Creamy Mother and Daughter

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Clarissa had finished another semester at college and once again, aced all her subjects. Her and I were very proud. A lot has changed in that amount of time. All the good things have become better, but with bumps along the way. We grew very comfortable in our little world of love and lust. It strengthened us. No matter how strong a relationship is, there are openings in the armor and ours was tested.

What changed the most was my… no our, living room. They were not exaggerating about their ability to ruin furniture. After the first month, both the couches had to be thrown out. Clarissa and Christina were extremely sorry for turning all the couch cushions into stained wet sponges. I wasn’t upset, if anything I was amused because they came through with their promise. They fucked couches to death.

Clarissa, the smart little girl that she is, had a long-term solution. We bought a new patent leather couch and love seat. The patent leather was water proof and would not allow fluids to soak into the stuffing. Christina then sewed several custom covers to go over the furniture. This allowed us to remove and wash them, but still have the feeling of a cloth couch.

Towels! Our towel collection nearly quadrupled. One would think that working from home nude would lead to less laundry. These juicy skinny girls soaked enough towels to fill a bathtub, which happened during one hot weekend long orgy.

My favorite addition was a simple one. A large, teal, exercise mat. It was almost, always in the middle of the living room, like a rug. It gave us a nice surface to have our frequent wet and messy orgies and made for easy cleanup afterwards.

Our happy home flourished in our perversions. I became so comfortable with them that I told them what my job was. Managing adult websites. Which was a pleasant surprise, they were upset I hadn’t told them sooner. Like teenagers discovering porn for the first time, we all gathered around my workstation as I showed the sites and my work.

We discovered each other all over again by taking turns showing our most favorite videos. I started by showing them some of my favorites, which also revealed that I was bisexual. It was a small detail to me, but a real turn on for them. The admission bonded us all closer. We now had no sexual or gender taboos between us. They hugged after my admission, but I assured them it was no big deal. It brought a calming joy to the three of us. Funny how the depths of our perversions brought us closer.

I’ll not go into detail as to the kinds of videos I showed them. To be truthful, I’m living my favorite sexual fantasy.

Since Christina loved girls giving sloppy blowjobs and anal play, she created a playlist of her favorites for both study and pleasure. I placed one of my three monitors on the floor. Then I would lay on my back, feet towards the monitor with her on top of me in a 69 position. While watching her favorite videos, she would lovingly suck my pulsing cock, perfecting her milkmaid throat over time. No longer did she have to release me from her mouth to breathe, in this position she was able to breathe through her nose. For what seemed an eternity Christina would take me deep into her undulating throat. While doing this, she would use a wireless mouse and keyboard to pick and choose videos of other girls sucking cock.

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