My young Sister

Hello everyone ,
Today’s world is full of desire,lust,hunger for sex. Even our own mind can’t be controlled by such quality. One have incest feelings for his/ her own sister or brother.. So wasting no time lets began the true story which took placed with me……..

I live with my parents & younger sister. My age is 22 whereas my sisters age is 18 .my parents stays out of town due to their me& my sister have to stay at home alone. She can cook delicious meal so we don’t have to worry about ourselves.let me describe about my sister,she is 5 foot 7inches tall having White tone ,hot figure,nice curvy buttocks ,having 32 c bra size.her figure is far amazing in spite of her younger age . She is a complete package of “pataka”, to spent a night with…..i am nice looking guy 5foot11 inches tall weight around 65….

So, in summer holiday me& my sis was spending time by watching TV, she was wearing nice v shaped blacked inner with white shorts ,her thighs were site of attraction for me ,as it was nice shaped. We were sitting on sofa watching TV, she keeps her head on my folded legs& uses it like cuisine as she does it daily.. Due to this i get some view her boobs which r like melons.But today it was different she was not wearing her bra &i was getting a deep view of her i decided to take advantage of it and i drop the remote so that i can Get look of her fanatasing body even more.i asked her to picked that up my reaction was ,” Woowwww”


As i can see Her curvy buttocks without panty… cock was getting erect by watching her .she picked it up and gave it me and continues watching TV .my cock was erect &she can feel it too but was saying nothing .i was virgin&as we keeps on sharing our thoughts with each other i knew that she was virgin too. So i thought to have sex with her tonight. Once i saw she was fingering herself in her bedroom,so i was sure that she also needs sex in her life.

I then politely touched her,first she moaned,”AHHHHHHhhhhhh”. Then i started to move my hands slowly form her neck to her ears to excite her.she was desperately moaning,”aaaaahmmmmmmmm ohmmmmmmmm”.

She stood up slowly from my lap,her eyes we’re close due to excitement &i then suddenly stop worrying about our future….. She opened her eye’s &i can see her hunger for sex.

She asked me,”why did u stop,bro?
I was amazed by her behaviour ,as she wasn’t afraid &not even once stopped me……
I said,”hey sis, u want me to do it.”
She said,”yes I want u to take my virginity.”
I said,”Doesn’t it feels incest to fuck ur own brother,sis?
She said,”i know u also want just like i do ,don’t u?
I said,”yes,i always keep a eye on ur sexy figure &desperately want u as well,but was afraid about ur emotions…
She said,” Sex is just for pleasure to satisfy ones want. Fuck those emotion bro,it’s not a crime to do it with ur own sister as far as it’s not rape.we both r agree on this so why stop”.Don’t u love me,don’t u want to take my virginity?”.
By hearing this I shocked,&thought how prudent my little sis is….
Then i waste no time &took my both hand to her neck &kissed on her pink lips her lips we’re wet &fleshy we took our first kiss for more than 10mins …..i slowly then started to kiss her on neck,hands to excite her even more….
She was moaning,”,uhmmmmmmm uhmmmmmmm”.
We both were excited to fuck each I want to see her melons like boobs, i was slowly trying to remove her inner.she sets both her hands in air &i took it off.”ohhhhhhhhh my fucking god .her boobs was so tight &fleshy that I couldn’t resist myself &started pressing it &licking her pink it was going hard to find a space on sofa ,i took herself lifting &kissing to my bedroom…
She said,”bro show me ur cock i want it in my mouth.”
I pulled my boxers down&my 8inches cock was erect like a gun..
She was amazed to see my cock & her reaction was,”wowwwwww”, it’s so big &wider bro, will satisfy all my lust…
She took it in her mouth &started good giving me cock was so big that i have to pulled her hair &push myself towards her so to give her deep throat.she gave me blowjob for 15mins.
Than i took her to bed &pulled her shorts down,my was like”woooowwww “as if i saw a heaven. Her pussy was pink&tight.she want me to lick i started licking her pussy.her pre-cum tastes nice. Then i want her feel desperate about my cock so i started teasing her by tapping &rubbing my cock on her pussy lips..

She was moaning,” Ohh bro, please please fuck me .Her hunger was exciting me as well…… I sets herself in butterfly position &put my cock slowly in her pussy , pulling my cock in&out from dick portion. She keeps moaning,”oooooooohhhh,uhhmmmmmmm,uhmmmmmm.”
I started giving her hard stroke she was rubbing her hand on pussy as if my cock was too bigger for her.she was moaning,”aaaaaahhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhh, my fucking god ,”bro it’s too big for ur little sister , Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh “.” Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh its deep” yeaaahhhhhhhh , deep ahhhhhhhhhhhh deep ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh,yhhhhhhhhhhhh”.
We both were talking incest to keep our fantasy running..
I asked,”this is all u want sis ,hhhhh to fuck u deep hhhh,?
She said,”yeaahhhh it’s getting deep again common put it all the way in my pussy, common bro i want it deep to my orgasm please deep…..i pushed myself close to her &was stroking hard even than before….she was holding bedsheet tightly by her fingers (was a signed that my cock was big she was feeling my cock All the way in her pussy)&keeps moaning,”ooooooooooooo, bro ooooooooooo, aahhhhhhhhh its feeling nice oooooooooooo”.

I was going to cum &was not using any protection so i pulled my cock out & spread all my cum on her pussy lips..
We both were talking just like nothing was happening,
“It feeling nice,isn’t it sis?
She said,” Yesss, bro it is so satisfying for me ,its far better than my imagination,even masturbating doesn’t feel Pleasurous. Sex is far far better than my imagination bro &i am lucky enough to do it with u”….
I asked,” Then ready for next round sis.?
She smiled&said,”o my bro why not lets give each other more pleasure than before “.
We set ourselves in position 29, i was on her, making an eye contact with her&put my cock in her pussy.she holds me tight with both her hands . I was continuing to give her deep pleasure.she was moaning,”Aaaaaahhhhhhh, aaaaaaahhhhhhhh”,yeaaah bro,iam Cumming,aaaaaahhhhhh i am Cumming ooooooooooo, feels nice aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh”.
We then took a bath &started sharing our experience,
She said,”its nice to have brother like u having a same mindset”.
I told her, i am lucky enough to fuck the sis having sexiest figure &hottest looks.
She said, “oooo bro common,
And we kissed…..
We then went out for shopping &we’re in the same dressing room kissing each other once again….

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