Party Striptease – Part 2 – More fun at the stag party

After about 15-20 minutes, Louise and I had just about recovered from the intense and fantastic experience of the first part of the show.

Simon popped in again with a couple of drinks for us and asked how long we thought we needed to recover before resuming our next part.

We asked for another 10 minutes as we both needed to get changed and to finish re-applying our make up and generally get ourselves prepared for the next part of our little performance.


Simon then went back out and we hard him on the PA saying the show would restart again 15 minutes time.

A loud cheer went up and I have to admit that the nervous anticipation was something else. My stomach was literally doing somersaults, whilst my pussy was in a place of its own. Tingling with anticipation and absolutely still dripping my sticky juice.

For the second part of the performance we had agreed we would try and get some audience participation, unsure as to how far some of the guys would be willing to go and cautious of the bar staff being over zealous.

“Ladies and gentlemen please put your hands to together for Louise and Anna as they take the stage of their second performance routine of the evening.” Simon was clearly enjoying the compare role and as Nelly’s ‘Lets take of all our clothes’ boomed out Louise and I staggered our way back out into the limelight.

We had both decided that this bit was going to be more about acts and engagement with volunteers rather than the straightforward strip routine of the first part.

So we had both gone for, well a minimalist approach too clothing it might be said.

Louise had put on a pair of silk, seamed black stockings. A tiny see through bra and panty set (the panties having ties around them to hold them up,) a pair of black stiletto and a see thru black negligee. She looked like she had stepped straight out of a scene from a wild west bordello.

I had gone with my trusted red seamed stockings, red panties and bra set (the bra being peephole and the panties totally see thru.) I wore my red stilettos to complete the scarlet lady approach.

A large and raucous cheer greeted us as we wiggled and waggled onto the stage, dancing provocatively to the naughty lyrics of the song being played.

As we approached the centre of the stage my stomach was doing butterflies and my nipples had begun to harden, revelling in the ache and the tell tale signs of lust building up in myself.

Louise was appearing as randy as ever and her eyes glistened with the familiar look of want and desire.

Once on stage we did a little bit of wiggling and dancing. Some smooching together, running our hands over the front of each others titties and legs. At one point we were deep in an embrace our tongues flicking in and out of each others mouths.

Our snogging session continued to the delight of the onlooking gaggle of men as they crowded ever closer to the stage area.

By this point Louise and I were really going for it and Frenching each other deeply as our hands wandered up and down our bodies: caressing our titties and pawing over our arses and legs.

Louise had now removed her negligee leaving her looking stunning in her stockings and lingerie set.

“Now it’s time for some of you to be the stars!” we both said in unison to the audience after we broke off from our embrace.

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Simon then asked for the groom (Gary) to get up onto the stage. Rather sheepishly he made his way up and was placed in a chair in the middle of the stage. Raucous cheers encouraged him as he sat down.

For the next few minutes as music played lowly as an accompaniment Louise and I danced around him, gyrating our hips at him, wiggling our asses in his face and playfully teasing him.

He was building up quite a bit of courage and from time to time he would playfully slap our bums or try and grab a handful of tit.

We mockingly acted surprised and danced around trying our best to get the mood moving.

“Now its time for some of these clothes to come off!” We said again in unison and with this we began to strip the lad of his shirt. He had a large muscular torso, very well toned with a shaved chest. He obviously liked to keep in shape and worked out a fair bit.

“Ooh gorgeous,” we mouthed to the audience as we began squirting some whipped cream onto his nipples and chest.

Within seconds we were both at him like bitches on heat. Descending on him like vampire minxes to suckle at his nipples. The cream was lapped off him to approving roars of delight from the crowd. I could see a few of the guys whispering to Frank and Simon at the side and Frank was able to blow me a kiss and gave me the thumbs up sign.

They were obviously enjoying our performance. We bent over exposing our arses to the crowd as much as we could. My see through knickers gave them a good vie of my bare ass and also my freshly shaven cunthole. The gusset was sodden wet as my fanny was literally on fucking fire!

Louise was also soaking wet, I know because she placed my hand o her pussy area during the dancing and I could literally feel the steam coming from her fuck tube.

The lad motioned to us that he didn’t want to go to far as his future father in law was in the audience and he didn’t want to embarrass him.

With this we then announced that we felt overdressed. This brought a loud cheer and cries of ‘get em off,’ and ‘lets see those fucking tits and pussies,’ and many other lewd and delicious comments.

Louise was first and she waddled across to the groom, all cream coated and obviously sporting a hard on.

“Take ’em off!” she loudly said and with this she gave him the ties that held her panties up. He slowly undid them and they fell off to a loud cheer. Her smooth and wet cunt was now once again on display.

“Get my tits out too,” she then loudly said. “You wanna see em again?” She teasingly asked the audience.

“Yes get ’em off and lets see those fucking tits!” came the expected positive reply.

Slowly he undid the clasp of her bra and she seductively let it fall down her arms and off. She now stood in just her heels and stockings as she paraded around. Her nipples were like organ stops and you could see slivers of her cunt juice leaking down her stocking clad legs.

