I have to take dad’s place -2

Hello everyone, Its Niyar Borah. Thanks for your feedback and support. I am grateful for your valuable feedbacks. I am here with next part of I have to take dad’s place. Many people given me feedback and that very sweet of you. If anyone has not read my first story then go for that first.
After our “first night”, next morning I convinced mom for anal sex. She was very much afraid to do it. She pleaded to me but I am very fond of her curvy ass. She was in tears during the whole play and later she cried in pain. I felt lust for her but my love is bigger than lust for her body. I removed my dick from her asshole and started to lick her clit. After some time, her pain reduced and she started to cooperate with me by lifting her ass. She cummed in my mouth ….wow I have no words to describe how much tasty her juice is. Slowly I started to fuck her ass again but this time with slow and delicate strokes, I don’t want to hurt my lady again. This time she hugged me tightly and cooperate with me. She was mouning loudly and digging her nails on my back. she asked me to go deeper and faster as she was getting near to her orgasm. After we both reach orgasm in same time we collapsed on bed. She is still hugging me and her face was in my chest.
Mom: Are you satisfied now? You had fucked me in all my holes. You are a beast …. you have no mercy for me.
Me: I am sorry Mom if I hurt you. Your ass is so fantastic I can’t resist to fuck it.
Mom: I know you are young and you need much more then what I am providing. But You can be gentle. At one point I thought that I will die.
Me: No mom…I don’t need anything extra. I need you and you only. I have read somewhere that until you fucked a woman in all her holes, she can’t be yours fully.
Me: You are my goddess……My life…My Love. You can’t die. You will live with me, in my arms for my whole life. No one can come between us…even death can’t separate us. You are mine…Only mine.
She slapped me lightly and smiled
Mom: This can’t be true, don’t try to impressed me. I am already old and with every passing day I will be older. I will not last forever. But I love you. Please never ever leave me…….
She kissed me and rested her face on my chest. Her words and expression made me slightly sad. In my whole I had never hurt her but due to my actions she was in pain.
Me: Mom, Do you feeling severe pain. Sorry mom…. I am so irresponsible. Please forgive me……You take rest I will fetch you some painkiller.
Mom: Its paining but no problem I can bear the pain…. Don’t panic dear. Hug me I want to feel protected.
She raised her arms to me and hugged me tightly. I took her palm in my hand and rubbed it. She is feeling relaxed. She asked me in low voice.
Mom: Babu, do you really love me or you are playing with my emotions. Are you satisfying your body need? If so tell me………You can satisfy your need but don’t make me a fool of me.
Her words were like an arrow on my heart. I Have no words to describe my feeling for her. I just kissed her chick and said to her
Me: Swapna what made you think like that….. Are you doubting me? You are my life I can’t imagine a life without you. You are only woman in my life. Mom, are you regretting what we have done. If so then I will stop these things and will try to be a good son. But never ask these types of question again Please….
Mom: No Babu, I am not regretting but some what confused. How can you love me so much? I am old now, I can’t provide you much. My body is old to satisfy a young man like you.
Me: You are terming me as your man and still has confusion on your mind. Mom, don’t take stress on your brain, Just remember one thing. If I am body then you are my soul. Body can’t lie to soul. About you being aged, I don’t care how old you are? I love you and you are mine. Please never ever think like this. Please.
She smiled and blinked her eyes in her manner which I love to watch. Her face was glowing in satisfaction of love.
That afternoon she woke me up and called me for launch. I noticed she was walking strangely.
Me: Swapna, why are you walking like this?
She looked me and smiled.
Mom: You are saying these as you don’t know why? Your love in my ass made me this. Now get up….I have cooked chicken curry.
She headed towards kitchen, I got up from bed then ran towards kitchen. Hugged her from behind.
Me: Swapna, I don’t need food. I need You.
She pushed me away and arranged foods in plate.
