Sisters fulfill dream

I always had a thing for dark skin girls. I am a white man with about a six inch dick attached to a six foot tall, 190 pound frame. Dark brown hair, blue eyes, and a bad boy type reputation.

A couple summers ago when I was 23 I was hanging out a lot at my best friend Kenny’s place. He was renting a three bedroom house with his girlfriend Joan who was twelve years older than us and her two daughters ages 16 and 17 .

I spent more time over at their place than I did my own.

Kenny and I just got back from a 1200 mile non stop road trip in about 19 hours. We took my Camero but he insisted on driving the entire trip. His grandfather had passed and left Kenny a big coin collection. It was something that one don’t just put a stamp on and drop in the mail. Kenny had to personally pick it up.

After being up all day we left about 11 pm and got back about 6 pm the following day. Kenny was exhausted while I was pretty well rested since I got to sleep.

Kenny and shared a 6 pack to celebrate our successful mission but he headed to bed about 9 pm. I was left alone in the living room watching television after Joan joined him. It was early and I wanted to see some naked females so I figured I would cruise to the strip club. I hopped in the shower and it was about ten when I knocked on Joan and Kenny’s room door. Joan told me to come in. I pushed the door open and told her that I was headed to the strip club. And I would be by tomorrow.

By the glow of the tv I could see Joans right hand under the sheet stroking Kenny’s nine inch cock. I could also see that Joan was topless under the sheet, possibly even naked. I made a comment. “Looks like you two are busy anyways.” Suddenly Kenny snarled. “I’m trying to fucken sleep so shut the fuck up.” He looked at Joan and then me and snarled. “You know what Joan. If you are so fucken horny then take Dan in then other room and fuck him.” He grabbed the sheet and rolled away from us leaving Joans naked body exposed to me. her 5 foot, 2 inch 120 pound body with big round boobs and a dark hairy cunt along with Kenny’s comment I instantly felt my cock swelling up. Joan smiled and shrugged her shoulders. She slowly got out of bed and took me by the hand to lead me into the living room. We sat on the couch and began making out. My hand latched on to her nice tit. I looked into Joans eyes and asked. “Should we be doing this?” Joan opened her legs and slid my hand down to feel her soaked cunt. “Kenny told me a couple times that if I ever wanted a different dick in my cunt that it better be yours.” My eyes opened wide. I stood up and faced her. She undid my jeans and slid them down. She didn’t hesitate to suck my cock into her mouth.

After a few moments of a wonderful blowjob I sat down and kicked my boots off and then my jeans. She said. “It’s nice to suck on a dick that I’m not gagging on.” That was the first time that I felt good about being three inches shorter than Kenny.

Joan straddled me and eased her wet cunt onto a throbbing cock. The way she used her pussy was incredible. I tried to hold back my jizz but her cunt just squeezed it out my cock forcing her to have an intense orgasm. I got down between her legs and licked my jizz and her cunt cream from her twat. I like the test of my own cum.

When Kenny was with his high school girlfriend he let me have oral sex with Danielle but I was not allowed to fuck. Danielle was big into oral sex when Kenny never was. There were times that I would suck Kenny’s cock after he jizzed in Danielle’s cunt. I don’t consider myself gay. I love pussy too much. Although Kenny does have a nice cock.

After Joan enjoyed a clitoral orgasm I sat up along side her and she started making out with me. I whispered. “Kenny is so lucky to be fucking you all the time. I could never get enough.” Joan climbed back onto my lap facing me then she asked. “Out of the people that we know, who do you want to fuck everyday for the rest of your life?”

I thought for a couple moments and replied. “You may not approve but I would love to fuck Kim and wear her cunt out everyday.” Joan gasped as her eyes opened wide then she smiled. “You pervert you. You mean my Kim. She is sixteen years old. But then again age if consent is sixteen in this state. Wow! There has to be someone else.” I acted as I was thinking but already knew. Then I said. “Kelly.” I think she was getting turned on. She slowly began moving her hips and asked. ” You mean my Kelly?” I smiled and nodded.

