Dinner Date

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One night about a month a go my girlfriend and I were getting together with an old fuck buddy of mine named Nancy to go out to dinner and drinks. My girl Dee knows about me and Nancy and actually when we first met and started fucking I was doing Nancy at the same time and she used to ask me if I had fucked her or not earlier that night and wanted to know how she was and what we did etc. Lets just say my girlfriend is very understanding and doesn’t mind me fucking someone else on occasion.   So it was about 8:30 when Nancy showed up and we all did the usual kisses and hugs, Dee said common you can do better then that kiss her like you mean it. So I planted one Nancy’s lips and stuck my tongue down her throat and grabbed her ass pulling her toward me. She gave me just as much tongue and I could feel my cock pulsing a bit.  I playfully slapped Nancy on the ass and said looking good girl. She was wearing a brown swayde mini skirt a brown satin blouse and a vest that matched her skirt and brown boots. Dee also complimented her and said you look fucking hot you should have no trouble getting laid tonight girl. We all laughed and I made us some cocktails. After a few cocktails we headed out to dinner at a place that just opened up not far from us. Dinner was pretty good and of course we weren’t shy when it came to the wine either. There was a dance floor next to the bar and after dinner we went in for a cocktail and the girls really liked the band and got up to dance. I am not a big dancer so I sat it out and before not very long some guy asked Dee to dance and she looked over at me and I gave her a nod that it was ok. I have to say she was looking really good in her red knit mini dress and black stockings and pumps. Nancy had enough dancing and came back to sit next to me. Dee was putting on a bit of a show making this guys cock so stiff it must have wanted to explode out of his pants. Nancy said she’s really got some moves on her thats for sure shit she’s even getting me hot. I raised my eyebrows a bit thinking hmm. I said oh really now and she said shit yeah just look at her shake her tits and ass and she has got legs to die for. I put my hand on Nancy’s thigh and said your legs are pretty dammed nice too you know. She smiled and said oh really never asking me to remove my had so I inched it further up her thigh pushing her skirt up a bit and I leaned into her an whispered they look their best when they are over my shoulders and leaned in and gave her a tongue kiss and she just smiled and said I know. The entire time Dee was watching me and and Nancy. When the song was over she told the guy she was dancing with thanks for the dance but no thanks. She told us that he asked her to go to a club with him she said she had other plans. She said how are you kids doing as she put her arm around Nancy’s waist and the other on my shoulder. She leaned into Nancy and gave her a little peck on the cheek and said its ok honey he does the same thing to me you can’t help yourself. Nancy must have turned three shades of red. We all laughed. With that the band started up again and the two of them dragged me out on the dance floor and I guess we all had enough alcohol in us my now so it didn’t matter. They both were teasing the crap out of me doing their best dirty dancing moves and at one pint Dee was riding Nancy’s leg and Nancy had her hands on Dee’s ass. We were all laughing and I know I was getting horny as hell. So we collected ourselves and headed back home. On the way both girls were sitting in the front seat with me and I felt Dee’s hand on my crotch and inner thigh.  When we stopped for alight I gave her a nice tongue kiss and noticed her hand was on Nancy’s leg as well. When we finished kissing Nancy said hey what about me and leaned right over the top of Dee and planted one on my lips. We all laughed and Dee said hey what about me and planted a deep tongue kiss on Nancy’s mouth and I could here Nancy moaning a little and they didn’t stop kissing. The light turned green and we continued on and they finally came up for air and Dee said we better stop before he crashes. So now we get home and were walking in playing grab ass with each other and Nancy is fumbling for her keys and Dee says oh no your not where do you think your going. She said home to my bed. Not the way you are. I insisted there was no way she was driving home so she conceded and we all went in the house. After taking off our coats Dee said fix us a couple of cocktails won’t you honey, so I did as requested. As I started to walk away Dee said hey baby was this turning you on and she grabbed Nancy and started kissing her again just like in the car. I was like oh yeah just a little bit. Nancy was so blitzed she didn’t even resist. I was even more turned on by this little show as when I was fucking Nancy regularly I asked her on passing about

a threesome and she said no she didn’t think it was her thing so thats where it ended. After finishing our drinks and talking about the evening and shoes and boots and whatever the fuck else those two were talking about Dee asked do anyone want another COCKtail. We laughed and said sure hit me babe Nancy said I could do with some cock right about now and we all laughed. Dee went into the den t fix the drinks and I was on the couch with Nancy and started rubbing her legs and running my hand up her thigh when I got to her panties they were soaking wet. I smiled and she said see what your girlfriend did to me. I smiled and said yeah we’ll have to spank her for that now won’t we. Well I heard the clicking of Dee’s high heels on the hard wood floor and when she returned she had discarded her mini dress and was wearing her black lacey push up bra and matching garter belt with black thigh high stockings and a pair f thigh high black PVC boots that she was telling Nancy about. She was not wearing any panties, not unusual for her, as she liked the feeling of her pussy being exposed and catching the occasional breeze. Well I thought Nancy was going to choke on what was left of her drink. Dee stood right in front of Nancy and her naked pussy was dammed near eye level with her. She said these are the boots I told you about Nancy was stumbling with her words a little partly from all the alcohol and partly because of Dee’s wet pussy latterly a foot form her face. She looked down at Nancy and said oh does it bother you that I’m not wearing panties and told her why she liked to go without. Nancy said no not at all actually I think it’s pretty hot. Dee said oh do you and she reached for Nancy’s free hand and guided it towards her pussy. Nancy didn’t miss a beat and slipped a finger inside Dee’s wet gaping pussy and started fingering her. She later confessed she had no idea what she was doing just what came natural. She took a mouthful of her drink and handed me the glass. Dee moaned a little and sat down between Nancy and me as she did she leaned over to me and smiled a wicked smile. Nancy felt a bit awkward and pulled back a little when Dee slipped her hand inside her blouse. Nancy said I don’t have much on top I just don’t want to disappoint you. Dee said nothing but kept unbuttoning her blouse until she exposed her bra-less A-cup titties. Dee whispered they are very nice nothing to be ashamed of and she leaned in and started sucking her nipple. That was my queue and I went in for the other one and we both sucked on her tiny tits like crazy. She was squirming and squealing she kept moaning oh yes oh yes this feels so fucking good. Without even looking Dee reached over and undid my belt and released my rock hard cock from my pants. She now had her mouth on Nancy’s tit and my cock in her hand and she had Nancy’s fingers fucking her pussy and all I could think about was thank you God this night is just beginning.

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