My Sister and the Tenant

My Sister and the Tenant

This is a true story and I’ve given up a detailed build-up so you can understand the context better.

My name is Vikas, I am from Lucknow, India and this is the story of how our tenant turned my innocent sister into a sex maniac.

This is a true story which I haven’t been able to discuss with anyone. Even as I enter my late 20s, it bothers me, fascinates me, and turns me on like nothing else in the world. I am married with a kid and my wife doesn’t know why on some nights, I ravage her pussy like a monster. She has no idea what goes on in my head on those nights.

The tale begins on a sombre note. Almost a decade ago, my mother passed away due to cancer. My sister and I were very young. It was devastating for us! We, as a family, were always a bit anti-social because my father was highly-educated and well-earning, and therefore didn’t gel well with my extended family, all illiterate and judgemental folks. However, our father didn’t let grief get the better of him. He still woke up on time, went about his day, and took care of us. We would cry for hours sitting beside him but he never broke.

But, just in a few months, my sister took control. She matured so quickly that it baffled us all. She would cook for us, help me with my homework and even ran errands every day. She became the woman of the house, even when she was still just a girl. All this while, she didn’t lose focus on her studies. Thus, just days after she turned 18, she got in into one of the top colleges in our city, that too in an English Literature course.

Her maturity also started reflecting on her body. As an 18 year old, she looked nothing short of an actress. I won’t use the word sexy. The word that fits her is beautiful. She had sharp features, straight, dark and long hair, that slightly curled towards the end. Her height was 5’4. She wore a nose ring and her ears were always adorned by long, hanging earrings. Her boobs were average but of the right size to make her look like the perfect wife material. Losing mom at a young age gave her eyes an air of sadness that made her look even more attractive.

She always dressed modestly, in salwar-kameez-dupatta. You can best describe her as Dakota Fanning if she were Indian. Because she had matured so early and looked so goddamn beautiful, all the guys in her college had a crush on her. Majority of her classmates told her that they wanted to marry her, instead of approaching her with sexual advances. My illiterate extended family even started sending her marriage propositions. From men, 10-15 years older than her!

It was getting crazy for her but she didn’t let it all get to her head. She dated a boy for a few months but he was too immature for her. She would reject a boy every day, albeit modestly. It wasn’t pride that stopped her from dating, like it usually is for pretty girls, but she just couldn’t gel well with anyone. Besides that, she was always so busy looking after us that she simply didn’t have the time and space to think for herself. All that changed, of course, when Kartar Singh Ji started living with us.

We owned a massive house and a section of it was completely unoccupied. As my sister and I started getting older and ready for college, my dad thought of renting out that section to get some extra income. After rejecting many candidates, we zeroed in on a certain Kartar Singh. A 50-something Sikh guy from Punjab who was going to stay in Lucknow for a few months. He ran a small business in Punjab and was looking to form contacts in Uttar Pradesh to expand his prospects. He wasn’t too well-off and came from a middle-class family like ours. He also had a very jolly and caring nature. So, accepting him as a tenant was a no brainer.

He was almost 5’10, borderline obese, had a salt and pepper beard that flowed till his collar bone and always wore an orange turban. He had thick, heavy hands which I felt whenever he used to pat my back, and he did that quite often. His friendly nature, joyous energy and friendliness made us gel well and we started treating him as part of the family. Even for my sister, things began changing as she could finally feel like a child with Kartar Singh around. But then things took such an unexpected turn.

As we became comfortable with Kartar Singh, my dad started spending more and more time outside. He started socialising, accepted a touring job and would be away most weekends. Kartar Singh’s room had a TV with cable so my sister and I would spend our evenings watching films in his room, on his bed. I would sit in the middle and they would sit on either side while we shared a blanket.

One cold December evening, we were watching a film as was the custom. My father had gone for a tour towards the Southern part of the country and we were alone with Kartar Singh. It had been more than a year since Kartar Singh started living with us. He was family now. My sister was now almost 20 and I had turned 18 merely days before. We treated Kartar Singh as an uncle and he would often talk about how we were exactly like his kids back home. He only visited them every 6 months, so it was no wonder that he was so emotionally attached to us.

So, that evening as we were completely engrossed in the film, Kartar Singh asked me to fetch hot water from the kitchen. I obeyed like a son and left. Since, the kitchen was almost a 5 minute walk and it took me a while to heat the water, I must’ve gone for a good 10 minutes. When I returned, I saw something that shocked me to the core! Kartar Singh ji had grabbed my sister’s beautiful hair and was kissing her soft, white throat. Her lips had broadened into a smile and her mouth was open in a sensual rage. Kartar Singh’s massive hand was reaching her breasts when suddenly they became aware that I was there.

“No, no it’s nothing. You’re fine.” Kartar Singh let go of my sister and pretended that he was checking something.

“Your sister thought there’s a lump in her throat. But she’s fine. Stupid kid!” He said laughing and staring at me.

“Yeah!” My sister replied. Her voice heavy with lust and her hair messed up. Then, she got up and left saying she’ll start preparing dinner. The gush of air that emerged as she left the room resonated with a long sigh.

Even though at 18, boys in India are exposed to pornography and other sexual content, being from a conservative family, I had still retained my innocence. My heart was racing and said that something was happening but my naïve mind trusted Kartar Singh. It trusted my sister who was as conservative as me. I handed the glass of water to him and sat down next to him.

Chapter 2

I almost forgot about that incident and life went on as usual. But it wasn’t long before something happened again. Kartar Singh bought a laptop and we were super excited. In those days, buying a laptop was rare so it was natural that we were so drawn to it.

“Tonight, we will watch an English movie on this. And I will sit in the center so both you and your sister can keep telling me what’s happening. You know how much English I know.”

Kartar Singh hailed from a small village in Punjab. He was a truck driver for most of his life. Although, he was educated but had barely passed high school. He didn’t understand English too well and wasn’t too adept at modern technology either. My sister and I, on the other hand, were educated in a convent school and by that time, my sister was well into the first year of her graduation in literature. Without a surprise, she was topping her college and also won a debate competition. So, that night’s movie night was sort of a celebration.

“Didi, let’s go!” I shouted in my room.

“5 minutes!”

I went into the room to check in on her and what I saw made my jaw drop! She was sitting in front of the mirror and applying kajal to her eyes. She was wearing a black-coloured, silky Patiala Suit and a dark red shade of lipstick, with a red dupatta. There was some make up on her cheeks as well and she let her hair down on one side. Drop-dead gorgeous is an understatement to describe her.

“Didi, we are not going out! We’re gonna watch the film in Kartar Ji’s room. And you’re dressing up as if you’re going on a date.”

“Haha! Shut up!” She blushed and started wearing glass bangles, a mix of red and black.

In a few moments, we entered Kartar Singh’s room and his reaction was the same as mine.

“You guys seem to be ready!” He addressed the both of us but his eyes were fixated on my sister. “Come, let’s get started!”

We turned off the lights and started watching ‘A Walk to Remember’, as recommended by my sister. In a while, there was a moment of silence in the picture and I suddenly heard a heavy sigh. And I could feel that some movement stopped as well. I looked at my sister and her face went pale.

“Sorry, an endless yawn. Let’s watch something that makes me less sleepy.”

So, we switched to Casino Royale, this time it was my recommendation. But again in a few moments, I could hear my sister’s bangles tinkling loudly. Through the laptop’s light, I could make out that her head was resting against Kartar Singh’s shoulder and she was rubbing her hair on his beard, her eyes rolled up. One of Kartar Singh’s hands was on the laptop and the other one was below the blanket. On closer inspection, I saw that the blanket was mounted near Kartar Singh’s groin and there was movement between my sister’s thighs.

It was clear then. I was naïve but not that naïve. They were giving a handjob to each other. I froze on my seat. But they, they were going wilder, as if I wasn’t even there. Both of them were sighing lightly and even the laptop was feeling their passion. Then, suddenly, Kartar Singh’s hand landed on my shoulder and shook me out of my unconscious.

“Beta, go and get a glass of water. Last time you brought it lukewarm. Make sure it’s hot. I’ll pause the movie.”

I kept staring at him.

“Go, go. Good boy!”

My sister also moved her head and her hair this time fell on Kartar Singh’s shoulders. She took a hand out of the blanket and adjusted them behind her ear.

I gathered all courage and stepped out. A thousand thoughts crossed my head. Should I confront them? Should I tell my father? Should I call the police? The thought of that fat 50 year old making love to my sweet and gorgeous daughter made me so repulsive. But then, I became more aware of my own feelings. No, I was not gonna confront them or call my father. Because my hands had tightly grabbed my penis and I was squeezing it painfully. It was as if I was in a trance. So I stepped forward and peeped through the door.

They were now going at it without shame or fear. They even turned on the light. They were kissing like two teenagers. Wrestling with their tongues. Kartar Singh was devouring her lipstick, licking her throat while she moaned in ecstasy. He fondled with her boobs as her hands went towards his dick. He returned the favour and immediately took his massive hands down her pussy.

“Aaaaaaaah!” My sister went crazy. Those thick fingers were surely inside her now. And I could her wet noises along with their moans and kisses.

The sight was appalling. A man with almost a white beard doing this to a young woman who had barely turned an adult, who had rejected the smartest of her classmates, who was desired by the entire town. But there was passion in their actions and in my sister’s moans. Kartar Singh bit her ear over those long earrings, and she moaned again.

“Faster Kartar Ji!”

“You like that bet…baby?”

“Yes ji! Don’t stop.”

“Ahh ahh, aaaaah!”

“I’m about to come. Quick!”

My sister was now almost in Kartar Singh’s lap. She was jumping on his hand and rubbing her boobs, still covered behind that suit, against his face. Her hair were bouncing and her bangles tinkled wildly.

“Kartaaaaar jiiii”

She came. She took deep, heavy breaths, her face still towards the roof. In that moment, it felt as if she had found god. She made her eyes bigger and looked at Kartar Singh with wonder. She kissed him deeply and hugged him tight.

“You are amazing!”

“I know. But next time it’s my turn.”

“Now, let’s get back to our positions before your brother gets back.”

He pressed her boobs firmly and they both sat back as if nothing happened. I was still in shock but was feeling strangely lighter. I wondered what had changed when I felt my sticky hand and realized I had cum inside my pyajamas. I was new to masturbation but still this was the best fap of my life till then.

After that appalling sight of my sister and Kartar Singh making out, I couldn’t focus at all on my classes the next day. All I could think of was that bulky old guy fingering my innocent sister while kissing her like a lover.

Her moans were still ringing in my ears. I had heard her say, ‘Kartar Ji’ so many times but the way she moaned his name that night, it made my blood boil. The way she wrapped her arms around him, let him lick her throat, oh god, I couldn’t bear it. She rejected such smart, intelligent and talented individuals, only to end up in the lap of this illiterate old man who was even older than our father?

While I was immersed in all these thoughts, I noticed my penis was tearing through my underwear. I had a massive boner, in class. I couldn’t sit properly, I wanted to jack off so bad. Confused, I raised my hand in the middle of the class and told the teacher I wasn’t feeling well. She could see me covered in sweat, pale in the face and panting. She sympathised and asked me to take the day off and return home. The student on the first bench gave me a bottle of cold water which helped me calm down and calmed my boner down as well.

Restless, I took a rickshaw back home. My sister used to be in her college at that hour but I was sure Kartar Singh would be home. I didn’t want to face him but I had nowhere else to go. I thought, I would just barge in, tell him I’m unwell and disappear in my room. I wanted to call dad and tell everything to him. But like they say, curiosity killed the cat. I was curious as to what exactly happened.

When I reached home, I realised the front door was open. Even though, at the back of my mind, I was expecting to see what I saw in a few moments, I still treaded with weak knees. My heart was throbbing and I could feel it pump in my ears. There was an eerie silence.

“She wouldn’t bunk college for him? Would she?” I thought to myself. She never missed her classes, even when she was sick. There was a reason she was the favourite of all her teachers. But my guess was right. I carefully walked towards Kartar Singh’s room and there they were!

The scene was quite similar to the one I saw the day before but it was much more silent, much more intimate. My sister was wearing a sleeveless, orange-coloured kurta with a salwar with the same bangles and earrings as last night. She left her hair open which Kartar Singh was pulling in in his fist as they kissed madly. At first, it was a simpler smooch, they were chewing each other’s lips. But then it got crazier as things heated up. She took out her tongue first which Kartar Singh immediately grasped with his own tongue and that made my sister moan.

