Mom and son: Separation makes the heart grow fonder

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Mom and son, incest stories, separation makes the heart grow fonder, I was waiting impatiently at the airport for the plane to arrive. We had already passed the time when plane was due and now every passing second seemed like an hour. I didn’t care what the reason for the delay was; I wanted that plane to be on the ground. I had waited over two years to see my son and now that he was supposed to be here, in my arms, I couldn’t wait any longer. I was longing to see his sweet face and to kiss his beautiful cheeks. I wanted to hug him as hard as possible and to hold him against me to make up for all the time that he was away, studying on the other side of the country. I was very upset with the pilot for delaying my reunion with my son.

As I stared at the arrivals and departures notice board, I tried to picture what he would look like after such a long time. I figured he must have shot up quite high and hopefully filled in a bit. I wondered about any of the changes in him as a result of becoming a man. I wondered about his personality, how it must have developed after being away from home for so long.

I jumped up as the notice board changed to indicate that his flight had landed. I moved to the glass wall looking out onto the runaway and could see in a distance his plane taxiing towards the passageway that would eventually bring him out in front of me. I couldn’t wait.

I had to wait though, for a long time again because it took what felt like hours for the inept crew of the airline to bring the plane in and disembark all the passengers. I moved to the front of the crowd waiting for their loved ones to come and anxiously waited for my son to step out from behind the corner and come into my arms.

Passengers started to come out slowly at first and then in one long line. I was almost beside myself getting more impatient by the second. I scrutinized every male face for those familiar features and each one I saw turned out to be someone else’s son. As the last of the passengers came through and there was no one else coming, panic took over my brain. Where was he? What happened? Did he miss the plane? Did something happen to him? When I saw the airline crew closing their counter, I decided to run to them and ask them to check their computers or something. I wanted to know what happened to my son.

As I turned, I ran smack into a large man towering over me. I became furious as I lost my balance and almost fell backwards. He reached out and grabbed me by my waist. He said, “Are you okay, mom?”

“Son,” I screamed, “Oh my God, it’s you!”

“Yes, mom, it’s me.” The little moustache on his lips spread wide as he gave me a huge smile.

“Son, look at you…” I was still screaming as I hugged him tight, “…you look so different I didn’t even recognize you.”

“Yes, I know.” He was grinning from ear to ear. He had cut his hair short and his ears were quite visible. He looked handsome as ever and as kissable as the day I brought him home from the hospital.

“You have grown…” I felt around his shoulders, his arms and even his stomach. “You have grown a lot.” I smothered him again and gave him a ton of kisses on his cheeks and his forehead, which he had to lower quite a bit to let me reach it. Then I started crying.

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