Mom: You will need energy to enjoy me, eat this and recharge your energy. No more mother loving till night.
Me: You feed me else I don’t want to eat it.
She started to feed me and herself from same plate. That time I noticed her. She has a gold noose ring and two pairs of earrings which is strange. Mom wears only one pair and she have no extra piercing. So, how these happen. Also her hair were curled somewhat and end of hairs were highlighted with golden colour.
Me: Mom, you have done makeover naa. These extra pairs of earrings had made you so beautiful. You highlighted hairs were so fashionable. Now you are looking so pretty. You are looking very young and cute.
Mom: I am your wife….I have to dress as you love. This highlighted hair trend is new so I have done this.
She was wearing a white saree with silver colour flowers on it. Each hand has more then 10 bangles. Which all these things she was looking like a fashionable modern wife an Indian man can imagine. In come to my notice that she has tattooed my name in her wrist.
Me: Mom, you had my name as tattoo. Why have you done. You don’t need to do that to show me your love. I know you love me a lot
Me: People should know that I am your property. I belong to you. Now you will always remain close to me….. I can’t separate you from myself.
I hugged her, kissed her chick then her earlobe but she pushed me away and ran away to kitchen.
Mom: My dear hubby……No mother loving till night. Its paining…..sorry but you have to wait till night.
Me: Its okey Swapna….Take care. I am going to meet my friend. I will be late. Take your medicine properly and if you need any help call me.
I went to meet my friend Ashok. He is my best friend and only friend I have. We meet on a local bar and ordered our drinks. That night I return home drunk, I drink socially but not too much. That night I drink more then my capacity and I am not in my senses. I knocked in main door, mom took some time to open it. She controlled my balance and put me in my bed. I just passed out and woke up next day morning. Mom came with tea and kept it in side table. She is not looking at me, she just ignored me and headed towards kitchen.
Feeling her strange behaviour, I asked her to stop and come to me. She came quietly and sit on bed near me. She is looking away…..i touched her hand but she removed my hand from her hand.
Me: Mom why are you doing this. Is anything wrong? I will die if you ignore me like this. Swapna, Please look at me…..Please Swapna .
I tried to lift her face by holding it with both of my hand. She is closing her eyes but tears were rolling from her eyes. I kissed her eyes and forehead, she hugged me tight and rested her face on my chest and rubbed her chick in my chest.
Me: Swapna….Why are you crying. Is it Paining severely, Ok….. We will consult it with doctor and I will never ever fuck you in ass. Please stop crying…..
Mom wiped her tears and said in a mild voice
Mom: I am not crying for physical pain but for emotional pain. Yesterday you came drunk…..Why? Am I not satisfying you in life? Is any tragedy happen to you for which you are relaxing with alcohol? I had lost your father, I can’t afford to loss you to alcohol. Be with me…..Never ever touch alcohol. If I am not satisfying you say it to me….. I will try to fulfil it. When I was your mom, I tried to be best mommy now I will try to be best wife.
Her words made me love her more. I kissed her earlobe and rolled my finger through her hairs and said
Me: Mom, you are a great lady. You are best in every role. You was best as a mother and you are best as a wife. It is not you fault that yesterday I got drunk. I promise, it will never happen again.
Me: Sawpna, I love you. Please give me a kiss.
She smiled and kissed my lips and said
Mom: I love you too Hubby. Get up and dress up for office its getting late.
I smiled to her and went for bathroom. After i got ready and eat breakfast, she hugged me and said in a low voice
Mom: Give a kiss to your wife.
I kissed her lips and she reciprocated to my kiss. She closed her eyes and put my hand on her breast. I pressed it gently….She mouned softly. Her mouning made me hot but I am getting late for office. So I make myself free and hold her face and kissed her forehead and said to her
Me: Swapna….Sorry but I need to go. You can play at night.
She smiled and nodded her head for yes. I went to office excited. Thinking how great was my mom…How much she loves me. Day by day my respect and love for her is increasing.