She adjusted her hips and made her hug tighter around him. Her thin arms, wrapped against the old man’s thick body circumference. They were at it for a good 5 minutes when they broke the kiss and looked at each other with lust. Kartar Singh made a questioning nod towards her to which she replied with a affirmative nod. It was a signal to take things forward.

Kartar Singh got her down from his lap and turned her around on the bed. Digging his nose in her hair, he seductively shoved them towards her breasts. He then bit her neck while untying the knot of her kurta. My sister moaned again, shouting his name for the first time that day. He then took her earlobe in his mouth and sucked on it while removing her kurta. Her moans got louder. Then, he quickly untied her salwar and angrily removed it from her legs. She was left in a black, laced bra and panty, still facing away from him but constantly bending her neck to allow Kartar Singh to feed on it.

Kartar Singh then pulled her back on his lap, adjusting her hips on his groin. He expertly unhooked her bra and threw it down on the floor. I saw my sister’s naked back for the first time. It was a piece of art! Her neck was slender and it carried on to her curvy, white and spotless back. I was disgusted beyond imagination when Kartar Singh’s rough and heavy hand grabbed my sister’s left boob. With his right, he stretched her panties and slapped her cunt. My sister jumped in joy and turned her face backwards to kiss him.

“Aahhh, ahhh, Kartar Ji. Yes, there!” She moaned in ecstasy, sometimes breaking the kiss, sometimes in his mouth. With her right hand, she adjusted Kartar Singh’s dick between her ass crack and started rubbing her hips.

“Noo, not the other one. Just one. Ouch!” She grabbed Kartar Singh’s hand to stop him from inserting a second finger.

“Rub it there! Faster!”

“Kartaaar jiii! Oh god! God! Ahhh!” She screamed so loudly I was sure the neighbours could hear. It was obvious she had orgasmed. Standing at the door, I had also pulled out my dick. I had never seen it so erect. It was an angry monster waiting to spurt venom. But I knew things won’t end there. I controlled myself and waited for the right moment to cum.

I was right. As soon as she came, my sister turned around to kiss Kartar Singh. That was the first time I saw her boobs. They were as gorgeous as the rest of her body. I felt embarrassed being turned on by my sister’s boobs but I was helpless. The nipples were pink and sensitive, like a virgin angel’s. The one that Kartar Singh had fondled was swollen and the breast had become a reddish pink. He sure had a tight fist!

But just as my sister was about to kiss him, Kartar Singh pushed her on the bed and lifted her legs. He sucked her breast while pinching her thigh. The moans resumed. Kartar Singh spent a few minutes sucking her boobs to his content and then looked her sternly in the eye. He bent and crawled towards her cunt. Locking his hands between her knees, he started kissing her thighs.

“Oh god Kartar Ji!”

With every kiss, he moved closer to her vagina. My sister understood what was happening.

“Stop! Stop Kartar Ji. What are you doing?”

But he paid no heed. He bit her labia softly and unleashed his tongue upon her cunt.

“Nooo. What are you doiiiiiing?”

“Stoppp! Don’t stop! Wowww! Woww!”

It was clear this was the first time Kartar Singh was eating her out. Her lower body was trembling as she locked Kartar Singh’s head inside her legs.

“What is thiiis?”

“Kartar Ji! You’re…you’re ahhhhh!”

Kartar Singh was licking her wildly now. I could see a glimpse of her cunt and it was dripping! The juices were visible from a few feet away where I was standing. Kartar Singh was also loving it as he made crazy noises.

“Aaaaaaaah!” My sister came again! She literally lifted her lips into Kartar Singh’s mouth as he greedily drank the juices.

“Come here baby!”

My sister seductively invited her for a kiss. A 20 year old girl calling that disgusting old man ‘baby’ was too much for me. She was young enough to be his daughter. She was the prettiest girl in a town known for its beauties, and her she was getting orgasm after orgasm from that ugly, illiterate asshole. Love really is blind, isn’t it?

I was angry and all that anger unleashed on my dick as I masturbated violently. But I still didn’t cum! Kartar Singh refused her advances once again and in a fit of rage, removed all his clothes. He unleashed his dick. It was a good 7 inches or more, thick and black. His crotch was like a jungle, hairy. So was his entire body! He had hair on his back, his ass, and of course his chest. Even his legs looked that of a gorilla.

But in that he looked less like a gorilla and more like a lion as he roared:

“I told you, next time, it’s my turn!”

My sister’s jaw dropped at the sight of that monster cock and Kartar Singh used the opportunity to enter her mouth. She was helpless. She could just say a meek ‘no’ as her mouth became full with that thick black cock. She was still lying down on the bed as he started fucking her mouth, with his balls slapping her chin.

“mpppf, noo!” She mumbled. But Kartar Singh was possessed with sexual energy. He was not letting go. He grabbed my sisters hands and placed them on his balls. The cock was going in 2 inches at max, even though he kept forcing it inside.

“Open your mouth wider beta! Take your uncle in your mouth.”

But my amateur sister couldn’t help it. It was a sloppy blow job and Kartar Singh had enough of it. He lifted her up and choked her throat.

“I am going to teach you how to suck properly!”

“For now, use your hands.”

It seemed as if my sister was more adept to handjobs than blowjobs as she expertly wrapped her hands around his cock and embraced him in a passionate kiss. She stroked him eagerly while sucking his tongue.

“You like that, my lover?” She broke the kiss and stared into his eyes.

“Yesss, keep going.”

She offered her throat to him and stroked harder and harder. And he came! He shot dense sperm all over the bed, inside my sister’s delicate hands and some on the floor. And so did I! I came on the floor and quickly removed my shirt to clean it.

“Clean this mess and wash the bedsheet.” He ordered her angrily.

“Yes Kartar ji!” She meekly obeyed.

“And cook something nice today!”

I hated the way he was ordering my sister around while she was still naked, with his cum in her hands and looking at him with eyes full of love. But I was helpless. Looked like we both were possessed by lust and couldn’t make the right decision. I rushed to my room. Red with embarrassment but still wondering how to catch them in the act again. My dick was still hard as I tried to sleep.


Next day at school I was the same pale, lifeless being. I didn’t have a lot of friends and usually kept to myself. So, no one really noticed what was up with me. I had planned to again feign sickness and rush home. As much as I hated what Kartar Singh was doing with my sister, I was craving to see the lovers going at it again. However, this day, I was met with yet another surprise. An unpleasant surprise that didn’t even help with my horniness. A surprise test!

I wrote my test and reached my house on my usual time. My sister was in the kitchen and Kartar Singh was in his room, drinking cheap whisky. He asked me to sit with him.

“Your sister is making snacks. Sit. How was school?” He spoke like a proud, drunk man.

“It was good. We had a test today.” I could barely see him in the eye but tried my best to not make things awkward.

My sister came in. She was looking as gorgeous as ever but there was another development. She had covered her head with a shawl like married women do in some parts of India.

“Kartar ji. Your snacks.” She said shyly. “Oh Vikas, you’re home! I’m making lunch, go get freshened up.”

“Okay didi!” That was my cue to leave and I hurriedly walked out the door. But I knew these guys very well by now and I stopped right outside the door.

As soon as I was out of sight, Kartar Singh grabbed my sister’s hand and pulled her on his lap. Her shawl dropped around her neck and Kartar Singh held her head and hungrily grabbed her lips.

“My jaan! I can’t spend a minute without kissing you!”

“Stop it, Kartar Ji. Vikas is home. What if he sees us.” She said that but didn’t really make an attempt to get up.

“He has gone to freshen up. That gives me enough time to suck your boobs.”

“You did that already today. Let me go.” This time she tried to part ways but Kartar Singh was drunk and wasn’t ready to back down. He pulled out her boob from her kameez and started slurping.

“Ah, the snack I was waiting for.”

“Ah, Kartar ji.”

“Stopp!” My sister finally asserted dominance and got up.

“We’ll do it again tomorrow. I promise. I’ll be back on time.”

“We can’t do this when Vikas is home.”

A part of me felt good that my sister cared about my feelings but a part of me was disappointed at the anticlimactic ending.


Never in my 18 years of life, I thought I’d bunk school, that too to see my sister get fucked by a 50 something monster. But such is the power of lust.

I went to school for a few days straight because I had unit tests lined up. I knew what was going on at home and couldn’t really focus on the tests, but I didn’t want my father and sister to find out I skipped my tests. So, I wrote my exams, gave my best and was sure I’ll get above average marks, enough to not raise suspicion.

Then, a few days later, I didn’t go to school at all. I left home and called up a classmate to call in sick. I requested him to tell the teacher. I roamed around for an hour, my stomach churning in anticipation. Then, I started walking towards home.

Just like the other day, the door was unlocked. I took careful steps towards Kartar Singh’s room and was greeted with the loudest moans I had heard from my sister thus far. Kartar Singh had pinned my sister against the wall, her leg was locked around his back, and he was licking her pussy like a wild animal. They both were completely naked and Kartar Singh had even removed his turban.

“Yessss, babbbyyy!”

“Kartar jiiii! Right there.” Her eyes were rolled backwards just like her head as she moaned in her trance state.

“Ahhhh, I’m coming, my love!”

As soon as she came, Kartar Singh entered beast mode again. He got up, turned her around, pulled her ass towards him and was about to enter her. Shocked, she screamed:

“Noooo! Not that. Please!”

He grabbed her hair and turned her towards him.

“Why not?”

“Not today. One day. I promise. I’m not ready.”

“Please ji.” She kissed him to calm him down. But he didn’t let go of her hair. Angrily, he pushed her downwards and shoved his dick in her face.

“Suck it!”

“If you don’t want me to fuck you, suck it like a good bitch. The way I taught you.”

At first, she could only get about two inches in her mouth. Then Kartar Singh guided her.

“Take it all the way till your throat, then push it out your mouth. Then do it again.”

My sister obeyed.

“Good kid. Keep going. Ahh!”

In a few moments, it felt as if my sister had been giving blowjobs all her life. She was sucking him like a pro. Massaging his balls with one hand and brushing her cheeks with his penis. She even looked at him with puppy eyes as he pulled her hair harder and fucked her mouth.

“Keep going beta. Aaaah, you’re a natural!”

I guess my sister could feel Kartar Singh’s cock throbbing as she quickly took it out of her mouth. Hot, sticky cum got sprayed on my sisters shoulders and boobs. She tried to get up but Kartar Singh held her down and emptied his cock on her.

“That’s more like it. Now clean everything and prepare my drink and snacks.”

“Go go, good girl.” He said as he spanked her ass with his thick hand.


After that day, my father came home for a few days. Kartar Singh and my sister were bold but not that bold to do something nasty while my father was there. And they both also respected him a lot.

“I hope my kids didn’t bother you Kartar Ji!”

“No paaji, not at all! I couldn’t be happier. They’re my kids too!”

In the days that followed, Kartar Singh’s drinking increased and my sister wasn’t her usual chirpy self. They were surely missing their sessions and so was I. On our movie nights, I would still sometimes see some movement beneath the sheets but nothing too bold.

One night, I was sleeping in my quilt when I suddenly heard the bed shaking. It was a really cold night so I thought my sister was shivering but before I could react, I heard her giggling voice.

“Kartar ji, what are you doing?” She whispered loudly.

“I missed you!”

I heard the sound of a long smooch after that.

“I missed you too, lover!”

“But you have to go, we’ll wake Vikas up.”

“Come on! It take 10 alarms and a slap to wake him up in the morning. He’s in a deep sleep!”

“I told you we can’t do all this when he’s home. And now my dad is home as well! What if he wakes up!”

“You worry too much baby.”

“Ahh!” I think he squeezed her boobs.

“Ssshh. Don’t make noise.”

“I won’t take a lot of time. I just wanted to tell you I’m leaving tomorrow.”

“Leaving? Where to? Ahhh, slow.”

“I’m going to my village for a few days. So I wanted to say goodbye in my way.”

“Nooo. Please don’t go. Ahh, why…god, ahh, why are you going?”

“I miss my wife and kids…give me your hand.”

