Sex with married friend

Hi this suhas from Bangalore.
This story is about me and my married friend Vinita.
I will describe myself and Vinita first then I will proceed with story.
My self suhas avg body good looking guy from South Bangalore.
Vinita is also from Bangalore. She is beautiful girl. I will not lie that she is like heroine and all . But she is beautiful normal techie.her assets may be 34 28 34.

Now I will start with story.
One day I was surfing fb and I saw Vinita in suggestion box. So I sent friend request. After few days she accepted friend request. Then as normal guy I sent message. Luckily I got reply from her . First few days normal chatting was there and I was sending messages but her reply was bit late and few . But I have not stopped sending messages. Gradually she was also replying. Finally after 1 month I got her number. Then we continued chatting in WhatsApp. Here in WhatsApp bit personal conversation started. Like bf and gf.
I asked whether she had bf or not or currently she have bf .


But she denied and she asked me. Same question I said yes I had gf before but now I don’t have.
So normal conversation was going she asked whether j had physical relationship with my gf. Fi finally I was happy because I get what I was expecting.

I told yes I had. After that she didn’t ask much about daily we were chatting and weekly twice we talked on phone. Everything was normal. And she told her marriage going to fix with some guy. And she need to spend sometime with him before marriage to adjust with him.
So.i stopped talking to her
Only GM Gn messages this it. So fifnally her marriage got fixed with same guy and she got married and went to Mumbai. Since he is working in Mumbai she has to go with.him.

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After few days she pinged me and I asked her about her married life. And she told it’s fine going good and all. I asked her about her honeymoon . She told she went to.manali.Since she was not working there again our chatting day she told she is virgin even after her 3 months of her marriage.I was shocked and asked her the reason. She told they tried few days and didn’t work out. And her husband only ask her to suck his cock and wank . So she was bit depressed. I asked her to stay calm and do more foreplay so that sex will be easy. Then almost 1 month they tried but didn’t workout. She was crying. I convinced her and ask her to consult doctor. And one day I asked her to send her pussy pic so that I will check why he can’t enter.
Pagal ladki sent her cunt pic . From that day I we started sex chat and nude video call. And I told her that when u come to Bangalore I will take her virginty.

After so much thinking she told on.
I was happy and waited for her.
The day came she came to Bangalore and after 2 days meeting was fixed
I asked her to come room
As I was staying alone.

She came to. My room.i was happy or more excited. And I gave her water and I hugged her from behind. Then she also responded..Then I came front and kissed her forehead and started kissing her juicy lips. And smooch continues till 15 min
And I took her to bed room and I made her to remove cloth except bra and panty. We kissed again and I started licking her body . And she was moaning . I removed my shirt and short. Now both are in underware. And I removed her bra and sucked her boobs like anything she was making wired sounds. And finally I removed her panty. What view fully shaved pussy. It’s brown in colour and inside
It’s so pink. I started licking her pussy. And she was moaning heavly and shouting fuck me suhas.
And I asked her to suck my cock and she dined. And I have not force since it’s her first time. Then slowly I started inserting my cock to her pussy. She was screaming but I have insert her so slowly I served to pussy. And stared fuckimg slowly. And I told from.tkday ur not a virgin. And after 10.min I ejaculated on her belly. And we finished our session. And she was In heavy pain. From that day whenever she comes to Bangalore I fuck her. Now she is pro in sucking cock.

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This is my story.
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