her pussy, my fingers fucking deep into her as I sucked harder and harder onto her clit, my tongue teasing it frantically. I turned my hand over and pushed my fingers in hard and deep as I rubbed her g-spot, while at the same time I bit down lightly on her clit and pulled it out as far as I could as I sucked it hard. My mom’s legs went stiff and her hips rose and hung in the air as she screamed in climax! Finally no longer able to hold her position mom’s hips dropped to the bed, only to begin bouncing high and fast as I worked her hard to prolong her orgasmic release.

Sensing she could no longer maintain her climax I eased up on her and gradually brought my efforts to almost a complete stop. Almost! Every few seconds her body would shake before me as she groaned once more, then again. My mom finally pulled my face up to hers and kissed me hard and long before holding me tight and saying “That was wonderful baby! I haven’t felt so loved in years!” I kissed her, my tongue dueling with hers for several seconds before I started to slide back down her body for round number two.

I never made it as she grabbed at me and said, “No Dale, now I want your cock inside of me! Give it to me! I want to feel you pulsing inside of me and spraying your juice all over my pussy! Put it in me … give it to me!” So I guided my cock to her opening and gently eased my cock head into her making both of us gasp at the tightness of it all. Robin lifted her head as far as she could and then watched as my hips slowly moved forward, my cock disappearing into her hole. “Oh my fucking god it’s HUGE! Faster, harder, pound it into me and make me cum! Oh baby, I want to cum on your cock!”

“Okay, Robin, you asked for it!” and she groaned loudly as I slammed my hips home, driving my cock head into the back of her cunt. My mom spread her legs a bit wider and I began pumping relentlessly into her. Robin never knew what she would get next as I would give her several long hard and fast thrusts and then change to deep but short and hard before slowing to almost a crawl, switching later to fast but only 3 or so inches deep and then BOOM, all the way into her in one powerful thrust where I held my position, my cock pressing against the opening to her cervix as her vaginal muscles grabbed at my cock. Her screams grew in intensity as I brought her to one climax after another, her nails raking across my arms and back.

After her fifth (at least) huge orgasm she pulled my face to hers and kissed me harder than she ever had before! Then she said, “Oh god … gasp … you … gasp … are a wonderful lover … gasp … but now I want … gasp … want you to … fuck me! Don’t hold back! I want you to pound me into oblivion with your mighty cock! Fuck me, FUCK ME NOW!” and her legs wrapped around my hips as I resumed pumping into her pussy with more enthusiasm than before.

It took about five minutes for her all ready ravaged body to reach its orgasmic plane, where it didn’t peak, just rolled on and on in extreme pleasure. Mom cried out “Oh god, oh yes … yes, oooooo, oh fuck, oh shit fuck me, oh god, fuck, oh, oh, shit, shit, fu-u-u-u-uck YES, OOOOOOOOGOD, oh shit, my god, FUCKKKKKKKKKK, oh my god, ohmygod … ohmygod … OHMYGOD … SHIT … FUCKKKKKKKKKK!”

Mom’s climax finally peaked then and she was blubbering incoherently as I continued pounding my cock hard and deep into her. Never had I heard my mother say any of the words she had been screaming out but now they seemed natural for her. My balls were getting full and I didn’t want to over due it on my first chance at my mom’s fine pussy, so I worked her back up and moaned to her, “Oh god, Robin, I’m going to cum! You’re making me cum inside your pussy! Oh jeez it feels so good!”

Suddenly revitalized mom grabbed my face and pleaded, “Oh yes, fuck me Dale and give me all your cum! Give it to me! Oh god, I can feel you growing inside of me! Oh god yes, there it is! I can feel you blasting into my pussy wall! Oh god I’m cumming! Give it to me, Dale; fill me with your seed! Oh god here it comes again … ooooooooooh shhhhhhhhittttttttttttttttt I’m cummmmmmmminggg on my son’s COCK! FUCK ME SON! OH SHIT I’M CUMMING SO HARD! FUCKKKKKKKKKK YESSSSSSS!”

My balls finally ran out of cum and she lay under me a quivering mass of female nerve endings, her body jerking at every touch. I slowed up my movements, preferring not to just stop abruptly, as we recovered from our incredible lovemaking. Lifting up I held my weight off of her before I leaned down and kissed her passionately for several minutes. I rolled us over putting her much lighter frame on top, then smiled up at her. “Wow. Robin, you are incredible! I’m so glad we did this!”

“I believe it was YOU who was incredible, Dale. I have never cum so much in so short of a time! Jesus! And I don’t know if I’m ‘glad’ that we did this; but I sure as hell am HAPPY that we did it! You have made me so happy…and tired, but god was it worth it! Dale my baby, any time, and I mean ANY time you want to fuck me, you just say so and I’m yours for as long as you want to do it or until I pass out!” We kissed for several seconds before she smiled and said, “Of course, if you want to you can just keep right on going and I’ll catch up to you when I wake up! Deal?”

“Deal!” I kissed her again then said, “I intend to hold you to that, but dad might not like it!”

She punched me playfully and said, “If he doesn’t like it then he can either do me like you do, or he can fuck off! But Dale, I am really tired now, I need some sleep.”

I helped her up and then said, “Mom, do you still need to talk to me?”

“No son,” she said softly as her hand grasped my cock and gave it a slow, tight pull, “I think I would rather fuck you some more!” My stomach growled as we gathered up her clothes and she said, “You need something to eat besides yummy pussy!”

I walked her to my door and when she opened it Evie and Amber tumbled into the room, having been eavesdropping through the door. Both girls gawked at Robin’s naked form and then mom said, “Eva, you were right, your pussy tastes wonderful! We will definitely … um … talk later,” and Robin winked at me. “Now be a dear and fix our stud some FOOD to eat while I go rest for a while. Oh, by the way Amber, you are a BEAUTIFUL woman!” Then mom staggered to her bedroom and fell onto the bed, asleep in mere seconds. I glanced at my Spiderman outfit and decided that Halloween was now my favorite day of the year, and November 1st was a very close second!

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