Priya my Voluptuous Neighbor

Hello friends. Today I will be telling you about how I seduced Priya, my cute and chubby neighbour. It was around 2 years back.

I was returning from my workplace and had stopped at our local grocery to buy some provisions. I found Priya, my neighbour also at the store. I bought for myself a packet of tea leaves and was about to leave, when she asked me to wait as the keys to my house was kept in her house. My family had gone out and left the keys at her place. This was something they did quite often. She bought a few things for herself and then we walked homewards together. She asked me what I planning to do once I got home. “”Nothing much for me to do”, I said. “I will make myself a cup of tea and watch the TV.” “So you are going to have tea all by yourself?” she asked.

“Where would I get someone else to accompany me” I replied. By this time we had reached her home and she went inside to get my keys. I wondered if she had meant something else. So when she I came back with the keys, I told her that she could join me for a cup of tea. She smiled with a knowing look and said that she would come in a few minutes.

Once I reached home I quickly undressed and washed my myself. Then I went back to the front room and wiped myself with the towel. It was then that I heard the sound of the gates opening. I peeped out from the window and saw Priya walking in. I now realised that something was on and it would be foolish to let this opportunity go. I quickly wrapped the towel around me and opened the door as soon as she rang the bell. She walked in and looked at me wearing only a towel amusedly. “Is the tea ready”, she asked. “I have just washed myself and will now make the tea”, I replied. “Why don’t you come to the kitchen with me”, I said. We walked to the kitchen where I lit the gas and put some water to boil. Now the kitchen was small in size so every time I went to get something like tea leaves, milk or sugar I got a chance to come in physical contact with her. And before I went to to get the tea leaves, I loosened my towel knot without her noticing.

Now as I went towards the shelf again I rubbed myself against her in such a way that my towel fell down. My towel was now lying on the floor and I was there standing all naked. Priya seemed shocked as she stood staring at my naked body and more importantly at my erect dick. “Will you just stand and stare”, I asked her. “Can’t you pick up my towel and give it to me”, I asked? I knew that if she went down and picked it her eyes would be in the level of my dick and would excite her further.

Priya slowly bent down and picked up the towel handing it over to me. I was about to wear it when another naughty idea hit my mind. Since you have already seen everything there is no point covering myself again, I told her and put the towel around my neck. Then putting the tea leaves into the kettle, I asked her that now that she had seen me naked, wasn’t it unfair for her to remain clothed. Should I not also see her in nude. She just looked down and kept quiet. I then asked her if she wanted me to help her undress. When she did not reply, I went close to her and pulled her against myself and kissed her on her forehead and then on her neck and shoulders. When she did not react, I unbuttoned her top and started removing it from her body. She stopped me from doing so and I thought that she wouldn’t cooperate. But she said, “you better let it go or you will tear it” and then removed it herself. Two beautiful rounded breasts were exposed as she was not wearing any bra. As I kept staring at them, she smiled naughtily. “I hope this is enough for you”, she said. “No way”, I replied and kneeled down and got hold of her legging and panty and pulled them down together. There she was absolutely naked right in front of my eyes. I quickly planted a tight kiss on her pussy lips. I then led her to to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, I told her that I wanted to see her thoroughly and made her stand, sit and lie in various poses. After every pose I would complement hi and tell her how beautiful or how cute or how sexy she looked. I also told her that she looked so alluring that I wanted to eat her up. “Then what are you waiting for?”, she asked. “Did you undress me just look at me?” she asked impatiently. I sat beside her and held cheeks with my hands and started sucking her hot lips. Then I I pushed my tongue into her mouth and started probing her teeth and gums and then tongue. My hands now started playing with her wholesome boobs. She moaned and pressed herself against me. “Don’t waste any more time”, she said. “Please do it right now.” “What is the hurry,” I said. “Why don’t you just lie down and enjoy and let me play.” Saying this, I layed her on the bed and started sucking at one of her boobs while fondling the other with my hand.” I am all wet”, she said. Don’t waste any more time now”. “Just fuck me”. “Sure darling”, I replied as I turned my attention to her pussy.