“Really? You’re gonna leave me here? For her? Arggh.” Her moans were getting louder and we amplified with her jealousy.

“Why not? She’s my wife!”

“And what am I? Your slut?” I could hear the sound of bangles getting louder. She was giving him a violent handjob.

“No, you’re my lover.”

Then, the bed started shaking louder and my hand also went towards my dick. Their kisses were getting sloppier and their moans heavier. Both were going at it with full speed.

“Kartaaar jiii! I love you! Please don’t go.”

“You don’t love me, you won’t even let me enter you.”

“Ahhhh, I willll. But not yet….Ahhh please, only you can enter me but give me time.”

From the sounds, I could make out that Kartar Singh had removed my sister’s clothes and was sucking her breasts.

“Nooo, please!” I think he was just about to enter her again and she stopped him.

“Don’t get angry, jaan. I promise you, when you get back. You can fuck me.”


“Nooo. I’m not sure. I will try my best to make up my mind. I just want to be sure that you really love me.”

“You doubt that?” He was on top of her now and kissing her wildly.

“No, no. Kartar jiii, ahahhh I’m coming. Ummmbb.” Kartar Singh shut her mouth to stop the noises.

“Baby, don’t leave like that. Fuck my mouth. I want your cock inside my mouth.”

With that, my sister started blowing the old man, whilst I was sleeping just a few inches away. His gruntled noises made it seem that he was about to cum. And cum he did, within minutes! And so did I. Even though I couldn’t see anything, the erotic nature of the whole affair was so overwhelming.

“I’ll miss you baby. Come back soon and I’ll get my body ready for you.”

These events happened more than 12 years ago so my recollections sometimes get a bit hazy. But some memories are so strong that I have to masturbate in anger or fuck my wife violently to feel better. Of course, she loves it but she has no idea what goes on in my head when I do that. The scenes…so appalling yet so erotic.

Things became somewhat banal when Kartar Singh left for his village. My father had a tour planned but postponed it for a few days in order to not leave us alone. For a few days, things looked like they had gone back to normal, the normalcy we knew before Kartar Singh started living with us.

The way my sister behaved in front of our father, so innocent, he could never even imagine what was going on behind his back. His daughter was being seduced by his tenant, a man almost as old as him and way below in stature and education, a man who he trusted so much that he would leave his children in his care.

Some days, I had a strong urge to tell everything to my father but then I would go cry in the washroom and masturbate, and I would know that I was as addicted to all this as my sister. My behaviour around her had changed but she obviously didn’t notice. Some odd nights I used to her hear masturbating and sighing. During the day, whenever our dad wasn’t home, she would listen to sad romantic songs and cry. Of course, she thought I wasn’t noticing.

Kartar Singh’s room was locked since almost a couple of weeks. One Sunday afternoon, she said that she is going to clean the room and asked me and our father to stay away since it would be too dusty. But I knew what was going to happen so I sat with our dad for a few minutes and then walked towards the room.

She had locked the room from the inside and the curtains were closed. But there was enough gap in one window to allow me to peep in. She was lying on the bed, chest down, wearing just a bra. And she was rubbing her vagina against the bed, clutching the bedsheet tightly and moaning. She pulled a pillow and started kissing it as her intensity increased. Within a few minutes she came and quickly turned putting the pillow between her thighs. There, she rubbed the pillow on her pussy for a few minutes more and to my surprise, came again. Just as she was about to get up, I ran.

Though the sight was really erotic, I didn’t feel like masturbating at all. Something was missing. The hatred or jealousy which Kartar Singh sparked in me. I was craving for that. I was as desperate as my sister for him to get back.

That night my sister looked much relieved and happier. She made us a sumptuous meal and while we were eating it, she got her reward.

“Kartar ji would be returning day after tomorrow. So, I’m taking tomorrow’s train to Mumbai. You guys would be alone for a day, take good care.”

My sister almost choked on the bite in her mouth. She gulped down a glass of water and excused herself to the kitchen.

“Don’t worry papa, we’ll be fine!”

I replied to take his attention away from my sister.


“Why didn’t you tell me you’re returning?” I heard my sister talking on the landline phone a few hours later.

“It’s been more than a month! I miss you. I don’t want surprises, I want you!”

“Hehe, okay jaan. Then come back soon, I will have a surprise planned for you as well.”

“Ahhh, stop! Just come back okay. I’m going to my room.”

The next day after dad left, I asked my sister if she had an idea at what time Kartar Singh would return.

She said he’ll be back late afternoon, around the time she gets back from college. I didn’t even need to pay much attention to catch her lies. I understood that he would be returning in the morning and my sister would bunk college again to spend alone time with me.

That night I couldn’t sleep in anxiety and excitement. I had a raging boner all night and kept twisting and turning. I finally masturbated in my pyajamas and slept for a couple of hours before the excitement woke me up at 6 in the morning.

I got ready, had my breakfast and told my sister I’m leaving early for some work at school. Her eyes widened with happiness and she hugged me tightly. I did my usual routine for a few hours. I wanted to get back a little later because I was afraid Kartar Singh’s timings might coincide with mine and I’d end up getting caught roaming around outside the house.

Finally, I couldn’t wait and headed home. The door was open and there was a suitcase in the hall! He was back. I rushed towards his room and there they were!

As it turned out, I was indeed late by some time because they were just cuddling in bed, completely naked. There legs were locked inside each other’s, Kartar Singh’s arm had wrapped around her and their cheeks were brushing.

“So, how are your kids?” She asked while holding his hand tightly.

“Good. My daughter got married!”


“Yes. It’s a village! We got her married as soon as she turned 21.”

“She’s almost as old me. I’m your daughter’s age.” My sister joked and kissed Kartar Singh on the lips. He started getting a boner. He pulled her closer and lifted her hips to bring her on his lap. She was surprised but more turned on. They kissed again.

“So, did you…?” She started making circles on his hairy chest and looked away shyly.

“Did I what?” He replied taking his hands towards her pussy. She lifted it to give access to him and that’s when I saw that it was completely shaved. Maybe that was the surprise, I thought.

“Did you fuck your wife?” She asked hesitantly. “Ahhhh!”

“Of course, I did. She’s my wife.” He grabbed my sister’s boob with his other hand.

“Did you like it? She must be so old now. Ummmaaah.”

“Yes. But she lets me do what you won’t.”

He started fondling her boobs aggressively and that made me remove my own pants and stroke my penis wildly.

“You said you would let me fuck you when I get back. Are you ready?”

“I said, aaahh. I said I would make up my mind and I have. Just not today.” She was jumping on his finger and held his dick tightly. It was now fully erect and I could see the throbbing from a distance. She tilted backwards to make him lick her neck but he got back.

“No, that’s enough! I can’t wait anymore!” He shouted and turned her around. He was about to enter her but my sister shifted a bit and sat on his dick instead.

“Aaahh! Kartar Ji not today, please! First you have to take me as a wife.”

“And how am I gonna do that?” He tried to move away at first but he seemed to love the new sensation as my sister rubbed her pussy against his dick.

“I want our first night to be special and I have something on my mind. Godddd, this is, ahh, baby, I missed you!” She was also loving this sensation as she rubbed faster. Then she tightened her upper thighs around her dick and took his fingers on her clit.

Kartar Singh spanked her ass with the other hand and then rubbed her ass crack with his fingers. That made her go wild and her movements became faster.

“On Saturday. On Saturday you will accept me as your wife and fuck me. Ahh, even I can’t wait to feel your dick inside me, Kartar ji. I want you so baaad ahahhhh I’m coming.”

This sight was too erotic for me and I came much before the both of them did.

“What about Vikas? Ugggh, I’m coming as well!”

“Wait!” She suddenly got down from his lap and bent down to take his dick in her mouth. Her beautiful hair lay spread on Kartar Singh’s fat belly as she sucked him like a pro. It was too much for the old man as he groaned and came. He spewed hot cum all over my sister’s face. She squeezed his dick tightly to get the last drop out, her mouth still open wide.

“I’ll figure” She smooched him passionately.

“I’ll figure it out, my love!” She hugged him tightly and licked his lips with her tongue. He grabbed her head and kissed her wildly.

“It will be two months since we had our first kiss on Saturday. We will celebrate it by having our first sex.”


“Vikas!” That Friday, I came back from school on time and was aimlessly walking around my house when I heard Kartar Singh’s roar.

“Come here, puttar!”

“Yes, Kartar ji!” I entered his room and my sister was massaging his legs beneath a quilt. But I was sure that before she saw me, her hands were on his dick. She gave me an innocent smile.

“Your sister wants to say something!”

She looked at him surprisingly and went pale. Her expression said: “Now?”

“Umm, Vikas, you have been working so hard lately. So, I thought you need to take a break.”

“A break, didi?” I could fathom where she was getting at.

“Yaa. I spoke to Anu Massi and she said she wants to see you. Monu’s exams have also ended. You two can play cricket all day.”

“But didi, what about you? I have never gone alone to their place!” I asked reluctantly. “Come on, it will be fun.”

“Vikas, I have my exams. And I’ll take care of Kartar Ji. Ahumm!” He shifted a bit and most probably rubbed my sister’s pussy with his knee.

When he shifted, I saw a glimpse beneath the quilt. My sister was only wearing her kameez, and was naked beneath that. Fucking hell, I thought, these guys literally have lost all shame.

“And it’s okay, you’re a grown up now. You can travel to Kanpur alone. We’ll drop you at the bus stand on Saturday.” She said as I was engulfed with fear and rage. My own sister was sending me away, alone, to our favourite aunt’s place. Just to get fucked by this ugly old man.

“Okay!” I replied meekly.

I walked out with my head down. I was only a few feet away when I started hearing my sister giggling and then moaning.

“Stop Kartar Ji! Ahaha!” She moaned. “Babyyyyy!”


There was no way I was going to miss my sister’s first night. I pretended to be excited about my trip to Kanpur but I had my excuse ready. On Saturday evening, 2 hours before my bus, I complained of severe pain in my stomach. I groaned keeping my stomach in hand and called my sister. She rushed in to our room.

“What happened Vikas?”

“Didi, I can’t go to Monu’s place. My stomach hurts so bad!”

“Why, what did you eat?” Her reaction was of both guilt and disappointment.

“Nothing. It just suddenly started. I can’t stand!”

I sat down on the bed. She sat beside me and hugged me, keeping her hand over my stomach. I don’t know what happened to me but I started crying. I missed mom, but most importantly I missed my sister who had not given me any attention in the past few weeks. I cried even more loudly as scenes of her giving blowjobs to Kartar Ji flashed in front of my eyes. Of him asking her to clean up after spurting cum on her, of him pulling her hair when she refused sex and of her still loving him and begging him to marry her.

Just then, that asshole entered the room.

“Vikas can’t go today!” My sister said, she was teary eyed herself.

“What happened?” He looked at my sister with such anger that it scared me as well.

“He’s unwell. His stomach hurts!”

He also sat beside me and patted my back. The crying made my case stronger. My sister took out a medicine from the drawer and gave it to me. I took it but didn’t gulp it down.

“I’ll make pudina tea for you. Lie down, my baby brother.”

She went to the kitchen and Kartar Singh followed. I flushed down the medicine and went to the kitchen taking soft footsteps.

Kartar Singh had hugged my sister from behind as she kept crying while making the tea. He grabbed her boobs and bit her ear.

“Not now, Kartar ji!” That insolent old man had no respect for my sister’s feelings.

“You promised me. Today we will have sex no matter what!”

“My brother is sick, Kartar ji!”

“It’s nothing. He will be fine by the time you take this tea to him.”

My sister kept crying.

“Hey, he will be fine. Stop crying, meri jaan!” He pulled her into a kiss and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear.

“Let’s check on him first. Then we’ll decide.”

I rushed back to my room and lied down in a blanket. They came with the tea in a few minutes.

“Vikas, here’s your tea. Here have it!”

“Didi, I am completely fine now. That medicine worked wonders. There’s no pain!” I said trying to get up.

“Oh, thank god!” She looked at Kartar Singh with relief.

“But didi, can you do me a favour? Can you sleep in dad’s room tonight? I am just so sleepy because of that med. I want to sleep for a few hours without disturbance! I am sure I’ll be fine in the morning.”

