Slave to five sisters (True story)

This is a true story. Slave to five sisters All things in it are true.
Chapter 1 The binning.

“Hi!” My name is Evert. My parents named me after the town I was born in. Evert Washington Just outside of Settle. I have four sisters; I was the only boy in the family. In the early sixties are parents took in a black girl from south Africa. Her name was Thandiwe.

Back then that was not an easy thing to do. Because of her color we never stayed long in one place. We could not go to public schools. We were the talk of every new place we went. Tell dad bought a farm in the middle of nowhere. That was the first place we called home. After some time us children started calling the farm Nowhere. There we were home schooled.

Thandiwe was homely looking. To most people she was less than average. With a very petite body. I took to her right away. So I could not understand what color had to do with anything. Back then I was nothing but a small boy not even seven yet.

My four real sisters were older than me. Lillian she was the oldest of us all. She had dark brown hair. Hazel eyes, almost five feet tall. She hated what had happened to us and blamed it on Thandiwe for the hardship are family had. Tho in time that would change. We did not have a neighbour in maybe thirty or forty miles back then. Today it is different maybe ten miles.

The next oldest Sister is Isabel, Dark brown heir, Hazel eyes, Thin, with a little birth mark on her butt, the right check. In her teens she became a knock out.

The next oldest sister is Amada. Dark brown Hair, Hazel eyes, Back then thin, But later she gained weight, so she was a slight plump, “Tho not really bad”.

The youngest sister name is Lorelai, Dark brown hair, Hazel eyes, Very thin, In age her hips rounded, With that same age she filled out better than the rest. In her teens Lorelai’s name fit her.

Are father worked a lot, so we only saw him when he got vacation time. Yes he was a good dad. Mom loved him.

It was hot the third year we lived there. So when dad came home the first chore he did, was had a swimming pool built in are the back yard. In time we started swimming in it nude, even mom and dad Joined us. So when I grew up to be nude in front of each other was normal.

Tell I matured. At first I did not know what happened. I was setting on one of the side chairs watching Thandiwe swimming around the pool like I always did. This time something was different. The more I watch, the harder I got.

Mom had made us a pitcher of lemonade came out set it on the deck table. Mom then looked down at me and said, “Evert do you want a glass of lemonade?” I guess I did not hear her, tell she taped me on the shoulder. When I turned around to ask what she wanted. She saw my hard on. I saw every muscle in her face changed at the same time. Mom just put the drink on the little table in between the chairs. Mom straitened up to glimpse over shoulder to see who was in the pool. Saying, “Thandiwe do you want some lemonade?” Set down another glass before the answer came back. Walked off mumbling to herself.

The next time it happened It was with both Thandiwe and Lorelai in the pool. Both girls were just setting on the steps of the pool talking. When I got up to get into the water Lorelai taped Thandiwe. I could not hear them but both were staring and pointing at me. Now that I am older I understand clearly now. None of the girls had ever seen a man’s hard on before. We had very little company. That was only twice a year. Dad never got one in front of us.

Lorelai ask me to join them on the steps. They moved apart. Then set me right between them. Their eyes were glued to my dick. Both girls ask to touch it. I said no and went to the deep end.

From then on I could hear my sisters talking about me. Saying stuff like, “I wonder what it feels like.” I did not understand why this happened to me. I do know that when it did, I liked the feeling.

One day we all were in the pool and without asking Lillian walked over and put me between her fingers. With a gentle touch started playing with me. I became hard right then. Before I knew it they were taking turns. Thandiwe was the last one to have her fingers on it. Right then I cum in her hand for the first time. That orgasm is to this day the best my life has seen. From that day on they took turns giving me orgasms. But sometimes I got them two at a time.

Mom never said a word. So to say that she knew or not is an unanswered question to this day. But to not know meant she was overlooking it. Dad was gone and I do know that mom would have never told him about us.

In time I started fingering them. Isabel was the first to have an orgasm while I touched her. Next was Lorelai. With Amada and Lillian it was different. By then they started having sex with one another. So when I was with them I got treated by two at the same time. The first pussy I ever sucked was Thandiwe, by then Amada and Lillian showed me the right way. Over time all five my sisters became BI.