At evening, My boss called me and said
Boss: Niyar, I think you know that transfer list for this year has come and your name is in it. You are ordered to report at Dibrugarh Branch in 4 days. So, You need to hand over your charges to ashok and submit the file to me by tomorrow.
Me: Yes Sir. I will submit it by tomorrow noon.
Boss: You can take time…. Don’t hurry .
Me: I have to arrange for a flat there and packing need time. So this hurry.
Boss: Ok, You can go now.
Me: Thank you sir.
I went home said about transfer to mom…Mom jumped in joy. She hugged me and kissed me deeply.
Me: Mom, What you happed? Why are you so happy hearing my transfer order?
Mom: I am your wife but here I can’t behave like a wife in public but now we will be real married couple. I can be termed as Mrs. Niyar in public. I can walk with you holding your hand and many many many thing only a wife can do with her husband. I am so excited…..
Me: Mom, I am Very happy today. Your happiness is first priority for me.
After dinner mom came to bed, I am already in bed and reading a novel. She is earing a light pink nighty which is just below her knee. She came to me and put the book aside and kissed my lips. I also reciprocated to her advances and hugged her tightly. She opened her mouth, I pushed my tongue in her mouth which she happily sucked. After some time, I started to suck her mouth and saliva were dripping from both of our mouth. I kissed her earlobe and sucked it. She has closed her eyes and her heartbeat increased. She is enjoying the act and rubbing my back with both her hands. I kissed her neck, which made her jump in excitement. A loud moun releases from her mouth and she digged her nails in my back. I feel the pain but that time was for pleasure so I ignored the pain and pressed her breast. She pushed me slightly and looking in my eyes said
Mom: Baby, You want to play with my boobs naa? Then free them from cage first. This evil bra is so painful. Its hurting me.
Saying these words she kissed me and sucked my my lower lip. I put my hand on her back and unhooked her bra and pressed her boobs slightly. She whispered in my ear
Mom: My love please press them harder. Don’t think about my pain, just enjoy me. I am all yours. You own me. Enjoy me as you like.
I put my finger on her lips and stopped her words. Her words make me realise how much she loves me she even don’t care for her own pleasure, she is trying her best to make me happy in life. That’s why I love mom, She never care for her pain but will always try to keep me happy. But lovemaking should be pleasurable for both of us. So I looked in her eyes deeply and said
Me: Mom, I love you. Its lovemaking and we both will enjoy this. You are mine and I am yours. So let’s enjoy our love.
She nodded for yes and smiled looking in my eyes. Slowly she closed her eyes and offered me her lips to suck and hugged me tightly, It was so tight that even air can’t pass through it. I kissed her lips and sucked her lower lips. She opened her lips and welcomed my probing tongue. She placed my hands on her breast, I pressed it slightly a load moun released from her mouth. After some time, I turned her towards her back and hugged her tightly and placed my both hands on her breast and started to massage. She was jumping in excitement and with some fix interval releasing sounds like “ohh…..harder please” “ahh……I am loving it…please press it” “ohhmm……. Love me more” her words made me hot and my intensity increases rapidly.
She turned to me and pushed….. She put off my t-shirt and short and made herself naked.Then she lied on bed and opened her arms towards me. her curvy figure and innocence in her eyes made me hot and it became intolerable. I positioned myself between her pussylips and licked it. When my tongue met her clit she jumped in excitement and put my head on her pussy. After some time her grip on me increases and she cummed in my mouth. Her juice began to flow from my mouth and within a fraction of time she kissed me. she whispered in my ear
Mom: Honey, Its awesome to taste my juice from your mouth ….Now its my turn. I want to taste yours. Please let me Baby…….
Me: Mom, You don’t need to beg it. I am all yours…….