“Okay Vikas! You scared me. You drink this tea and go to sleep. I anyway have to study all night so I’ll use dad’s room.”

“Thank you, didi. I love you!” I hugged her tightly. It was the hug brothers give to their sister’s when she goes to her husband’s place after marriage.

“Love you my baby brother! Get well soon!”

“Please shut the door tightly when you go!” I said as both of them walked out of the room. Kartar Singh gave me another pat while leaving. I am sure he couldn’t contain his excitement.

As soon as they left, I took my penis in my hands and asked it to calm down for a bit. Then, I lay there patiently.


After waiting for an hour or so, I kept checking for noises by standing near the door. They had dinner and then there was silence for a bit. In some time, I heard their voice and footsteps. They were approaching my door. I put out the lights and rolled inside the blanket.

“He’s asleep!” Kartar Singh whispered.

“Let’s double check!” She replied.

Kartar Singh turned on the light, a smaller bulb and called my sister inside the room. My eyes were closed but I managed to peep now and then. What I saw made me feel a mix of emotions!

She was wearing a red, bridal lehenga. She had a red bindi on her forehead and was wearing long, hanging golden earrings. Her eyes were heavy with kajal and her beautiful red lips were complemented by a maroonish lipstick. She had tied her hair in a bun and had covered them with a pallu, a red embroidered dupatta.

There was also a golden necklace around her neck that made her deep-neck red blouse even more attractive. She had henna mehandi on her hands which stretched till her forearms. She was also wearing a chooda, a series of red, white and golden bangles which newly-wed Indian women wear.

On closer inspection, I realized it was our mother’s dress, the one she wore for her marriage. I knew it because I had seen videos of our parents’ marriage. And my sister was looking just like our mom, just a few times prettier.

But it broke my heart. Our mom died giving all our home’s responsibility to our sister who was now going to get fucked by a man older than our father, in our house, in the bridal dress that she wore all those years ago.

Behind her, Kartar Singh stood in a simple kurta pyajama, one he usually wore at night.

“He’s sleeping!” He hugged her from behind and slid his hand across the bangles.

“Let’s go, I can’t wait to fuck you!” He tried to kiss her but she moved away.

“Wait jaan! Not in front of him! Let’s go to your room.”

They turned off the light and walked out, hand in hand, shutting the door behind them. I waited for a few minutes and then carefully walked towards Kartar Singh’s room. I picked my usual spot and got a complete view of what was happening inside.

My sister handed out a bowl of sindoor to Kartar Singh and asked her to fill her maang, a ritual in Hindu weddings. He took a pinch of it and filled the partition between her hair. Then, she handed him a manglasutra (a form of necklace that married women wear) and asked him to tie it around her neck. Which he did eagerly.

“I, Riya Singh, accept you, Kartar Singh, as my husband.”

She bowed down to touch his feet. Kartar Singh was in no mood for theatrics as he quickly pulled her up and started kissing her greedily. She stopped him, looked into his eyes, and then kissed him romantically. He removed her ghungat from her head and it fell down on her shoulders. He then untied her bun to let her hair down. She had done something on her hair as well as they looked shinier and curlier than before. He seemed to love it as he let his hand run wild in the softness of her hair and started eating her lips.

He then went for her throat, biting it and kissing it.

“Ahh!” She moaned.

They started kissing again as Kartar Singh untied the knot on my sister’s backless blouse. He then grabbed her hips over the netted lehenga which made her moan louder.

He then took her in front of a mirror and got behind her. He buried his nose in her hair and rubbed his erect dick on her ass. She was looking at herself in the mirror, mesmerized. I think she saw what I saw:

An innocent, gorgeous 20 year old bride, being primed to be fucked by a 50 year old monster. She kept moaning as she looked at Kartar Singh biting her ear, licking her neck and fondling her boobs. Kartar Singh stopped and seductively pushed her hair towards her right breast.

He then slowly removed the red netted dupatta from her shoulder and untied her necklace, planting kisses everywhere. He got down towards her stomach and kissed her there. After a few small kisses he took her navel in his mouth and sucked on it.

“Ahhhhh!” She went mad. In the mirror, you could see the face of a person deep in trance.

“I have wanted to fuck you since the day I came here. Ahhh!” Groaned Kartar Singh.

Upon hearing this, she became shy like a newly-wed. This look was different from the horny ones I had seen in recent weeks. She bowed her head and put her face in her hands.

Lust got the better of Kartar Singh as his slow, seductive kisses turned into passionate moves. He pulled down her blouse angrily and turned her head to kiss her. Her breasts were exposed to the mirror and she tried to hide them. Her naivety and shyness seemed to turn Kartar Singh on even more.

“You are my wife now. I will fuck you so hard now. Ahh!” He removed her hands and turned her around. He started feeding on her nipples and took his hand down her lehenga. His strong, heavy hand grabbed her pussy and he rubbed it hard.

“Tonight I am all yours. Fuck me like you fuck your wife!” Saying that she got into the mood. She removed Kartar Singh’s kurta and pyajama.

She kissed him lovingly while stroking his dick. The sound of her bangles, her white hands tattooed with henna, and her sighs made the sight truly appalling for me yet turned me on beyond measure. I almost came and had to take my hand away from my dick to stop.

The bear-like old man groaned like an animal and pushed my sister against the wall. He kissed her shoulders, her back and then turned her around to kiss her stomach. Then he sucked on her breasts for a good 5-10 minutes, giving each equal attention.

They then made out again for a few minutes, licking each other’s tongues, biting lips, moaning, hugging each other tightly. They truly looked like husband and wife, like a couple madly in love. Until Kartar Singh got back to his wild ways and grabbed her by the hair. He pulled her down towards his dick which was erect and throbbing.

“Suck it bitch.” My sister was shocked but she was so turned on at the sight of that erect dick that she hungrily put it in her mouth.

She had become a pro by now as sucked taking the dick deep in her throat and fondling with his balls. Kartar Singh grabbed her hair with both hands and made them into a pony and pushed his hips rapidly. This wasn’t a blowjob anymore but Kartar Singh fucking my sister’s mouth.

He suddenly pulled his dick out of her mouth and threw her on the bed. The fat old man got on top of my sexy sister and kissed her. He again kissed her navel making her sigh loudly before untying her lehenga. My sister was totally naked now. Her bridal dress lay down scattered on the floor as Kartar Singh made her moan by biting her thighs.

“Ahhhhhhh!” This was the loudest moan of the night as Kartar Singh started licking my sister’s pussy. He inserted a finger inside her and licked her clit.

“Kartar jiiii, keep going. Oh god!”

It was a surreal sight. The fat, hairy old man, licking my sister’s pussy as his beard tickled her thighs. Her hands pulling his head deeper into her as her bangles clinked. Like every girl, my sister must’ve also dreamed of a prince charming. She rejected so many handsome and well educated men only to spend her first night being deflowered by an illiterate old man. Her henna-tattooed hands were wrapped around Kartar Singh’s head, a wife begging her husband to make love to her.

And then a volcano erupted from her pussy as she got her biggest orgasm yet. Somehow the context of being accepted as a wife made her hornier.

“Kartar jiii. My baby. My lover. My jaan. My husband. I love you so much!”

Kartar Singh spread her thighs and took his dick closer to her vagina.

“Fuck me, husband. Fuck your wife.”

As soon as he was about to enter her she stopped him. She took a condom out of the drawer.

“Wear this please!” She pleaded as her legs trembled to feel Kartar Singh inside her.

“What? I have never used this in my life. I don’t know how to.”

“I know. I saw it on the internet.”

She unwrapped the packet and rolled the condom over Kartar Singh’s dick. It instantly became a bit softer because it wasn’t used to it. But my sister acted like a pro and sucked his dick hard.

“Mmm mmmm!” She moaned as she sucked. Kartar Singh once again lost his hands in her hair. They seemed to turn him on a lot that night. And who would blame him. Her beautiful black hair perfectly complemented her fair body.

“Now it is ready!”

She laid down and spread her legs. Kartar Singh guided his penis towards her vagina and tickled the walls to make it familiar to it. Even that made her moan.

“Fuck me husband. Fuck me now, please!”

That was a good enough signal for Kartar Singh as he thrusted his hips into her. It only went about 2/3rd of the way in when my sister cried in pain.

“Slowww baby. Sloww!”

He gave another thrust.

“Ahhh. It hurts Kartar ji. Will I be able to take it?”

Kartar Singh shifted her hips to change the position slightly and entered her again.

“Oh yesss. It hurts but I will do it for you, my love.”

Kartar Singh shut her mouth with his hand. Then he bent down to kiss her. While they were kissing passionately, he took that opportunity to go all in.

“Ahhhhh oh my godddd. Ahhhhhh! Jaaaan!” Blood came pouring on the sheets.

It was done. Kartar Singh had taken my sister’s virginity. He had fucked one of the town’s prettiest girls. A girl who at least 50 men tried to woo and failed. It was definitely a dream for him as he then pushed in harder.

“Slow, slow baby!”

The blood seemed to give his dick extra lubrication as he could enter and exit without pain. I think my sister was still in pain as she groaned but he paid no heed. He lifted her legs and increased his speed.

“I love you, Kartar Singh!” She had gotten used to the pain and was now loving the experience.

“I love you too ji. I love your pussy.” Kartar Singh replied as he fucked her hard.

“Kiss me lover!” My sister pulled him into a kiss and wrapped her legs around him.

He broke the kiss and started fondling her boobs.

“Ahh, hahhhhhhh! Ahhhh, Kartar jiiiiiiiiii. Ahh!” She orgasmed.

“Keep fucking me. You are so good!” She couldn’t get enough of it.

It was hard to think that my sister was a virgin just a few minutes ago as her hips resonated with Kartar Singh’s. The bed was creaking and the sound was mixed with my sister’s bangles tingling.

“Argggh, arghh. Baby I am coming too.” Kartar Singh couldn’t wait any longer as he gave a few quick thrusts and orgasmed into the condom.

“Don’t take it out. Ahhh!” My sister pleaded him to stay inside her a few minutes longer.

He waited and finally pulled it out. He threw away the cum-filled condom and lay beside my sister.

“I love you, husband!” My sister said as they both tried to catch a breath but still kept kissing.

Meanwhile, I had also cummed. The hardest ever in my life. I quickly cleaned the floor and rushed towards my room.


I kept moving about on my bed anxiously and couldn’t sleep. My dick was hurting because I stroked it for so long before cumming. I thought I should go and check what the newly wed couple was up to. I walked sheepishly to their room and to my surprise they were fucking again.

“Harder baby. Go deeper! Ahhh!” My sister screamed.

My penis got a painful erection again. I wondered how Kartar Singh, a man around 40 years older than me was fucking with such energy.

Kartar Singh pulled out his dick and asked my sister to take the doggy position. She was naïve, she didn’t know how to do that. Kartar Singh lied down on her back, kissed her neck and slowly got her on all fours. He cupped her breasts and kissed her.

“Enough of the soft fucking. Now let me fuck you like a bitch.” He said as he spanked her ass and entered her from behind.

“Goshsss aahhhhh. Ahahhhhh this feels so, ahh, so good.”

As expected, Kartar Singh’s hands went towards my sister’s hair again as she pulled them back.

“Ouch. Ah, oh, Kartar jiii!”

Kartar Singh was in a beast mode as he fucked her so hard that the bed sounded like it would break. He was like a monster unleashed as he fucked my poor sister whose groans were a mix of both pain and pleasure.

“I’m cumming baby. Just a little faster please. Fuck me please my husband.”

This gave the old man even more energy as he became merciless.

“Take that! This pussy is mine now. Arghhh!” He said as he spanked my sister again. There was a red impression visible on her flawlessly white ass. Kartar Sing’s hairy ass looked like that of a gorilla in front of her.

“Ahhhhhhh. I….love…you, aahhh. My Kartar Singh!” She orgasmed for around the third or fourth time that night.

The old man didn’t last too long either as he grunted and came with the final few thrusts. He collapsed on my sister. They rolled on the bed while kissing. I also came but my dick hurt even more now.

“I love you.” She kissed Kartar Singh. “I love you. I love you!” She kissed him everywhere. He grabbed her ass and pulled her closer. They pulled a blanket over them and turned off the lights.

“Goodnight, husband. You’re the best husband, best lover. Love you!” My sister sighed.


