My Friend fucked my Mommy

My Mommy Fucks My Friend

My neighbor (friend) and I are of the same age. He and I are good friends. After his father died, his mother left to marry another rich man. Since then, he has been angry with his mother.

Unable to vent it out, he used to abuse his mother, “Bitch’s pussy might be itching. She left me so that she could fuck her love freely and satisfy her cunt’s heat.”

Since then, he developed a liking for milfs and aunties. He likes to fuck them hard, imagining them as his mother because that’s how he wants to punish his mother. Since he was a child without a mother, my mom used to show pity and had a soft corner for him. That’s what ruined our lives.

He used that pity to fuck my mother. Once their fuck festival started, mommy became his sex slave. I don’t know whether it is because of hard and mind-blowing sex with him or if mom is slut in real. But wherever whenever he asks, she spreads her legs for him.

A lot of changes took place in the mom after she started fucking with him. Mommy’s shapes have changed; her boobs and ass have grown bigger. She started wearing revealing clothes, deep cut, sleeveless blouses. Sluttiness started oozing from her.

One day, I came home unexpectedly. That morning, there was a wedding of Mommy’s distant relatives. She wore a light pink colour transparent saree with a deep-cut blouse. The whole back was open. Cleavage was on full display. Mommy looked hot in that attire.

Mom went to the wedding alone because I was not familiar with them. Bored at home since morning, I went outside to roam in the evening. Suddenly, I saw my friend coming out of a lodge. He didn’t know that I was in town. It was a cheap lodge and famous for prostitution.

I called him in surprise. He declined the call and left a message saying, “Hi, I am in a movie with gf. I will call you back.” I didn’t understand why he was lying. After a while, mother too came out of the same lodge. I was shocked by it. Mom came and got into his car. I started following them.

So many questions are running through my mind. “What is mom doing here?” “What are these two doing in that lodge?” “Why did he lie?” “Are these two having an affair?”

He dropped mom at the centre and left. I am following mom. Mom came home by taking an auto from there. After some time, I went home. Mommy changed into a nighty. I went to my room without speaking to her. A lot of doubts in my mind, but one kept coming back.

“Are they having an affair?” As soon as that thought came, my dick started growing. “Chee! Why am I thinking like this? It cannot be possible. Why would mom have an affair with him? That who is of his son’s age. I am thinking in a bad way,” I said to myself.

Meanwhile, my friend sent a message asking to meet. We met in an Iranian cafe. I was at the table. He went to get chai. He left the phone on the table. His phone rang as he had received a message. I checked it. It was from mom.
She sent a topless pic.

Her boobs were all red and swollen, as if someone had pressed them hard. There were many bite marks on the boobs. “Look at what you did?” she wrote under the photo. My doubt has been confirmed. They are having an affair. They indeed fucked in that lodge.

Maybe all that marriage was a lie, and she became ready only for him. Mommy has been cheating on us. I was in shock. After a couple of minutes, I had gone blank.

Meanwhile, he brought chai. My train of thought broke. While drinking chai, I asked, “How is your gf? What movie did you go to?” He did not expect this. He tried to tell a lie. I stared at him as I knew that he was lying. He realized that.

Friend: Don’t get me wrong. Nothing happened at the lodge, as you are thinking.

Me: I didn’t say anything about the lodge. But how do you know what I think?

Friend: Your looks tell that. Your mother wanted to use the washroom. We didn’t find anything nearby and went there.

Me: But how did you two meet at that time. She went to the marriage. Didn’t she?

Friend: Yeah! After marriage, I found her waiting for an auto.

Me: Why did you drop her at the Center instead of at home?

Friend: I mean…

Me: Why did you lie when I called you?

He stayed silent

Me: Leave it all.

I took out his phone and showed him the message from mom. He saw the message from my mom. There was no expression on his face. He was looking straight into my eyes. After a few seconds, he started speaking.

