Wife swapping

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Hello readers,
In our modern society all evils prevailed on good but if evils makes us happy ,why we don’t adopt it. A married lady put saree on her head to cover her face from elder as a sign of respect but showing face have become regular as ladies of modern society posts their nude pictures as well as hot videos on website , I am a modern lady loves to enjoy too many people on bed but it’s an modern concept to exchange wives among us.so my hubby’s friend Kirti called me on my mobile and asked……..”,bhabhi jee your hubby is ready for wife swapping but what’s your view on it ?
( Bina) I have no problem Kirti but will your wife will enjoy my hubby
(Kirti) sure she loves change of taste on plate as well as bed.” And we four have planned a nice weekend party in my home. It’s evening 07:15 pm as I am ready for a hot night with Kirti ,he came with her wife Sonali ,looking too hot in her modern outfit of leggings as well as sleeveless tops. I have dressed myself in a black mini skirt with a boxer covering my boobs only even my tummy to belly are nude as my thighs and legs are visible to them.my hubby Anish as well as Kirti is sitting on sofa and we two hot lady moved to kitchen as I took out a bottle of red wine from refrigerator ,now we both took glasses as well as bottle of wine and moved to dinning hall.
We both put glasses and wine bottle on table and sits on sofa as my hubby Anish as well as Kirti is looking at us.now Kirti started putting wine as well as soda in glasses as Sonali is moving closer to Anish and I inches towards Kirti.we all four are sitting on sofa and both lady are sitting near her partner for a night.we four started drinking wine as I can see Sonali moving her hand on my hubby’s thigh and I have put my hand on Kirtis shoulder .looking at me , Sonali said……..” Bina madam today we will enjoy wife swapping as my hubby will fuck you
(Bina) yes Sonali and Anish will fuck you .” As our two small packs lasted for half an hour, I am completely unconscious and than Kirti took me in his strong arms and moved in side my bedroom.kirti as well as me(Bina) is on bed .looking at me Kirti put his hand on my breast and started massaging it hardly as my hand started removing his trouser and Kirti took me on his lap as I am sitting with my legs wide apart ,my mini skirt is on waist as he removed my tops from my hot body. He have hold me tightly and we both are kissing each other as he took my lips in his mouth ,my hand is moving on his back as I am pressing my breasts hard on his chest ,slowly I put my tongue in his mouth as he is sucking my tongue with his palm moving on my back.our eyes are closed as we are breathing heavily and he unhooked my brassier.now my two breasts are nude and Kirti left my tongue ,he pushed me on bed and removed his shirt ,looking at me ,he leaned on my breast and started kissing it’s softer part as he is pressing my other breast .now I hold my breast and put it in his mouth and he is sucking it as my hand is on his waist,just pulling down his undies towards legs and he is sucking my other boobs as I am screaming……”oohhhhh aahh Kirti suck my boobs hard aahh .” And I can feel his long cock on my G string just pressing on it.after a while Kirti ,started moving on my hot body as his lips are making love on my flat tummy and belly,he have removed his undies from his legs as I can see a long thick cock .
Kirti put a pillow under my round dome shaped ass and looking at me ,he removed my G string as I put my thighs on each other to make my vaginal parts invisible.Kirti started kissing my thighs as my legs started going in different direction and lastly ,his face is in between my thighs and he is putting his lips on my labias,he is kissing my private parts as I am screaming…….”oohhhhh no Kirti lick my cunt aahh it’s too hot.” And he put his fingers on my labias as my vaginal mouth is open now and he put his long tongue inside my vagina to lick it ,he is moving his tongue fast as I can feel his tongue hitting my vaginal depth and I put my hand on his hairs…….”oohhhhh uummm Kirti suck my cunt dear aahh it’s in fire.” And Kirti took my both labias in his mouth to suck and sucked it for a while.now he moved to washroom as I am lying on bed like a hot lady,he came back on bed as I push him to make him sleep.looking at his long hard dick ,I put my face down and started kissing his penis from its base to shaft and glans. He is enjoying my kiss as I started moving his glans on my lovely face and lips ,lastly I took his glans as well as penis in my mouth to suck.now I started sucking his penis fast as he put his hand on my hairs and after a while ,I took it out to lick it with my tongue ,we both are hot as we both left the bed and ……..”let’s move to see them
(Kirti) sure what’s my lovely bitch wife

is doing ,let’s see.” And we both walked nudely towards other bedroom. Nice to see my hubby Anish loving her (Sonali) glory hole as we both are on bed ,now Kirti started massaging his wife’s boobs as I sits on her face with my legs wide apart.sonali put his hand on my (Bina) waist and started licking my cunt and my hubby is sucking her vagina.later on ,Sonali wake up on bed as Bina is sitting near him.we four are nude as Kirti stands on bed with my hubby Anish,now Anish is fucking my mouth as Kirti is putting his long dick in his wife’s mouth but our oral sex session ends soon.
Two hot babes Bina and Sonali is on their knees and elbows as Anish and Kirti is waiting to fuck us.now I can see Anish putting his penis in Sonali’s vagina as I can feel kirti’s dick in my cunt ,now my hubby hold her waist and pushed his long cock inside Sonali’s cunt and she screamed…….”oohhhhh aahh it’s too hard and thick be polite with my vagina .” And Kirti took no time to penetrate his prick hard and fast in my vagina ,now both lady are getting the fuck as we both are looking at each other and started swinging our ass fast as Kirti is hitting my vaginal depth with speed and power.Both ladies are getting the fuck as our ass is moving fast ,looking at Sonali ,I asked…….”are you enjoying my hubby’s penis ,she smiled……..”yah and what’s about Kirtis dick ?” And I started screaming………”oohhhhh aahh Kirti fuck me hard I will cum soon.” And it’s a coincidence that Sonali and Bina ejaculated cum on same time.now we both lady are lying on bed with our legs wide open as Kirti is licking my vagina ,I can see Anish tasting Sonali’s cum and we four are on short break as both guys started drinking wine again and we both lady are just looking at them.
Sonali is now sitting on my hubby’s lap with her legs wrapped on his waist as I am also in same position on Kirtis lap.now I hold Kirti tightly and just put my ass above his dick and Kirti slowly pushed his glans and cock in my wet vagina,now I am pressing my heavy ass down as his penis is almost in my cunt and Kirti while holding my waist started fucking me from below as my breasts are brushing on his chest ,I can see Sonali jumping on my hubby’s long penis .we both lady are jumping on their dick as they are fucking us from below.we both lady are screaming in pleasure…….”oohhhhh aahhh Anish fuck me hard you mother fucker
(Bina)aahh Kirti don’t go slow fuck your bitch whole night .” And both guys are pounding our glory hole with speed and power ,as Anish shouted……”oohhhhh aahh my darling I will cum have my sperms inside.’ and my hubby poured cum in Sonali’s cunt as my vagina is in fire ,I am kissing kirti’s lips as I am moving my bum fast up and down and our sexual organs have become too hot as Kirti screamed…….”oohhhhh my sweet heart have my cum .” And I got his white cum in my vagina as I left his lap and started sucking his dick to taste the cum.our hot night ends but one more fuck session will be in process ,wait for it.

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