She was right. Pussy juice was dripping down her thighs. I spread her legs and sucked at her cunt. I got a good amount of pussy juice in my mouth. As I proceeded to lick her, she once again said “let’s not waste anymore time”. “Your family might return any moment.” “Let’s get started.”

I quickly pulled out a condom from under the pillow and wore it. She watched intently while I did it. “You look as if this is the first time you are looking at a condom”, I said. “It is”, she said. “You mean you don’t wear a condom while fucking?” I asked surprised. ‘I mean I have never fucked anyone before, you dumbo”, she replied indignantly. “Now stop being clever and fuck me before I change my mind”, she said. I took a pillow and put it under have bums. I then mounted on her and asked her to guide my cock into her cunt. As I gently tried to push my cock in she started complaining that I was hurting her.

As I pushed a little further she asked me to stop as she was hurting. I immediately gave hard thrust and my cock was now completely inside her. ‘O Maa go!”, she yelled. “You are trying to kill me”, she said and started raining the choicest abuses at me. “The first entry is always painful Sona”, I said. “Just bear for sometime.” “I will be very very gentle and ensure u get as little pain as possible.” “I knew it would be painful”, she replied. “But I never thought it would be so painful.” “Both you and your dick are monsters. This is the last time I am going to allow you to touch me”, she said jokingly. I now started applying strokes very gently. I could see her biting her lips in pain. I continued with this slow pace. Soon I saw coming breath becoming louder. Her thighs were now pressing hard against my eye bums. She was now synchronising her breath with my strokes. Every time I pushed inwards she took a deep breath and every time I pulled outwards she let out a breath.

I now started to become more adventurous. My mouth now got busy kissing, sucking and chewing at her lips and tongue. One of my hands now got busy fondling at boobs. All this while my dick was busy boring her cunt. “You seem to be good at multitasking”, joked Priya. “Anything to make you enjoy I replied. I was enjoying before you started indulging in all these stunts”, she remarked. “Why don’t you just concentrate in what you doing earlier and that too slowly. I am a virgin you know.” “But you are not a virgin darling”, I said. What the hell do you mean she asked angrily. “Of course I am a virgin*. “You’re such a disgusting man. I let you fuck me and take my virginity and you insult me saying, I was not a virgin. Get off me. I don’t want to have anything with you from now on.” “Hold on I said. You are misunderstanding what I have said Shona. What I meant was that you have lost your virginity once I went into you just my cock into your can’t. Now you are no more a virgin. And it is all your fault she replied. Must you take away my virginity and then you joke about it. I am so sorry my darling I said I promise I will never indulge in such jokes again I said solemnly. You better remember that. Just when I was starting to enjoy the fuck you had to spoil it all. I kissed on her forehead and started humping again. She asked me to stop and just lie over her for a while. We lay quietly on each other for some time and then I started kissing at her again. As she started reacting positively I started fucking once again. She held me closely and pressed herself against me. I now increase my speed a little bit and looked at her. She nodded signalling that she was ok with it. I was now fucking her at a decent pace, neither too fast, nor slow. She now let out moan every now and then.

The virgin who was writhing in pain a little while ago was now enjoying my strokes. That give me e a lot of satisfaction. Suddenly she made some weird noises and her body started shuddering. I knew she was climaxing and tried to extend it for her as much as possible. Once she subsided, I felt myself climaxing. For a second I felt the movement of of seeman in my dick and thought that it would explode. The next second I felt as if I myself exploded.

For a few moments I felt as if my body was floating up and down in all directions at the same time. Finally I settled down as my body rested over her as my dick emptied itself. We laid like that for quite some time when Priyanka hurriedly got up and rushed to the kitchen. In our excitement of fucking we had completely forgotten that we had set up tea on the gas stove. While there was nothing left on the pot we were lucky that there flame did not go off thus saving us from a major accident. We laughed at our mistake, though it was certainly not a laughing matter. She also realised that it was time for her to leave and picked up her dress. I gave one last kiss to her pussy and said bat that it wouldn’t be painful the next time. She replied that while she did enjoy the fuck I should ensure double the enjoyment the next time to make up for the pain. I promised and kept my promise. But then that it is another story for another time. Till then let me just read all the wonderful sex experiences mentioned out here.

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