How I Lost My Virginity To A Lady I Met Online (Desiboy75)

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Hi, I am desiboy from Hyderabad.
This is my first story (real experience) forgive me if I make some mistakes, so let me tell you about me! I am 24, doing my GRE in Hyderabad, handsome, I got a 7.8-inch dick I’m happy to show it online for ladies.

Coming to the story it has happened 4 years back. I am always a horny type of guy, I spent almost all the time on sex sites, I was very eager to lose my virginity, so like usual I was browsing the Xhamster site I was chatting with a Mexican babe, then I saw a Delhi girl online but I was sending pics of my dick to this Mexican babe, later almost every girl left, then there was this Delhi girl still online!!!It was midnight, so an idea was struck in my mind I could lose my virginity to this woman she was 23 years old, so chatted with her, after 15 mins we were talking about sex, she sent about nude photos of her to me and told her I wanna fuck her, just like that. She refused, and then I told her she is very beautiful and I would be lucky to lose my virginity to her. I requested her for so many days to a fuck session but she is rejected all my requests. finally one day she agreed. I told her where should I come? She gave me her address, her flat was in the new Delhi area. asked me to come at any time as she was living alone in that flat.

She is a daughter from a rich family she came from Dubai to renew her visa so she was all alone!!!I couldn’t sleep that night; I masturbated 3 times thinking of her! The next morning I told my parents I am going to my friend’s home (I was having my semester vacation) and went to her town on a plane when I reached Delhi. I booked a cab .on the way my dick was hard as a rock all the time. it was difficult to find her home as she didn’t give me her mobile no. so I knocked on the door, there she was my beauty, she was wearing a red saree, God, she was looking more beautiful than in the photo, she was having a 32d- 28-30 something size I don’t know correctly but her boobs were 32d I confirmed it, she welcomed me with a casual smile, I sat on the sofa she closed the door and she has a cool drink, she sat next to me, we were looking into each other’s eyes, I was pretty nervous as it was my first time, I slowly put my hand on her lap and another hand on her face and kissed her, she laughed at me told me I will show you how to kiss she kissed me for 2 mins I was out of breath then I placed my hand on her breast and started feeding them, those were huge melons she was very horny my then she removed my t-shirt.

I removed her pink bra and started sucking those tits, I was sucking then one my one for at least 15 mins, boobs were my weakness, sucking those boobs made my day she had firm boobs, she inserted her hand into my pants started stroking my dick she said it really hard, she wants to suck them, she bent down and started sucking my dick, guys she was sucking really good, she was sucking like she has been hungry for 10 days, I cummed like hell into her mouth she drank all at once, then she brought me to her bed room, I pulled her to her bed and ripped off her pink panties, some erotic smell was coming from her pussy, I started sucking her pussy, as I am a porn king I know how to suck good, she was twisting her body with pleasure, she was so happy that she kissed all over my body, she said ‘ yash I can’t wait just put it in me, I was waiting for that Magical Words, put my 7″ dick in her pussy mouth and started pushing it her pussy, ho hoo hooo it was a great man. guys I know now why people love sex, the heat, the pleasure, the smell everything is soooo fucking great, I was going in and out with ease even if her pussy was a little tight, I bet she was fucked many times. And in and out while my hands were on my boobs and so on I was about to cum, I told her that she told me it takes it outside, she stroked my dick and I cum a shitload into her boobs, she cleaned it and we were again ready for sex, went for another ride this time we tried doggy style, I was fucking her like a maniac, I knew I won’t get lucky all the time, so I fucked till I got tired.

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