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I was a total nerd back in my school days. I had lustful feelings but never had the guts to pursue an actual relationship and I satisfied my feelings by secretly watching porn at home and kept my ‘good boy’ image in front of others. When I was in 11th, we used to have special

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Hi to all the sexy readers down there. To introduce myself I’m Raj a post graduate student of 23 living presently in Hyderabad. The story is about losing my virginity with my mature girlfriend. Wondering why did I say “Mature”? The goddess of this story is pavithra. She is an oriya lady married and having

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My girlfriend and I had done with breaking virginity to each other while we were in junior college. Though both of us got into different colleges later, we continued our relationship. We would have sex frequently, albeit secretly. By the time I was in the third year of my college, our relationship had started to

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Hi guys I’m SP from Vadodara, Gujarat I’m a big fan of sex stories. Today I’m going to tell you how I lost my virginity with a friend let’s call her B She was a one off the hottest girl in the college and almost everyone was waiting for chance to fuck her luckily I

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It’s a class time as we are listening lectures on ‘liberalisation’ ‘privatisation’ & ‘globalisation’ as my both boyfriends Anuj as well as Nikhil is in classroom,Anuj is eyeing on my boobs as it’s look like a pair of tennis ball on chest and I am in a black leggings with a tops covering my maximum