Mother finds out why he gets out of bed late

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Mother finds out why he gets out of bed late, incest sex stories, Saturday mornings are my favorite time of the week. No college to attend, no job to go to, no plans of any kind until later in the evening, and nothing whatsoever to make me get out of bed early. I usually laze around until it is absolutely necessary to get up, reflecting on the events that took place during the week or thinking of the pleasant things that I experienced. Sometimes I even daydream about a game I could play in or what I would do if I were to ever win the lottery. But mostly I spend time fantasizing about sex, about who I want to do and who I want to lay.

I normally sleep in my briefs and when my fantasies get a bit heated, I even take those off and stretch myself on my comforter, completely naked. I like to arouse myself with elaborate thoughts of impaling the female in question in different ways. Then I picture what I would like her to do to me and build my arousal to frenzy by the thoughts of actual physical penetration, kissing, touching, and licking. I usually end up touching and caressing myself and stroking my penis to keep the stimulation to maximum. I don’t, however, like to masturbate and rid myself of the potion that keeps the blood boiling. I normally stroke only the back of my penis without overly stimulating the head and then soak those feelings in for as long as I can before my balls accumulate enough semen to explode like a grenade. This can last anywhere from an hour to half a day until I have no choice but to pop the genie out, so to speak. Sometimes I have a mild fantasy and keep my state of arousal throughout the day. Other times I do masturbate and shoot everything out so I can spend the day with a clear mind. The fireworks, I tell you, when the pressure in my balls pushes the sperm out in few elongated spurts and splashes it all over my belly and legs.


This one particular Saturday, my fantasy was about Monique. Monique was our speech class teacher and this was the first semester I had with her. Monique was unique, if you pardon the expression, in more ways than one. She enjoyed teaching and we enjoyed learning from her—more like we enjoyed her. It wasn’t her style of lecturing so much so as her posturing while she lectured. She was fairly young as she was fresh out of her graduate studies and she had this special energy that first time teachers usually exude. She dressed to stimulate and sometimes she stimulated a little more than normal. This week was particularly stimulating because of the group hug she forced us to give. Lucky for me she was right across from me and as we all put our hands on the shoulders of those that were closest to us, she lowered her head to look down for something and I found myself staring right at her braless breasts. The picture of that nipple was deeply etched in my brain and this Saturday my mind was thinking of a hundred different ways of caressing it, stroking it, and sucking on it.

My cock was throbbing about half an hour into the fantasy and my fluids were coming out in a slow and steady stream. My dick was as hard as it could be and pointed straight towards the ceiling as my fluids oozed out and made a streak on the back of my penis and down to the base of my scrotum. There was a puddle forming where my thighs joined and every time I moved a bit, it seeped down over my anus and onto the bed. The warm liquid cooled down by the time it reached my asshole and the cold creamy wetness sent chills up my spine each times it came into contact with my butt-hole. I was really horny, to say the least, and I didn’t want to ruin such tremendous sweet feelings by masturbating so quickly and ending the beautiful fantasy. So, I laid there, my eyes closed, my brain directing the porno with Monique in my head, my right hand stroking my thighs and stomach and my left hand stroking the back of my penis and directing the flow just right so I could get that cold shiver up my spine at will.

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