Mom gangbanged in New Year party

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Party Striptease – Part 2 – More fun at the stag party

After about 15-20 minutes, Louise and I had just about recovered from the intense and fantastic experience of the first part of the show. Simon popped in again with a couple of drinks for us and asked how long we thought we needed to recover before resuming our next part. We asked for another 10 … Read more

Fucking Mom, Sister and Neighbor – Part 7

After Max, Mini and their mom returned from the brunch, their attention was moved to getting ready for the Halloween Party that night. (Fucking Mom, Sister and Neighbor – Part 6) .. Mom announced that they had four hours before the party at Nadia’s started. Nadia wanted Meredith, Max and Mini to be there engaged … Read more

Fuck party 2

Hi this is Sarah again. (Fuck party 1)Belinda and I continued to work at sex parties and we made a lot of money from our fuck sessions. Some guests gave us handsome tips in addition to our weekly pay of $ 5,000. Most of all we enjoyed what we did and had no regrets. I … Read more

Costume Party – Couple attends costume party filled with sex

My wife Debbie worked at a large office complex where civilian contractors work for military weapons systems. Every year at Halloween they threw a raucous costume party with booze and dance. Debbie would tell me about all the office politics and romantic affairs. I often wondered if she was immune to those affairs she assured … Read more