All fools day with Nagaveena

Little did I suspect as to how yesterday will turn out… All Fools Day 2010.. I woke up as usual at 5 am in a very different environment from the earlier night. The room was filled with a very lovely Incense as SMITA had planned something very different for the two of us. Bed Tea gave rise to some passionate love making and a few minutes later, we were ready to start the new day. SMITA told me that her brother SUDEEP and his wife VEENA were coming with us for breakfast at the BRAHMINS CAFE in Shankarapuram in Bangalore.

After a some steaming IDLIS & VADA at six in the morning, the four of us reached home on our ACTIVA’s.


As the two boys were lazing around in the hall reading the newspaper, the two girls were whispering and giggling in the kitchen. SUDEEP made the first move and asked the two girls “Whats cooking?”.

“Definitely not Lunch.

We girls have decided that we will have lunch and dinner outside the house” replied VEENA.

“Hey what about us” I replied. In Mock anger SMITA & VEENA replied in unision “Its a girls day out…Join us or stay at home and fend for yourselves”. SUDEEP was the only one who did not get it…It dawned on him in a few moments when SMITA told him ” SUDEEPANNA, today is the day when you will be able to live out your childhood dream of wearing pinks and pastels instead of the regular boys BLUE!! We all know how much you used to hate the BLUES and KHAKHIS that APPA and AMMA used to buy for you..Even though i am 3 Yrs younger, i realised very early that you were always jealous of the lovely dresses that i used to get every time.”

“No way.. It is not like that” stuttered SUDEEP going red in the face…”Its ok SUDEEP.. i too would like to see you in pinks and pastels..The three of us girls can keep a secret… AMMA and APPA will never know.” said VEENA. SUDEEP looked at the three of us and said ” Three of us Girls?”… Now it was my turn to go pink in the face.. the cat was out of the bag.. soon VEENA and SMITA described in detail the “THREE GIRLS” trip to the Chamundi Hill’s Temple on UGADI..leaving out some of the minor details ofcourse and also showed him the photos that we had taken in MYSORE. “So that’s the story JEEJU” said SUDEEP. ”

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That is not JEEJU…That is NAGAVEENA” said SMITA. “Now you three girls know my secret and i know ours.. This will remain within the four of us girls” replied SUDEEP.

All of us walked into the bedroom with the two girls tking the lead. The Two girls first took off their duppattas and Salwars and asked the two boys to strip down to the basics. After the initial hesitation all of us were comfortable with our respective state of undress. The girls quickly got down to applying us with VEET to strip us of all our hair below our eyes. The girls then took off their Khameezes, as we helped them apply VEET on their HANDS and LEGS and UNDERARMS. Within 35 minutes all of us were SQUEAKY CLEAN from nose to toe minus a very obvious patch. This is when last line of inhibition was crossed. all of us were in our birthday suits.. i helped VEENA apply VEET on the Final Frontier while SMITA helped SUDEEP. then SUDEEP helped me while VEENA helped SMITA. We went into the shower and rinsed off the mess. we thoroughly rinsed and washed all the remaining strands of hair and patches of VEET from each other. Our hands were roaming all over each other in the shower. Touching
soon gave way to tickling and some hot kissing and groping.

NAGAVEENA, SMITA, VEENA & SUDEEP were enjoying their own and each other’s nakedness..Something was not right..”SUDEEP is not a girl’s name..we will have to give our new SISTER a new name” I Said as we were towelling each other dry. We could not agree on a name..will it be SULAKSHANA, LAKSHMI or CAUVERY or … ?

YARDLEY’s English Lavender was generously applied on each other giving the room a very feminine odour. After some more groping and kissing each other, the four of us kissing, stroking or fingering two others with our hands. As the clock struck NINE, we came back to our senses and cleaned up. we picked up a multicolored panty each from the drawers and wore it. Then came the white cotton & Lycra Bra’s. SMITA was a 34C, so was SUDEEP when his cups were filled with my older and smaller breast forms. VEENA was a 36 C while i wore my 36 D Bra with full Slip in Breast forms.

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We painted our Nails and toes with some lovely summer shades. We made up each other Faces, Eyebrows, Hair and lips. SUDEEP and I put on Wigs to match our natural hair colors. Our wigs were the curly type with hair till the middle of our backs.

SMITA who is 5ft 6 inches wore a Khakhi Capri with a Pale yellow sleeveless top with a Graphic of the Sun sipping a Drink and a caption “Summer is hot this Year”. She wore matching ear rings and bracelets, fixed her thin silver anklets and toe rings. She then wore ROMAN SANDALS to match her Capri’s.SMITA then removed her mangalsutra and wore a simple gold chain with a fish pendant to match her zodiac sign.

VEENA who is 5 ft 5 inches also wore a Khakhi Capri with a light blue TEE with the caption “I am the coolest one”. She then added a blue stone ring, earring, bracelet & necklace. VEENA then wore a pair of Light Blue open toed sandals with 3 inch sandals.

That left SUDEEP and ME still standing in the middle of the room in our BRA’s and PANTIES. We are of the same height at 5 ft 8 inches and both of us wanted to wear something ethtic fpr the day. We finally settled on a pair of Wrap around skirts and gujarati embellished sleeveless short kurtis.

I was in a dark blue top with black and red work with a wrap around skirt which was in yellow and Blue. To complete my NAGAVEENA look, the two girls added a pair of heavy looking silver anklets, choker. delicate toe rings and earrings. A designer bindi and a small silver ring on the left index finger completed my NAGAVEENA look. A pair of flat jootis completed my ethnic look.

SUDEEP was really turned on seeing me in this fashion and his TENTED POLE at 5 1/2 inches was visible to all of us. As he was getting his hair done by SMITA, i bent down and pulled his tented pole from the side of his panties and sucked him softly. In 30 seconds SUDEEP was moaning and squirting his love all over my tongue. Since this was my first time sucking a POLE, i did not know whether to swallow or spit.. VEENA came to my rescue and while kissing me on my lips took the snowball into her mouth and swallowed. I gotup and kissed SUDEEP on his lips and snaked my tongue into his mouth getting him to taste his own love, my saliva as well as VEENA’s Saliva. This scene got me tenting up..

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SUDEEP was soon in a Yellow top with black and red work with a wrap around skirt which was in yellow and Red. SMITA added her Mangalasutra on SUDEEP, a pair of golden ear rings, a dozen or so metal bangles on each hand. VEENA got down on her knees and helped me relive the tension on the POLE with her soft hands and mouth she drove me to a crazy climax in less than a minute and then snowballed SMITA who was finishing up SUDEEP with some delicate anklets & designer bindi. Sudeep was almost looking like my identical Twin…SUDEEP had become SUDEEPTASRI .. my TWIN SISTER

We took out our ACTIVA’s and SMITA and VEENA decided to drive. I sat behind SMITA, sitting sideways and SUDEEPTASRI sat behind VEENA. We drove on the MARENAHALLI road towards the TOTAL MALL in Koramangala, crossing the Jayadeva Hospital and Central Silk Board. SUDEEPTASRI and i were exchanging quick glances as we had a tough time keeing the wrap arounds, wrapped around our legs as the scooters sped past the thin traffic. A few lucky drivers probably saw our anklets and maybe quick glimpse of our clean calves. We roamed around the Total Mall @ koramangala, trying out a few dresses and tops and buying couple of dresses each. We then went to the SILVER METRO where we had lunch. There were quite a few men and hotel staff who kept loitering around us and trying to get friendly with us. This was a girls day out and we did not pay any attention to those folks as we had a quiet lunch talking about all the girlie things.

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