The groom took the opportunity to have a long feel of her bare arse and gave it a playful slap.

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“My turn!” I jealously said. I wiggled around the lad, shaking my tits at him.

“Get them out!” a loud voice shouted. It was Ralph his father!

His son duly obliged and unclasped my bra and then once again my bare aching tits were out for all to see.

“Now get the sluts knickers off son!” Ralph then shouted. He was obviously caught up in the moment and was clearly loving it. I was leaking cunt juice by the bucket load now.

“Rip them off me!”I ordered. Again a loud cheer as the young lad took a grip of the side of my panties and pulled.

Rip..They tore at the seams. “Now the other side,” I said.


And with that they easily fell down my stocking encased legs. I stepped out of them, tossing them into the crowd and now I was exposed, just my red stockings and heels left on.

I wantonly and shamelessly paraded around displaying my full body for the delectation of my appreciative, horny audience.

“Lets hear it for the groom,” Simon said as we signalled for him to change the guys over on stage.

A round of applause went up.

“Now who will take his place?” He quickly asked.

As quick as a flash his father and the best man Greg shot up and onto the stage.

Louise and I decided we both need a little bit of attention and so the first part of this act was to get our titties some much needed seeing to.

Louise grabbed the can of whipped cream and squirted a small dollop of it onto both my stiff nipples. I then stood and offered myself to the grooms father. He didn’t need telling twice and the dirty old fucker was soon at me like a demented sex starved maniac!

He quickly lowered his head and began to lick around my tits at the fresh cream.

I made loud approving noises, I wasn’t acting, the dirty fucker knew how to lick tit.

He flicked his tongue all around my rock hard nipples, lapping at me then roughly began sucking and chewing on my aching stiff nips.

“Oh you randy fucker,” I said loud enough for everyone to hear. A laugh came from the audience.

“Go on Ralphy, get some!” came the roars of approval.

Louise then placed a fresh two squirts of cream onto my tits and he eagerly began lapping at me again. This time however I slightly parted my legs as I was standing and instinctively his hand shot down to my cunt area.

I was now stood, legs spread wide on stage having my tits sucked on and this old guy was openly fingering me off, toying with my clit and also ramming a couple of fingers up my wet cunt at the same time.

I rolled my head back in delight, biting my lips and making over exaggerated noises and mouth gestures for the appreciation of the onlooking crowd.

“Finger the tart dad!” I could hear his son encouraging.

For a what seemed like an age, but I’m sure was merely a few seconds or even a minute, I was pawed at, fingered roughly and sucked like a complete whore in the full gaze of an audience.

I fucking loved every one of those seconds.

I broke away as I knew if I kept going I would be cumming and whilst I wanted it, I was aware it was still early on into our performance.

I then reciprocated the cream squirting and Louise was to be treat the same way as I had been. The young best man, a real dish of a guy, licked the cream off her tits and then also began fondling her cunt as he did so.

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She followed my lead spreading her legs like butter for this stranger to paw at her as she was ogled by the crowd as well. I caught a glimpse of Simon and he looked delighted to see his wife acting so sluttily. A big grin was evident across his face as she acted the slut on stage.

As she was being sucked and fingered, the grooms dads hands continued to paw all over me, he was feeling my arse up as I just stood and brazenly let him. I parted my legs again and as Louise was treat to some great titty sucking, I was fingered and groped by this guy as the others watched on.

The next part was to get a little more attention on our pussies and so Louise and I both sat in the seats on stage.

We invited the guys to squirt a dollop of cream onto our slits and pussies.

The inevitable then happened they both dropped to their knees to roars of approval and began licking at our wet sloppy cunts.

This was incredible. I could hear the comments being spat at the stage form the others guys and the cries of encouragement foe the two men now openly licking Louise and me out on stage.

“Go on get your fucking tongues up their, lick the tarts out good.”

My fanny was absolutely fucking dripping wet and the cream slithered off me I was so hot.

We noticed the barmaid Marie close by and I waved at her to come up on to the stage as she collected some glasses from a nearby table.

To my surprise she keenly and quickly joined us and with in a few seconds she had rubbed both our pussies, much to the delight of the unlocking horny set of men and her husband in particular.

“Go on lick them too love.” he shouted and so with a couple of more bits of encouragement she dropped to her knees and gave both mine and Louise cunt a good licking. Lapping the cream that remained off and actually dipping a couple of fingers up me as well.

“That’s fucking lush!” I told her and as she stood up smiling at me, she sucked her fingers clean again to the roar of the crowd and then she flashed her bra covered tits as she left the stage.

I was desperate for some cock now.

The tonguing and fingering my cunt had taken had me hot to trot and Louise was showing the signs of facial blushing that accompany her being so turned on.

We motioned for Frank and Simon to join us on the stage and as they did so we asked the guys if they wanted a little bit of more naughty fun.

They both agreed and the stiff signs in their trousers showed us and everyone that they had enjoyed the teasing and playing so far.

Frank and Simon took hold of one of the large beach towels we had brought and Louise beckoned the young best man to stand in the centre of the stage.

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