I also slept right after that second session. But I woke up with a swollen dick and an urge to pee. Sleepily, I went to the washroom and could already hear noises from Kartar Singh’s room. I peed painfully and rushed towards their room. It was 7 in the morning and the lovebirds were already at it.

The scene was not as wild as it was in the night. It was more, let’s say, romantic.

“Good morning husband!” My sister said as they kissed. “You have something ready for me.”

They were still in the blanket because it was very cold that morning. I was shaking standing outside the door and there they were heating up each other. I could figure out that my sister’s hand went towards Kartar Singh’s dick as the blanket moved.

“You are so wet yourself!” Kartar Singh replied after checking her cunt.

“What?” My sister asked him seductively.

He turned her around and spooned her from behind. He squeezed her boobs and kissed her neck. Then he kicked the blanket off of them and I finally saw them naked.

Kartar Singh started fingering her slowly and she let out a soft moan. My sister lifted her leg to give him easy access. Then she took her hand behind to stroke his dick.

“You’re so hard baby!”

“For you, baby, for you!” Kartar Singh replied while he was lost in the proudest moment of his life. Seeing my sister in daylight, with her bangles, mehandi, manglasutra, and her sumptuous naked body, it must have felt like heaven. He knew this girl, who was younger than his daughter, loved him. He knew that a former truck driver, an illiterate villager, had managed to seduce and fuck a high-class young woman. And she didn’t just want to fuck him, she wanted to be his wife.

He was in a dream and she was his angel.

“Uffff, aaah!” Kartar Singh placed his rock hard penis at her pussy’s entrance driving my sister crazy.

“Let’s fuck once before Vikas wakes up!”

“Yes jaan!” My sister quickly replied as she pushed her ass behind to take Kartar Singh’s penis in.

“Ohh yesss!” She moaned.

“Oh fuck oh fuck! Slowwww!”

Kartar Singh pulled her head back to embrace her in a kiss as he fucked her slowly.

“Wait wait wait! You didn’t wear a condom!”

“I won’t cum inside you, I promise!”

“But…uff my baby, fuck me.” It was shocking. In just one night, my sister allowed Kartar Singh to fuck her raw. “Keep going, ahh.”

Then, suddenly, Kartar Singh stopped.

“What happened baby? Don’t stop, please!”

“I want you to beg for it.”

“Fuck me please, Kartar Singh!”

“Say you want this old man’s dick inside you!”

“I want this old man’s dick to fuck my pussy. I love this old man.”

Kartar Singh entered her again making her squeal.

“You are my husband Kartar ji. I want you to fuck me all day, every day!”

This made Kartar Singh get up and he started fucking my sister in a missionary position. She folded her legs across him and kissed him hard.

“I want you to make me your bitch and fuck me.” I was surprised at how much innocence my sister had lost in a night.

Kartar Singh then turned her around. She tried to get on all fours in a doggy position but he pushed her down. He made her stretch her body all across the bed, like a spider. Then he lifted her hips a little and entered her.

“Oh god! You are so good. So fucking good my love!”

He locked her hands in his own and fucked her wildly. She was literally screaming and screeching as he ravaged her tight pussy. From a different angle I could see her clenching her fists on the bedsheets, pulling it hard as she felt immense pleasure and pain.

“Babyyyyy. Kartar jiiii!” She orgasmed so hard that the walls trembled, literally.


“Arghhh you liked it baby?” Kartar Singh inquired. By the sound of his creaking voice, one could figure that he was close to an orgasm as well. It was winters but both of them were sweating profusely.

“Yes my husband. Keep going.” She was close to another orgasm. “But wait, ahhh, don’t ahh cum inside. Ahhhh!”

It was too late. Hot shots of cum filled my sister’s wet pussy. Kartar Singh didn’t even stop when she asked him to but instead followed his primal instincts and loaded her pussy with more come.

“Ooooh, what did you do Kartar ji!” My sister screamed in worry before another orgasm hit her. “But it feels so good.”

“It feels so good to have a part of you inside my, my husband!” She pushed back to squeeze all of the remaining cum and filled her pussy. They kissed wildly again.

“Sorry, I got carried away. Couldn’t stop!”

“It’s okay jaanu. I will take the pill!” She was now wrapped inside his arms, her leg locked around his waist.

“But don’t the chemists here know you?” Kartar Singh asked, genuinely worried.

“I’ll go further into the city.” She kissed him passionately. “I’ll do anything for you, my love, anything.”

“Just promise me you’ll love me like this every day!”

“I promise, my wife!”

They hugged each other and gave small pecks on each other’s lips.


This was the first time Kartar Singh fucked my sister without a condom. It happened a lot more times, some days I saw, some I didn’t. But then things took a different turn.

Kartar Singh was a changed man after taking my sister’s virginity. He started treating her like most Indian village men treat their wife–rudely. He also started drinking a lot and ordered my sister around all day.

But she didn’t care. She loved him beyond doubt and was ready to sacrifice anything to be loved by him, to get fucked by him. She didn’t remove her wedding bangles and started wearing a bindi. Her everyday attire was that of newly-weds as she wore bright red suits and kept her head covered with a dupatta.

I casually asked her why she had changed her look so much. I did that so that she won’t be surprised at my lack of surprise. She teasingly asked me if I didn’t like it, to which I innocently said I loved it. The conversation ended there and she seemed to be convinced that I didn’t know anything about what was up. I kept spying on them.

One day, I returned early to my house and saw our neighbour uncle standing outside our house, perplexed. He saw me and questioned:

“Beta, is your sister fine? There’s some noise coming from your house.”

I obviously knew what was happening inside.

“Yes, don’t worry uncle. She has started working out recently so must be that noise.”

“Oh, okay beta. You should also workout. You’ve started looking so thin and weak.”

“I will uncle!”

The uncle went on, convinced by my answer. Little did he know that my sister was getting fucked by a man of his age.

I rushed inside, albeit quietly. There, I saw them at their wildest.

Kartar Singh had pinned my sister against the wall and was fucking her from behind. He had shoved her head against the wall and spanked her ass wildly. His knees were bent as his dick shoved my sister’s pussy. The room reeked of alcohol and a bottle lay empty on the table.

“Ahhh, Kartar ji! It’s hurting.”

But Kartar Singh was in no mood to listen. He spun her hair in a bun and pulled them hard. His grunts became harder.

“Oh my jaaaan, yes yes ahhh!”

The pain seemed to turn into pleasure for my sister. With the other hand, Kartar Singh grabbed my sister’s boobs and squeezed them hard.

“Fuck me, fuck me, love!”

“Arghhhhh!” Kartar Singh roared like a lion and fucked her faster and harder. Sloppy noise of his balls slapping my sister echoed across the room.

My sister tried to turn around to kiss him but he again forced her face against the wall. He pulled both of her arms behind her and made the deepest thrust yet.

“Ahhhhhhhhh! Baby it hurts, but I love it. Harder!”

Kartar Singh then put his hand on her head and pushed her down. With the other hand he pulled her hips closer to him and started fucking her in a doggy position.

“Filthy bitch! I thought you’re just an innocent child. But look at you know!”

“Ahh ahhh, only your ahhh only your bitch…ummm oh gooddd!” She orgasmed.

“Hmpf hmpf that’s right! No one else can satisfy you except Kartar Singh’s lund!”

Saying that, he removed his dick from my sister’s pussy, turned her around and pushed her down. He came all over her face and breasts. Seeing the prettiest face in my town being spoiled by an ugly old man’s sperm made me want to puke. But my sister’s sensuous acceptance made me cum instead.

Kartar Singh emptied his ballsack on my sister and walked towards the bottle. He became furious on finding it empty.

“Go get me another bottle and soda!” He barked his orders at my sister, who lay naked on the floor, covered in her husband’s sperm.


My sister basically started sleeping in Kartar Singh’s room. She gave me an excuse that she will be sleeping in dad’s room for a while so she could study late in the night. Every night, they fucked like animals. Every day, I woke up with a swollen dick because of violent masturbation.

Kartar Singh had become an alcoholic by now. Thus, their sex became more violent, more passionate. They had become much bolder and I would catch them stealing glances and kisses even during day. On Sundays, I would make an excuse of going to play cricket and then sneak back home to see them having sex.

They were becoming more experimental with the positions and my sister had even learned how to ride a dick. She loved riding Kartar Singh’s fat dick as it stretched her tight pussy even further. She also loved it because that was the only time in their relationship that she was in control. Kartar Singh loved it as well as the sound of my sister moaning so loud and he bangles clanking made him go wild. But he loved fucking her from behind more. He was old fashioned that way and wanted his women to be submissive.

One Sunday, I sneaked back home and was surprised that they weren’t in Kartar Singh’s room. I searched for them in the house and found them in the kitchen. The main slab of our kitchen was of waist-height and one had to stand behind it to cook. As I walked in, I could only see the upper half of Kartar Singh and my sister’s bodies.

Kartar Singh was behind her, nibbling at her ear and squeezing her boob. She was wearing a pink, satin suit with a dupatta on her head. As Kartar Singh seduced her she let out a sigh which made the dupatta fall around her shoulders. Kartar Singh then wrapped his hands around her waist and kissed her. Her hand was busy stirring the pot but then she lifted it up to hold Kartar Singh’s dick.

My sister’s face was covered by her hair as she bowed her head back in lust. From my pov, I could only see her beautiful earring popping out around her ear as she kissed Kartar Singh with passion.

“Khaana toh banana do jaan!” My sister looked at him seductively and said at least let me cook first.

“I will eat you baby! Don’t worry.” Kartar Singh literally bit my sister’s lips and then bit her boobs from over the kameez.

While I was about to take my dick out to masturbate, I accidentally kicked a glass, probably left there by a drunk Kartar Singh. They saw me but I immediately looked away.

“Vikas, you’re home early!” My sister shouted, her voice still heavy with lust.

“Oh, I didn’t see you there. I was gonna look for you in dad’s room.”

“I am making lunch!”

“And I am helping her!” Kartar Singh barked angrily. He had no shame at all and didn’t even move an inch. I could see my sister’s elbow pushing him away.

“Today, I will make you taste authentic Punjabi food.”

I saw my sister’s salwar drop at the edge of the slab. He was about to fuck her right in front of me!

“This was taught to me by my dadi. Aisa tikka nahi khaaya hona kabhi!” He tried to assure me that I would’ve never taste a tikka like the one he was cooking. He was drunk out of his senses and horny beyond measure.

“Vikas. Go freshen up. I will call you when the food is ahh ready.”

He had entered her. He had entered my sister while I was looking! The boldness of this old man was frightening. My sister tried hard not to moan but her sighs gave it away. She was not wearing any bra and the satin suit made her nipples look swollen.

“Wait. Vikas, can you smell it?” Asked Kartar Singh. Even though I couldn’t see it, I could make out that he was fucking her with small strokes. Her body trembled but I knew she was loving the taboo and the danger of it as she bit her lips while stirring the pot again.

“I, uh, I can a little bit.” I answered. I was in shock but I also wanted to masturbate badly. Shame, I didn’t have courage like the old bastard.

“Riya beta, make it spicier. Vikas doesn’t like it yet. Wait, I’ll put some more masala in it.”

Saying that, he started fucking her harder but not hard enough to make it apparent. My sister thought I was the most innocent boy in the world and she must’ve been sure that I couldn’t understand what was going on. But still, the thought of it made her go wild as her hand trembled on the stirring spoon.

Kartar Singh added some chilli powder to the pan and a stingy smoke emerged. My sister and I both started coughing and her eyes teared up as well. Kartar Singh used this occasion to fuck her faster and harder.

“Ahhh!” My sister screamed but instantly took her hand to her eyes to make me think that the chilli steam made her moan.

The whole scenario was too erotic for Kartar Singh as he came really quickly. I could see it on his face when he orgasmed but I had no idea if he shot his cum inside my sister or pulled out. Clearly, she didn’t orgasm.

“Go now, Vikas. Get ready for lunch.” Kartar Singh ordered.

No sooner than I turned my head that I started hearing my sister’s moans. Kartar Singh returned the favour as her loudest moan made it clear that she had cum as well.

I went to my washroom and masturbated twice, all while sneezing and getting stingy tears in my eyes.