“That turns my pussy on so much. They can’t stand Kenny but I would love to watch you fuck my daughter’s. But why them? I replied. “Their dark malato skin turns me on. I saw Kim’s big brown nipples once when we got into a tickle battle. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her tank top got torn. She knew her tits were hanging out but she didn’t seem to care.”

About that time my cock was rock hard again. Joan stood up to squat over my cock and began pumping me. She whispered. ” if you do fuck my daughter just be nice. I don’t think they are virgins but your dick would be perfect for their teen twats.”

I thought compared to Kenny I don’t know if I should take that as a compliment or a put down.

Suddenly Kenny walked in with nothing on. His 9 inch boner bouncing around. Joan slid off me and knelt down in front of her master. I stroked my cock as I watched Kenny enjoy Joans blowjob.

A few minutes went by and I was about to release my jizz when Joan got down on all fours and Kenny jammed his cock into her cunt from behind. I scooted down so Joan could suck my cock again. I watch Kenny’s body stiffen up as he jizzed in his girlfriends cunt. Kenny rested for a minute then left the room.

Joan squatted over me. Facing away from me sliding her twat onto my cock. I could feel how Kenny loosened Joans hole and his jizz added extra lubrication to Joans cunt. I fingered her clit creating a sensation for her internal and external orgasm. She moaned. ” I can’t wait to see you fucking Kim. You still like those young high school sluts. Their pussies are so much tighter than mine. Their tits are nice and firm. Oh Dan I am cumming again.” Just listening to Joan as she rode my cock made me finally let go. I let out a loud grunt as I came in her pussy again.

I followed Joan to the bathroom. She took a warm wash cloth and cleaned my cock off.

I watched Kim alot over the next couple weeks. Not so much Kelly though. She had a boyfriend. But Kim looked so sexy as in her shorts and mini skirts. One Saturday she even prance around the house in a strapless top bikini. Joan watched me checking out her daughter and whispered in my ear. “She wants to go swimming. You should take her to the lake. You have my permission.” I could feel my cock begging to be inside of Kim’s cunt. So I walked into the kitchen where Kim was flaunting hot body in her yellow bikini I said to her. ” It’s going to be a nice day. I was thinking about running my radio controlled boat at the lake. I figured I’d ask if you wanted to go swimming .” Kim looked down to admire her body for a moment then said. “Let me guess. We splash around in the water and hopefully my top comes off so you can see my boobs again.” I shrugged my shoulders and said. “Well if you don’t want to go I could always ask Melissa from next door.”

Kim didn’t say a word. She walked off and went into her bedroom. I began to think that I pissed her off. So I headed to her bedroom to talk to her. I walked in. She immediately saw me and said. “I’m just putting shorts and a shirt on over my bikini.” I smiled and said. “Okay cool. I’ll go tell your mom that you are going with me.” Kim rolled her eyes and said. Give me the keys and I’ll wait for you in the car with the air conditioning.”

I handed her the keys and walked to the master bedroom. The door was closed so I knocked and cried out. “Joan?” Right away I heard. “Come in.”

Joan was laying on the bed watching tv. I told her about Kim. But Joan kept looking at the front of my shorts. And I could see her cleavage right down her dress. I had a feeling that we were thinking the same thing besides Kim.

I stepped towards her until my legs touched her bed. She reached up and started squeezing my bulge in the front of my shorts. I whispered. “Will you suck on it a minute?” I pulled the front of my shorts down and she slipped her lips over my shaft. But after about thirty seconds she backed away with a smile. I turned and left.

Luckily Kim was reading a book when I got in the car. She didn’t see my chub. I told her that we need to get my boat and stuff from my place.

She was quiet as I drove then she put down the book and asked. “Would you really have asked Melissa to go with you?” I shook my head. “No! I wanted you to go or I wouldn’t have gone.” Finally she brightened up. She laughed and said. “I heard that Melissa tried giving a guy at school a handjob and didn’t know what to do.” I chuckled and said. “Oh and I’m sure that you are well experienced?” She got defensive. “No! But I have given a couple hand jobs. I seen my mom sucking Kenny’s dick and how hard can it be to open my legs to get laid? I’m not a virgin but I’m not a slut either.”

