My Sex Teacher is my dad and mom

This time dad is down and mom with her watermelon boobs riding on. HI I Am new to this sex stories site,
I am Ramesh age 36,lives in chennai. I am married i like to post my real sex experience in my life. My sex life starts at the age of 16, My mom, My sis, My collegue, My sister-in-laws. I like to share my sex experience with you.

My Sex Teacher is my dad and mom. At the age of 16 I saw both naked fucking in my life which makes me Incest and family sex lover.
Let me Explain about my first angle my mom when i was 16 she was 37 age, with brownish colour.with 2 mountain boobs of size 42D.Still now i love her big boobs.

When i was 16 one night when i went for toilet and wake up and saw my sister is near me and my dad and mom is not there in the room. I heard strange sound with lights on in the next room. The door are slightly open and went there and saw my mom and dad are naked and mom is shouting dad in bad words(do it fast bastard ) mom was down and dad is riding on her and fucking her. First time in my life i am hearing and seeing this. i got fear and ran away to bed.within a minute some thing intense me to go and see again. dad and i saw her naked boobs jumping she is doing fast. she slap my dad and ask her to hold her boobs and my mom use bad words ( i want to be fucked daily bastard if you cant do i want any one she says).she fuck my dad and my pennis first time got erected as big in my life.Then my mom ask my dad to suck her down (in tamil pundai). my dad suck her and then my mom shouts again my mom is dominant and dad was poor there.He cant fulfil her desire. I start to shake my pennis. From that day onwards my mom is my sex Queen.From that day onwards i start to watch my mom very close.I start to smell her bra and blouse she wear saree only so when i got chance to see her boobs i will see her. Where we lived at that time was a small house. One bed room one small kitchen and a small hall so no private space will be there. when ever i saw mom and dad close i think there fucking.

One day during dinner me and sister have dinner and ask mom and dad to take dinner they told they will eat later then I guess tonight I am going to see great thing. Then I start to watch TV, my dad and mom both went to the kitchen and come one by one and in the gap I went to there I saw a glass full of drink wine or whisky my dad drinks and filled then my mom went inside and came out I went there and was surprised that glass is empty I was shocked to know that my mom was also drunked.

That day I wait for the show I went to the bed and act as if I slept. Me , mom and dad will sleep in the bed and my sister will sleep down. After 20 minutes both came with mom without saree and blouse she wears only bra and petticoat. My dad with lungi, my mom slept near me and then my dad both are druked mom ask dad lets go outside and can do. Dad told lets do her and can sleep. Both are more druked that day mom ask dad to remove her bra dad slowly removed.

I observe and saw everything in dim light. Mom ask dad to suck her boobs and dad is already half slept. Mom ask her to do it and suck her down but dad is slept and she is also in sleeping mood. After a silence of 1 minute and slowly wake up and saw.

My mom is wearing only petticoat and all open her 2 big watermelon boobs are infront of my eyes. My dad is fully naked. I slowly get courage to touch my mom boobs she is sleepy no response from her, so I got more courage and start to sqeeuze it and then I start to suck her nipples she is sleepy so I start to move and suck one boobs and start to squeeze one.Then slowly I start to kiss my mom lips slight movement in her and she think its my dad and start to use bad words. I slowly kiss her whole body and went down to her legs and kiss it and lift her petticoat. I kiss her legs, thighs and one hand I squeeze her boobs. I start to suck her down she start to move her leg and says suck it properly bastard. She may think its my dad but I don’t want to miss this chance so I took my face in my birth place (my moms’s down) its smell some thing different. I slowly went and lick it with my tongue she has few hair in it and I suck her for 5 minutes. Then came back and suck my mom boobs and kiss her lips I gave my pennis in her hand. Its my first sex experience.

Then after few days I saw in our bathroom big straight brinjal, carrot I don’t know why vegetables are there in our bathroom and that to be hidden. After that night I try to smell my mom . My desire for my mom doesn’t ends so I decide to see her bath. I planned When no one in the home I made a small hole in the bathroom door and closed It with Soap, then when me and mom were alone and she is going to bath before that I will go to the bathroom and remove the soap from the door and come out. Mom will close the bathroom door to bath I will watch the full show from outside. From removing of her saree, blouse, bra. Petticoat. Panties . Then I saw one day like that mom took brinjal from the hidden place and start to masterbate using it and shouting and she keeps carrot in her mouth and start to suck. When this happens previous night only dad had fuck her. I realise that dad is not satisfying her.

Next to our home a family man age same like my dad whose family is in Madurai and he work in my dad office. She start to stare at my mom when she come out and he watch her this happens for a week. I also start to watch that Uncle. He calls me and gives chocolate to me and ask about my mom what she is doing. That night I saw my dad is going to that uncles house and he came with bottle of drink, my mom is sleeping with me in the bed. Dad came to my mom and ask her I am drinking with him in his house you also come there, ( I was shocked) mom told I wont. Then dad says come and drink I will keep in the kitchen , mom generally will accept but she hesistate little bit and says I wont come to his house. I am really shocked wants going t happen next. After dad went to uncle house, mom slowly went to the kitchen (without knowing her I saw throw the door gap what she is doing) she start to drink one cup and took the second dad came at that time . Dad ask mom to come there mom says No.

Dad says I will bring him here, Mom doesn’t say anything and she came back to bed I ran back and I act as if I am slept. Bedroom door opens and dad ask my mom to come out mom says NO, dad ask mom to remove the dress now mom removes her saree and blouse and slept without a word. In the dim light I saw my dad invite the Uncle to the bed to take my mom. Generally 3 of us will sleep in the bed now its four me, mom, dad and uncle. Mom came very closer to me and she touch my hand first time I feel such a great heat in my mom body. Uncle kiss my mom in face, lips dad start to remove my mom petticoat and bra .

My mom is naked in front of Uncle then both dad and uncle start to enjoy my moms. Uncle suck my mom’s big 42 inches boobs and dad start to suck her down. I enjoy of seeing all this in dim light. Then Uncle ask mom lets go to the next room , mom also start to move to the next room I am very happy to see wats going to happen but my bad luck they closed the door and switch off the lights. I cant see anything. Next day morning mom is near me its Sunday so she wakeup late I ask dad what happens to mom . Dad says she have seen something and she is in fear. Uncle call me in the morning and ask about my mom (I knew that he enjoys my mom) I said she has fear of seeing something dad told. After this same things happen for three times then Uncle got transferred. Mom miss her sex partner.
This is My first Sex Real Experience in life. Still now I enjoy of seeing my mom boobs.

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