A few days later, it was Kartar Singh’s birthday. As a loving wife, my sister made the entire day about him. I had anticipated that this day would be special and hence woke up early to spy on Kartar Singh’s room.

They were still sleeping. My sister woke up first and looked at Kartar Singh lovingly. She removed his arm from over her and got off the bed. She was just wearing a gown. She gazed at her husband for a while and smiled. Slowly, she removed her gown and took the blanket off of Kartar Singh. She unzipped his pyajama and took his cock in her mouth. His morning boner was raging and my sister’s mouth made it even harder.

He woke up and saw her. A fair young woman sucking your dick in the morning, it’s the perfect birthday gift for any husband, let alone this ugly old man.

“Happy birthday, husband!” My sister looked at him with puppy eyes and got back to sucking him. She sucked on it like candy making slurpy noises.

“Umm, Kartar ji, it’s your birthday but your wife is getting this present.” She squeezed his hairy balls and licked the tip of his penis.

Kartar Singh was now sitting upright. She stopped sucking him and went over to give him a long passionate kiss. Then, she adjusted her hips on his dick and took him in her pussy.

“Happy birthday the love of my life!”

“Thank you, meri jaan!”

My sister jumped on Kartar Singh’s dick while hugging him tightly and kissing him. She held his beard and kissed her naughtily.

“Ahh, I love your dick in the morning. I love you!”

They kissed again as my sister neared her orgasm.

“Riya, wait, get off!”

“Nooo, not today! Ah, I’m about to cum!”

She slowed down her jumps but took Kartar Singh deeper into her pussy.

“Kartar jiiiii!”

“Ahhh, beta ji, ahhh!” In that moment of ecstasy, Kartar Singh referred to my sister how he usually used to. As beta, a kid. And then he shot hot cum inside her as she moved her hips to squeeze it all in.

“Happy birthday, uncle!” My sister teased him and gave him a wink.

“Let’s get ready. Today, I will make sure it’s the most special day of your life!” She said as she finally got up and kissed him.


My sister spent that entire day at the parlour getting ready. She told me to get ready by the time she gets back as we’d be going to a restaurant to celebrate Kartar Singh’s birthday.

She came back after a few hours and looked nothing short of a goddess. She had brown highlights on her hair which hung long across her side, curling before they reached her breasts. Her face was adorned with gorgeous make up of which her lipstick stood out the most. She wore a green bindi that made her look like the most dolled-up newly we ever. On her ears, long and dazzling earrings dangled.

Below that, she wore a red sleeveless and backless blouse which was draped by a green and red saree. It was a new saree and looked highly expensive. She added more bangles to her arm which clinked as she gracefully tucked a strand of hair from her face behind her ear. The pallu of her saree rest on her arm.

“Vikas, you’re still not ready. Go and get ready soon. I’ll see if Kartar ji is ready or not.” She scolded me and walked towards Kartar Singh’s room. Then I saw he golden sandals as she tip-toed on her heels.

Naturally, I didn’t go to my room and followed her instead.

“How do I look, husband!” She asked him, seductively and with her eyes wide open.

Kartar Singh’s jaw dropped. He got up, enraged with lust, and attacked my sister’s boobs. He tried to pull her into a kiss.

“Not now, jaan! Don’t ruin my make up, we have the whole night for that.”

But Kartar Singh didn’t listen. He turned her around and held both of her boobs in her hand. He started rubbing his dick on her ass. My sister’s mouth opened in lust but she stopped him again.

“Not now, baby. Control!”

Sensing that nothing major was going to happen, I went to my room to get dressed. In those days, there were only 1-2 high class restaurants in Lucknow and we went to one of those after booking a taxi. All the way, Kartar Singh’s eyes were fixated on my sister. The car was filled with the smell of my sister’s enchanting perfume and a musky odour coming from one of the male’s precum. Even the cab driver was staring at my sister in the rearview mirror. How he would have hoped to be someone worthy to woo her. Little did he know that she was already wooed by a man at least two decades older than him and much lower in class.

When we reached the restaurant, we behaved like two kids out to celebrate their guardian’s birthday. But that changed when Kartar Singh drank 3 pegs of an imported scotch. The man who had only tasted cheap liquor was relishing the taste of scotch, on my father’s hard earned money.

We were sitting on a sofa with me in the center. He then asked me to go fetch ice. When I got back, he got closer to my sister and I noticed that even she had drank a peg. He asked me to sit on the other side and shifted my sister in the center.

“Don’t tell it to papa, Vikas. It’s just for today.” My sister drank another peg in front of me. I gave an assuring nod.

After that, my sister wrapped a shawl around her because we were sitting in an open air restaurant and it was still peak winter. But I knew what that shawl was for.

The entire restaurant was checking out my sister, even the women. While all eyes were fixated on her, Kartar Singh fixated on her pussy. I saw his hand from over her shawl as he fingered her gently.

“Ahhh ahem! Vikas, can you go and ask the waiter to bring our food. Let’s eat and leave before it gets late.”

I obediently agreed. When I got back, the scene was bolder. The shawl now covered both of them as my sister’s hand had reached Kartar Singh’s dick. They were giving hand jobs to each other while the entire restaurant watched. Of course, they couldn’t tell. But I’m sure a discerning few would’ve noticed the expressions and the strange ‘closeness’ between an ugly old man and the most beautiful girl they’d ever seen.

My sister also seemed drunk by now and boldly kept her head on Kartar Singh’s shoulders. Her perfume was driving him mad as he restlessly moved about in his seat.

“Let’s go home. I want to fuck you so bad.” He whispered but I could hear.

“Soon! Fuck me all night today, please.” My sister replied.

We ate our meal hurriedly and called another taxi.

“Vikas, sit on the front seat, beta. My head hurts sitting there.” Kartar Singh ordered with strange politeness.

“Riya beta, can I put my head on your lap till we get back? Please massage it also.” Kartar Singh said that loud enough so the driver could hear.

“Of course, uncle.”

The poor driver had no idea what was going on and he totally ignored the conversation. I, on the other hand, knew exactly what these lovebirds were upto. I had to focus a lot in the side mirror but I managed to see most of it.

They had continued the handjob they were giving each other in the restaurant. Kartar Singh had now taken his hand inside my sister’s saree and was fingering her wildly while kissing her naked navel. My sister had her hands inside Kartar Singh’s underwear and was stroking him.

“Is it better, uncle?”

“Yes beta, keep massaging.”

The sound of her bangles got louder as she masturbated him.

“Yes beta. Massage harder.”

“Okay…ahh, okay ahhm, uncle.”

“Sorry, just a little sleepy!”

“Oh ahhh, thank you beta, feels so much better now!”

“Ssshh uncleee, rest, rest till we get home!”

They both orgasmed.


“Vikas, go to sleep. I’ll drop Kartar ji to his room and study in papa’s room for a bit.”

“Okay, didi!”

As they were both so drunk and horny, they didn’t even wait till I walked away. My sister started kissing Kartar Singh’s face and left marks of her lipstick all around.

“Happy birthday baby. Unwrap your present now and fuck it. Hard.”

She tried to remove her saree but Kartar Singh stopped her.

“Leave it on ji!”

They then kissed passionately for a good 10 minutes. Kartar Singh had waited all day to devour those lips and devour them he did. But his usual violence was missing so far. He kissed her like a boyfriend, rather than an abusive husband.

But that changed soon. He grunted and choked my sister’s neck. Then he threw her on the bed and stared at her angrily. He removed his clothes and his dick popped up. My sister tried to get up to take it in her mouth slowly but he literally shoved it in.

“Suck it hahaha. Beta? Haha. I’ve turned you into a whore.”

“You were so innocent just a month ago. Look at you now. You were born to suck dick.”

My sister kept sucking without saying anything.

“Haha your poor father. He doesn’t know his daughter is a whore.”

This seemed to make my sister angry as she stopped sucking and tried to speak. But Kartar Singh slapped her face and filled her mouth with his dick again.

“You want me to tell your dad all about you?” Kartar Singh pulled her ear and fucked her mouth. She nodded a no.

“Then suck it like a good bitch!”

My sister started crying but kept on sucking. Her tears ruined her make up as a blackish red liquid rolled down her cheeks.

“Stop crying!”

But tears kept rolling down her face.

“Stop crying, I said!” He removed his dick from her mouth and puller her hair.

“Do you want me to stop fucking you?”

“No!” My sister replied meekly.

“Then beg for it.”

“Fuck me, Kartar ji.”

“I love you, baby. Fuck me, fuck your wife. Please, please, please!”

Her tears dried up as she tried to lift herself to kiss Kartar Singh. But he threw her back on the bed and climbed in behind her. He made her face the side towards the door, where I was standing, hidden. I could see sadness on her face but more lust.

Kartar Singh kissed her neck and back and removed her panties. Then, he lifted her saree towards her stomach and asked her to get in the doggy position. She instantly agreed and lifted her ass to give him easy access.

“Enter me, baby. I have waited all day to feel your lund inside me.”

Kartar Singh entered her in one stroke.

“Ahhhhhh. Ahh my love. Muah muah. Fuckkk!”

“Say I am a little bitch who loves this old uncle’s lund!”

“I am a little bitch who loves this old uncle’s lund!”

This was the first time I had such a clear view of my sister’s face while getting fucked. She really loved the old man’s dick. Her eyes were rolled in ecstasy and her make up ruined. But she still looked so pretty wearing that saree, her bangles clanking and her hair falling down the edge of the bed. Maybe she loved the violence or maybe she was just ignoring it out of love, but her face just had lust.

“Say Kartar Singh owns this pussy!”

“Kartar Singh own ahhhh faster, owns this pussy!”

Kartar Singh fucked her mercilessly. The entire house was filled with their moans and creaking of the poor old bed. I thought the bed would definitely break, such was his raw passion that night.

“Say no other lund can fuck this little girl!”

“No other lund can fuck this little girl!”

“Say you want to have this old man’s baby inside you!”

“Ahh, ahh arghh. Kartar ji, my love, I want so many of your babies inside me.”

“Take it then, little whore!” Kartar Singh shot loads of cum inside her pussy and I could see how her face showed happiness with each shot.

“Ahh, husband, fill me up. God, your cum feels so good. Don’t remove your dick please. Stay inside, empty your balls inside me.”

Kartar Singh then collapsed on her. She loved it as the fat old man’s weight fell on her while his dick still stroked her pussy.

Her hair were a mess and so was her saree. But she looked prettier than ever. Kartar Singh couldn’t resist as he pulled her into a kiss.

“Sorry jaan for being so rude. It turns me on.”

“You’re my husband, Kartar Singh. You have the right to do whatever you want with me.” She turned around and wrapped him in his legs. Giving him more long kisses.

“And it’s my duty to serve you all the time!”

“Happy birthday, husband. Get ready for another session.”


A few weeks after Kartar Singh’s birthday, I bunked school again, hoping to catch some intense fucking at home. However, things were a different that day.

Kartar Singh was drinking in his room. My sister walked in with a tray that had a glass and some snacks, wearing a salwar kameez, with her head covered with a dupatta.

She sat down on her knees in front of Kartar Singh and held his hand.

“I have something to tell you!” She looked him in the eye.

She hesitated, had a smile on her face followed by a look of fear. She took a long breath and sighed.

“I…” She stopped again.

“Kartar ji, I am pregnant!”

“Kartar ji, I’m pregnant!”

These words swiped the Earth off Kartar Singh’s feet and left me trembling as well. This plaything that was going on between this two, which I was enjoying as well, had taken a serious turn.

A million thoughts raced through my head. What would papa think, what would they tell him, what happens now? I was so anxious and was worried what my sister would be going through.

“What? How did that happen? I thought you were taking pills.” Kartar Singh’s voice shook the room.

“I was. They are not always effective.” My sister was almost crying with her head bowed down near Kartar Singh’s knees. “And I, umm…I might have missed taking a few.”

“What! Panchod, how the fuck! Why?” Kartar Singh slapped my sister’s head. The glass fell down.

“Why are you getting angry ji? I thought you’ll be happy!”

“Happy? What the fuck will you say to your father? He will kick me out the house. Where will I live?” Kartar Singh choked her.

“I don’t know. He will kick me out as well. I will go with you to your village.”

