Sex with neighbor

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Hi my name is Joy I’m from goa .

This is my personal first time sex experience with my neighbor, I was 12 and she was 17 we never had any feelings for each other, but I used to check her sometimes when I get a chance, as her brother James was my good friend and we were of the same age. But things changed that night, when her parents were out of goa, they were in Kerela for religious retreat for 6 days and Jessica and James were with their grandmother. James invited me for sleepover as he is my best friend I was very excited. James and Jessica were sharing the room and their grandmother room were down stairs We went to bed by 8 or 9pm.

I woke up in the middle of the night with some noise going to see Jessica was making some noise she was watching something on laptop.
I turned to see she as watching porn, she was naked and fingering her self
I asked Jess what happened and what are you watching she frozend and said keep quite.
I asked her what is she doing and what is she watching???
She try to cover herself with bedsheet and asked come closer to her, as I moved closer she asked me to promise her that I will not tell anyone.
I promised she showed me what she is watching I was shocked and hard watching porn.
She told me not to tell anyone, she also could see that I’m having a hard on.
She asked me if I ever watched porn and I said no….
She asked if I ever seen a girl completely naked I said nooo
She asked me have you got hard and I replied yess with a shy nod
She said it’s normal don’t be shy
I asked d she watch porn every day she said whenever she get a chance and she likes it
I asked does she like to watch she told me she love it and want to try to do it but can’t as her father doesn’t allow her to talk to any boys nor let her go anywhere

She told me she is very hot and want to hold me I said yes she hugged me very tight.
My cock poked her she said your cock is very hard and put her hand in my pants and start stroking my cock.
I could feel her boobs as she was naked. She pulled me face closer to her boobs I started to suck them and lick them oh her nipples were hard
She started kissing me and whispered in my ears let’s enjoy tonight but don’t tell anyone
She went down and started sucking my cock oh oh I was in heaven I was not knowing what was happening to me
Later she told me to come over her and kiss her later she guided me to her pussy and asked me to lick spreading her legs
Later she guided my cock in her pussy asked me to enter slowly as she is Virgin like me too

Oh I was feeling so good as my cock was entering her pussy it was bit hurting but feeling good at the same time Jess was holding me tight closing her eyes pulling me from my back into her I slowly stroke her for few minutes with Jess helping me in and out her pussy I told Jess I about to cum she pulled my dick out and made me cum over her pussy.

It was our first experience I loved it and she too enjoyed it. Jess begged me not to tell anyone I told I will not she said we should do it every time we get a chance and I agreed later that night we had sex again and this time watching a prom movie Jess was over me my hands broke her butts pulling her to go up and down. Her pussy covering my cock her white juices covering my cock kissing her lips and nipples late for fucking Jess from behind kissing and sucking her pussy licking her asshole oh that night I cumed 3 times this continued till I Jess got serious with a guy after her collage

Added by Joy Fernandes

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