Sisters fulfill dream

I always had a thing for dark skin girls. I am a white man with about a six inch dick attached to a six foot tall, 190 pound frame. Dark brown hair, blue eyes, and a bad boy type reputation.

A couple summers ago when I was 23 I was hanging out a lot at my best friend Kenny’s place. He was renting a three bedroom house with his girlfriend Joan who was twelve years older than us and her two daughters ages 16 and 17 .


I spent more time over at their place than I did my own.

Kenny and I just got back from a 1200 mile non stop road trip in about 19 hours. We took my Camero but he insisted on driving the entire trip. His grandfather had passed and left Kenny a big coin collection. It was something that one don’t just put a stamp on and drop in the mail. Kenny had to personally pick it up.

After being up all day we left about 11 pm and got back about 6 pm the following day. Kenny was exhausted while I was pretty well rested since I got to sleep.

Kenny and shared a 6 pack to celebrate our successful mission but he headed to bed about 9 pm. I was left alone in the living room watching television after Joan joined him. It was early and I wanted to see some naked females so I figured I would cruise to the strip club. I hopped in the shower and it was about ten when I knocked on Joan and Kenny’s room door. Joan told me to come in. I pushed the door open and told her that I was headed to the strip club. And I would be by tomorrow.

By the glow of the tv I could see Joans right hand under the sheet stroking Kenny’s nine inch cock. I could also see that Joan was topless under the sheet, possibly even naked. I made a comment. “Looks like you two are busy anyways.” Suddenly Kenny snarled. “I’m trying to fucken sleep so shut the fuck up.” He looked at Joan and then me and snarled. “You know what Joan. If you are so fucken horny then take Dan in then other room and fuck him.” He grabbed the sheet and rolled away from us leaving Joans naked body exposed to me. her 5 foot, 2 inch 120 pound body with big round boobs and a dark hairy cunt along with Kenny’s comment I instantly felt my cock swelling up. Joan smiled and shrugged her shoulders. She slowly got out of bed and took me by the hand to lead me into the living room. We sat on the couch and began making out. My hand latched on to her nice tit. I looked into Joans eyes and asked. “Should we be doing this?” Joan opened her legs and slid my hand down to feel her soaked cunt. “Kenny told me a couple times that if I ever wanted a different dick in my cunt that it better be yours.” My eyes opened wide. I stood up and faced her. She undid my jeans and slid them down. She didn’t hesitate to suck my cock into her mouth.

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After a few moments of a wonderful blowjob I sat down and kicked my boots off and then my jeans. She said. “It’s nice to suck on a dick that I’m not gagging on.” That was the first time that I felt good about being three inches shorter than Kenny.

Joan straddled me and eased her wet cunt onto a throbbing cock. The way she used her pussy was incredible. I tried to hold back my jizz but her cunt just squeezed it out my cock forcing her to have an intense orgasm. I got down between her legs and licked my jizz and her cunt cream from her twat. I like the test of my own cum.

When Kenny was with his high school girlfriend he let me have oral sex with Danielle but I was not allowed to fuck. Danielle was big into oral sex when Kenny never was. There were times that I would suck Kenny’s cock after he jizzed in Danielle’s cunt. I don’t consider myself gay. I love pussy too much. Although Kenny does have a nice cock.

After Joan enjoyed a clitoral orgasm I sat up along side her and she started making out with me. I whispered. “Kenny is so lucky to be fucking you all the time. I could never get enough.” Joan climbed back onto my lap facing me then she asked. “Out of the people that we know, who do you want to fuck everyday for the rest of your life?”

I thought for a couple moments and replied. “You may not approve but I would love to fuck Kim and wear her cunt out everyday.” Joan gasped as her eyes opened wide then she smiled. “You pervert you. You mean my Kim. She is sixteen years old. But then again age if consent is sixteen in this state. Wow! There has to be someone else.” I acted as I was thinking but already knew. Then I said. “Kelly.” I think she was getting turned on. She slowly began moving her hips and asked. ” You mean my Kelly?” I smiled and nodded.

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“That turns my pussy on so much. They can’t stand Kenny but I would love to watch you fuck my daughter’s. But why them? I replied. “Their dark malato skin turns me on. I saw Kim’s big brown nipples once when we got into a tickle battle. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her tank top got torn. She knew her tits were hanging out but she didn’t seem to care.”

About that time my cock was rock hard again. Joan stood up to squat over my cock and began pumping me. She whispered. ” if you do fuck my daughter just be nice. I don’t think they are virgins but your dick would be perfect for their teen twats.”

I thought compared to Kenny I don’t know if I should take that as a compliment or a put down.

Suddenly Kenny walked in with nothing on. His 9 inch boner bouncing around. Joan slid off me and knelt down in front of her master. I stroked my cock as I watched Kenny enjoy Joans blowjob.

A few minutes went by and I was about to release my jizz when Joan got down on all fours and Kenny jammed his cock into her cunt from behind. I scooted down so Joan could suck my cock again. I watch Kenny’s body stiffen up as he jizzed in his girlfriends cunt. Kenny rested for a minute then left the room.

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