Son uses his new found sexual expertise on his mother

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Son uses his new found sexual expertise on his mother, My sexual experiences with Mrs. Green gave me an abundance of confidence when dealing with members of the fairer sex. Before her, I had been a shy, inexperienced introvert. She, while giving me so much pleasure, had made me believe that I had quite a gift for pleasing women not just because of what was between my legs but that I was a terrific, caring lover. She constantly claimed that no other man had ever given her so much pleasure. She in turn couldn’t stay away from me and as I said in a previous story, even though her son, Bobby, hated my guts now she still arranged to rendezvous secretly in motel rooms, in her car and even once in the bathroom of a local restaurant. I’ll tell more about some of these sex romps in future stories but now I’d like to show how my training had paid off.

I started to date some of the local talent both from my old high school and from the local college that I attended. Breaking the cherries of the younger girls was gratifying sexually but I felt bad because I was only using them for self-gratification. I seemed to need the challenge to prove myself in every liaison.

The college girls were much more experienced and showed their appreciation when I made them cum. Many said that their previous boyfriends had only been interested in getting their own rocks off. This pleased me immensely but I couldn’t see myself committing seriously to any one of them. Once I had impressed them with my prowess and they seemed hooked on me, I felt the need to move on to new challenges. I was seeing several girls at the same time and this seemed to bother my mother.

She never had anything good to say about any of them. She seemed to think that they were looking for a man to take care of them. She warned me over and over to use protection not to trust the girl to do it. She worried that if I got one of them pregnant I would drop out of school to support them and the baby. It seemed that this had had happened to my grandmother and she had given birth to my mother when she was only 16. My grandfather had quit school to support my gramma and my mom. Subsequently he became a bitter man. He never forgave my gramma. He thought she had trapped him into marriage. As some sort of rebellion against her father, my mother, I knew, had gotten pregnant her first year of college. My grandmother wouldn’t let them quit school so she took us all in. Gramma looked after me so that my mom could finish college. Mom had gone on to become a high school teacher and doted on me.

One afternoon I had invited my latest conquest, Laura, to my house assuming that my mother was at school. We had proceeded to my bedroom and I had gotten her shorts and t-shirt off. I pulled her white thong panties off to the side and started to finger and then lick her clit. This elicited quite a lot of moisture. She hadn’t taken long to cum!

“Denny, stick it in me! I want it in me now! Don’t make me wait any more!” With that she grabbed my rock-hard dick and started to pull it towards her vagina. Up and down my shaft went her one hand while her other hand took a firm grip on my balls as she brought me to the entrance to her cunt.

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