I found plusher submitting to their lesbian ways. I started doing their chores, Serving their every need. I put their tampons in. Carried the buckets used for their relief. Washing their body’s while in the shower. I dressed them in clean clothes for the day.

One day Thandiwe and Lorelai had me in the barn loft were they tied me for the first time. Soon I had all the women looking at my nude body. While playing around with one of the horse wipes. My sisters started passing the wipe around to each other taking their turn using it on me. Then Amada reach out grabbed my balls to poll and squeeze them. At first she was gentle about it but after a while I started begging her to poll them harder tell the pane was so unbearable. Between the wiping I was getting and the pain in my balls I cum. My body jerked so hard I almost tour off my own nuts.They were black and blue for days after. From then on when I cum it was spoon feed back to me.

Over the next month my roll had begun to change with them. Other than Thandiwe and Lorelai the rest of my sisters had become pure lesbian.

In time my punishments became tenser. They begin to tie me more and leave me there longer. I was not allowed to cum without all their permission. When that permission was given, it was usually because either Thandiwe or Lorelai wanted to feel a man inside them. Those two should have got pregnant long time before they did.

Before sex they tie my ball sack and balls from the base were they attach to my body all the way up tell the balls are acing from being bound so tight with a lead rope to poll my balls with every stroke my body has to hers. This also allows me some control from cumin before they say cum. Once told to cum, they count to five. If my lode is not in her then, I lose the chance tell next time.

I always looked forward to them both. But to have sex with me the five girls made rules to how that would be done.

1. They all had to be there to watch. 2. They were allowed to use horse wipes on me while doing the acts. 3. I was not allowed to cum in them tell each girl had four deep orgasms. 4. If the girl I was fucking became satisfied and tells me to stop, before told to cum. Then I am denied the right to cum. Today I only have sex with Thandiwe and Lorelai but all my sisters would drain any man that entered them. All five them get so wet and lubed by natural means that a person would think oil was used. When I am denied sexual release the burden is usually greater then my body can bear. So most the time they tie my legs apart and my hands in a way that nothing can be touched. Leaving me tied there fighting the erg for control. When this prose’s is lost to me and I cum anyway, then I loose being able to cum inside them, tell the battle is won. 5. Before sex they tie my ball sack and balls from the base were they attach to my body all the way up tell the balls are acing from being bound so tight with a lead rope to poll my balls with every stroke my body has to hers. This also allows me some control from cumin before they say cum. Once told to cum, they count to five. If my lode is not in her then, I lose the chance tell next time. 6. I am to clean her pussy of all my own cum. I do this by lying on my back. Then she squats over my face. With my tongue I lick her then use my mouth to catch what drops out of her.

I am now a urinal to them all. Tho I do not eat it I take care of all their poop needs and cleaning duties. I will talk about that in the next letter.

In 1976 Thandiwe had my first child it was a girl. The name given to her was Natalia. In 1979 my sister Lorelai had my second child it was a girl as well. Her name is Harmony.

Both them think I am a hired hand. Nether know that I am their father. Hell Harmony does not even know how closely related, I am to her. Both were honor students. With good educations and back grounds.

Chapter 2 The Urinal

When dad found out, about Thandiwe being pregnant he was happy for her. When asked how she got that way, Thandiwe told a lie to him. “It happened that weekend mom took us into Seattle, to see, the Ye Olde Curiosity Shop.”

In fact that trip happened on my birthday; He believed it because we liked to go there. We had seen it a hundred times; the truth is we liked the fish and chips served on the water front there.

That same summer dad taught us how to drive and bought us all cars. I got a bug. The girls wanted Dodge Chargers but settled with Ford Mustang cars. Thandiwe’s car was a burgundy color with white walls. Lillian’s car was Black with white walls. She told me, the color, reminded her of Thandiwe’s skin. Isabel’s car was red standard factory tires. She did not like the white walls. Amada’s was black as well. To match the black clothes she wore most the time. Lorelai’s was a forest green with white walls.

