My friend hot sister tanya

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Hello reader….I am mohit from a town ara(bihar).I am 27 yrs.old guy ,smart,well built,height of 6 feet with menhood lengths 08-09 inches when fully aroused.I am a school teacher in a near by village.I have a friend,Rahul and we both r familiar to each other,all their family members know me.

Rahul have three sister and Tanya is the eldest one ,she is a good looking gal,white complexion,height of 5’3 inches with rosy lips & well shaped boobs,her round bums swing always make me hot.whenever i visited rahul home….she come to us with tea or nastha but never talked to me .I always have dream of tanya and one evening we met in a party but she was with her mom,i went to nearby wineshop and have some drinks…..after sometime i came there for dinner, it was a marriage party.when i took meals tanyas mom met me-“r u going to home….yes aunty….o.k than tanya will be with u…” it was 11:30 p.m when tanya was with me on bike, i was driving faster to give her a bike ride,she-“rahul bhaiya patna mein hain….oh….isley aapke saath ghar jaa rahi hoon….o.k” she have kept her hand on my waist,i dropped her on his home-“pl.come inside… its too.late…pl.”i entered my friend house from back door,her sisters…dad were sleeping,she have opened backdoor lock with a kye kept with her.Tanyas have a seprate room and she gave me a glass of water to drink”mohit have u taken wine…..yes…but drinking wine is a sin so ……tanya i am sorry”first time she was calling me with my name ” o.k tanya its too late ….yah its too late so spend some time with me…..what?….yah come with me.” she took me on first floor having a single room only,she opened the room and we were on bed,why tanya have asked me for company ?she gave me a pyjama-“change your dress….but tanya….no if & but,no one is going to wake for 4-5 hrs.,washroom is inthat corner”i moved towards floor corner,changed my dress and came back…..when i opened the door tanya was in a black night gawn…..i sit on bed & she asked me to close the door….than she asked to lit off the bulb….in a red night bulb tanya was shining like a diamond,she was sitting on bed and when i was near to bed…she stands to hug me….i was in shock…..unexpected? Tanya was kissing my face-“mohit dont waste time ….but tanya u r ….nonsense do your duty” than i took her to bed….she slept and i was kissing her face…..with hands on boobs,my dream came true…..she was in hurry…..opened my pyjama having no undies…..took penis in her hand and i was removing her gawn…….she is now nude and i was looking her boobs,thighs and vagina was not visible….she have her thighs close.i leaned on her….kissing her face….lips….she gave her tongue in my mouth for suck…..i was sucking it while massaging tight boobs….never thought tanya will approach me for sex. Later on i started sucking her boobs…she was screaming…..

“ooh…aah…my dear suck it hard…..its burning(took chuchi out of mouth for another chuchi to take)….whats burning darling…..(rubbing her cunt)this one…..wait” after that i kissed her every parts of body and lastly i was loving her thighs and when i forcibily stretched her thighs she was shy,kept her hand on her face to cover,looking towards vagina……

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