Family Secret, Secret Bliss

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“Lizzie!” I greeted excitedly, as the door opened, and my sister appeared at the threshold. It had been almost two years, since the move to Colorado, that we had seen my sister. And there she was, just as beautiful as ever!

“Well you look like you’re ready to snuggle down in front of a nice warm fire.” I said happily.

Lizzie always had a killer body, and was standing there in the doorway, wearing some tight, black, yoga pants, and a figure fitting white, stretchy T that had been cropped, exposing her midriff. She was wearing some cute little UGGs slippers, and her blonde hair, was done up in long wavy curls.

“Come give me a hug, little brother!” she squealed! “I’ve missed you so much!”

She wrapped her arms around me like a vice, and pressing her ample breasts into me, it was very much apparent, that she wasn’t wearing a bra! I twirled her around, setting her down to the side, just as she kissed me square on the lips. It was what she always did. Not that it was sensual, or even in a sexual way. She just had always kissed me on the lips.

Then she saw Lindsey. “Wow! Just look at you sweet girl!” Lizzie screamed! “My God Michael!” she exclaimed! “She’s like a full-grown woman!”

“Oh Lindsey!” she doted, as she embraced her and yes, planted a sweet kiss right smack on her lips!

Our two daughters we’re both 11 years old, Hannah being about six months older than Lindsey. But Lizzie was right, about my little girl looking like a full-grown woman. She was about the same height as Lizzie, 5’ 6” maybe just a little shorter with wavy, sandy brown hair. And boy, did she have some curves! For sure the biggest set of tits, I had ever seen for a girl her age! A nice flat stomach, and a pouty, fat, little ass to boot! Lindsey was very self-conscious, about the size of her breasts. The boys at school, obviously were giving her the kind of attention that she didn’t necessarily want at her age.

Hannah was quite the opposite, and had a petite frame. She was stood 5’5”, blonde hair just like her mom and some just, budding little mounds on her upper torso. Hannah’s most complementary feature was the quite extraordinary little bubble of an ass that most definitely resembled that of Lizzie’s.

Both girls were relatively quiet, but once they got comfortable, they became non stop chatter boxes. They had big personalities, with very strong opinions. The two of them had been very close until Lizzie and Hannah had moved to Colorado a few years ago.

While Lizzie was talking to my daughter , I hauled the luggage in, only to be nearly knocked to the ground by Hannah as she came flying down the stairs, she kept into my arms.

“ Uncle Mikeeeeee!” She squealed, much like her mother. “I’m soooooo happy you are here!” Hannah continued as she peppered me with kisses.

“Woah Hannah!” I cautioned, “You are going knock your Uncle right on his ass, jumping on me like that! Now come here so I can find out what you’ve been up to!”

It had been three years since Lizzie’s Tony and our dad were taken from us in the accident. Lizzie and Hannah had moved out here from California to get a new start and try to put that awful memory behind them. Tony was everything to them. A good husband and a good father…. Now he was gone and dad with him.

The girls quickly scurried up stairs leaving Lizzie and I to catch up.

“Oh Lizzie, I sighed, as I lay my head back onto her lap. Her ample breasts dangled like tantalizing fruit from the forbidden tree. “I’ve missed you so much.” I added.

“I’ve missed you too,” she said, wiping the tears from her eyes, as she softly brushed the hair from my face. “I sure hope you have understand,” she went on, “after the accident when we lost Tony and dad, I just had to get away to get a fresh start.”

“Listen Michael,” she added more seriously, “there’s something that I’ve been wanting to tell you for a long time, and now that they’re gone I think it is right to let you know the truth.”

“When I was 11 years old,” she said nervously, “Dad raped me….”

“What!” I exclaimed popping up and grabbing Lizzie by the shoulders. “What the fu…….”

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