She just gave me her innocent smile and put her hand my dick. My dick was already hard and erect. She slightly licked it with her tongue and rubbed my balls. She gently licked head of the dick and made it wet with her saliva. Looking in my eyes she asked me
Mom: Dear, Do you enjoying it? Your mom is licking your dick and its making her go wet. Honey you are so tasty…Will you feed me daily? I am so happy to get you as my son and as husband. You are perfect for me. You made me go crazy.
Me: You are my goddess, mom. You are a true mother. Every mother sacrifices her happiness for her child. You had given me ultimate happiness a mother could provide…..her sexual life. Now you are totally mine. There is one difference between mother and wife, that’s her sexual life. When a mother share a sexual bond with her son she became his wife married or not. I had crossed that barrier and got you. My beautiful, cute and sexy lady. Mom, are you happy to have me as your man? Am I fulfilling your requirement as your man?
She nodded for yes and took my dick in her mouth. She is sucking it with gently and slowly like a vacuum tube. She is looking in my eyes and sucking it slowly. Some of her curly hairs were disturbing it but it making her look more beautiful. After some minutes she tried to put my whole dick in her mouth but it make her breathless and she got gagged. I was on verge of releasing my cum and she took all the cum in her mouth and sallow it. Some drops of my cum were dripping from her mouth but she licked it with her tongue. She smiled looking at me and blinked her eyes in her trademark manner which I love to watch. She came near me and laid near me. looking at me asked me
Mom: Honey, please have me. make me yours. Please make love to me. I cant tolerate more. Please
Me: Darling, as you which.
I put a pillow below her butt which made her pussy line upward. Pointed my dick towards her it and pushed it slightly. Only head of the dick entered and a large moun releases from her mouth. She is feeling the pain and she tried to get release from me. I cought her both hands with my hands and kept it sideways and started to push my dick further. I don’t want to give her pain so my strokes were gentle and slow. With my every strokes she is realising sounds like “ohhmm….oh…ahhh…” which is making me more horny, after some strokes my whole dick disappear in her pussy. I rest for some time and make her use to it. In this duration I kissed her lips and sucked her lower lips. These acts made her hot and she started to give me upward push and I started my fucking session again this my with slow but long strokes. I release her hands and started to press her right breast with my left hand, she kept her hands and rubbing it with her palm. Her moun and shaking making me horny my intensity of strokes increases. She is cooperating with my every stroke and kissing me in face. My strokes made her bite my lips. I change my hand and staretd to press her another boob.
We fucked like these for some more time, her grip on me increases and she cummed. My pace of fucking also also increases and I cummed in her pussy. She is closing her eyes and trying to feel the eternity. When I got limp withdraw my dick, sperm were flowing out from pussy.I got laid near her and kissed her lips, She closed her eyes. She opened her mouth and give me path to her glorious mouth. I sucked her mouth, its tasting somewhat mixture of her saliva and my cum. She hold my hand and put it in her breast. I looked in her face……So much innocent and lovable lady she was. From my teen age mom always behave with me like my friend. Apart from her motherly affection she was a Girlfriend for me. I respect her and her sacrifices for me but one thing I know “ I can’t live without her, She was everything for me”. I broke the kiss and get for bathroom but she opened the eyes and get hold of my hand.
Mom: Honey, Kiss me for some more time…….I am feeling loved and protected.
Me: Mom, I am here. Don’t worry I am here and I will always protect my beautiful lady. So, relax your body you seem to be exhausted.
She nodded for yes and gave me a flying kiss. I smile for myself and left for bathroom. When I return after cleaning pushed me and she gone to bathroom clean herself.
After cleaning she wore her nighty and come to me, putting her head in my chest she tried to sleep. With both her hand she is hugging me.
Next morning when I woke up, she great me with a smile. Her face was glowing in happiness and mild fragrance of shampoo is coming from her hairs. She is wearing a deep blue transparent saree with black backless blouse. It has only two threads in back to tie. Her whole back is visible to me and spotless creamy back of her is mind-blowing.
