A Drawing Affair

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Hi readers

It’s Ananth here. 28 years old, little dark, good physique, painter by profession, and very much naughty in my mind. I will like to narrate a experience of mine which I enjoyed about a month ago.

I am good at painting and even teaching the same art. So I work as free lancer teacher in many painting classes in hyderabad. As I was working as usual, a new girl in fact a cute and innocent girl joined the classes named Surbhi. She was 24 years of age, 5’3 of height, fair colour, lite spectacles, figure of around 34-28-32.

She actually looked like a princess to me and I was very much attracted to her. I used to make sure that I always be at painting classes when Surbhi used to come their. She was very much impressed with my art work, and we very soon started to share some good bond over paintings. We started to meet after the painting classes for coffee, movie or some casual drives. I always had a desire to make out with her from the day one I saw her. But she wasn’t so easy to take to bed.

We became good friends in near time, and she even started visiting my home where I used to stay alone. One day at my home while having coffee she asked what doest it takes to be a good painter. I said “it’s the imaginations of the painter by which he creates varieties of images from a single thing and every painter surely makes atleast one piece of which he feels proud about”

She asked “so u made any of such kind”.

I said “no… I didn’t got any such image still to do so”

She :what are you looking for
Me :its actually against the norm of the societies
She :like
Me: well I think I can tell you and I know you won’t judge me as well
She :ofcourse I won’t
Me : well… I want to make a sketch of nude lady…
She : many did that…. I mean u can get the artists who are ready for that.
Me : no I want to draw someone like you
She got stunned for a minute… And asked
She : are you serious…. What’s special in me
Me : you are different…. And more than that I like you…. So I want to draw down my feelings along with you.
She : in your dreams….. I ain’t doing that
Me : I know, it’s stupid to ask… But I just gave a try.
She : hmm… I will be back

She went to the washroom…. And I was just busy with my mobile. When I saw her back, my mobile just fall down from my hand. She came out of the washroom by dropping all her clothes and just wrapping a towel around herself. My eyes were wide open and my dick was already hard as the view was already so beautiful that my hands were not at all interested in lifting up the pencils…. Instead they just wanted to feel the bare skin of Surbhi and her stiff boobs.

She said laughingly
“so Mr. Painter, control your eyes and that thing…. And draw your dream picture… Even I want to see how well you portray me.” and then she dropped the towel as well.

She was just standing in her panties and her boobs were nude in front of my eyes. I just walked towards her and while walking I unbuttoned my pants and removed my t shirt. And my right hand straight away went on her right boob and oh my god I really never felt anything so softer than that. I lifted her chin a little with my left hand and kissed her for the first time. She was aroused to and kissed me back passionately. I went close to her ears and said
“I want to draw u total nude… So I have to take down even your panties”

She didn’t said anything but hugged me tightly.. I knew she won’t resist me so I just went down on my knees and pulled down her panties. Her cunt looked so delicious just I couldn’t resist my eyes from staring it. It was so beautiful tight and well structured cunt with very little hairs just above it. My breathes were already heavy and so heavy that every time I was inhaling I was actually taking the aroma of her cunt inside me and every time I was exhaling I was actually warming her cunt with my hot air. I kissed her cunt and held her waist tightly. She was very much aroused by then.

I then got up and kissed her again and praised her beauty. She smiled. She then asked in which pose she should be. She had clean armpits so I decided to capture everything of her body from her hairs, deep eyes, beautiful smile, perfect boobs, lovely waist and her sensitive cunt. So I asked her to lay on bed with her both hands above her head and her legs just hiding the hole of her cunt by a inch. As she laid in that position all I wanted to just fuck her… But I knew I won’t get this opportunity again so I decided to finish my painting first.

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