Mommy fucked by Mistake

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Mommy Fucked by Mistake

All the characters in this story are above 19. This story is a part of a big one. I divided this into parts. Please try to read the whole story. Hope you guys will enjoy it.

It was a Saturday evening when I woke up with a jolting sound. I opened my eyes to find my parents again starting their Fight. It is a routine thing for us. I found my brother and sister beside me, laughing at them.

They were twins and twenty years old. I know nothing will happen through this Fight because I have been seeing this Fight since childhood. I am 23 years old, with a semi-dark complexion and a muscular body.

My name is Sangeeth. My brother and sister’s names are Keshav and Keshava. My father’s name is Mohan. And my mother’s name is Pranathi.
Our home is a 3BHK apartment. My mother and father would sleep in one master bedroom, and my brother and sister had a separate room each. Our hall has a very big space.

I do not have a room because I have got a software job. So, according to my company norms, I should relocate to any location they have given me. So when I was home, I used to sleep in the hall and use my brother’s bathroom.

Pranathi: I told you before itself. In our room, no lights were working properly. I told you to call the electrician. Nothing is proper in this home.
Mohan: What should I do? It is not my mistake. I called the electrician thrice. And it is not the only reason you are arguing with me.
Pranathi: Do not utter a word, Mohan. Children are in the home.
Mohan: I am not the one who started it, Pranathi. You started it.
Pranathi: Ok then. It is my mistake. Now you keep Quiet.

I used to laugh at my dad because everyone knew it was our mom’s mistake. But my father used to be silent always. He remains silent. Even my mom knows it is her mistake. But this time, it was a big fight. My dad was very angry about it.
If my father is angry, he won’t talk to the person he fought till he gets cool. Sometime it may take a week. The best part about my father is he, and I look similar, like brothers. Our body sizes and our clothes sizes were the same. No one could differentiate between us if my dad and I stood side by side.

They both stopped fighting because my father angrily stormed out of the home. It was night, and we all were having our dinner. I can see the tension on my mom’s face. She was worried a lot about my father. But this is common to them.
He will come late in the night. He won’t speak to my mom for two to three days. Everything after that is normal. We all had our dinner and went to sleep. My mom felt a little guilty about it and went to the room.
I used to smoke after having my dinner daily. So I went out and smoked till my heart desired. And I came home before anyone saw me. I forgot to use a mouth freshener after smoking. Now anyone can find out if they stood close to me and talked.

My father came home at midnight. He was full and did not want to eat anything. He told me to sleep in his room as he was very angry at my mom. I did not know what to do and went to sleep. My father was exhausted and slept immediately. I turned off all the lights and went to my parent’s room.

In my parent’s room, I found out that no lights were working at all. So I went and slept on the bed. And after ten minutes, my mom put her hand on me and told.

Pranathi: I am sorry, Mohan. (she thought of me as her husband). I did not do that intentionally.
I did not speak because she could find out about my smoking. So I stood silent. Then in that dim light, she stood up and sat on her knees and told
Pranathi: I know what makes my hubby feel good. I hope you did not have your dinner yet.
Pranathi: And guess what? Me too. You eat my pussy, and I will suck your bloody dick.

Then she removed her Pallu. I can not see my mom’s boobs properly as there is no light. She then immediately grabbed my hands and put them on her Breast. I did not know what to do.
Pranathi: You like my boobs, Mohan. Now squeeze them as hard as your heart desires. Pinch my nipples and Fuck me hard.

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