Me: Swapna, Today you are looking very beautiful. Day by day I am falling for you more and more. You are
Mom: Honey, get ready for office. This beauty is for you only. You can play with it later..
I tried to catch her hand but she run away in a flash. I got ready and went to office. By afternoon I submitted my report file to boss and handed over complete charge to ashok , boss gave me transfer order and asked me to report at destination on time. Now I have complete 3 days in my hand to join at destination branch and I can enjoy these moments with my beautiful mother. I headed towards home in hurry. Upon reaching home, I saw mom has made chicken curry and its smelling delicious. She asked me to freshen up and join her for launch. After launch I want to rest for some time and switch on the TV. Mom came to me and lied on sofa. She put on her head on my lap. She looked at me and smile.
Me: Mom…..your smile is so pure and its make me happy. I feel happy when you smile. I want to give you every happiness you deserve. As a son its my duty to make you happy and smile always.
Mom: And, as a wife its my duty to keep you satisfied and happy. I will do anything to make you happy. I am so happy to have you as my son and my husband.
Me: You are a goddess to me …….i am so happy to have you as my mother and wife. I think every son should marry his mother. No women could love a man more than his mother. Mothers will be great wife to their sons.
Mom: honey, I don’t know about others but I am blessed to have you with me. She kissed me and hold my hand and put in in her breast.
Mom: Dear, Please press them…… I am dying to feel your touch.
I pressed them softly, She get hold of my other face and push me towards her face. We are French kissing each other then someone pressed the calling bell.
Mom: hmmmm…….dear someone is on door. Please leave me, I have to open the door.
Me: Swapna…….please stay for some more time. Make him wait.
She looked me with pleading eye and gave kiss on my chest.
Mom: Honey, its bad manner. We should not make someone wait unnecessarily.
She set her saree properly and gave me a flying kiss and went to open the door. It’s a Amazon delivery boy with some parcel on mom’s name. Mom closed the door and opened it…… Its having a pair of kurtis. Mom never wears kurtis or salwars. From my childhood, I have seen her wearing sarees and nighties. Both were sleeveless kurtis, one is of white colour with redrose print in it and other one is pink in colour with. Pink one is plain but it is backless too. I got shocked to see so much change in her choice.
Me: Mom….Are you going to wear kurtis? I mean you never wear them in so many years.
Mom: Will you feel awkward if I wear them? If you don’t like them then I won’t wear them.
Me: No……Mom, its not like that. I have never seen you in these things. So, I asked. Your are my mom, You don’t need my permission in everything. You can do what you like.
She come to me and kissed me in chick and said
Mom: Honey, You forget something. I am your wife too. I love to be with you. With these makeup and modern clothing I can hide my age to some extent. I want to you to not feel embarrassed to address me as your wife in public.
I hold her face in my hand and looked in her eyes…….she is directly looking at me. Her lips were vibrating, after some time she looked at floor.
Me: Mom..
Mom: hmmmm….
Me: Mom, look at me. Why are you thinking that I feel embarrassed of you. You are very beautiful and sexy. I respect you more than god……I will term you as my goddess. You are angel of my life. I love you more then anyone. You don’t need to change your self to please me. In any dress, In any condition, for me you are most beautiful girl in this world.
Mom: Dear, I am afraid to lose you. I am afraid that one day you will chose a younger girl over me and leave me alone. So, I am trying to look younger…..
Me: Mom, what do think of me? do I look like some cheater. I love you……..and I will never ever leave you alone. You are my everything, My mother, my wife, My girlfriend …..everything.
Mom: Honey, you love me that much…….How can you love this old woman.
She hugged me and put her face in my chest and cried. Her tears made my chest wet. I hugged her tightly and tried to console her.
Me: Mom…. Why are you crying. We are in love and I want to make you happy. Is everything okey? Tell me …..is someone has said something to you. Please mom……please.
