Mom and daughter compete for the same guy but end up sharing

Incest stories, Mom and daughter compete for the same guy but end up sharing, My daughter Kate and I were in the garage. We had just moved and were emptying and putting away boxes. My name is Jennifer. I am recently divorced and, using the cash from the sale of our house, I had just bought

Mother and daughter are both cheerleaders

Christy was almost bouncing up and down she was so excited. As soon as she arrived home she vanished into her room, eager to get changed before Paul arrived. Quickly she donned her brand new cheer-leader uniform and stood, admiring herself in the mirror. Christy was blonde and eighteen and now a cheer-leader. All was

Creamy Mother and Daughter

Clarissa had finished another semester at college and once again, aced all her subjects. Her mother and I were very proud. A lot has changed in that amount of time. All the good things have become better, but with bumps along the way. We grew very comfortable in our little world of love and lust.

Mom seduces daughter while they are away from home

Standing by the door, Kayla watched in silence as her mother paced angrily back and forth across the hotel room, gripping the telephone handset so tightly that her knuckles were turning white. “Now listen you, I made these reservations weeks ago, I paid for a room with two beds, and that’s exactly what I want!”