“Behnchod! You upper class people don’t get it. You ruined my life, bitch!” Kartar Singh held my sister by her hair and lifted her up. He got off the bed and choked her again.

“Kartar ji, I thought you loved me. Why are you so unhappy?” My sister said while trying to loosen Kartar Singh’s grip around her neck.

“Babyy, you’re hurting me.” She cried. Then, she tried to kiss him. When he moved his face away, she held his dick in her hands.

In a frantic turn of events, Kartar Singh stopped choking her and threw her on the bed. He got on top of her and began kissing her. She kissed back. Their lips met with fiery passion and tongues wrestled wildly.

My sister hugged the old man and locked her legs around him.

“Fuck me husband.”

Within seconds, Kartar Singh removed his pyjama and my sister’s. He entered her without warning.


He fucked her in fast strokes straight away. His fat dick had surely stretched her pussy by now.

“Fuck me, husband, the father of my child.”

It looked like this was my sister’s strategy to help Kartar Singh calm down. Every time he got mad at her, she spread her legs for him and he couldn’t resist.

“Ahhh, ahhh, babyyyy!”

“Faster…ohh I love you so much, ah please go deeper.”

“Ahhhh!” My sister came. “Keep going!”

“Hmmmpf. Fucking whore, you’ve ruined my life.” Kartar Singh complained as he came inside my pregnant sister and collapsed on top of her.


“The doctor said I can’t abort it!” My sister smiled nervously at Kartar Singh, holding his hands. My sister returned from the doctor’s clinic, traveling 2 hours away to another city to get checked.

“Why not?” Kartar Singh pulled at my sister’s wrists, revealing her bangles which were covered by her kameez.

“Complications can arise. And…” She stopped speaking and sat next to Kartar Singh.

“And what?”

My sister didn’t reply instantly. She looked around and then bit Kartar Singh’s ear. She let the dupatta down from her head and let her hair loose. She kissed the old man on the cheek and kept kissing till she touched his lips.

“I also want to keep it. It’s our baby.”

“Why don’t you understand? If your father kicks me out, I have nowhere to live. I will have to go back to being a poor truck driver in my village.”

“I don’t care. I will live with you!”

“But I don’t want you. I want money!” Kartar Singh choked her violently.

“Really? You don’t want me?” While her throat was choked, she seductively held Kartar Singh’s dick in her hands.

His dick instantly grew inside his pants and with her other hand my sister undid her salwar. Kartar Singh loosened the grip and that was signal enough for my sister to start kissing him.

“You don’t want me, sardarji?” She licked his lips and pressed her boobs against him. Her strokes became faster.

“Ahhh, you will get me killed.”

Clearly the old man couldn’t resist my sister’s advances and like many times before, his anger mellowed down. However, his passion became fiery. He held her head and kissed her passionately.

My sister got up and let her salwar fall down. She removed her panties and then Kartar Singh’s underwear as well. His dick looked red and swollen.

“Ummm, baby you’re so hard!” My sister stroked the penis for a minute and then sat in Kartar Singh’s lap. She guided the dick inside her pussy and moved her hips back and forth slowly.

“You were saying you don’t want me, uncle!” She winked at him and took him deeper.

“But…but are you…allowed? The baby…” Kartar Singh hugged her tightly and fucked her faster.

“Yes. The doctor said I can…for a while aahhh!” My sister arched her back backward and her hair dangled in the air as Kartar Singh made his thrusts faster.

Kartar Singh took that as a chance to remove my sister’s kameez. She lifted her hips to allow him to do that and then the old man unhooked her bra. Her gorgeous boobs popped out. Pregnancy had made them slightly bigger and heavier. Kartar Singh loved that. Being a young virgin and a bit underweight, my sister’s boobs hadn’t developed much. But now they were sumptuous. The nipple was also swollen and got redder as Kartar Singh pinched it hard.

“Oiiia ahhhh!”

“Suck them baby!”

Kartar Singh obeyed like a baby and sucked her tits greedily.


Then Kartar Singh’s usual anger took over and he stopped fucking her. He pulled her hair and turned her around.

“Nooo. It hurts.”

“Shut the fuck up!”

He pulled her hair till she got in the doggy position and lifted her hips.

“You fucking love being fucked, right. Wait till your father gets to know what a whore you are! He will kill me. He will kill me and he will kill you!”

His face was red in a mix of anger, lust and fear. He entered my sister violently but her pussy was dripping wet.

“See how wet you get when I beat you!”

My sister wasn’t responding to all this. I could see her face, hypnotized and in ecstasy. After getting fucked like that for a few minutes, she made her back upright and pulled Kartar Singh in to kiss her neck. He tried to push her back in the bitch position.

“No. No, fuck me like this.”

She held Kartar Singh by his head, his hands moved across her pussy and boobs as they fucked on and on.

“Umm deeper, ahhh I love you jaan!”

“I love you, father of my child!” She turned her head to kiss him.

They kissed for a good 5 minutes as Kartar Singh fucked her slowly and caringly as compared to his usual wild nature. Then, my sister bent forward and threw herself on the bed. She turned around and spread her legs.

“Come, ahh come jaan!”

Kartar Singh entered her again and got down to kiss her. She hugged him tightly and locked her legs around him.

“My shonaa, my baabu, love youuu, ahhh fuck me fuck me!”

My sister was lifting her hips to take him deeper and moaning wildly. I hadn’t seen her this horny ever. Maybe it was because of the pregnancy, but she felt closer than ever to Kartar Singh.

“Don’t stop, ahhh, faster ahhh, I’m cumming…” She grabbed his hairy hips and literally pulled them deep insider her. Her nails with their bright red paint sunk into his back and then his hips.

“Ahhhhh! Jaaaaaan!”

“Arghhh hmmpf take this!”

“No. Don’t remove it. Stay like this baby please!” After they both orgasmed together, my sister held on to Kartar Singh, hugging him with both arms and legs. His dick went limp inside her, still oozing out drops of cum in her womb. They kept kissing for a while and in that moment, you couldn’t see two bodies lying on the bed. They literally looked to have merged into one soul.


A few days later, I had an assignment to work on and had to use the computer. Back then, life was simpler and we rarely had to use the computer and internet. Thus, there was always a sort of excitement when I sat in front of it, even if there was just starting at the wallpaper.

So, in my excitement, I kept on killing time and didn’t start working on my assignment. Lazing around, I found a word doc titled ‘untitled 1’ and opened it right away. I had been guilty of saving porn in a ‘new folder’ so this vaguely titled word doc piqued my curiosity.

It was a letter! A letter from my sister to her best friend Meenakshi. In that, she had explained everything that had happened with Kartar Singh, from A to Z. Meenakshi had been recently married to a businessman in Delhi and my sister and her had lost communication.

I still have that letter saved to me because I sneakily mailed it to myself. Thus, I will copy and paste the entire thing here:

Dear Meenakshi,

I hope your married life is going well! I miss you so much and I miss talking to you. But I’m sure you’re having a good time with Manoj ji, he’s such a nice guy.

I have something to tell you Meenakshi, and I can’t confide in anyone but you. I could’ve called you but it’s a long story and I wouldn’t have been comfortable telling all this to you on phone. Writing makes it easier for me.

Meenakshi, I’ve also married. Unofficially, of course. But I’ve spent my first night and it was as amazing as you told me. But you won’t be pleased to hear who it was with.

You remember Kartar Singh ji, our tenant? I’m in love with him, Meenakshi. And I’m pregnant with his child. You’re the first person to know except him. Now, before you judge him and me, please listen to my story. And then, please help me out. I don’t know what to do. Papa will kill us. I need your advice, my best friend.

So, you know about me and Rohan. Things were going smooth, and I had started have feelings for him. But one day, we were out to have coffee and when we came out, something happened. He pushed me against a wall and kissed me. I got so confused, there was a lot of heat in my body and I didn’t know how to react. I stood frozen while he got his hands on my breasts and squeezed them tightly.

That angered me so much! I slapped him and hard and started crying. I ran back home and cried for hours in my bedroom. Meanwhile, I had developed a friendly relationship with Kartar ji and used to talk to him every night. With dad not around and Vikas still a young boy, Kartar ji was the only one I could speak my heart out to.

That night, I went to his room while he was drinking. He always treated me like a child and seeing my sad face, he inquired as to what had happened. I told him everything and started crying again. He put his drink down and hugged me and consoled me. That made me cry even harder as I dropped my head on his chest.

He hugged me tightly and started patting my back. In that moment, I felt so loved. For the first time since mom passed away, I felt like a child who didn’t have all the responsibility of the world upon her shoulders. But strangely, my body began to heat up like it had in the morning. Almost involuntarily, I lifted my head and brushed my cheeks with Kartar ji’s. I put my head on his shoulders and hugged him back.

He kissed my head and then my forehead. Our hug kept getting tighter. Then he lifted me in his lap while his hands moved smoothly around my back. He kept kissing my everywhere before reaching my cheek.

“It’s okay, beta!” He whispered in my ear and then kissed there as well. That sent shivers down my spine and I adjusted myself on his lap in a way that I could feel his penis. I was still crying but my vagina was wetter than my cheeks. I didn’t understand anything, really. My body was betraying me. I always considered Kartar ji a father figure but at that moment, I wanted him in a different way.

“Thank you, uncle!” I whispered and kissed his bearded cheek.

We were stuck like that for a moment before I felt his penis throbbing against me. That made me wild. I was crying because my boyfriend, Rohan, tried to get sexual with me. But there I was with a man I called uncle, wanting him to love me, not like a child, but as a lover.

My nipples became swollen and I pressed them hard against Kartar ji’s chest. He then kissed my neck which made me jump on his lap and I pulled him closer to me. My vagina was burning with passion! He caressed my head and let my hair down.

“Ahh!” I accidentally let a moan out.

It stopped us both. It was the first time that night that we realized what was happening. We looked each other in the eye and I knew what I wanted. I wanted him, not Rohan. But being a naïve virgin who had never even masturbated, I didn’t know what to do. So, I just closed my eyes and submitted to him. He understood my expression and then it happened.

Our first kiss! His lips were wet because he had kissed my tearful cheeks but when they touched mine, I felt complete for the first time in my life. I didn’t know how to respond so I let him do whatever he wanted to. He kissed and kissed and then bit my lips hungrily. Then, he pulled my ass closer to his penis and let his tongue inside my mouth.

That was like a signal for me. I responded with my tongue and licked his. I opened my eyes and saw this old man, with his greyish beard making out with me. But the thought didn’t disgust me, it comforted me.

“Uncleee!” He rubbed his penis against me and I could feel something boiling inside me. I broke off the kiss and looked him in the eye again. They were full of lust. But all I saw was love. Something I never saw in Rohan’s eyes. I kissed him back with fiery passion.

By then, my hips were jumping on their own and I started to feel an orgasm build inside me. I didn’t even know what an orgasm was but I loved that feeling. It was ecstasy.

“Ahhhh, ahhhh uncleee Kartar jii ahhhh!” And it happened. My first ever orgasm. In the lap of a 50 something man with wife and kids. This realization hit me in a weird way and I tried to get off.

“Wait beta!” He stopped me and gave a few thrusts before he probably orgasmed himself as I started to feel wetness around my salwar. I got up hurriedly and rushed to my room. Vikas was studying and I couldn’t face him. I went to the bathroom and cried again. I quickly changed my clothes and slept it off.

I thought I’d never do this again and won’t be able to forgive myself. But it happened again. The very next night. And then the next. We became bolder. I let him suck my breasts, saw his penis for the first time and so on. Then, in no time, we started having oral sex as well. If the first orgasm was heavenly, the orgasm that I had when he licked my vagina was inexplicable. I started sucking his penis as well. I started watching porn on how to suck it better.

I started bunking college because all day I would think of his penis. I was always wet in class. Rohan tried to get us back but I ignored him completely. Then, he backed off. I was always sitting with dreamy eyes and maybe he guessed something.

Kartar Singh and I spent all day naked in bed, even in peak winters. Always kissing, sucking, giving each other orgasms. Then Vikas would return and we would pretend like nothing happened. We used to masturbate each other beneath the blanket while watching films with Vikas. It was scary but thrilling as well. We never missed a moment to kiss.