She rubbed her tears and sit on sofa. I gave her glass of water…….she drank it and come to me and sat on my lap by putting both her arms around my neck.
Mom: Your dad and aunt were in market and they show me. They did not tell me directly but insulted me. they saw my sindoor and my makeover. They thought I married someone. Your aunt commented on my sindoor “ she said I am bitch on heat”. Your dad said “ I am old despo bitch”. He said I am very much dull and anyone will leave me for that. For him I am irritating loser. Do I look like old despo……..trying to sleep with anyone.
Mom: Honey, am I not desirable…….. why he always find me dull and undesirable. Do I look so bad?
Her words made my tears roll down from both my eyes. How can someone insult anybody like this. I hugged her and pated her head.
Me: Mom, Dad is stupid to reject you. He is blind to reject your beauty. They are fucking cheaters. Don’t take them seriously. You have your son…..your husband by your side. I will always stand by your side. Even death can’t erase our love. In every life….I will love you. In every life I will be yours.
Mom: I love you, I will pray to god to make you mine in every life. I will always born to be yours. But I want you to be my first man. I don’t want you to be son…….I want you to be my husband and only husband.
Me: Mom…….we are lovers by mistake born as mother and son. No matter what future has for us but I will always remain as yours only.
My word made her smile and she asked me if she can try the kurtis..
Mom: Honey, please wait here……..I want your feedback on kurtis.
I gave her a flying kiss and sat on the sofa.
Me: Anything for you mom…….I want to see my sexy lady on that backless pink kurti.
Mom: You naughty boy…….sit and wait for me and promise me no touching or mother loving till night.
Me: I can’t promise that……. Your beauty can hack anyone brain.
Mom: I don’t want to hack anyone other then you. I am yours only. I am your personal property.
She gone to change the dress, with every passing second my excitement increases to many fold. She opened the door…….oh my god. She is looking so hot and sexy. That kurti is tight fitting to her. Each and every curve of her is on show. Her white complexion is perfectly suiting that pink kurti. She is wearing a pink dupatta with that. Whole dress is making her looking like a girl my age. As I am not on shave she can easily pass as my wife.
Me: Mom……..You are looking them sexy. Sorry for my words but you are looking hot and sexy. I think I am going to broke my promise. I need you right now.
Mom: Honey, No mother loving till night……You have to wait to enjoy these sexy lady. I am yours only. I am not going anywhere. You can have me as much as you want. But for now you have to go with me for shopping. I have nothing to wear with it.
Then I show, she is bottomless. As these many years she is wearing only saree for outdoor. I asked to get ready and got myself ready, Blue jeans with white polo tshirt. She took almost half an hour to get herself ready. She is wearing a light pink saree with white blouse. She wore black bra inside as I can she it clearly from thin material of her blouse. She wore two pair of earrings and her nose ring. She put some extra amount of sindoor in her hair, with two pair of gold bangles she is looking like a perfect assamese married girl.
Mom: Honey, what do you think…..will people term me as your wife. I am doing my best to look younger to pose as your wife.
Me:Swapna……Your looking great. People will be jealous of me for having such beautiful wife. BTW, You don’t need to pose as my wife…….You are my wife already and I Love my beautiful, sexy and hot wife.
She just blushed to my words and hold my hands and pulled me out of house.
Mom: Honey, now stop flirting with me and lets go to market.
We went to a ladies fashion store. Its having all type of cloths, from ethnic to western. Seeing us one salesgirl came to us asked us what are we searching for.
Salesgirl: Sir, May I help you?
Mom: Yes….that will very nice of you. We are searching for some bottoms, can you show us some?
Salesgirl: Its my pleasure to serve you.
She bring us to a corner and started to show us many kurtis of different colour and material. Mom selected some lose fitting kurtis but I suggested her to go for tight fitting one.
Mom: will it match with my body?
Me: Swapna…….You are in perfect shape. Don’t worry you will look great.
