Ayesha got into Trouble

Hello Friends, My name is Ayesha. This story which I will narrate is work of fiction. But I am dam sure, you guys will surely enjoy it. Let’s get started.

Fist let me introduce you guys about my stats. Actually I am an Indian but blessed with a Latina Body. My measurements are 38L-30-40. A boobs and booty to die for.


Even sometimes I found it very difficult to get a bra of my size. Each of my boobs might weight around 10-15 kg. I am married for 2 years and happy with my husband. We are settled in Canada. My sex life is also good. My husband used to do a
lot of kinky things. Like tying me in difficult position like legs behind head and tying my boobs with ropes very tightly and making them as punching bags. My body is very flexible as i used to do yoga on daily basis.

Even my husband used to pack me in a bean bag in legs behind head position. I get very compactly packaged as he knowingly used bean bag of smaller size. Only two holes will there in bean bag. One for breathing and another hole, i think you guys know.

Lets come to the story, My husbands birthday is approaching. So i thought of giving him a very sexy gift. I searched through the internet for some kinky ideas. Finally after lot of search I got an idea to make Husband’s birthday very special.
The plan is that. I get stuffed inside a big cake and only my boobs and pussy will be visible for him to play and delivered to him on his birthday. But i need to figure it out the possible way to do this. As i want to get stuff inside a bigger cake. So i need to squeeze my body
in such a way that I consumes less to less space inside the cake. I searched through the internet for baking companies and found one who used make cakes for these kind of occasions.

I grabbed my big coat and quickly opened the address in my Google maps and started driving to the location. After 1 hour of drive, I finally reached the factory. The factory location in very deserted and it is situated in middle of a lonely jungle. I parked my car outside
the main gate and started towards their main office. I am greeted by the factory manager. Please find the conversation below.

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Manager: How can I help you mam?

Me: On the occasions of my husband’s birthday, I want give him a special gift. I want get stuffed inside a cake and that cake should get delivered to him before his birthday.

Manager: Sure mam, we can do this. Previously also we have done this to my of our clients. Can you please open your coat so that we can have a assumption of which size of cake we need to make.

Me: Sure. I removed my coat. I was wearing a loose top and tight pants. The loose top still isn’t covering my huge boobs. Still 40 % of my cleavage is on display. The manager after looking get shocked due to my voluptuous figure. I can see the lust in his eyes.

Manager: Mam, you have a huge body. I think we need to make bigger XL size cake for you.

Me: Bigger cake is not required as I am very flexible. I can get into some posture that consumes less space.

Manager: Can you please illustrate the posture which can mold into.

I get into the ground and raise my legs and took them behind my head.

Manager: Excellent, you just reduced to half of your size. you can be easily accompanied inside a smaller cake also.

Me: That’s Great

Manager: Mam we suggest you to wear a latex tight suit so that I sticks to your skin and get molded to the cake easily.

Now it’s my time to tell the manager about my fetish idea. I told him that I won’t be wearing any clothes as I want my boobs and pussy to get displayed outside the cake. Rest part can stay inside the cake.
The manager gave perverted smile after listening this. He told me that my boobs are very huge and won’t stay in a place and it will wobble. Thus will destroy the cake. Then he told me that he will tie
my boobs tightly so that they won’t wobble. I agreed to him. He again asked me to get into that posture so he can take the measurements of my half size body.
I quickly returned to legs behind head position and he took the measurements. I was just 2.5 feet long when in that position. We finalized the deal and I paid the advance and head of to my house.
I am very excited thinking of this kinky idea and it’s very difficult to pass time. I am eagerly waiting for that day. I also practice more yoga for good flexibility.
Finally the day arrived. I got a call from the manager in the morning on my husband’s birthday that the cake is ready. I informed my husband that I am going to my friends house and head out to the factory.
I reached the factory and went inside. I saw some people in tuxedo that day but I din’t bother I mind my own business.
I found the manager and he asked to approach him to baking room. There I saw the cake is ready. The cake is made in 2 parts. It’s like when cut a drum into 2 pieces.

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In lower part of the cake a frame has been made where i will be put and fitted. And above part of the cake there are 2 big holes for my boobs and one hole to display pussy. One very small hole has been made
on one side of cake for my breathing. The manager asked me to get into the position. I undress my self. Once I unhooked my bra, my huge udders are on display. The manager eyes grows bigger on that sight.
Then I removed my jeans followed by panty. I think the mananger is raping me from his eyes by looking my nude body.
He then tie my boobs tightly encircling them. After tying they popped out like a missile. Then I get into the ground and raise my legs and took them behind my head.

Once my legs are behind my head, the manager started tying them. I asked him why is tying them. In explanation he told me that if legs are tied then i will be
fitted properly to cake frame. He tied my hands also behind my hip and given the same explanation. Then he sealed my mouth with tape saying that cake won’t go inside my mouth.

Then he lifted me and put me inside lower cake frame and tied my tightly in that frame. Once it is done he cross verified whether I am tightly tied or not. To my surprise

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