Party Striptease – Part 1 – Louise and I strip for a stag party and more

Louise and I strip for a stag party and more…Since meeting Louise and Simon we have become good friends and have recently met up again for some nice horny fun.

Simon had been chatting with Mike and mentioned a guy at his local golf club was getting married. Not someone he knows very well, just a member who he has had the occasional game with and a drink with.

The guy had mentioned his sons upcoming marriage and that he was on the look out for some entertainment for the evening. This had gotten Simon thinking and on mentioning it to Louise she was very keen and so I talked to Mike and we discussed the matter further as well.


It soon became apparent that Louise was well game for a bit of fun and the idea hatched.

Simon contacted the guy (Ralph) and said he knew a bloke who had a few women who worked for him as stripper’s on a part time basis. He intimated that he could probably get ‘mates rates’ as well.

The idea was formulated over the next couple of phone calls and a weekend of me going down to visit them both was planned.

Frank was to be used as the bloke who ran the stripper agency and so he would be accompanying me on the trip to Dorset.

Simon had also said the girls would maybe perform acts whilst on stage, depending upon what the guys wanted and that the matter could be handled discreetly.

So I soon found myself on the journey down to Dorset again, Frank in tow, for a weekend of fun, sex and frolics.

We were unsure as to what nature the strip show we had agreed to perform would actually entail and so Ron, his brother and a few guys were also informed of us coming down and that we may need them as a back up plan so to speak.

After all both Louise and I wanted to make sure that we had plenty guys to have fun with for the weekend.

On arriving at the airport we met Simon who drove us to his and Louise’s home.

On the way there we had another explanation of how the Saturday evening was planned and I have to say it was an immense turn on too think that Louise and I would soon be performing and entertaining maybe over 20 men.

The Saturday was spent with Louise and I doing a little bit of shopping, visiting the local Ann Summers store to get some new undies to go with the outfits we had chosen for the evenings fun and games.

Frank and Simon went to to meet the grooms dad and a few of the men who would be attending at the golf club. Apparently it was an all weekend affair with some golf and a lads night on the Friday, followed by more golf and our little performance on the Saturday evening.

They were cordially invited to join the stag group and there were plenty questions about the performance and about the two stripper’s in particular.

Frank explained that the two stripper’s he had organised were a young blonde, newly married and a real looker. Louise was mainly doing it for the cash but Frank egged the situation on by saying she was quite a dirty little scrubber when she got going. Simon confessed to getting a right thrill from hearing her described in such dirty terms.

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The second stripper (me) was a more mature married woman that he had been using for a few years. To make the situation even hornier Frank intimated I was game for much more than just stripping and that I stripped not only for the money but because I was an exhibitionist type. Adding that she would often ‘go the extra mile’ if encouraged.

Frank took the agreed payment from the grooms dad. We decided to only keep the money that we paid for the hire of a mini bus, our new undies and a couple of pounds for drinks. The rest we donated to a local charity. It seemed the right thing to do and whilst it was nice to have some money offered we all felt uncomfortable at maybe ‘ripping’ the guys off.

Anyhow the Saturday night finally arrived and as I intimated too we had hired a mini bus to take our stuff in. Simon had loaded a PA system that a friend of his had and also the bags with our outfits and a few props in.

On arrival at the club we made our way tentatively to the area that was hired by the guys for the ‘do.’

Louise and I had both decided on dressing fairly tamely to attend the party as we didn’t want to appear too slutty or too eager.

I wore a pair of tight jeans with my knee high boots and a thin white top. Louise dressed similarly in jeans and a pair of stilettos. Her thin top was light blue in colour and her hard nipples poked through the material, she had gone bralless.

I have to admit my fanny was already very damp from the thought of it all and I know Louise was extremely turned on as well. We both had a little kiss and cuddle in the mini bus going to the golf club and I had a good feel of her tits through her top in the back. Louise responded by playfully tweaking my nipples through my top. Both of us were both more than ready for the showtime as it approached.

Once inside we were met by Ralph who introduced himself. His son (Gary) was at the bar area with a tall hunk of a guy (I later found out his name was Greg and he was the best man.)

After a brief chat we were shown to the changing room area, well ladies toilets to be exact, and Simon began setting up the PA system and arranging the props we had brought with us.

As the stage area was set up, I say stage, it was really a slightly raised platform area at the front and a bit to the side of the room. I imagine it being somewhere that presentations were made from for the golf club competitions etc.

Louise and I where both slightly nervous on getting ready for the first half of our performance and thankfully Simon popped in with a couple of stiff drinks for us both.

Outside we could hear the general hustle and bustle and we were told that in total there were over 20 guys present. Behind the bar were two female servers, but again we where told they wouldn’t be a problem as Ralph had asked for more mature staff to be on duty owing to the nature of the stag do.

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After about half an hour we were both ready and Simon got onto the stage and made his introductions. He began playing the music, a mixed CD which he had prepared for us to ‘perform’ too.