Salesgirl: Madam, sir has good taste. You will look awesome in that. It will make you look younger.
Her complement made mom blush a little. She look at me and gave a naughty smile. We selected a tight fit white bottom for pink kurti and a loose floral print for the other kurti. Mom asked me about churidar and brought two set. After shopping she asked me for a ride and we headed for river side park. This park is famous for lovers. Many people came here to watch sunset. In that whole bike ride she hold me tightly and placed her head in my shoulder.
Me: Mom, I think I will need to brought a car urgently.
Mom: why dear……..Is anything wrong in this bike.
Me: No mom, You are looking too beautiful and all men are eyeing you.
Mom: hehehe……they are imagining a wild night with me. I think they are jealous of you.
Me: No mom……don’t tease me. You are only mine. You can call me possessive but yes I am possessive for my wife and my mother. I will bring a soon……
Mom: naughty boy…..You have turned your mom into your wife already. I don’t mind about your possessiveness. This lady is all yours. I am always telling you “ you first be happy and make me happy”. I can’t imagine my existence without you. My whole world is from you, end with you. Don’t think about these men, I am only yours.
Me: Mom, I know that how much you love me. You have my name on your wrist. But these guys look is so inappropriate. I can sense lust in their eyes.
She laughed out loudly which made people look us. She hold me more tightly.
Mom: honey, Leave their eyes. You are having which they are imagining. You can’t control imagination. In return ride we need to brought some grocery, we are near out of stock.
By tat evening we returned to home, I started to cook the dinner. In the whole time I am super excited and wanted to love mom but she denied my advances. I switched on the TV and watched some random TV channels. She called me for dinner, after dinner she asked me is I am feeling sleepy or wanted watch TV. I wanted to spend some more time with her so asked her to join me balcony. We have a small house with a garden. Mom and me used to take care of the flowers. When any one of us feel upset or tense we used to sit there. I sat on the couch on balcony and started to feel some cold breeze. Mom came to me, she is wearing a blue nighty made of very soft material. She sat on my lap by putting her legs on handle of the couch. She put her hands on my shoulder and kept her face on my chest.
Mom: Honey, How was the day?
Me: Its great mom. I feel like a complete man today. Having you with me made my day. You are a perfect lady.
Mom: I enjoyed every seconds I spent with you. You know how to kept your lady protected, loved and feel cared. Whole day I am feeling loved to core. You are showering loves on me. I am thankful to you for giving me so much of love.
Me: I will always love my sexy lady……my beauty queen.
She just blushed to my to my complement and dig more deeper to my chest.
Mom: naughty boy…flirting with mommy.
Then we remained like this for some more time. Silently feeling each other and enjoying the cold breeze.
Mom: Honey, How much you love me?
Me: Mom, I have always told you that I love you more than myself above that I respect you. My respect for you is more than my love for.
Mom: I am glad that you still respect me as your mom. I thought you would lose respect for me after you fucked me.
Me: No mom…..why would I disrespect you. You are a great mother. You face many hardships to in your life. You sacrificed your life for me. You are angel for me. So, I tried to make this beautiful angel mine. Sexual relationship is a part of our bonding but I never lost respect for you. I just want to make you mine, completely mine. Nobody should have any type of claim on you. I always think of you as goddess and want to keep this beautiful goddess for myself. Its true that I feel sexual attraction for you but that is not lust, its love for you.
Mom: why are in so love with me……I am afraid if I die or something happen to me, how will you live? Unlike other mothers I can’t blame my daughter in law for that. I am itself my daughter in Law. Honey, promise me that if something happens to me, You will live your life and will marry and have a great life.
Me: Mom, I promised you that I will never marry another woman, You and only you are my wife. I will live my life but you are only woman in my life.
Mom: Babu, its not right. I am old now and with every passing days I will become older. I will not last for eternity. You have to live happily.
