My married sister Renu

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Hi readers ,
My younger sister Renu is now married as she lives with her hubby in bangalore.she is a 23 years old gal/lady as her height of 5’6 feet with slim figure makes her sexy.after her marriage ,she have never been to her parents home as we both are waiting for chance to meet.I am in balcony as my mom is talking with Renu…….”hello how are you ?………..
(Mom) ok it’s your home ,you both are most welcome Renu
(Mom)ok I will ask Rajeev for it,but if he will not be ready for such a long journey ,then have ticket in plane.” And there conversation makes me sure about renu’s arrival but I am still in balcony with a cup of tea and my hot mom Nancy is there with her charming face as we both mom and son have crossed our limits and enjoyed sex twice.she sits near me on chair …………

“Renu called me ,she wants to come here for a week but
(Rajiv) but what’s the problem?
(Mom) renu’s hubby have no holiday for such a long journey ,so if you want to go there and she will come with you .” And I prepared for my journey as going from Agra to Bangalore will take too much time in train ,I booked a ticket in flight from New Delhi to Bangalore and I reached my sister’s home. It’s a pleasant afternoon as I reached the appartment’s gate and than moved inside in her rented flat.she opened the door as I moved inside her dinning hall, looking at Renu ,I smiled and she is looking nice in her traditional outfit of saree as well as blouse.she walked to kitchen as I started unbuttoning my shirt and put it on sofa.she came with a glass of water as she leaned forward to give me the glass and my eyes are on her boobs coming down from her chest. Her deep necked blouse is giving a look of her cleavage on saree as she stand straight in front of me and I drink water looking at him.looking at me ,she asked……”need a tea or coffee

(Rajiv)nothing but extra energetic ,I have it.” As I hold my bag and Renu shows my room as we both walked inside room ,Renu gave me a towel as i opened my bag and took out Bermuda with a cane of beer.she walked to her dinning hall as she came back with a glass and some ice to make beer chilled. I put glass on a table as I opened the cane and started putting beer in it with some ice,looking at Renu………”now leave me alone for some time and after my nice bath I will have some breakfast

(Renu sits on the corner of bed)If I will be here ,what’s your problem?” And I started drinking beer as Renu is removing my jeans and looking at him,I smiled as she pulled down my jeans to legs and my penis bulge is showing semi erection on my undies as she is rubbing her palm on it .while drinking beer my hand is now on my sister’s breast as I started pressing it hard and she moved closer to me and pulled down my long cock is in her palm as I pulled down her saree from her I can see two lovely orange shaped boobs as it’s clevage can be seen easily ,she is in backlash as well as sleeveless blouse with deep necked. Now she is slowely masturbating my cock as I am drinking beer with my hand massaging her breasts I hold my sister’s hand and put it away of my cock …………”let me have a nice bath first
(Renu kissed my face) we will have bath together as my hubby have fucked me last night ,I am not feeling fresh as well as clean.”
We both are sitting on bed’s corner as I started removing her blouse and now she is standing with me.we hold each other as she is kissing my face and lips ,while my hand is moving on her sexy ass.renu started sucking my lips as I opened the strings of peticote and she is nude as her tongue is in my mouth and while sucking it ,my hand is moving on renu’s ass .she is nude with me as it’s our first meet after renu’s we both walked inside washroom as she opened the tap of cascade and we both are under it, Renu is looking too hot as I can see her tits as well as physical appearance giving me indication of her sexual Renu knelt down as she holds my penis tightly and started kissing it with her lips,she is giving me a warm welcome as her lips are on my penis and she started rubbing glans on her face and lips.looking at me ,renu took my glans as well as cock in her mouth and started sucking it with her mouth giving a hard jerk on it.our body are wet as she is giving me a nice blow job ,she is now licking my penis with her long tongue as my penis is well erected and now I knelt down as Renu is standing on ground. I stretched her legs as I can see her lovely vagina after her marriage for first time,it’s free from pubic hair as her labias are glittering like pearls and looking at him ,I put my lips on it and started kissing her vaginal parts as she is screaming……….

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