Also that summer dad died. It almost tore are family apart. As broken as mom was she understood something we did not. Here is what she said to me in that meeting. “Once you go down that road, you may not come back.” “I raised you as a family.” “Evert let me ask you something, do you love me?” “Do you love your sisters?” “Yes!” “Then what will happen by going down that road.” I started crying at the thought and walked out of the room. I never herd what she said to the girls. It took a couple mounts to find the place we had. Each one of us did it different passes, and we all had a different timing and speed of doing it. Through it was mom that held us into place. That was the only crises us siblings had that put opposition between us. Never again did are unity break.

Mom loved Natalia. After the death of dad she found comfort being around her. Being like a mother to Natalia brought moms joy back to her life. She used to say to Thandiwe all the time, “She has your eyes, but looks like my other daughters did, when they were born.” With the right person, she would show them the old photo album to prove it.

None of us siblings knew how much she knew. But all of us were afraid to ask in fear she knew, or worse, by asking we told her.

My roll with the girls had changed that year. They took the Keys to my car and said, “To be are slave, you lose any independents that we do not give you.” The car was put in the barn. Tell it was given to mom after her car broke down.

Near the end of the summer of 1978 mom and Natalia went to see Aunt Natalie. She asked us if we wanted to come. We said, “No!” We had the house for three week to our self. Before we lost sight of the car, Amada Said, “get out of them clothes.” Upon striping they put a dog leash around my nut sack. Took me into the house and said, “From now on, your job is to serve us that way.” “Get on your hands and knees crawl over here and suck the dirt from are feet.”

The rest of the night I made their drinks, carried the pee bowl from the couch to the bathroom and back. Every time they peed in the bowl my tongue became their toilet paper. Amada was on her period, so I, changed her tampons and kept her clean.

In just a day or so, I became their urinal. When they needed to pee they called me. I had to run to them and get on my knees and tilt my head back. It was easier to drink that way. It opened my throat in the same way you do when chugging a beer. It made drinking their pee easier and faster. If a drop fell out of my mouth, I was beat by all five sisters. Within a week I took everything given me. There was a consequence though. For a while the piss gave me the shits. But when my body got used to it, the shits quit. Amada had a distinct flavor to her pee. I got used to the slit small and taste of their pee, while they were on their periods. It was Thandiwe’s pee that always tastes stronger. To be honest I really like hers the best, (even to this day.) I think they know it to. But to this day there is no favoritism on my side.

All of us are working together, as if we are well-oiled gears. The five girls are way different. Each one walks in different strides. By looking at the four you can tell they are sisters. They all look like mom. I look like dad and his father. Lorelai likes men. So when we have sex, she is like a wild cat overpowering its pry. Every move she makes is for her own plusher. To be honest, without my balls tied within minutes I would cum. She is a cat, (That one is.)

Thandiwe is different, even though she likes men. When Thandiwe and I are having sex. Her movement is slower, she takes her time. Thandiwe loves being in charge while in sex. What turns her on the most is my suffering at her hand. Every now and again, after I give her multiple orgasms, she tells me to stop. The only reason I do not cum is because of my balls being tied and polled on. Being tied does not stop me from cumin. But it does slow the proses a lot. By the way she cums, and the effort she uses when we are into the thick of sex. I know I wall suffer that night. That really adds to the frustration and the suffering she likes most. In sex I am not allowed to touch them with my hands so they tie them behind my back. I am not allowed to kiss them, because it is their urinal. For that matter my lips are not allowed to touch any part of them but when I am drinking their pee and cleaning their pussy with my tongue, instead of toilet paper.

Lillian is different yet. To her most men have no place. She treats me, (like I do not exist.) when I am with her. Lillian calls me names. Reminding me I am her urinal. The first thing she does is have Amada tie my nut sack and balls and then my hands behind my back. With the long peace of rope used to poll on when I am pumping on either Thandiwe or Lorelai while having sex with them, Amada parades me to the center of the room with it, to give the other girls a show to watch. Amada will get on her kneels off to the side of me so my other sisters can see what he is doing. Amada then reaches up and places my dick between her thumb and index finger rolling it back and forth. While she is tugging on the rope tied to my nut sack. Every time she yanks on it, I feel the pain throughout my whole body. My jaws lock and I cry in agony. Lillian takes a wipe to the rest of my body; If I am very lucky Isabel will pee in a container and hold it to my lips for me to drink while all this is going on. That is if I am really lucky. Just as I am ready to cum they stop lead me to the bed in the show room. When I am standing right where I can watch the remained of the sisters having sex together. Sometimes with Amada’s free hand there as wall, she will use her index finger and thumb to roll my dick throughout the show. The truth is without the agony being inflicted on me and my ball and sack their sex would have no meaning. You can tell by the way they keep glancing at me daring sex. The Harder their orgasm is the less likely that she will let me cum after the show. That does not always hold true. If they do say cum I have five seconds to release my wad in the spoon waiting to catch it. So they can feed it back to me. It is better when draining from inside a pussy.

