My accident gave me my future wife & Daughters

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Watching carry on nurse tonight brought back a flood of memories for me, I was in hospital in 74, I broke my fibula and tibia and my ankle was just about shattered on my right leg, so it meant a operation and a few weeks in hospital and broke my wrist on my left, it was touch and go as to whether I was going to keep my leg below the knee, but what happened was more like an x rated carry on film!

I had been in there for two weeks, and the sister walked into my room, I can fully recall her with good reason, blue and white uniform, brown hair and eyes with a gorgeous smile, she was 30 at the time I was 18, she walked straight up to me and said you don’t remember me do Toby, try as I might I couldn’t and said no, well young man when you were a baby I used to bath you, and babysit you and you loved to brush my hair! A partial memory came back but I still couldn’t really recall, I’m Kate don’t you remember? Then it hit me who she was! Your mother told me you were in here and asked me to look after you, I can’t be here all the time but I’ll do my best, I’ll ask to swap wards with one of the other sisters while you are with us.

What I really wanted was a bath but it was out of the question but she could arrange for a bed bath for me and she would do it, at least you haven’t got anything I’ve not seen before in the past she said, in a funny kind of way that was true but it was many years ago.

So she came back later on with all the necessary’s, started with my face neck and working her way down, finally she got to my tackle, taking off the sheets I couldn’t help it, I had a semi! You have grown a bit haven’t you, it’s been a while since I touched you there! Toby sweetheart could you part you legs using your good leg so I can wash you, I raised up my leg and let it fall to the side, I prayed it would go away but her touching me just made things worse, in a few seconds I was fully erect I just couldn’t help it,

Don’t worry about it I see it all the time she said but I couldn’t help saying sorry, she took her time doing my balls and cock with that sponge! Do you have a girlfriend she asked while doing it, no nothing permanent I said, it was no good, I hadn’t had sex for at least a month before and things were getting out of hand down there and while she was washing me my cock jerked and I came, Oh Oh she said you really were horny weren’t you! God I’m so sorry I said I didn’t mean to, she couldn’t anything but giggle though, don’t worry about it but I had no idea you’d felt that way about me Toby! Oh no I don’t I mean and it just made things more absurd!

She cleaned up and said she would look in on me later on, before she left she said now I’ve seen a little more of you haven’t I, I’ll see you later on and don’t worry, it’s our little secret.

She did pop in later when she was finished work, her hair was down and she was wearing flared jeans and a white blouse, from tomorrow I’ll be in charge of this ward I’ve managed to change with a friend of mine she said, so I can keep a better eye on you and see how your progressing, I mentioned she looked very different in her normal clothes, in fact she looked fantastic, all the attributes of someone my age and she could talk on another level rather than the girls I would usually see, we chatted for around half an hour and she said she had to go saying oh before I go I’ll be in charge of bathing you since you have nothing to hide from me now and it will be less embarrassing for you, she patted my hand and left.

The next day it was time for my bath, Kate came in and removed the gown and I was totally naked, she always made sure my cock and balls were cleaned thoroughly and as usual I got hard and she would tease me about it, then one day while she was doing it she looked straight me, Toby would you like me to finish you off, I’m not supposed too but your always hard and horny when I bath you, do you mean make me cum I said? She said yes I would feel better for it, I nodded in agreement, she held my cock in one hand and a dish in the other, it was the best wank I’ve ever had as I lay there immobilised with my cock pumping cum through Kate’s hand into a dish, she washed me again then rinsed the dish out in the sink, You really needed that didn’t you, I can do that for all the time but you must not say anything Toby, it would cost me my job, I’ll look in later to see how you are but I must go now, she came back later on again in her normal clothes, I couldn’t get over just how fucking great she looked. This time it was a plaid tartan short skirt with what looked like white silk blouse and either tights or stockings, she asked what I did for a living, I worked in the family business selling new cars with my parents, it was good I enjoyed it as I could pick and choose which car I could use, not new one’s of course but the day of the accident I was riding my motor bike and got hit side on, again I said riding my motor bike and got hit side on, again I said looked great,

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