Wife swapping :part-3

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Hello ,
I (Bina Mishra ) am back with more story as it will add some fuel in your sexual life.my hubby Anish as well his friend Kirti and his wife Sonali with me (Bina) have enjoyed sex all together last weekend. (Prev story Wife swapping – part 2)

now I am in regular touch of Sonali as Kirti is also making me call and we all have planned to enjoy coming week end but it will be kirti’s home. It’s a nice evening as I started changing my dress ,put a red coloured brassier and panty on my body and than a little red dress up to my thighs length. I am looking sexy as well as wild after putting sandle on my legs and my hubby is walking towards car parking.we both moved inside car as Anish started driving it and we are going to Lajpat Nagar from Noida .we both reached their home at 07:45 pm as they gave us a warm welcome .Kirti took me in his arms and kissed my face as he slapped my ass on my little red dress just covering my semi thighs. I can see Sonali in a pink crop tops as she is in black mini skirt ,my hubby took her in his arms and kissed her lips and we are sitting on sofa in his dinning hall.

Sonali walked away as we three are talking on different issues but it’s on sex only.now Sonali came back with a bottle of wine with soda as she put it on table and walked back,I can see her ass shaking in her skirt as she is back with four glasses.now Kirti started putting wine in glasses and soda complements it,now we four are drinking wine as my hubby lit the cigarette and I ask him for it.now just like a dirty lady ,I am drinking wine with cigarette in between my lips.a large pack of wine made me little unconscious as I can feel Kirti rubbing my thighs with his palm and Anish is holding Sonali in his arms while she sits on his thigh putting her arms on his shoulder.

Kirti’s hand is near my pelvic zone as he is rubbing my thigh with his palm and a second drink is in glass for us and we are having it slowely.as I can see Anish putting Sonali on sofa and massaging her soft breasts ,Kirti is now rubbing his finger on my panty as he is making me hot and after a while ,I am fully unconscious as drinks put my mind under its control.now Kirti made me sit on his thigh as I put my arms in his shoulder and he is kissing my lips and face but his hand is on my ass as my dress is near my waist. I pushed my tongue in his mouth as he is sucking it fastly and Kirti opened the strings of my panty as he pushed his long finger in my vagina from behind.looking at my hubby ,I can see Anish sucking her (Sonali) tongue and Sonali is masturbating my hubby’s cock.

My eyes are closed as Kirti is sucking my tongue with his finger in my cunt ,after a while ,I took out my tongue from his mouth as I started pulling down his Bermuda and holding his long thick cock.now I stand in front of them and removed my dress as well as brassier to make myself nude as I can see Sonali making my hubby nude and Anish started removing her (Sonali) dress.we four are nude as Anish and Kirti is sitting on sofa and both lady are on ground .now I hold kirti’s cock and started kissing it as Sonali is putting my hubby’s glans in her mouth ,she took my hubby’s cock in her mouth and started sucking it fastly. I started rubbing glans on my face as well as lips and lastly took his hard dick in my mouth to suck and my mouth is giving a hard jerk on kirti’s penis as I can see Sonali rolling her tongue on my hubby’s penis.now Kirti is pressing my boobs hard as I sucked his cock for some time and than my tongue is licking his dick.after some time ,we both lady took their partners cock in their mouth and started sucking it hard and fast as two guys are pressing our boobs .we four changed the position.

Sonali and Bina is sitting on sofa with their legs wide apart as Kirti is sitting near my legs and Anish is sitting near Sonali’s legs.now Kirti put his lips on my labias as he is kissing it with his hand on my thigh and I put my fingers on labias as he is pushing tongue in my cunt to lick it . I am screaming in pleasure……..”oohh aahh Kirti suck my cunt I will cum soon.” And he licked my cunt for a while as he took my cunt in his mouth to suck ,I am feeling the heat as my hubby is licking Sonali’s glory hole and Sonali have put her hand on Anish hairs just pushing his face towards her cunt. My cunt is juicy now as I walked to washroom and coming back , I can see Sonali sucking her hubby’s penis as she is on ground on her knees and Anish is behind her bum ,pushing his long cock in her cunt to fuck.

Sonali is busy in sucking my partner’s cock as he is getting the penis of my hubby in her cunt and after a while ,Kirti walked away.now I am sitting on sofa as I can see Sonali on ground in a doggy position and Anish is fucking her with speed as well as power while holding her waist .Kirti is back as he asked me to stand ,I put my arms on dinning table as my back is well in front of kirti’s penis. I am like a four legged animal and Kirti put his glans in my cunt and slowely he pushed his cock in my cunt ,I am ready for a hard jerk as he holds my waist and fucked hard as I screamed louder”oohh Kirti your cock is too hard and hot but fuck me fast ” and he is fucking my cunt with greater speed and I can see Sonali standing on ground as my hubby put her one leg on sofa and while standing in front of her ,he pushed his cock in Sonali’s cunt and he is fucking hard from front as I am swinging my ass fast to enjoy kirti’s dick in my vagina.we both lady are enjoying fuck as Kirti is pressing my boobs hard and I can see my hubby holding Sonali tightly while fucking from front as she is shouting …oh ah I’m getting hot fuck me hard ,make my cunt wet.” And I can see my hubby giving her hard fuck ,after some time ,he shouted…..”oohh aahh I will pour my cum.”

And Sonali’s cunt is now full of sperms of my hubby as she is silent and my hubby put cock in her mouth as Sonali sucked his cock to taste it’s cum. I am enjoying my fuck as my cunt have poured juice in my cunt and Kirti licked it for a while .now he is sitting on floor as I sits on his long cock just stretching my legs and he hold my waist as I hold his penis and pushed it inside my cunt.now we both are holding eachother as I am jumping on his cock wildely and my boobs are brushing on his chest and now Kirti is fucking me from below as my cunt is now dry ,I started moving my ass up and down while he is also fucking me from below and after 10-12 minutes of fuck ,he shouted……”oohh it’s all over.” And his penis ejaculated cum in my vagina as my cunt become satisfied ,I left his dick and took it in my mouth to suck and taste it’s cum.our sex night ends well.

Added by Bina Mishra

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