I did everything to impress Kartar Singh. Bought new clothes, started wearing make up, tried learning Punjabi, made him the best food and what not. But we never had sex. I told him that I won’t have sex before marriage and it was a promise I made to my mother. He respected that for a while but started getting desperate and desperate. And truth be told, even I wanted to fuck him, so bad.

Then, one night, he told me that he was going to his village to his wife and kids for a few days. He said he can’t wait to fuck her wife because I never allowed him to do that. Those words punished me. I got so jealous. I got scared that he would fuck his wife and forget me. And I realised something. I was in love with him. Madly in love.

That night, I confessed my love and promised him that he could fuck me upon returning from his village. And to make sure he didn’t forget me, I sucked his cock on my bed, while Vikas was sleeping next to me! Even papa was at home that time. I sucked his cock and let him cum all over my face and breasts.

When he was away, all I dreamt of was him and his penis. I fingered myself in his room. Was in a sad mood all day. I missed him. That’s when I thought that I was really gonna let him fuck me. And I thought I would marry him with some rituals so as to not break my promise.

The day he returned, I welcomed him naked. I greeted him at the door with no clothes on and jumped on him. I sucked his cock in the drawing room and later let him eat my pussy in his room. But when he was about to put his penis inside me, I stopped him and gave him my conditions. He agreed.

A few days later, I did my own bridal make-up and wore mom’s lehenga. I asked him to put sindhoor on my head and a manglasutra as well. Then I verbally accepted him as my husband. That night, we fucked. And Meenakshi, it was the best night of my life. He started gently but once my vagina was used to his thick cock, he fucked me wildly. And I loved it!

We fucked twice that night with a condom but the next morning when I looked at him, I realized how much more I had fallen for this old man. When he saw me naked, with bangles, mehandi, manglasutra, and when he heard this young woman calling him ‘husband’, he went mad. Things heated up so much that morning that I let him fuck me without a condom. And when he came inside me, I felt sooo good! It felt even better than the sex we had on our first night.

From that day on, we fucked thrice every day, even when I was on my periods. And always without a condom because I was addicted to the warmth of his sperm. The thick liquid inside my vagina made me feel complete. One day, he fucked me in front of Vikas! Poor boy didn’t notice what was happening while Kartar Ji put his penis inside me in the kitchen. That day I came within seconds. We even did oral sex in a cab, would you believe!

I accepted Kartar ji as my soulmate and obeyed him like a wife. Sometimes, he gets too drunk and hits me, but then I seduce him and things are alright. As my husband, it’s his right to do whatever he wants to.

Meenakshi, now comes the difficult part. Being so mesmerized in love and lust, I forgot to take the pills on a couple of days. I don’t know. Maybe I didn’t forget but did it intentionally, I don’t know. But, Meenakshi, I’m pregnant.

Kartar Singh was not happy with this and hit me in anger. He thinks papa will kill him which is not true. He will be infuriated of course, but he will understand. I sacrificed everything for papa and Vikas, now I want to do something for myself.

I’ve asked Kartar Singh to divorce his wife and marry me properly. I am ready to move to his village. But he’s not ready. His daughter is as old as me and the entire village would judge, he says. But, who cares? We’re in love! At least, I am.

Meenakshi, tell me what to do! Tell me what to do, I’m going crazy. I will wait for you mail. Reply soon please.



I finally understood everything! Reading this mail, however, made me really horny and I jerked off in front of the computer. Then, I heard my sister’s footsteps. I hurriedly, turned off the computer and ran to my room.


“Riyaaaa! What the fuck have you done!” My father growled in the hall.

“My god, my god! You’ve destroyed our family. Naak katwa diya hamara!”

My father was returning from his tour the same evening when I read that mail. Out of fear, I had forgotten to close the tab before turning off the PC’s screen. After dinner, my father wanted to spend some time on the computer because they were going to make computers compulsory at his workplace. So, he wanted to practice. But the first thing he saw, was that mail. It was my fault. My stupidity that landed my sister in this big trouble. Anyway, they couldn’t have hidden it for any longer. It was only a matter of time before a bump started to appear on my sister’s belly.

“Riyaa, come here! Kartar Singh, come here. I will kill you both! Haye, Shakuntla, look at your daughter. What has she done! What has she done, Shakuntla!”

“Papa! What happened?” My sister walked towards the hall with her feet trembling.

“What happened? I read your fucking mail. Besharam ladki!”

“Papa. I…”

“Shut the fuck up! Call Kartar Singh, I will kill him today.” My father walked to his room in anger and brought out his pistol. When he came back to the hall, Kartar Singh was standing there, fully drunk.

“Madarchod, I left you here to take care of my kids. And this is what you do?” My father pointed the pistol at him.

“Sirjee, maaf kardo, sorry ji!”

“Sorry? I will kill you madarchod!”

But as my father walked towards him, my sister came in between.

“Papa, papa, no. I love him. I love him!” She begged.

My father pushed her but she kept clinging on.

“You whore, I will kill you too. Is this how you respect your mother?”

My father pointed the gun towards her. I stood in the corner, terrified. He was about to pull the trigger when Kartar Singh leaped over him and got him down on the floor. He took the pistol from him and pointed.

“Get up. Sit on the sofa. Sit on the sofa, penchod!”

My father didn’t get up. Kartar Singh shot in the air and pointed at him again.

“Get up!”

“Kartar Singh, I won’t spare you!”

The drunk old man shot another one in the air and yelled at my father.

My sister then got up and she hugged Kartar Singh from behind.

“Don’t do it Kartar ji! Stop!”

She started kissing his cheeks and slowly took her hand towards his.

“Get away, slut! I told you not to do this! Why the fuck did you get pregnant?” He pushed her back.

My dad tried to get up from the sofa but Kartar Singh kept the gun pointed at him. But such was his rage that, he got up and managed to grab hold of the gun. Kartar Singh was drunk and got startled with such quickness.

Papa had almost pulled the trigger when my sister jumped back again. She wrapped her body around Kartar Singh’s and shouted.

“Papa no! Papa no. I love him. I want to marry him. Papa please, I beg you.”

Upon hearing that, Kartar Singh started kissing her. She kissed him back with all the love in the world. Seeing that, the gun fell from my father’s hands and he dropped back on the sofa, startled. His daughter was kissing a man older than him, she loved him. A man he trusted with his life, he betrayed him by seducing his daughter? He was in shock and went silent.

Kartar Singh saw that opportunity and got hold of the gun again. He pointed it at my father.

“You say you love me? Prove it to your father!”

Saying that, he removed his pyajama and underwear and his dick popped out, fully erect.

“Suck it, bitch!”

“Kartar ji. What are you saying?”

“Suck it or I will kill him!”

“Kartar ji, stop! You’re drunk.”

But Kartar Singh pulled her hair and pushed her downwards. This was a nightmare for my sister. How could she do this, in front of papa? She kept staring at the dick but she loved Kartar Singh and she loved his dick, and more than that, she loved papa. She couldn’t let him die. So, she wrapped her lips around it, reluctantly at first, but then took it in gradually.

“Suck it like you do every day. Or I will shoot him!”

I don’t out of fear or love, she did exactly that. She swirled her tongue around his dick, moving her head backwards and forwards without him pushing. With one hand she grabbed his balls and with the other pulled his hips in her mouth. Kartar Singh pulled her hair harder and kept staring at my father.

“You see that sirjee? This is how she sucks me every day! Haha! She’s a professional.”

My sister now needed no force as she blowed Kartar Singh with so much love. She took him deep in her throat while making slurpy noises. Kartar Singh then lifted her by her hair and kissed her again. Then, just with his left hand, he tore off her shirt. Her boobs came out. They were erect and swollen, a pregnant woman’s boobs.

“Remove your pants!” Kartar Singh ordered.

“Kartar ji. Please stop. Don’t do this to papa, to me.” My sister cried.

“Pant utaar randi!” Kartar Singh smacked her face with the pistol and pinched her boobs.

“No Kartar ji. No baby, don’t do this! Baby, don’t you love me?” My sister cried while removing her pants. My father sat frozen just staring at them both.

“Turn around, you whore!” My sister stood facing our father and Kartar Singh frisked her body from behind. He ran the pistol under her boob and lifted it, giving a clear view to our father. He then started sucking on it.

“Ahh! Baby no. Let’s just go to your village. I will be your wife. I will be your servant, your rakhail. You don’t even have to marry me! Just don’t do this. Leave papa alone.”

“Shut the fuck up and bend down like a kuttiya. Let’s show your father what a bitch you are!”

Kartar Singh bit my sister’s ear and put his finger in her pussy. He moved it around for a bit and then inserted a second finger.

“See, sir ji. Yeh hai aapki beti. See how easily my two fingers entered her.” Then he took the fingers out. They were dripping with her fluids. “Haha. She doesn’t give a fuck about you. Look how wet she is. She is just a whore!”

Saying that he pushed her on the floor and lifted her body with his foot. She obeyed and crawled into the doggy position while facing our father. Like always, I stood frozen at the door and did nothing except squeeze my cock. I could’ve helped my father and my sister by attacking Kartar Singh. But I was hypnotized by my lust. My cuckold tendencies had imprisoned me. I just wanted to see them fuck!

My sister looked at our father with eyes full of tears and shame. She lowered her eyes as tears flowed down like a river. My father kept looking at her like a dead man. At that moment, I actually thought he had died, he was so immobile.

“Ahh!” But against all her will, she let out a moan as Kartar Singh entered her. Her eyes opened and they were oozing with lust. Her eyeballs rolled up and mouth widened.

Kartar Singh wrapped her hair around his hand and pulled hard. He spanked her loudly.

“She loves my lund sir jee. You love my lund, right Riya beta?”

She didn’t respond. He shot the pistol in the air again.

“Aarrghh. I love your lund!”

“You love getting fucked in front of your father?”

“I…I love getting fucked…in front of aaah papaaa ahh!” She was shamelessly enjoying it now. She was in a trance. I had never seen her this mesmerized while getting fucked.

“Tell your father you’re a randi!”

“Speak behenchod!” She didn’t speak. Kartar Singh gave three our four tight slaps on her ass. Look at him and speak.

“Papa…I aahh ahm a…randi, ahh!” She said this while looking papa in the eyes, without any remorse. Suddenly, her body started trembling. An orgasm was building inside him.

“Ahhhhh babbby I love youuu ahhh!” She came.

Kartar Singh then sat down on the floor and turned her around. He lifted her on his lap and pointed his dick on the entry of her pussy. She got down instantly taking him all the way in. He fucked her while teasing her back with the gun. This made her jump faster on him and moan louder and louder. Then, he showed it to my father and kept it by his side.

“Look sir ji, now I am not even pointing this pistol at you. And she is still enjoying it!”

And enjoying it she was. She frantically jumped taking him all in time and again. Her hair bounced with her boobs as she fucked the old man. Then, she wrapped her arms around him and went totally crazy. Clappy noises filled the room.

“Take that, bitch!” Kartar Singh came inside her. She kept going until she came once again and then pulled Kartar Singh in a kiss.

He bit her lip so hard that it started bleeding. Then, he picked up the gun and pointed at them both.

“Stay where you are!”

“Where you are going, baby? Don’t go, Kartar ji. My husband!”

She crawled towards him, naked. She had no shame by now as her ass jingled right in front of our father’s eyes. My sister grabbed Kartar Singh’s leg and tried to stop him. He kicked her away.

“Don’t go…take me with you. I love you, I love you!”

“Chup kar randi! Sharam kar!”

Saying that, he left the house forever. We never heard from him again.

My father became majorly depressed and stop talking to my sister. Still, within two weeks he accepted an offer from our aunt in Kanpur. They married my sister off to an army officer. She said yes instantly. Luckily, nobody realised she was pregnant.

Around 7 months later, she had her baby. They named him Mohit but whenever she was alone with him, she would call him Kartar. Especially, when she breastfed him. She lost her usual charm and became a perennially sad woman. She moved a lot with her family and stopped visiting us altogether.

2 years later, they had another baby. Not that I’m implying anything, but her husband was posted in Punjab at that moment. Just a few KMs away from Kartar Singh’s village.

Our father is now retired and lives alone in the same house. I’m married and love my wife and child. But like I said in the beginning, I can’t fuck her without thinking of all those wild night between Kartar Singh and my sister. Maybe, I’ll never forget those moments!

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