Wife swapping :part-2

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Hello readers, this is my second part of wife swapping
It’s 9:05 pm as we four have lost our energy and my hubby Anish as well his friend Kirti and we two lady ,Bina as well as Sonali moved to washroom for nice bath. We four are nude as Anish walked towards dinning hall and came with a bottle of wine as well as glasses. In the washroom ,he started preparing a drink as they both started drinking it fastly .we both lady are under cascade and having a nice bath as I hold Sonali in my arms and started kissing her face ,putting my breasts on her breasts ,I started brushing it as I can see both guys putting glasses on ground and came to us. Anish have hold Sonali from her back as Kirti is holding my back.we both lady are kissing each other as I can feel kirti’s lips on my neck to back .now I pushed my tongue inside Sonali’s mouth as she starred sucking my tongue hard and now I can feel Kirti putting gel on my back while Anish have put his hand on the tap of cascade .
I took out my tongue as Kirti put his hand on my waist and turned my hot body ,now he started putting gels on my boobs to waist line as I can see Anish kissing Sonali while holding her in his strong arms .we couples are hot as our hands are moving on partners body with gel to clean it.now I can see my hubby putting gel on Sonali’s back as he pushed his long fingers inside her vagina and she “oh aah Anish don’t finger my vagina now ,it’s in pain now.’but my hubby is fingering her vagina fastly and looking at them ,Kirti also put his fingers in my cunt as I am holding his penis ,it’s in sleeping mode but I hold it in my palm to massage it hard.now I can see Sonali brushing her soft boobs on my hubby’s chest and Anish took her lips in his mouth to suck as I pushed my tongue in kirti’s mouth.now both guys are holding us as our sex session is in process ,our bodies are covered with gels as Anish opened the tap of cascade .now under cascade we four are having bath as tongue sucking is in process ,after a while my hubby left Sonali’s tongue as I pushed Kirti back to have my tongue out of his mouth.now we four are hot as our body is wet with gels moving downwards to our legs ,we four have cleaned our sexual organs as both lady took towel to rub our wet body.after a while we four came to dinning hall in a nude state as both guys are sitting on sofa and I put my bum on kirti’s thigh as Sonali also sits on my hubby’s lap.like a hot blonde we both lady have put our arms on his shoulder as our left tits are pressing their chest and looking at me ,Anish said……..’darling when your dinner will be delivered ?
(Bina)guy will come soon .” And I started kissing kirti’s face and lips while he is rubbing his palm on my back as I can see Sonali kissing my hubby’s face and I took kirti’s tongue in my mouth to suck as he is rubbing my soft ass.our eyes are closed as we are breathing heavily but door bell started ringing and we four moved to bedroom as I can see Anish putting his Bermuda on waist and walked towards main door as we three are nude on bed.now I pushed Kirti on bed as he is lying on it and his wife is near his waist as I sit on her face with my legs stretched.lookinh at me ,Kirti put his hand on my waist and started putting his lips on my labias and I put fingers on my vagina to open it’s flexibility as Kirti started licking my cunt with his long tongue and I am screaming……”aahh ooh fuck my cunt fast oohhhhh.” As I turned back to see Sonali putting kirti’s penis in his mouth to suck .she is just sucking her hubby’s dick with no face movement and Kirti is licking my cunt fast as I am pushing my ass down to his face to enjoy his long tongue inside my deep vagina.after a while ,Anish joined us as he is sitting on Sonali’s back and putting his lips on her back and holding his boobs in palms to press it hard .later on I left kirti’s face as I can see his cock in semi erection mode and Sonali took the penis out from her mouth as she is licking it with her tongue.now I slept on bed like a whore with legs spread and looking at Anish ,I am rubbing my vagina with palm as he came near me and put a pillow under my ass ,now he put his face in between my thighs and started kissing my vagina ,it’s too hot as Kirti have loved it for some time and my hubby Anish is licking my cunt with his long tongue while he have hold my breast hardly to massage ,as I can see Sonali putting her hubby’s penis in her mouth and she starred sucking it fast as I am screaming…….”oohhhhh aah Anish suck my cunt I will cum soon.” And my hubby took both labias in his mouth as he is sucking it hardly and after a while my cunt become wet as he licked it to get the taste of cum. I can see Sonali sucking her hubby’s cock but after a while ,we four are sitting on bed.
I can see Anish cock in semi erection as kirti’s cock is in full erection.now looking at me Sonali said…….” Bina I have made your partner’s cock fully erected but you have not done this .’ and looking at Sonali I leaned my face on my hubby’s penis and took it in my mouth to suck as he is sitting on bed ,I am on my knees and elbows as my legs are wide stretched and I started sucking my hubby’s cock fastly.now I can feel kirti’s long thick penis moving inside my vagina . I took out my hubby’s penis as I put my tongue on it and started licking it,now I can feel kirti’s penis inside my vagina as he put his hand on my waist and pushed his remaining cock fast and I shouted……. “Oohhhhh aahh Kirti your cock is too hard , don’t fuck it like a monetary .” And I took Anish cock in my mouth to suck as Kirti is fucking me with speed and power ,I started swinging my ass fast .after a while Anish moved away to washroom as Kirti is giving me hard time . His long thick cock is penetrating my vagina and he put his hand on my breast ,my ass is swinging wildely as he is pounding my vagina fast ,I am screaming in pleasure…….”oohhhhh uummm Kirti fuck me hard darling oohhhhh .” And after 5 minutes of fuck my vagina become hot and dry .now Kirti moved away from me as I can see my hubby Anish with Sonali on bed. Anish pushed him as she is lying on bed like a whore and my hubby hold his penis and started pushing it in Sonali’s cunt as I am also lying on bed waiting for kirti’s arrival.after a while ,Kirti put his glans in my cunt as he is pressing his long cock inside and I got the much awaited dick in my cunt.now I can see my hubby fucking Sonali with speed as well as power and he is on her top as Sonali have hold her tightly and started bouncing her sexy ass while Kirti is fucking me fastly.after a while ,Kirti came on my top and started fucking me as I started bouncing my ass fast. I can see my hubby’s deep penetration inside Sonali’s cunt as we both lady are bouncing our ass and screaming……”oohhhhh aahh Kirti fuck me hard ,my cunt is in fire
(Sonali)oh Anish I will cum soon so fuck me hard aahh .” And after a while I can see Anish pulling out his cock as Sonali have become wet and Anish like a dog put his face in between Sonali’s thighs and started licking her cunt to taste it’s cum. I am bouncing my ass at a great speed as I am feeling too hot and my vagina is in fire ,I shouted…….”oohhhhh Kirti will you pour your cum in my hot vagina ,and he is going hard ,after a while Kirti screamed…….”oohhhhh Bina my sperms are coming out have it ” and Kirti penis ejaculated cum in my vagina as he left my body ,I wake up and took his dick in my mouth to taste it’s cum.now we both are well exhausted as I can see Sonali on my hubby’s lap with her legs wide stretched as she is sitting on my hubby’s penis and my hubby have hold her waist tightly ,now Sonali hold his penis and pushed it inside her cunt and Anish pushed his remaining dick from below in an one go. I can see a hot lady on my hubby’s lap as she have hold him tightly and bouncing her round dome shaped ass up and down to enjoy fuck.sonali is brushing her boobs on my hubby’s chest as my hubby is fucking her vagina from below and after some time Sonali started shouting for cum and Anish ………”oohhhhh aahh sonali have my cum inside your cunt.” And I can see cum of my hubby coming out from her vagina and we both lady took his cock in our mouths and tastes it’s cum.our hot night ends .

Added by Bina mishra

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