The music started and Simon introduced us both.

“Gentleman. Please put your hands together for Louise and Anna. Nurse Tarty and Nurse Easy.” With this a round of applause went up and the song ‘Dirty’ by Christina Aguillara began booming out.

“Here goes!” I said to Louise as we both gulped down the last of our drinks.

“Yep,” she said in return. “Let’s get busy nursey!” she laughed.

For the first part of our performance we had decided to go with a nurse theme.

Louise had dressed in a very short all white uniform. Seamed white nylon stockings and frilly suspender belt. A matching white see through bra and panties set we had bought that day and she wore a pair of black 6 inch stiletto heels. On her head perched a nurses hat and her blonde hair hung in a simple ponytail.

I had gone for a light blue uniform. Short as hell, the hem part just barely kissing my thighs. I had decided on black fishnet stockings, seamed up the back, a matching black and red bra and panties set and a pair of my black 4 inch stiletto heels.

As the music boomed out we tentatively made our way out of the toilets and onto the small stage area. An audible gasp was evident in the room and as we hopped up onto the platform we could feel all eyes boring in on us. I heard a few of the filthy comments being passed between the men present.

“Look at the fucking legs on her.”

“Jesus look at the young blonde, she’s fucking stunning!” and a few more guttural comments about ‘tits and arses.’

I was juicing up nicely by now, my panties displaying the usual signs of dampness at the gusset.

Louise and I exchanged glances, lust obvious in her eyes and as we walked past each other she whispered to me.

“I’m so fucking horny,” Anna.” I’m so fucking horny!”

‘Dirty’ boomed out and Louise and I did our best to begin teasing the guys with a few dance moves. Plenty hip gyrations and running our hands up our legs, bending over and simulating grinding against each other. Well at first it was simulation, but as we got into it and the sight of being gawped at by over 20 guys clearly got to us, then the simulation stopped . At one point we were grinding against each others stocking clad legs in our naughty nurse costumes almost oblivious to the cheers and leers of the watching guys.

After our initial wiggle and dancing it was time to begin the strip and show in earnest. The songs kept coming on the CD that Simon had prepared and as the classic stripper theme played out we had both began to slowly undo the nurse outfits we were wearing.

Teasingly and as seductively as we could, we slowly eased them off our bodies until at the end of the song both Louise and I now stood in front of the audience in just our stockings, heels, bras and panties: Save for the nurses hats still on our head.

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As ‘J’taime’ started playing things began to heat up, and our first show in all its filthy glory really began.

Within a few seconds of the performance Louise and I had unclipped our bras and erotically removed them, slowly exposing our tits to the watching men for the first time.

“Fuck me she’s got a nice pair,” I heard one guy shout.

“Get ’em off!” was the general call from many watching and as we keenly wiggled and swayed our tits swung about much to the approval of our appreciative crowd.

Next to come off of course was our panties and this was achieved by Louise removing mine and I vice versa.

Running our hands up each others legs and slowly untying the strings which held them together until ‘Snap!” They came off in our hands to a roar of animalistic support.

“Look at the shaven cunt on the older tart,” one guy could be hard saying.

“Fucking hell the young blondes shaved too, what a fucking pair!” was another cry audible to us both as we now paraded around.

Tits out, arses and pussies on display. Our legs encased in the sexy stockings, legs accentuated by our heels and the nurse caps still clinging to our heads.

It was time for some dirtier action and as the songs kept coming we began to perform ever sluttier acts. At first it was some gentle slapping of each others arses then the groping of each others titties. All done with roars of approval echoing from the guys intently watching us.

As the song ‘The Bad Touch’ began playing Louise was now sitting, legs splayed wide on one of the stools we had brought as props. They were her kitchen stools from her breakfast bar area at her home. Tall and with nice soft padded seat areas. I grabbed a can of the whipped cream we had brought and put two dollops, firstly onto her firm young tits. These were quickly gobbled up by my eager mouth and tongue.

“Go on suck her fucking nipple!” I could hear a guy shout.

So quite simply I did. I lovingly teased and flicked her stiff nipples and then sucked hard on her tits in front of everyone.

The act was repeated to me by Louise. My legs now splayed sat on the opposite stool, she eagerly licked, nibbled and chewed my aching tits and ate the cream she had deposited on them.

My cunt was frothing and wanted some attention.

Then I sat back bit spreading my legs wider and Louise playfully squirted some cream up the length of my dripping gash.

As she walked around cries of, “Go on eat her minge,” and,”Get your tongue up her cunt,” could be heard.

I was loving this now and the whipped cream slithered done my twat it was that wet and hot.

Louise teasingly dipped her head then turned away in mock coyness, acting as if she couldn’t possibly do it. Then without any hesitation she lowered herself onto her knees in front of me and gently licked the first dollop of cream. Another was squirted onto my ever gapening fuck hole and then she dipped down again. This time her tongue traced the full length of my slit and her tongue flicked my rock hard clit.

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