Isabel is different yet. Isabel likes peeing in my mouth. She is almost always the first one up in the morning. She has a bigger bladder then the rest of the sisters. Once she starts it all comes at once. She could fell up a large mixing bowl. To keep up with her flow is quit hard. That is what motivates her the most. To overpower my will showing the rest of the sisters that she is in control of everything. I am not just for one of them. They all use me at the same time. Every one of them takes a different roll with me. Isabel’s is dominating with absolute control.

Amada she is different yet. She likes giving pain. She likes genital torment. She is the one that ties my balls and sack most of the time. She is the one that hurts them while I am fucking both the girls, Thandiwe and Lorelai. Let me ask something, “Have you ever tried to fuck with your hands tied behind your back while some one is yanking on your balls with a rope tied to them?” I am almost always on my back with her weight holding me into place. I like Amada’s fetish a lot.

By the time mom got home everything looked normal again. The swimming pool was off limits to me for a while. You could see the strap marks on my body. My balls were bruised and you could tell. We drove to the creek were I could cool down in its water. Tell my body was well and fully healed my sisters decided my only duty was toiletry.

That winter was cold, it snowed a lot. There was a silver thaw. Most of the power went out for the region. We had a generator with a huge underground tank. We could go a month and a half before any of us needed to worry about the problem. But in our case we used the wood burning stoves and saved the fuel except the times it was needed. That is when mom got sick with the flu. Except to feed the livestock we never left the house. We had a back supply of food for the next four years. Not even the four well trucks would get thru the snow to town. When the snow stopped falling then we could plow the road to the highway. Tell then we just bat down the hatches and sealed the wave to dry ground.

Lorelai begin to show her pregnancy it became more obvious by the day. The morning sickness, but mostly her bellies begin to stick out. Sometimes when mom would put her hand on it, she would look at me with a huge smile and say, “Son it is a girl you can tell by the she is carrying it.” Without looking away from me she added, “I am very proud of you children,” “To make it, out here on your own takes a lot.” As soon as she dropped her hand the smile as lost and coughing took its place.

In fact the coughing became more and more regular. We all took are terns caring for her. We kept her worm, brought her soup. Despite what we did she was getting worse. By the time the weather brock and plowed the way out. Mom was coughing blood. At the hospital they found cancer. She lived long enough to hold baby Harmony. One month after the delivery of Harmony in 1979. Mom went into a coma and died. She was buried in the family plot next to dad.

The head stones read
Mrs. Emily blank and Mr. Elijah blink.
Will be missed by family and friends.
In heaven they will have peace.

Chapter 3 The end

In time that happened. The first came in 1983. Named after mom Emily. The second came in 1985 her name was Aubree. The third came in 1988 her name was Autumn In 1992 she had a Boy named Isaiah her last. All grew up to be healthy. All went to college Isaiah is steal there. The boys makes computer programs for a large comp. All the girls are married. None know I am their father.

The six of us steal live in the same house. We are way too old to have sex anymore. I do steal drink their pee It is out of a cup these days. I steal serve them in little stuff. I steal cum but they just jack me while I think about when we were young. I am sixty now and my body hurts most the time. I think it was because of the thangs done for my sexual needs.

This is a true story though it sounds far and out of the way. It was written because my sisters want it told. These days we all have our own bed but the girls steal sleep together.

This is a true story though it sounds far and out of the way. It was written because my sisters want it told. These days we all have our own bed but the girls steal sleep together.

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