Secluded Lake (A True Story)

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I got fed up with life in the American society. I decided to sell everything that i owned and vanish, I mean totally live off the grid. I did a bunch of reaserch to find a very big lake that was secluded and away from civilization. My years I spent in the boy scouts as a kid gave me the confidence that I could live off the land if I needed or wanted to and that was the idea. I knew how to fish, hunt and prepare food. I wasn’t to much of a farmer but I had a bunch of those little packs of vegitable seeds to plant too.

I made my way to a town that was close to the lake but not too close. I purchased me a canoe and the camping and hiking equipment that I thought I would need. Stocked up on some light weight food items then hired a helicopter pilot to fly me out to where abouts that I wanted to go. He dropped me and my gear off on a little clearing just big enough to land his bird on the side of a huge lake. I watched him fly off before getting into the loaded up canoe and headed out into the water. I paddled for hours, checking out every little cove that I came across, trying to decide where I would like to make my home. I saw deer, back bears, all types of bird of prey, bobcats and other wild life. I knew that I was where I wanted to be. I eventually came across a cove that went about half a football field lengths in and was abouts as wide as a football field. There was a clearing on the right side so I landed the canoe to stretch my legs and to look around. In my mind I could see a cabin, a little dock for the canoe and to fish off of and just a nice place to call home.

I cleared out a spot to make camp. Rounded up stones to contain my camp fire and dug me a latrine. The sun was going down in the late spring wilderness. I made me a good dinner by the light of the campfire. It was my only piece of meat that I brought with me. A ribeye and sliced buttered fried potatos.

The next morning the first thing that i did was grab my pole and cast out my line. It was almost instantly that a good size trout struck the worm on my line. That fish was big enough to feed two people easy. After I ate and cleaned up after breakfast I headed out on foot to explore. I had some trail mix in my fanny pack my canteen and left over trout, along with my trusty blade hanging from my belt, my nine millermeter on my hip, my 30/30 rifle slung over my shoulder along with my custom walking stick. I marked my trail so I could find my way back.

It was late in the afternoon by the time that I decided to head back to camp, the water was about half full, the trail mix was holding up well as well as the trout when I came across a small footprint in the mud on the edge of a creek. I joked with myself about it being a young bigfoot creature but it looked more like a woman’s print. It was fresh so I stood there listening and looking around but didn’t see or hear anything. But I had a feeling like I was being watched. I left the bag with the left over trout in it and placed it on a boulder next to where I was standing, along with a little bag of trail mix and headed back on my way.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a type of well camofluaged structure, made with brush and branches. I was smart enough to know that an animal didn’t make it. Then I thought about the footprint. I hollared “hello, anybody in there”? but there was only silence. Even though I had my suspicions that a woman may be living in there, I walked away and headed back to camp.

I was getting hungry and wanted a good meal from the wilderness, I came across some raspberrys and picked a bunch. I kept my eyes and ears alert for some kind of game that woud be a good meal for dinner when I saw a pheasant, I knew my 9mm would put a big hole in him as well as my 30/30 rifle but I chose my rifle to aim at it. I was lucky that I hit it in the neck, the rest of the body was still in one piece.

When I got back to camp I started the fire and proceeded to prepare the pheasant. I just wanted the breast, it is the best meat of the bird, the drums and wings are too tough on a wild bird. so I just cut the breast out and buried the rest.

It was dusk when I heard something in the water. The fresh pheasant breast was smelling good so I figured I attracted something. I turned around and was surprised to see a woman in the water. I couldn’t speak, I was so shocked. I watched her as she stood up and began walking out of the water toward me with a little curious smile. I smiled back and said. “Just in time for dinner”.

She sat down but wouldn’t take her eyes off me. then she spoke. “what are you doing here?” I explained to her about my presence.” What are you doing here”? I asked. She told me about a month ago she was horseback riding by herslef and the horse got spooked, she was thrown off and was knocked out by the fall. When she came to, she didn’t know where she was. It seemed a little fishy to me but I figured that anything is possible. I asked her if the shelter was hers, and she said that she built it the best that she could . I noticed that she had a knife and a hatchet attached to her side.

She looked about my age, about 5″ 3″, long red hair and a little body. She was wearing a tshirt with no bra, I could tell by her jiggly “C” size boobs and her hard nipples. Her shorts were made from a pair of jeans and there was nothing on her feet. I asked her how she kept warm at night and she explained that she found a beach towel that must have floated up to the shoreline.

It was pretty dark when we finished eating. she asked me if I had any soap. I got her a bar and I had some shampoo as well so I gave her that too. I tried not to watch her in the light of the fire as she took her clothes off with her back toward me but I couldn’t resist, she didn’t seem to mind anyways. She walked into the dark water and began to get clean. She told me that I should join her if I like, that she would like me to wash her back. I couldn’t refuse the invitation.

We washed and splashed around for a little while. I got out and grabbed a towel. I began walking toward her and she began to giggle. “I see that the cold water has an effect on you”. then I looked at her cold hard nipples and replied, “You as well”. She stepped toward me and I wrapped the towel around her. she stood there staring at me. I took the towel and began drying her off by the warm fire. First her back, then her arms and front and then her hips and legs and the she guided me between her legs to dry her auburn fur, she looked down at me and smile while saying. “Something else has an effect on you now” .My manhood has half erected as i stood back up. The pretty redhead took my member in her hand and began to stroke it. It wasn’t long for the blood to rush into the half limp sausage causing it to grow longer, thicker and harder. Standing by the hot fire was so sensual and sexy as she knelt down and began sucking on my hard member.

Next to the tent was a downed tree, I took the towel and laid it down and laid down on my back on top of it. The bottoms of my feet touched the ground, she was able to climb right on top of me. My cock slid into her with a little resistance but after a couple of her pumps it slid right in. The warmth of ther delpths was so intense that I almost came right away but took my mind off the great feeling for a moment so I could please her. At was at that moment that I knew that she liked to ridr horses, because she rode me like she was riding a stallion. I must have tickled her clit just right, she screamed so loud that anyone on the lake would have heard her. Her pussy muscles tightened up around my cock and squeezed the white liquid right out of me.

I thought that I could rest but she got a sudden burst of energy and moved down to my cock to suck her juices and mine off. My cock couldn’t help but to get hard again as she sucked and stroked my cock until the last of my cream filled her mouth. She got dressed and I asked her to spend the night but she decided against it. The next morning I found a note stating that she would be back and I couldn’t wait to see her again, but most of all I couldn’t wait to get my canoe back from her either.

I had planned on acting upset when she returned about a week later, but she looked too good in a light blue tank top, black cut off shorts, shaved legs and looking at beautiful as can be. Her smile was big and bright as she approached me and wrapped her arms around me.
She had brought a much bigger tent, a cooler full of meat, milk ,cheese and other things along with a second canoe that she towed. I asked her how she knew how to get out and back in. she explained that there was river that she had to take that was tough going up but easy going with the current back down. I wondered why she didn’t hike out before but I didn’t ask.
That evening after dinner she laid a tarp down next to the fire then a unzipped sleeping bag on to of it. That was were I made the best love to anyone ever. She shaved her auburn pussy hairs. the taste was bitter and soapy as my tongue made contact with her clit. My cock had never been so hard and my stamina even impressed me as I slid my cock in and out of her from behind. I shot my jiz into her that was built up since she left then had an encore the next morning.

She stayed a couple more days and then disappeared.But I had a feeling that she would.

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