Immediately I apologize. “Sorry that I upset or judged you. The way that I see it is. The guy who ends up with you will be one lucky guy.” We pulled into my driveway and got out of the car. Kim followed.

I lived alone. Kim asked to use the bathroom. I just pointed.

I was sitting on the couch when she came out. She said to me. “Dan I can not figure you out. One minute you are flirting with me and turning me on the next you are so cold and mean. What do you want from me?” I replied. “A while back you had just gotten out of the shower and rushed into your bedroom. You have a habit of not closing the door. I saw you naked. I was instantly aroused and I never though of you as a girl again but instead a woman. And I fight that today because I wish that I was your age. You would be my girlfriend.”

I got up and grabbed my toolbox of boat repair parts, tools and accessories. When I turned around Kim was gone. Instantly I felt like shit. I ran out the front door. She was not in the car and I couldn’t see her up or down the street. So I walked back inside cussing at myself and wondering all kinds of thoughts then suddenly I heard soft music coming from the bedroom. When I investigated I was surprised to see Kim sitting in her yellow bikini on the edge of my bed. She patted the bed alongside her. I walked over and sat down.

Looking in her brown eyes I saw a sweetness in her I never seen in her before. Kim put her thumbs inside the top of her bikini top and lowered her top down.

Joan was right. Kim’s tits were big and firm. Gravity had not even began to take its toll. Her dark brown nipples were the size of spice drop candies surrounded by ariolas the size of half dollars. She whispered. “You can be my secret boyfriend until I’m out of high school.” I took her face in my hands and started kissing her lips. She whispered. “I have been wanting to suck a cock ever since I seen my mom sucking Kenny’s. I was so turned on.” I asked her. “Would you like to suck on mine?” She pushed on my chest so I would lay back. Then stood up and pulled my shorts off.

She knelt between my knees taking my dick into her hand to hold steady as she slid her mouth over it. Her lips felt good but I had to instruct her to not allow her teeth to scrape. Kim sucked my start all the way in her mouth. She tickled the head with her tongue and massaged my sack. I was gentle with her as I rested my hand on the back of her head to help her with a good rythem. I took many deep breaths of satisfying pleasure. If she would have kept going I know I would have jizzed down her throat. I was happy that she crawled up on top of me after wiggling out of her bikini bottoms. Her wet cunt rested right on the bottom of my shaft. Her lips met mine and our tongues interacted with each other in an erotic way. I cuffed my hands around her tits and began to roll her nipples between my fingers. I could feel my cock pulsating everytimé Kim moved on it. She whispered. “Please go easy. This is only my third time.”

I rolled her off me and I slid to the floor. Slowly I spread her legs apart while looking in her eyes. I moved my face towards her pussy to lick her cunt but she pushed my head for he to stop. She said. “I was turned off when Travis tried that. I don’t think that he did it right. I guess I am just afraid. Just give me time before you do that. For now just fuck me while I am turned on.” I stood up and placed the head of my cock to her hole then slid it up and down her slit before pushing it into her cunt.

Kim’s pussy was very tight. I felt bad about the pain that I was putting her through but when I tried to stop she told me to keep going. She moaned and made faces with every thrust.

After a few moments I could see that it was getting easier for hear and the pain was turning to pleasure. I instructed her to get on Her knees and elbows. She let out a quick moan as I filled her cunt with my cock again. Kim moaned. “I don’t want to get pregnant.” I whispered. “You won’t.”

Faster and faster I thrusted her cunt. Kim squealed and moaned. I felt her pussy tighten up. I quickly pulled out and grabbed my cock to strike my jizz all over the back of her thigh.

