She cheated her husband for look alike lover

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Hi to all the sexy readers down there.
To introduce myself I’m Raj a post graduate student of 23 living presently in Hyderabad. The story is about losing my virginity with my mature girlfriend. Wondering why did I say “Mature”? The goddess of this story is pavithra. She is an oriya lady married and having a son and daughter. Her age is 37 with 36-32-38 figure. Isnt it big enough to grab then with full hands!!

Lets get into the story. It all happened during the month of april when all are struck down wherever they are. Days were boring and I started adding friends on facebook. And then in may she accepted my friend request. It was very causal talks in the beginning and soon we began sharing our personals .

Pavithra has a boyfriend during her graduation days in 2006 where she stayed in Chennai with her parents. Unfortunately their parents rejected her decision and they moved back to Orissa. She was then married to a clerk working in C****a bank. She didn’t have any contact of her ex boyfriend in Chennai and slowly after her marriage she was able to forget him.

One day in june she proposed me . I was so confused what to answer. She was explaning me how she fell in love with me. She said that I resemble to her ex boyfriend in Chennai. As she cannot connect to him anymore, she want to be with me. I asked her time to think of it. She was nice women with a hot charming figure as well. So I immediately accepted this baby doll. From then I used to call her baby and she used to call me Raj. She asked me to share my chest pics and I did it. She liked my abs workout body and expressed her feeling to hug me. Slowly we started moving into romantic talks from that day.

Couple of days later I requested her to send her boobs pic. She sent it without hesitation. And to explain they are brown tits with a centimeter sixed aerola which is black in colour. And the sexiest part of it was they were very stiff. I masturbated then and there seeing those pics. So I shared my anxiety towards meeting her. She thought for a while and asked me to visit her after vaccine arrives. I thought I cant wait much time so I thought of meeting her by going on special trains run by indian railways. She was bit hesitant as her husband is in home and its not possible to meet.
We waited for days and then arrives the good news that her husband is going for a 5 day business camp to his regional head office for finalization of records. Having known this good news I immediately booked a tatkal ticket on the date of her husbands departure. And the day has come. I arrived at bhubneshwar railway station . It was a 40 km journey from the station . I took a cab and checked in to a 4 star hotel with a walkable distance from her house.
I informed her of my arrival and she was also equally more anxious to meet me. As her little kids are staying at home she cant come out leaving then so we planned to meet at her place only during midnight. It was 10pm she called me and said that her kids are sleeping and I can come home. I slowly entered her home through the kitchen door open for me so that I don’t get caught. She welcomed me with a tight hug and I can still remember her big tight boobs were touching hard to my chest. She kissed me all over my face and said love you raj. I kissed her on her lips and said love you too baby.

She was wearing a marron colour sareewith gold lining . She was looking damn sexy . She was wearing her saree below her navel and her belly button looked like a diamond on a golden ring. She was wearing red colour lipstick which made her lips so juicy. My dick was hard already and it was trying to push out of my jeans. My dick is almost 6 inch which can easily make any girl cum hard.
I was scanning her top to bottom. She looked like a kama devatha for me. I went and hugged her tight and started kissing her neck
Pavithra: Wait raj we have more time. First let me feed you with my food.
Me: Baby I don’t want to eat anything now. I want to eat you and drink your love juice.
Pavithra: Haha okay baby. We have full night with us for it. Lets eat dinner together.
I said okay and we were having dinner. She was feeding me with her hands and I did the same to her. I was licking her fingers and eating her food. She used to moan a bit when I licked her finger and bite then sometimes. After food I was ready to enjoy her beautiful body.

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