Friend: Yes. I am fucking your mother. We have been fucking each other for the past year. Now don’t think we will stop it because you found out. Even if I stop, your mother will not stop. Your mother is a slave to my dick.

Friend: If I ask her, she will leave you. That is my level now. If this message alone makes you feel angry. If you see our photos, videos and messages on my phone, I wonder what will happen to you.

Saying this, he unlocked the phone and showed all their private chats, pics and videos. I lost my mind when I saw them. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Looking at his messages, I understood one thing, even though he started the affair, mommy continued it.

Many times Mommy begged him to “Fuck me, Fuck me.” On the one hand, I was getting angry. On the other side, I was getting turned on, reading their conversations. Anger slowly melted away. Somewhere deep inside me, a desire came up that I wanted to see them having sex.

Reading their chats, I understood that my father could not satisfy my mother. This guy is doing it. He is showing mom heaven while fucking her. That’s what made mommy a sex slave to him. She tells him what she can’t do to anyone else. The way my mother is with us is nothing like my mother, who fucks with him.

She is entirely a different person. What she is doing to get pleasure since her body craves that seems right. But cheating on us makes me angry. With time, I found it tempting that mommy is secretly fucking behind my back. He was silently observing me while I looked at them.

I returned the phone. I adjusted my pants as they became tight from a hard-on. He smiled at me.

Friend: Watching all the videos and chats might have made your dick hard. Now even you want to fuck your mother, don’t you?

Me: Rey! Me fucking my mother, what is wrong with you? It’s a sin.

Friend: Fuck sin. Look at her figure. Not Fucking that is a sin. If you don’t want to fuck her, why is your dick getting hard?

I am out of words.

Friend: Just agree. Look at how I admitted the truth without wasting time after knowing that you have found me fucking your mom.

Me: I don’t have the guts as you do.

Friend: Your mother’s pussy made me realize I have this guts. Only after fucking her did I come to know about my guts. So you too fuck her and realize your daring nature, man. Your mother’s pussy is a machine to test a dick’s guts.

He is talking to provoke me. So, I will say yes. I am getting turned on hearing his words. I am finding it hard to stay silent.

Friend: That’s why I suggest you fuck your mommy and know how much guts you have. Do you want to believe me if you say that you don’t want to fuck after seeing such a beautiful body? Nope. Just Agree. Together we will give your mother double trouble and show her heaven.

Friend: Let’s pound your mother and tear all her holes with our hard dicks. If you agree, we can fuck her in your house, on your father’s bed, in the kitchen, on the sofa, wherever, whenever you like, we will tear your mother’s pussy and give her a jackhammer fuck her however you like.

It became too much for me. I started speaking.

Me: Stop. No stop. Hearing your words, I understand how passionate you have to fuck my mom. But I want to see you fucking her more than me fucking her.

Friend: Wow! Voyeur is what you mean. Let’s do it, then. Why delay? I will fuck your mother and shred her pussy right in front of you.

Me: No. Not at home. Somewhere else? I don’t want my mother to know that I’m watching.

Friend: Why?

Me: I have my reasons.

Friend: Okay. Where? Let’s plan in it any hotel.

Me: No. I don’t like hotels. I want to see you fuck my mom in a public place.

Friend: In a public place?

Me: Yes, in a public place.

Friend: Your mother will not agree. Right now, We are maintaining it very secretly. No matter what, she will not agree.

Me: Just now, you boasted that she would do anything for your dick? Now you are saying that she will not agree.

It hurt his ego.

Friend: okay! I will convince her. Which place do you have in your mind?

Me: I don’t have anything in mind. I’m thinking.

Both of us are thinking about a suitable place.

Friend: I know a place.

Me: Where?

Friend: No kick in disclosing it now. I will message you about the place and time of the day. Until then, fap about imagining where and how will I fuck her? You voyeur fucker!

That word excited me.

Me: Tell me. Please.

I begged him. But he did not relent. I am eagerly waiting to see how and where will he fuck her. And how much does my friend love my mom.

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