Costume Party – Couple attends costume party filled with sex

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My wife Debbie worked at a large office complex where civilian contractors work for military weapons systems. Every year at Halloween they threw a raucous costume party with booze and dance. Debbie would tell me about all the office politics and romantic affairs. I often wondered if she was immune to those affairs she assured me were rampant in the office. We have been married just over a year.

Debbie is a plain, frizzy blonde who looks great in a skirt. Her physique isn’t athletic, but she keeps trim. That gives her plenty of curves where they’re needed. I’ve heard people describe her as having a “nice personality.” She convinced me to go to her first Halloween party with her, but I’m not really sure why. I only knew one other couple there, out of some two hundred plus people.


Their party is one hundred percent costume, so we put some effort into getting some outfits. Debbie acquired a sexy gangster style outfit that consisted of a tiny pinstripe dress and gangster hat. The hemline was barely below crotch level, and she wore garters, fishnets, and knee-high boots with it. She put on black lace panties under the skirt. Just watching her put it on was exciting; any movement at all exposed her panties, but it all fit the costume. Mine was a simple gothic robe designed to make me look like a vampire figure. The medallion and satin-lined hood looked really cool.

I’m not sure what I had been expecting, but over two hundred people was certainly a surprise. There was just too many people. The buffet bar was wrecked, the punch bowl was empty, and the drink bar was the only functioning service. Debbie isn’t good with booze, but there was nothing else to drink. We ordered drinks and hoped for the best, not sure we would ever get them. Our costumes fit right in, although Debbie’s was pretty revealing. There were a few candy striper outfits and lingerie costumes that showed more than they should have, so Debbie wasn’t too out of the park. The most revealing was worn by two of the guys, that I saw. They were naked, except for those gag elephant-nose bikini briefs where their penis is inserted into the elephant’s nose. I kept waiting for them to be escorted out, but apparently they were within the bounds of reason.

I was lost right away. I had no idea who to talk to or what to do. Debbie knew everyone, and she got roped almost immediately by friends. I sighed at my wonderful fortune for the evening and just stood around like an idiot. Debbie, to her credit, came by to check on me several times, and I would hand her a fresh drink.

The band started about an hour after we got there, and I drifted closer to the dance floor. Picking my wife out of the crowd, I signaled her for a dance. The floor was so crowded, that we could barely move. We danced a full dance and a partial second. During the second dance, one of those naked guys with the elephant nose squeezed through. I watched him approach and saw what he was doing. His “nose” was sticking straight out. He had a nice erection under that nose and was busy circulating behind the women dancers. I watched him move from woman to woman and slide his erection between the legs of the dancers from behind. Just one or two pumps, and he was moving on. I suspected he would get every female on the dance floor, and he did. He pumped twice behind Debbie, and I saw his “nose” appear twice from between her thighs as she danced.

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