Nicki’s last ride but first orgasm

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I drove taxi for about five years. It wasn’t always a cash transaction. Sometimes I would trade a ride for merchandise, weed, booze, handjob, blowjob and even to suck on a beautiful set of tits.

Some of the drivers would develop relationships with customers and get requested. I’ve had a few and one in particular was an 11 year old girl who was stuck in summer school so she could start junior high.

She had her mom request me as her afternoon driver to get her home safely.

Nicki was a pretty young pre teen that came from a good middle class home. All summer long we would always enjoy each other’s company for the four mile ride.

It was my second to the last day on the job because I was moving out of state and Nicki’s last day of summer school. It was slow that day so the dispatcher told me to cash out and call it the day. There was still about an hour before Nicki needed to be picked up. The dispatcher said that he would send someone else. I was a little irritated because I was expecting to pick her up and give her a gift for completing summer school. It was just a fancy pen with her name on it. And I was not going to miss out on giving it to her. So I hopped in my primer gray muscle car and headed to the school.

I was sitting in my 1974 Chevy Nova when Nicki came out the door. I beeped the horn to get her attention. She came right over when she saw it was me. I told her the situation and gave her the thin long box containing the pen.

Nicki loved the pen. I let her get in the passengers side while she waited on her ride. But finally she asked me to give her a ride home in my personal vehicle. I knew I wasn’t supposed to but she kept begging me for a ride in my Nova. I figured what are they going to do. Fire me on my last day? So I started up the 350 ci engine and we headed on our way.

Nicki asked me to take the long way. I knew her mom would not be home for another four hours. Her dad was an over the road trucker and her older sister was probably with her boyfriend as usual so I took Nicki for a nice long ride.

When we finally pulled up to where she lived. I turned off the engine and she gave me a big hug. My big tough bad boy heart broke as Nicki began to cry knowing that she would never see me again. I lied to her and told her that I would write and that eased her mind and dried her tears.

As she was about to get out I could tell she had something more on her mind. I pried a little bit and then she turned her body toward me as she sat in the passengers seat. The way that she sat with her left leg on the seat. I noticed her pink panties up her mini skirt. I looked away to keep her comfortable with me. She asked me if I ever gave a girl an orgasm. I chuckled and said yes. Then she asked me how. I told her that it was not appropriate conversation between us. But those pretty eyes and her curious tone encouraged me to say. With my finger, my tongue and my penis. I could see the excitement in her eyes. She told me that her 13 year old sister had been bragging to her that her 15 year old boyfriend had given her an orgasm with his fingers and asked if I would give her one. I could feel my cock tingling but I said that I didn’t think that it was a good idea because I could get in trouble if her mom found out. Nicki pleaded and begged. She told me that no one would ever know. Then I asked. Will your sister know? She pulled up her mini skirt and hooked her finger in the leg of her panties and pulled the pink cotton fabric to the side to show me her eleven year old pussy with many dirty blonde hairs growing around it. Then she said. I won’t tell my sister who. I’ll just say it was an older boy from the boys and girls club down the street.

I told her that we can’t do it in the car. She pulled her panties off and placed them in my glove compartment then told me to follow her.

We got in the house and I was following her up the carpeted stairs. I could see her beautiful petite ass as she walked up the stairs in front of me. I told her to stop and sit on a step. I knelt below her and opened her legs. I said. You have a nice pussy. Then I asked. Can I touch it? She said yes. I don’t think she was expecting me to pull my 7 inch cock out and rub its head up and down her moist slit. But her breathing increased as her eyes got heavy and her head tilted back. She was definitely enjoying me playing with her clit with the head of my cock. Then I took her hand and placed her middle finger on her clit and said. That is your clitoris. So when you want to pleasure yourself. But for now let’s go to your bed.

I asked if she wanted to get undressed but she said to get undressed together. Her little body was beautiful for a girl who was tall for her age. Her titties were like chubby little white chocolate Hershey Kisses. Right away I began sucking on her little titties. I reached down and put my finger to her clit. Just as I expected she began breathing in deep short breaths and releasing little squeals. I instructed her to lay on the bed. I kept my finger moving at clit. She kept lifting her ass as she got closer and closer to her very first orgasm. I think it caught her by surprise. She didn’t know what to expect but I knew that there was a lot more within her to enjoy. So I kept fingering her clit. It was like my finger had her possessed.

I wanted to give Nicki a break before I used my tongue so I laid on the bed next to her and guided her in stroking my cock. Nicki got me so hard I had her sit on top of me. Her little slit wrapped around my cock like a hotdog bun. She asked me to not put my cock inside her pussy. And I assured her that I would not.

I reached up and I kneaded her little titties in between my thumbs and fingers.

Nicki said that she wanted to give me an orgasm and asked me to show her how. I explained to her that she should suck on it. That it would give me great pleasure. She was a little reluctant at first but opened her mouth and took half my cock into it. i put my hands on both sides of her head and guided her rythem. Suddenly she began making consuming sounds like she was devouring her favorite sucker pop. I let go of her head and let her do it herself. I was getting closer and closer to releasing my load but decided that Nicki should use her hand.

I scooted further onto Nicki’s bed and had her sit on my thighs. I instructed and guided her hand to jerk me off. She picked up on it pretty quick. I told her when I cum not to stop. And a second or two later my cock erupted its white jiz
all over her hand and my belly.

Nicki surprised me when she licked my cream off her hand and went back to sucking my slowly deflating boner. But after a moment of rest I told her that it was time to discover ecstasy.

I knelt back down on the floor and put my tongue to her clit. My only purpose at the time was to give the little lady an orgasm that she would never forget. But to my surprise again it didn’t take long for Nicki to start bucking her body and squealing with intense pleasure.

Nicki laid on the edge of her bed giggling. I asked her what was so funny. She said. I can’t wait to tell my sister what a real orgasm feels like. Because I know that her boyfriend probably isn’t man enough to use his tongue like you did. So unasked if she wanted another. She said thst she wanted to try.

I laid next to her as she fingered her clit. Watching the little beauty I had to stroke my cock. The orgasm that she gave herself was pretty close to the last one that I gave her. I said. Nicki I am going to cum again. She asked. Do you want me to suck on it? I was a little concerned. I asked. Do you want me to cum in your mouth? She didn’t say anything. She just grabbed my cock and slid her lips over it. I held my hand around hers at the base to stroke it. I let out a loud grunt as I let go in her mouth. But before she had a chance to swallow I pulled her up to me and began making out with her. Then I licked my cum all over her nipples before going down on her little pussy again. But that didn’t last long. I rested the side of my face on her pelvic bone then kissed her belly.

I knew that I better get going. She fetched me a warm washcloth to clean up. She walked me down stairs. Hugged me and kissed me one last time.

I did get lectured when I went to work the next day about giving Nicki a ride home in my personal vehicle. But I never heard anything more about it after I left the next day.

I think about Nicki sometimes. I hope she is doing well and that she taught her boyfriend well too.

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