My first (true story)

hi im Leona (im not using any real names for the sake of privacy) im 13 but i look 17 or so everyone tells me, i have olive skin , light brown hair and dark brown eyes long legs and a short torso with an ass for miles. im a 36 B cup im not the skinniest but im not huge im just broad i guess you could say.
ive been a trouble maker all my life and it only got worse with age. i was at my best friend Adeline’s house and adeline is pretty fucking chill shes a year old than me and shes 5’1 which is only an inch shorter than me shes got naturally tan skin and a waist that curves in more than kim K’s shes absolutely beautiful while i was at her house i got a text on snap chat by this guy named lewis im not allowed to see him my mother has strictly forbidden it but hes really fucking hot hes 2 years older than me and has his grade failed twice. hes 6,0 really skinny has light brown shandy-ish hair fair skin light brown eyes and a jawline so sharp it could kill someone, hes one of the most dangerous trouble makers ive ever met
, soo anyway moving on he texts me and asks me if i wanna chill later
(he only has his learners permit but he drives anyway) i left later at nine to go meet him behind the courts, he has no data so he said to come at 9:45 i was 10 min early i sat on the park bench waiting for him to pull up, my heart was beating of my chest thinking of what we were going to do just made me wet, he pulled up in his grandmas car and walked out to meet me he looked nervous but hid it well, we walked to the car, he sat in the divers seat while i sat beside him we both kept looking at each other and smiling and 3 min later he gets in the back and i follow him i tried so hard to keep my confidence from fading i think we both were. i guess he was waiting for me to make the first move and i wasn’t going to i have absolutely no idea what to do ,i had given head ,gotten anal, sent nudes but i had never kissed a boy before only multiple girls,and a while later i told him i wasn’t making the first move ( i am not at all dominant in any way, shape or form) he tilted my head and kissed me… like really kissed me, i was out of rhythm for a bit and was kinda sloppy at it but so was he, we both seemed to melt into each other he slid his hand up my thigh to my breast the other hand on my ass , god i was so wet , i had one hand in his hair the other massaging his dick ( he was rock hard ) i slowly pulled my hand from his hair to his chest and felt his heart beat, it was beating fast , he smelled slightly of weed but it smelled good , i felt like i was kissing him wrong but i didnt care i seemed to melt into him and forget everything around me his moved down to my neck and then to my chest it gave me chills, his hand moved into my jeans an as he fingered me i moaned softly as he kissed me, i broke off and pulled out his dick it wasnt as wet with pre cum as i thought it would be, but his dick was at least 7 or 8 inches and boy was it girthy. i licked the tip and put it in my mouth i teased him a bit with my tongue and then came back up he kissed my fore head and and pulled a condom out of his pocket, i asked him if he was sure and he gave a positive reply, i played with his dick his dick as he pulled off my tank top i took off my jeans and pulled his shirt off over his head, i sat down on his lap cowgirl style ( the seats arent laid back) i guided his dick inside me ,putting the tip in practically made me scream
i slowly moved up and down our moans filled the air, his hands were on my waist keeping me steady slowly making me go faster, we changed positions as he leaned the seat all the way back his dick was still in me.
i was moaning so loud im surprised no one heard, he trusted in and out of me breaking through my hymen making me cry out my nails dug into his back and clawed down and then back up, he kissed me to reassure me and calm me down, i kissed his neck and gave him several hickies, he finished an i came twice, he drove me home and i havent stopped thinking about him since.

i hoped you liked it.

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