Two Aristocratic Bengalee Families : Ch 3

Before starting the 3rd chapter of this story ! ( actually fact ) please have a brief look on the characters. Read prev story Two Aristocratic Bengalee Families. In Chowdhury Family the members are Sharmila(Singer), husband Samaresh(Bank Manager) & son Soumya(Student) where as in Khan Family the members are Parveen(TV serial actress), husband Mansoor (Cameraman) and two Sons (Student) Hafiz & Hanif. In this episode another character Rukshana Begum ( Parveen’s Authoress widow mother ) enters.

Rukshana Begum was shocked to discover some porn stash and old bengali porn-story books ( Jeevan Jouban, Madhuraat, Sundar Jeevan etc.) under her elder grandson’s mattress just like Sharmila Chowdhury. But later she became tremendously stunned when she realized that her daughter, son-in-law and grandson all were involved in porn-films. She was aware that few members of so-called conservative high society in West Bengal as well as some TV serial actresses and bgrade Tollygunge film-actressess were also attached in porn world and a racket was operating it with strict secrecy.


Although her daughter was a famous TV serial actress, her income wasn’t sufficient to maintain her luxurious lifestyle. At first she couldn’t accustomed with her daughter’s nasty profession. But being a highly educated and modern minded woman, she couldn’t be mad as her own starving pussy was throbbing with the observation of the sizzling pictures.

Being a well-known and several prize owning authoress, she was compelled to maintain a sober lifestyle and restrained her carnal desires. The raw bengali porn stories with vulger dialogues and the hardcore bengali and south-indian porn pictures awakened her one month’s sleeping sexual hunger. After her husband’s death ( one month ago ) she had to quench her suppressed itching of horny cunt with brinjal, cucumber, banana etc.

With continuous pleadings from her daughter and son-in-law, and also being alone she decided to spend her remaining life with them. Hanif’s admission in a english medium convent was recently completed and he was transferred to the boarding house. Both Sharmila and Hanif became depressed for departing from one another. At that time Sharmila’s evil look fell on Hanif’s elder brother, but she couldn’t progress due to Rukshana’s arrival.

However in this juncture Sharmila’s husband was entangled with a corruption in his bank in which he was arrested by the police. But the Khan Family extended their hands, both economically and legally and extricated him from all illegal charges. This incident created a friendly bond between these two families, Sharmila and Rukshana were now like two sisters/ bosom friends, same was for the other members.

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Rukshana Begum now treated Sharmila as her 2nd daughter where as like Hafiz and Hanif ; Soumya also respected this matured great woman as his heavenly grand-mother. Although she lost her dearest husband just one month ago; the love, affection, respect she received from the members of the two families, she felt herself as the most happiest and fortunate woman in the world.

However in this graceful moment when her elder grandson was absorbed in the school for film-direction training ( like his father he also wanted to be a film-director cum Cameraman ), Rukshana spent her daytime by watching her daughter’s or of south-indian bgrade film-actress’s porn-movies, magazines or by reading bengali porn-stories in begali-chotikahini.


Threesome experience with the Muslim kid Hanif and her husband totally changed Sharmila Chowdhury’s mentality about sexual enjoyment. Moreover the explicit hardcore porn-films of Parveen Khatun with her husband Mansoor and her elder preteen son Hafiz revolutionised her feelings about traditional sex, which convinced her to commit incestuous fucking with her son Soumya.

Her husband Samaresh Chowdhury was also aware of her conservative minded wife’s changes and he became tremendously excited witnessing her wife’s fucking with their son. Not only that, he involved himself numerous threesome fuck sessions with his son Soumya and his wife Sharmila.

Soumya had been fucking his famous singer mother for almost a year when he turned **yrs old. There was little he hadn’t experienced and enjoyed with his respected mother and father. Sharmila Chowdhury became his willing play thing and would do just about anything he asked her to do.

Samaresh loved watching the two of them together and they frequently all occupied the same bed. There was little Soumya hadn’t had the chance to experience. He and his father had also dp’ed Sharmila on various occasions. She had given her son blow jobs in the back of their private car as they drove on the highway for her recording of songs. Her son had fucked her in every room of the house.

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Sharmila loved sucking her son’s baby cock whenever and wherever he wanted her to, including out on their home’s backside ( garden ). They had showered together with warm urine and given each other golden showers. She loved sex but she also loved most water sports.

But so far, the water sports activities had been confined mainly to the house, nothing in public. Then one Saturday they decided to drive to the Alipore Zoo ( Kolkaka ). On that day, she wore a cotton printed Salwar-Kamiz, a dupatta on her breasts, the kamiz ( short-sized, one type of Kurti ) was tied under her tits, with no bra, no panties, and a pair of high-heeled shoes.

During the drive to the zoo, about an hour and a half from home, Sharmila and her son were in the back of the car having all kinds of fun including him eating her pussy to two good orgasms.

By the time they got to the zoo all of them, included Samaresh, were incredibly horny. It took a few moments for Soumya and Samaresh to lose their hard-ons, so they wouldn’t be walking around with tents in their crotches. They spent several hours touring the zoo. Every chance Sharmila got, she exhibited her body in unobtrusive ways as they didn’t want to get arrested.

She unbuttoned some of her front-opened kamiz’s buttons and siding the Dupatta, she was flashing her tits. She’d bend over to pick up something from the ground and knew that her husband and son could see her pussy from her thin see-through salwar.

Soumya and his father took every opportunity to fondle Sharmila’s ass and tits and she to feel their cocks. Soumya told his mother how horny he was and she had replied that she was equally horny and hoped they would have some fun on the way home in the car. She also promised her husband and son that they were going to get a wild fuck from her once they were back at the house.

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At one point, they were the only ones in front of a viewing window, so Sharmila flashed her tits at the chimpanzees behind the glass. They were pretty sure that the animals had no idea what they had just seen. They walked out of the primate house and headed for the exit and were almost back at the car when Sharmil said that she had to pee.

They looked around for bushes or darkened corners but didn’t see one and at that moment the zoo authority also wouldn’t let her back in to use the washroom.

Sharmila was really squirming and her son jokingly said, “Mamoni, why don’t you piss right here?” She looked at him with a smile, “Really, you want me to piss right here?” He nodded.
“You want me to pull my Salwar down and squat down or just stand here and piss in my Salwar?” Sharmila queried and noticed that her son’s cock was starting to harden as was her husband.

“I’ve seen you pissing but never have seen you piss in your saree or Salwar. Would you just stand there and piss, it’d be fun watching you?” Sharmila was smiling at her son’s request, she looked around and pinched her nipples through her Kamiz.
“I will on one condition.”
“That you have to eat my pussy on the way home.”
“Ok, Deal!”

Samaresh had unlocked the car and opened the sliding door. He was grinning like a cat and rubbing his hard dick. Sharmila stood between their car and the car parked next to them and then sat down on the floor of the car.

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