Me: leave this things, we days many years to think about it but for now give me a kiss, I am dying for whole day for your kiss.
She kissed me , she just opened her mouth and welcomed my probing tongue. We kissed for a long time , its been a passionate one she hold my hands and placed it in her breast. I lightly pressed it a soft moun released from her mouth. I kissed earlobe and her moun became somewhat louder. I started to kiss her neck and lick it,she closed her eyes and moun softly.
Mom: Dear we should go to our room. If somebody sees us we will be in trouble.
I nodded for yes and stand up closed door and windows. I picked her in my arms and carried her to room. After our “first night” her room was changed to our bedroom. She closed the eyes and put her hand around my neck. I put her on bed, closed the door. She is looking at me and giving me shy smile.
Me: Mom…..what is here to be shy. BTW you look great shying.
Mom: My love have me, Your wife need your love. Whole day she is dying for your love.
Me: I want to fuck you doggystyle….. I want you to be fucked hard and to the core.
Mom: I am all yours, enjoy me as you wish.
I removed my cloths and started to remove her nighty. She is wearing black coloured bra and panty. Her large breast is trying to burst open that bra which is tightly wrapping her boobs. Tried to remove her bra but it was so tight I field to open it.
Me: Swapna….why are you wearing this tight bra? It is very tight.
Mom: Its not tight, You don’t know to open a bra. Leave it for me I will do it for you. She removed that bra with ease and removed panty to. Playfully throwed it on my face.
Mom: You naughty boy, eat my inners.
Me: so, you need rough fucking. I know your signals. Okey I will give it to you.
I caught her by neck and pushed her face against my cock.
Me: suck it….. You want hard fucking naa. I will give it to you.
She opened her mouth and licked it thoroughly her wetness of mouth and warmth of it making me go crazy.
Me: No hands……just your mouth. Look at me when you are sucking me.
She looked in my eyes, I think I am fulfilling what she desire.
After some minutes of sucking I stopped her because I am on verge of cuming. I lied her by back and spread her legs. She is doing nothing but enjoying by closing her eyes. I put my tongue on her pussylips. She jumped on excitement and a moun came out of her mouth.I put two fingers in her pussy and started to lick her clit. After some time she cummed in my mouth and her juices flowed from my lips.
Mom: Honey, just put your tool in me. I can’t tolerate any more please.
Me: Okey, as you wish but promise me you will permit me to fuck you ass in future.
Mom: its hurt me, You can use my other two hole. You can do anything with them. You can fuck them anytime. But please let me have you dick now ……please.
Me: No, I will not let you have it.
Saying this I started to lick her again and increased speed of finger fucking…..She mouning loudly and she cummed after some minutes. I again asked her
Me: Mom, can I have my permission…..
Mom: YES YES YES, you have my promise but first put your dick in my pussy……please….please
Mom: that’s it, Now turn and rise your ass.
She done it in flash and I entered her from behind. Her juices making it very smooth and my whole dick entered easily. I placed my hands on her hips and get hold of it. I started with long and slow strokes. Her ahh..oohh…ahh sounds are making me gone crazy and I increased my speed and she turned to kiss me. Her kiss was a passionate one and she bite my lips. I got hold of her hair and increase my speed it. Her moun became louder and louder thanks to our large boundary in our house nobody could hear it. I sensed that I am going to cum so asked her
Me: Swapna…….I am cumming, where do you want.
She replied in a broken voices like shouting
Mom: In me…. in me…..in, cum in my pussy.
I cummed in her pussy and it created a mess, we lied there like it for some time and later I stand up to go for cleaning. I see mom seems to be exhausted so I picked her up and carried her to bathroom. After cleaning our self we lied on bed naked. Mom came to me and hugged me and place her face on my chest and asked me to hug her. I hugged her and kissed her forehead. she wished me goodnight
Mom: Good night, dear Hubby
Me: God night , wifey. Sweet dreams.

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