Kim collapsed face down on the bed. I picked my shirt up off the floor and wiped her thigh and my shrinking cock off before laying beside her. She giggled. “I never imagined that something so painful could feel so good. I will probably be sore for a couple days but I can’t wait to do it again.” I kissed her on the lips and replied. “Any time you want to just let me know.” She started rubbing her bush and asked. “Why me and not a real grown woman?” I grabbed her boob and sucked on her dark nipples as she squirmed. Then looked into her eyes and said. “I’ve always thought you were hot and beautiful inside and out. And I am crazy about your dark skin dark nipples and black bush. But I also love your young inexperienced innocence of a teenager.” She smiled and giggled. “I’m only half black but Melissa is full black and darker skin. I also know that she shaves her pussy. She likes older men but she has never been with one.” She thought for a moment then said. “I bet I could talk her into letting you do her like you did me. But only if you promise to not push me away to keep fucking her.” I kissed her again and said. “Kim I would not hurt my dream girl.” She smiled and asked. “Are you just saying that to to get what you want or do you really mean that?” I took her hand and placed it over my heart. “Kim I am being straight with you. I will not use you. But I would like to fuck Melissa and your sister Kelly just once but only if you never hold it against me.” She reached over and rubbed my cock and sack. Then she smiled and said. “Okay. I’ll talk Melissa into it but Kelly has a boyfriend. She may be a little harder though.” I asked. “Has Kelly been fucking him?” Kim nodded. I said. “Good.”

Three nights later I fell to sleep sitting up on Kenny’s couch. I woke up by Kim cuddling me. I whispered in her ear. “Can I make love to you?” She said. “No. You can lick my pussy and fuck me.

After hearing those words from her young lips. That was exactly what I did.

I was scooted down on the couch as Kim faced me and slowly moved her pussy up and down my cock. I was holding her tits and sucking on her nipples when an eerie feeling came upon me. I looked at the door way entering the room and caught a glimpse of Joan watching her daughter ride my cock. I didn’t want to alarm Kim so i pretended that her mom wasn’t there.

Without warning a car pulled up in the driveway. Kim jumped off of me and we quickly got dressed. I grabbed the remote and turned tv on. A moment later Kelly came in the front door. She must have seen the glow of the tv and headed our way. Kelly exchanged small talk with us then left the room. I whispered to Kim. “She looks good tonight.” Kim asked. “Do you want me to get her?” I couldn’t contain my excitement. Kim got up and headed out of the room.

I sat and waited for about thirty minutes then finally dozed off.

I was awoken by noises in the kitchen. I could make it out to be Joan. I whispered loudly for Joan to hear. She rushed in an plopped down beside me. She asked. “Did you and Kim?” I nodded with a smile. “Was it everything that you imagined?” I quickly whispered. “You were tight. She has beautiful tits and a tight sexy pussy.” She seemed excited. “Just be good to her. She has always liked you and if you keep doing her she may cling to you.” Joan kissed me then got up a left.

A few more minutes passed then Kim returned. She took my by the hand and we headed for Kelly’s room.

The little nigjt light plugged into the outlet illuminated the room enough for me to see Kelly laying on her bed facing me with nothing on.
Kim began to strip then she got on the bed with her sister. And they started rubbing their pussies.

Before I knew it I was laying on my back with Kim riding my cock and Kelly’s clit. getting tickled by my tongue.

I fucked Kelly from behind. She was a girl of many orgasms. Kim watched as I fucked the hell out of her sister but in the end it was Kim that sucked my jizz out of my cock.

I laid in bed between the sisters rubbing their bodies and making out with Kim.

I wasn’t worried about getting caught by Joan. She gave me the go ahead. And Kenny would not have cared anyways. So we all stayed in bed until light came in through the windows.

I had to pee so I wiggled out from between the two beauties.

I got dressed and let them sleep. I was quiet as I left the room and closed the door behind me but I was shocked to see Joan sipping coffee on the couch after I took care of business in the bathroom. She didn’t even say a word. She just smiled and shook her head.

I sat down beside her. She asked as she chuckled. “So who is next? My sister?” I shook my head and said. “It would probably be nice but it’s just going to be Kim for now on.

Almost three years later kim took my name. I never touched Joan or Kelly again and decided against doing anything with Melissa. Kim fulfilled every want need and fantasy that this guy could ever want.

Oh, and she loves it when I lick her pussy.

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